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Heroine Netori 143

Heroine Netori 143

Chapter 143 – Romance Fantasy (28)

No… I was really only thinking of doing a wholesome treatment? There must be plenty of time left until graduation anyway, and Louis and Aubert were planning to fall slowly.

“Please…Touch me, touch my nipples too!”

“Because I don’t have to lick it… Touch the clit and scratch the inside of her pussy!”

But what is this? Boy, why are you being captured? Louisa Aubert started panting during her treatment of her and she continued to seduce me again and again. She didn’t even think to touch it.

“Don’t tease me… This bad boy…”

“It’s just therapy… So please put it in my pussy!”

“I want you to fuck my cock!”

And she didn’t stop there. She lifted her waist and pushed her cunt, demanding sex from her. On the topic of virgins. You can see the hymen inside her open pussy her, but… I had mixed feelings.

You can’t beat it, you can’t beat it…
Really what is this

“…… “

Not sticking here?

That’s not what men do. It’s not Siwoo, and it doesn’t make sense to stop now. No matter how unconscious it was, the woman begged so much that she couldn’t stop.

Then Park Ji, why are you still?

Yeah… It’s because the infirmary is under Cecilia’s supervision. Even having sex in a situation where you were caught caressing and caressing? I can’t handle the storm after that

Cecilia said she wouldn’t mind being with another woman, but she said that she couldn’t believe it. She came to visit her in the middle of the night and said, ‘I am the most precious?’ She said that day, she took Arya Meltz twice as much as the cheap amount… If she believes that, she is Siwoo.

… So, we should stop here.

And if it was, ‘I wasn’t interested at all. He just seduced him. It’s not my fault.’ So you can sleep well today.

So sorry… I should be ashamed of myself.

“Could you stop flirting too much during treatment? … I can understand why you feel that way, but Miss Ruina is still a virgin. You should cherish your body.”

“Why don’t you put up with the words asking me to touch you or fuck you?”


[Father! You can’t say that to a girl in love!]

What is this? Oh, should I say telepathy? Coldly, she refused Louisa Aubert’s temptation, and Cecilia, as expected, sent her telepathic message to me.

Of course I thought you would like it, but to be scolded like this… I hadn’t thought about it.

Why? She was always jealous when she was with another woman, but why is it different today? Is Louisa Aubert okay?

[Miss Auberge is pitiful. Whoops. I’m really fine, so please heal me quickly.]

Okay? Then what… I should have taken permission, I have to comfort you. I thought it was a bit harsh. I didn’t know you would get angry while crying like that. I forcibly held Louisa Aubert, who was about to leave, in her arms her, and then calmed her down by saying her plausible words.

“Hey, heh… Teacher… “

By the way… Something felt a bit out of place.

Louisa Aubert is an aristocrat. An aristocrat who has to maintain her demeanor wherever she goes. But that’s what she said… ? The daughter of the Aubert family, who is not just an aristocrat, but a great aristocrat?

It was her words and actions of her that were hard to understand, even if her true intentions of her came out because of her strong emotions of her. She used words such as eunuch, slut, and nanny, but it was even more so with her low-quality speech her, which did not have any dignity.

This isn’t noble, it’s just reality… Oh, can you?

Are you an ice chair?

Come to think of it, it’s one of the romantic clichés, possessing a character in a novel. I thought that the main character lacked attributes except for the time limit, but it made sense if he was a possessor. If he was a possessed person, he could understand his surprise every time he saw Cecilia.

This… There were more reasons to keep Louisa Aubert by her side of her. Due to the nature of the romance, there may not be such a thing as martial arts, but knowing the original work was really useful.

You can know the dangerous people to avoid, and you can also know the people to hold the line. You can avoid expensive estates or trends, and you can invest in expensive families or things.

Truly cheaty… It was an opportunity not to be missed.

If things didn’t go well, I was thinking of running away with Cecilia at night, but when this happens, things are different. If you succeed in anything, including politics, economy, and culture, you don’t have to pay attention to others.

But… There is one thing that takes.

Because of what happened just now, Louisa Aubert was held in my arms, and Netori’s rank became A-rank, right? So, I was at ease… Doesn’t she become an S-class the moment she reveals that she is a possessor? Then it gets a bit difficult…

Ay, but it’s not bad considering that 500,000 points secure a stable future in the romantic world. Yes, use a forced return ticket.

And… Come to think of it, getting Louisa Aubert to reveal that she was possessed is not an easy task either. Did I suddenly possess you? It’s a situation where you can’t even ask. You have to make it clear for me first… It looks pretty difficult.

Still, when the opportunity comes, I can’t stand still. Until Louisa Aubert graduates and leaves her academy, I will try to get an S rank.

“Whoops. You look good. Two minutes.”

Oh, you’ve finally come As Cecilia had said, I comforted Louisa Aubert, and she appeared as my kind daughter. When I sent her gaze at her, she smiled brightly and issued a congratulatory order to me.

No, this is my infirmary… It got a little bit embarrassing

But really, why are you doing that? Unlike usual, she is not jealous of cuteness, but rather she tries to take care of Louisa Aubert … Did you just like it? So he, her sexual assistant, she told me the other day… Are you thinking of writing it as

Umm… I’ll have to wait and have a deep conversation with Cecilia later. I need to definitely make Louisa Aubert mine, but I can’t be misunderstood.

For the sake of everyone’s peace, this choice is right.



“I still can’t feel the difference from cheap matcha.”

“Oh, in case that’s the case, I prepared cheap matcha.”

“… Godmother is always over my head.”

“Whoops, it’s a joke. Rize. There’s no way I would have prepared something cheap like that.”

“…… Haha, I got hit again. Why do I become such a fool in front of Godmother?”

“Doesn’t that mean you trust me that much?”

Marie Crosette, the duchess called the godmother of society, couldn’t stop laughing at her precious guest whom she hadn’t seen in a long time. From her childhood, she came to her as a matured little girl whom she had been in charge of educating.

I thought that I would never see her, who was deeply saddened by her incident her, in her capital her again… Fortunately, it seems that something pleasant happened that changed her mind her. Marie Crosette didn’t know why, but she was just happy that she was back.

“That’s right. Whoa… Maybe it’s because the only person I can trust in the royal capital is Daemo-nim, so I guess I feel relaxed in front of her.”

“How… I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. Whoops.”

“You should be happy. It is to gain the trust of this Elise.”

“… Is it ‘Elise’…?”

“It’s not the time to give a last name yet. Heh, it looks like it will be possible soon.”

“Certainly Rize, the reason why you returned to the royal capital… ?”

“There are some pretty interesting rumors going around. She can’t stay still, can she?”

“But these are just rumors. That’s why it’s too dangerous for Rize to return to the royal capital!”

Marie Crozet thought she would have given up on that idea. That’s why she thought she had returned to the royal capital. But no. Her ambitions were still burning. And because she was she, she was dangerous. There was too much of her silence in the royal capital. Her Duchess her, Marie Crosette, was too strong to protect her.

“Calm down, godmother. Actually, her real purpose is different. Whoa, I heard that her godmother has a talented healer who is not even from the church. Will she let me meet him?”

“No way Rize!”

“Calm down. It’s not me who got hurt. Still… Someone as precious as me was injured. Therefore… I definitely need to meet that healer. I also check the rumors about my annoying brother.”

“… Okay. I’ll make her a place right away. Princess Elise.”

If that’s the reason, I can’t help it. Thinking so, Marie Croget let out a sigh. I just prayed that her treatment would end safely and that the prince’s rumors would be false.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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