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Heroine Netori 141

Heroine Netori 141

Chapter 141 – Romance Fantasy (26)

Arya Meltz… A lovely character who monopolizes the love of male leads with a cute face and bright personality. And the main character of the original work, who is also loved by readers for his innocent and pure appearance of her.

That Aria Meltz was waiting for me.

I’d be annoyed to death even then, but why do I have to look at his face her? I’m going to take everything from me… Isn’t it? As long as her her male leads her became gay, Arya Meltz had no reason to continue with her her male leads her, so she had no reason to hate her.

Rather, if I could hand over Siwoo, who has fallen out of love lately, to him… She might be grateful. And I’m connected with that man… Not go! Oh really… I wish I could stop thinking about it.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Louisa! Is this the first time since that day?”

“Oh, it doesn’t seem like we’re in a relationship to greet each other with a smile.”

“I’m sorry! I wasn’t crazy at the time. I’m only telling Miss Louisa… In fact, I was being manipulated!”

“…… Yes?”


Nonsense. Can I really believe this… ?

The story I heard from Arya Meltz after being sworn to secrecy was really shocking. My hands are still shaking. That the witch had such a secret…

If what she said is true, it also explains Cecilia Achill’s rampage in the original story. The man he loved committed suicide, so he must be mentally broken. And the massacre must have been a revenge in a way. It was the nobles of the royal capital who led him to suicide.

Of course, this is only if Arya Meltz’s revelation is true. Her father-daughter incest her… That sounds hard to believe.

“…… “

Somehow I believe
That heart… I think you know.

If only you would come to me and be by my side when I feel terrible loneliness in a world so peaceful and happy… If you are my strength… You can’t help but love that person.

Whether it’s a family with mixed blood or uncles with a difference in age.

As much as the pain was great, the affection that arose would have been great, and the affection that grew in that way would have lightly swallowed up obstacles such as blood ties.

But… It’s a love that can’t be reciprocated, right? Because common sense wouldn’t allow you to love your daughter as a woman. So that love would soon turn into an obsession.

If so, there was a high possibility that Arya Meltz’s story was also true.

“Whoa… “

Say it though But controlling people’s minds is against the law. The love you receive is fake. Are you good with that too? A love potion only ruins everything in the end!

… I’m not one to give advice like this, though. Oh, suddenly it comes to light. What advice does Mosol have? When she heard the unbelievable story, she was emotionally charged.

Uh… Go get treatment soon.

I thought about this and that, but it has nothing to do with me anyway. I have no interest in that man, and I have no intention of doing Arya Meltz’s favor.

To punish the evil witch who manipulates people’s minds together… That sounds impossible If it sticks, just kill it. I don’t know because you haven’t seen the original, but is he really a crazy bitch? Right now she’s using cute magic like hints, but she’s actually a real witch who knows how to use scary magic that can cause carnage…

Besides, you made a contract with the spirit king as in the original story, so you might be able to survive somehow, but I’m just an ordinary person… At best, I was able to escape from my limited life, but I don’t want to risk my life like this.

By the way… I’m curious.

‘Does Miss Ruina have powers that she is hiding something from? I know all about it! Unlike me, Miss Ruina didn’t fall under the witch’s suggestion! So… Will you please use her power to help me?’

Is there really something about me that I don’t know about?

I recalled the original and the current life, and Louisa Aubert tried to find out what her abilities were of her were, but she could n’t figure it out until she got to the infirmary.


“Then I’ll start treatment.”

“Yes. I wish you well today.”

Taking off your clothes and being naked in front of a man who is not your family or lover… No matter how many times I try, I can’t get used to it. It’s for treatment, but I can’t help but feel ashamed. You always have to show that your nipples are erect and your pussy is wet…

He said that he understands everything because it is a physiological phenomenon, he will never misunderstand, so I told him not to worry, but he honestly doesn’t believe it. If I had changed my position and treated him, I would have thought he was a pervert every time I saw a man with an erection. That’s why men must be thinking things like ‘I’m different from what I look like’.

