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Heroine Netori 140

Heroine Netori 140

Chapter 140 – Romance Fantasy (25)

Now that most of the problems I was worried about before entering this world have been resolved, I am spending time enjoying true healing. To the point where I wondered if it would be okay to be this peaceful.

As it is, he intends to maintain this pace until Cecilia graduates. Well, when it comes to graduation season, I will be a bit busy preparing for marriage or something like that, but that will be fun in its own way, so I’m looking forward to it.

By the way…
In fact, there is one thing that worries me.

It is the whereabouts of the unknown male leads.

No, is this a romance? Is that why the main character is a woman? But why can’t I see the male leads… ? Isn’t this weird?

In this worldview, the target to be captured is Louisa Aubert, which means I have to seduce her from her male lords her in order to break her mission her. And that means that there are male leads around her that I need to get rid of.

But don’t see… Why… ?

No, if it’s a romance, shouldn’t the prince, the tower master, or the Northern Grand Duke come out and make fun of the heroine?

And after hearing that the nurse who treats Yeo-ju in the secret room is a man, shouldn’t he come to me and either quarrel or warn me?

But why don’t you show up?
Why is there no man next to Louisa Aubert?
Something… Something weird?

It’s not that I didn’t do research. I secretly looked for information on elite male characters who were attending or working at the academy.

However, none of them seemed to be male leads.

There were strong candidates. Two of them too.
It is the prince, the regular male lead of Ropan, and his escort knight.

The two are close friends with Louisa Aubert, a high-ranking aristocrat, and are classmates who go to the academy together. So, of course, I thought they would both be male.

By the way… It wasn’t.
Surprisingly, the two were gay who loved each other…

The prince who takes care of the escort knight too kindly, the escort knight who assists the prince more closely than necessary, and the two men of the union that the women are crazy about are a gay couple that lives up to their expectations.

No, rumors like that spread throughout the academy. Rumors say that when it’s just the two of them, they wear pods, they always dance together at parties, they say they take a shower together after a sparring, and then they have another sparring there. Of course I thought that was bullshit. But it was real…

“I bet my honor as an escort knight of the royal family and ask you, sir. Please keep today’s matter a secret.”

Really, the two of them were like that… The two of them were chatting in the back of a building with few people… Oh, when I think about it again, PTSD comes up.

Anyway, that’s why the two weren’t male leads.

But then who the heck is the male lead… ?

Oh, there is one more man near Louisa Auvers. He’s her childhood friend however, according to rumors, he it was excluded from the candidate because the specs were very poor. I heard that only the face his is handsome … Was his name Lucius Hesse?

Wait, it’s Lucius… ?
Ah, please…
Isn’t it?

Siwoo again?


Annoying, annoying, annoying,
Ahhh… It’s annoying… !!!

If you’re a girl from a noble family like the Auvers family, you have no choice but to listen to the rumors that are floating around the academy even if you don’t want to hear them. This is because there are people who organize and deliver such rumors from the morning.

“The prince said he went out alone with the escort again.”

“It’s not going out, it’s going out. Someone said they saw two people climbing over the fence in the morning.”

“Oh my gosh!”

I’m grateful that you worked hard to gather rumors for me… I didn’t want to hear such rumors about the two of them. Thanks to you, I’ve been in a bad mood since morning… Ha, annoying.

It would be understandable if it was just the two of them flirting with Aria Meltz as in the original work, but the male leads suddenly revealing their sexual identity that they had been hiding… It’s really hard to bear.

What the hell happened… Why did the male leads become gay… !

The prince, who was ashamed that he had joined hands with the main character unbecoming a bad man, and showed off his gap moe his, wore an escort knight and a pod,
The escort knight, who always dashed in a straight line with a serious face, showed the prince that expression,
I’m so annoyed that I’m in tears because of the two people who are so different from the original.

Give it back, I want my favorite girl back!

Why did the prince say to me, ‘I’m giving this to Jin as a gift…’ What do you think about it? Will it suit you?’ I have to hear that!
Why did the escort driver say to me, ‘I have a request. Do you have a moment?”

