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Heroine Netori 142

Heroine Netori 142

Chapter 142 – Romance Fantasy (27)

“Please be quiet. If I hear one more word, I might kill myself.”


“Give me the clothes over there.”

“Uh… Now, here.”

Aren’t people so shameless when they feel shame beyond their limits? There is something I should be ashamed of and something I should be ashamed of, but after it happened, I was no longer ashamed.

Instead… Rather angry.

Did you really have to pick it up like that? Just pretend you don’t know If I hadn’t told you first, I wouldn’t have known what had happened until the end. And say

“Can’t you just fuck me a little bit?”

“… What?”

“Teacher, are you a eunuch? If a woman of that size spreads her legs out first, I have to thank her and fuck her. Can you put up with that?”

“…… Miss Louisa?”

“Ah, what? That’s right. I’m not a slut I said it because if you are a teacher, you can give me my girlfriend. I should have just fucked it.”

“Uh… “

“Ha, I don’t know. Annoying. I’ll go. I won’t be coming for a while, so don’t even look for it.”

No that’s right At the academy, in the royal capital, where can I find a prettier woman than this Louisa Aubert? This is a complete shame.

Can’t I pluck and eat her daughter her? Uh? Can’t you, you incestuous bastard! To be honest, the fact that she touched everything that she could touch means that the suggestion that naughty things should not be done has been dispelled. But stop before fucking? Shocking. I honestly don’t understand

What? If she’s a virgin, should she cherish her body? Fuck. What would a man who has poked all the way inside his pussy her with his fingers say? He It’s like a star, really. I was expecting it for nothing.

“Miss Louisa… “

“Ah, what?”

Whoa… I had a blast, and now I’m a little relieved. I started to feel ashamed again because of that, but… She’ll have to run away before she’s about to commit suicide. And I think I’m going to kick the covers all night in bed today… Let’s think about it then.

Even if she stayed still anyway, wouldn’t she have a hard time with frustration? Heh, so it’s right to release it while you can…


“Sorry. Did I think too much of myself? I’m really sorry.”

“… Teacher?”

… But why is this man doing this now? He thinks I’m going to get offended by giving him a hug like this all of a sudden? Not at all? Not at all… No…

“I just wanted Miss Ruina to make a ready confession rather than a sudden confession like this, in a more intact state. Because that’s better for everyone. But that wind offended Miss Ruina. Sorry… I was bad.”

This is, foul play, that’s it. It’s against the rules to talk so kindly to a girl like me who has no experience with men while making skinship like this. Ah… I can’t… Too… That’s good It’s perfectly cozy. It felt so good to be held in your arms.

It was on a different level from the one-sided caress he was receiving during treatment.

I felt relieved by the reliability of his solid chest. I thought that this man would understand and cherish me no matter what I did. I felt the gentleness of the man holding me, and a faint smile leaked out.

And his pleasant body scent his, which I could n’t normally feel, and his sweet voice his, heard from close by, amplified my swollen heart. The anger disappeared and the love for him that he had been denying had blossomed in his heart.

He’s an old man with a difference in age, the father of a scary witch, and just a character in a novel… I love this man

It was a truth that could no longer be ignored.

“Really… It was bad… Black, uh…”

“Miss Louisa… Sorry.”

When I admitted that fact, for some reason, tears broke out, and seeing me like that, he comforted me by patting my back. What is it really… I’m treating you like a child I was a little annoyed, but I still laughed.

Hehe… Finally, you’re trying to love.

The love that I wanted so much in my previous life and in this life… I’m finally getting out of Mosol. Until I die like this with a man I don’t envy, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life…

“Whoops. You look good. Two minutes.”

Can I live

A witch appeared.

Help me.


For some reason, I thought things were going well, but just in case it was. My subject, what kind of love is love? If I had escaped from the life of a terminally ill, I should have been satisfied with it and lived roughly holding on to it, but I ended up seeing the end like this vainly while being greedy.

Really… Are you going to die like this?

The subject of her daughter is an extreme incest who sincerely loved her father her and even offered her virgin her by suggesting it.

Yeah, there’s no way you can save me. She is a woman who regards her life as a fly, but she will kill me immediately for seducing her man her. The more I thought about it, the more hopeless I saw.

Ha… I’ve been in love for the first time ever… It ends here Even if she was short, she should have lived boldly… Regret it

Please god help me. Please give me one more chance. I’ll just live well with Siu. So please save me from this witch.

“Whoops. Father, can you move away for a second? Miss Aubert and I have something to say.”

God is dead


“… Yes?”

“Oh? Didn’t you hear? So, I will help Miss Aubert’s love her.”

“…..Are you serious? It’s so hard to believe, I’m curious about Miss Cecilia’s true intentions her.”

God also existed. Thank you!

I don’t know why this witch is saying this now, but I don’t think she intends to kill me from her attitude to her. Really… It’s like a miracle.

“Whoops. Actually… My father is quite popular. It is said that there are more than 10 fingers in the line that has already been entered.”

“… Oh my, that’s amazing.”

“By the way. Because I don’t really like it. These are all women who don’t get along with their father. Do you think everyone crosses the line without even knowing their subject?”

“…… Oh. Yes… That’s right.”

Are you saying that to me now? Seeing her witchy eye smile she gave me goosebumps. Ah isn’t it? The atmosphere is nice, but it’s not… ?

“Therefore… I want to fill the spot next to my father before other flies get attached to him. A wonderful woman worthy of my father.”

“Are you saying that’s me?”

“Exactly so. Whoops.”

Oh, that’s it. Why did you do that you need someone to put it on the outside. Now I get it Because it’s a father-daughter relationship, you can’t openly have a married life, so you’re thinking of making me your wife in a way that shows off.

Really… It’s absurd. Annoying. I’m not pretending to help me and playing with it. As it is, if she marries him, he will cling to her side her and she will intercept him. And she’ll only lend him out when there’s work out there. I’m just a show-window couple.

“… I didn’t know Miss Cecilia looked at me so well. It is a great honor.”

“Oh? I always admire you. Miss Aubert is the idol of all academy students.”

To say something in the mouth. Do you think I can be fooled by your lies? Huh.

Still… There is no other option in this situation. If you don’t want to die, accept it…

I forced a smile and responded to the witch. Then she smiled brightly with a look that seemed to say that she knew it. Oh yeah… Because one gene is an outstanding woman.

Maybe I should spend the rest of my life with this couple.


Really my father… Be great. Does Miss Aubert, who was so lofty and arrogant, become a female who spreads her legs and fawns in front of her father her?

Cool… I didn’t expect you to capture it so quickly… If this continues, will I be able to gain the support of the great aristocratic family of Aubert within this year? Whoops. With the pretext of being engaged to Miss Aubert.

Whoop whoop… It’s quite possible. Miss Aubert is already infatuated with her father. She won’t be able to refuse my request, and the Auvers family won’t be able to refuse her request her. That way everything will be your father’s strength.

Ah… ! The odds that were once slim are getting bigger and bigger. Father. The time to confidently whisper love in front of everyone is coming.

So please be patient.

If we continue to do things like we are now, the moment will come when no one in the world can deny our love.



This is Ruina Overruff, painted before being vaccinated.
I wanted to draw it pretty like a romance novel, but I can’t finish it because my skills are lacking.
Please think of it as a finished version…

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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