Whoa… I hate my body

Well, it’s started.

As the man’s big, thick hands caressed my thighs, I felt his moderately warm body temperature his, which instantly made me feel better. Even if it’s not really sexual. Because of that, her wet pussy became even more moist.

Really… I’m glad I’m wearing an eyepatch. If I saw his bewildered expression, he would have been tempted to commit suicide.

Wow, breasts?!
… That’s right, I said that the breasts were still being massaged.

When I asked why he only touched me with one hand, he touched my chest with the other hand. By the way… Your touch is so gentle. It was so different from the roughness of the first day. Could this also be the influence of Cecilia Asil? He might have hinted that he should not do lewd things to other women besides himself.

I felt much better then… I felt a bit regretful. It was good to be touched softly like now, but it was lacking somewhere.

Can’t you just touch the lower part like that and squeeze it a little harder? Then, while teasing me while gently touching my nipple, he suddenly pinched my nipple. It would be so exciting…

Oh please… That’s what makes me more frustrated.

However, this man is not a mind reader, and he is also in a state of suggestion, so there is no way he will touch the nipple… Wow?!

Ha… This is it! Haang… I love being rubbed with his fingers like this… Ha…

Could it be through telepathy? After all, this guy seems to be a good match for me… Ha… Good mood. Don’t stop here, the other side please… Haha! Oh yeah so… Spinning around with both hands… Haang… I love it…

Ha… Huang! Shit, I don’t like it I hate it there. I want you to keep touching me don’t stop… Whew, ha… It’s too petty to do it until you go to the seaweed you’ve touched….

As the hands that were caressing her breasts went down little by little, I felt a huge sense of regret and futility. It was good that the pain that remained in the minute was completely gone after the treatment, but… I was burning with unfulfilled desire.

However, as soon as the man’s hand reached the inner thigh of her, my back of her twitched with strange anticipation. Perhaps… Could it be that you touch me like this? It’s been a while since I touched your nipples. Could it be that the symptoms of the curse were a bit severe? Maybe that’s why you have to touch your eyes?

Please… That’s right. That’s what it should be.

I won’t even want to be licked, so why don’t you touch the clit? And why don’t you scratch the inside of her pussy to get it right? Ha… He Makes a real woman like this… He’s a really bad guy

Haang! Hot, ha… What?! Really… ? Ha…

Do you really have a heart? Or is this the power I have that I didn’t even know about? I prayed strongly in my heart, and he touched my cunt as I wished. Again, it was a very kind and gentle caress, but it was enough.

Also… It’s different from my fingers. When someone touches you… It’s much better to be touched by this man… Haang… Like this, I only touch the weak parts… Haaaaang!

As the man’s fingers gently thrust her inside her pussy into her, the walls of her vagina were caressed, and she finally felt the orgasm she had been longing for. He let out the tide at the same time, but he had no time to feel embarrassed. He just wanted to continue caressing without stopping.

And if only… It was better to stop doing it that day than to caress it.

It… It was obviously sleeping. The one that was bigger than his finger his and hot enough to burn him, the one he was trying to put up in his cunt his and fuck it through the opening, it was a cock.

Take that cock out again… Here, can I put it inside my pussy? It’s the first time… Are you okay. It’s treatment Yes, it’s a cure anyway. Not sex

Don’t give up on hints. It’s not obscene. Is it just therapy? Please put… It’s wet enough to put in. Would you feel great? You are good and I am good too… So please… Ha… Please…

I beg you like this I can’t hear you, but… You can hear my heart We communicate. I don’t know if this is my ability, but if you hear it, please fuck me like this!

“Hey Miss Louisa… ?”

… Yes? What?

I was gasping for exhilarating pleasure when a man suddenly took off the blindfold I was wearing and called my name with a bewildered expression.

“Could you stop flirting too much during treatment? … I can understand why you feel that way, but Miss Ruina is still a virgin. You should cherish your body.”

No way… Oh no…? Please tell me lies…

“Why don’t you put up with the words asking me to touch you or fuck you?”

I will stop living

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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