Why, what the hell! Did you possess the 2nd fanfic instead of the original?!
Did you enter the secondary creation with [BL] In front of the title… !

Ha, really… I’m still stressed about getting treatment for an incurable disease, but I have one more thing to worry about.

The speed of treatment slowed down because he suddenly changed his treatment method, saying he was considerate of me. Doesn’t this make the curse worse? Then I have to get treatment close to sexual harassment again…

Ahh… I’m ashamed to say that. Wouldn’t you think it’s a complete pervert…

“Hahm… “

Just imagining it makes my face red with embarrassment.

You can’t afford to get your pussy licked again. Of course, it felt really good, and it was very thrilling to pierce the inside of her pussy with your fingers, but… It was scary to have my breasts massaged and my nipples pinched… And obviously now, with cocks… Rubbing the cli…

“Louina? What’s wrong all of a sudden?”


“Mi, sorry! I didn’t mean to surprise you. I was just curious because it suddenly made a strange noise…”

“Siwoo…… Nothing. It’s because I’ve been thinking about something else for a while.”

“Even if my name is Lucius… “

Ha… I fantasized about being touched by that man again. Maybe it’s because I haven’t touched him lately, but I keep recalling the memories of that time alone. I can’t do that… The sexual pleasure that I felt for the first time in my previous life and in this life was so pleasant that I became addicted to it.

The person concerned doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing it again, but…

After all, it must have something to do with Cecilia Asil’s visit her and what she said to me, right? Otherwise, it didn’t make sense for the man to suddenly change his ways. It’s absurd that you suddenly change your attitude after touching everything you want to touch.

Perhaps when I refused her request her to stop being treated, she went to her father her and told her. Please stop that pervert.

Her behavior is also understandable. She must have been upset to find out that her father was molesting a woman her own age. When I think of her in her original work of her, it’s amazing that she didn’t kill her.

But you know… Is that nonsense from my point of view? The method was a little so, so it was a therapeutic act to the end. It actually worked. It’s not sexual harassment that someone else has to step in and stop.

He enjoyed the treatment, which made him feel self-defeating, which made the curse worse, but that was my fault and the man did nothing wrong. But he went to find me and gave me a pick … Because she’s a witch … You don’t even care about your father’s face her? I wouldn’t have done that…

Deokbae Asil, unlike his funny name his, he is popular with male leads for his good looks and kind personality his. If he hadn’t committed suicide in the original work, would he not have been a sub male lead? Having been close to him, I could see that he was such a charming person.

Oh no why me… Wake. What is the charm, man? Did he fall in love with you for saving his life? I hate such one-dimensional clichés…

Ha, the male leads around are turning their eyes to the witch’s father… That’s really bad It’s good to be able to survive unlike the original, but there are too many different things from the original…. A sigh comes out of nowhere.

“Hey, Louisa… I’m a little worried, but She’s being treated by a nurse… Is that okay? I heard that the teacher is a bit frivolous… She says that there are many women who are looking for her, and that she hears strange noises from the infirmary…”

“Not at all. Never. I’m not the person you imagine How can you judge people just by hearing rumors? You know very well that I became completely healthy thanks to that teacher.”

“Uh huh? That’s right. Ha ha… I was just a little worried. Sorry… “

Look at this! He’s the only male lead left, and he’s such a nerd!

I didn’t like the character even when I saw the original, but it’s even worse after experiencing it in real life. Even if I try to give you my heart, I can’t give it to you. What is a puppy male owner! Don’t just use the word ‘puppy’ on a kid like this, really…

I don’t know if it’s in the work, but in real life, I get angry instead of pity. She said she did something wrong and what to do. What is she asking for comfort? Is it all about having a good-looking face? Are there guys who are handsome but also have good personalities? Because of the big age difference…

Oh, why am I doing this again…

Is it frustrating…
The face of the man who touched my body keeps popping up in my head.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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