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Heroine Netori 144

Heroine Netori 144

Chapter 144 – Romance Fantasy (29)


“Louina? Did something pleasant happen?”

“Yes? Whooping… Just. What a beautiful day. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming…”

Oh dear. It’s really a big deal because I can’t stop laughing since I got a boyfriend. I always have to show a cultured side, but I keep laughing without knowing… Whoops. They say falling in love makes you a fool.

But it’s also a fact that it’s too hard to bear. He’s the first boyfriend I’ve always wished for in my past and present life… I can’t help but be excited every day like this. It’s a mosol escape!

Even when I’m still, I keep thinking of his face, how can I hold back my laughter… I’m happy just thinking about it. So I can’t help it for the time being, but I’m in stupid mode.

“Yes. That’s right. The weather is nice.”

“Is it not it? Whoops.”

“There… Speaking of the nice weather… Do you have time after class today?”

“Yes? No.”

“Uh? That, is it?”


Does a girl who just got a boyfriend have time? Of course I have an appointment. She’s going on another infirmary date. Did you prepare your own lunchbox for that? Huhu You’ll probably like it a lot. It’s made with the finest materials.

“…… Wasn’t the treatment yesterday?”

“It is not a cure. But you know what to do It’s not your business, so don’t worry about it.”

“Uh… Yes…”

But he’s really messing around. Still can’t feel it? I refuse so firmly every day, but have you still not noticed? I have no feelings for you no, but it’s closer to dislike than like. So can’t we keep our distance now? What should I do if I buy it by mistake? He must be mistaken. I don’t want to see him worrying about useless things.

“Then I’ll go. Hi.”

“Yes… Good bye.”

Hmmm, if I push it one more time, will it just come to light? I bet she wouldn’t be like that even after hearing that she had a boyfriend. Still, people are nice.

Yes it should be


Of course, I know that the current relationship is abnormal. Are you dating to be taken advantage of? It’s definitely not going to end well. Even if she were to marry, the witch would take over him, and I would only pretend to be his wife her outside her.

But, he still loves me with all his heart his… She thinks of me to the extent that she overcomes the strong witch’s suggestion her. So you can overcome it.

And… It’s not the witch who can show everyone the image of a couple who love each other, but me, right? Whoop whoop. Then it happened. Now is… That’s enough.

So let’s not be discouraged. Cecilia Asil in front of me is scary, but she has no reason to be scared. Anyway, it’s a situation on the same boat. Be bold.

By the way… What happened to you all of a sudden? I have to go see him soon…

“Miss Auber. Isn’t she under the tremendous illusion that she is dating her father her?”

… What does this mean?


Let’s die let’s just die Just die clean and start all over again. Hey hey hey hey.Haha. Under…… I feel ashamed to die…… Aaaaagh!

“So my father only apologized, but he never said a word about dating. He says he loves you too. So it’s absurd that the two of you are dating. Do you understand?”

“…… Even if you don’t explain twice, I already understand. Okay. I was mistaken. Ahaha… Ha… “

The words that she came to me without any hesitation, it’s surprising that I’m not dating him yet… It was true. Yes, I was mistaken on my own. Even if I treat him as best as I can, it’s just that we’re having a fling, he didn’t become my boyfriend. Hee hee… At once, my mood went downhill.

Why did I think we were dating? What? Mosol Escape? It wasn’t at all! It was all imaginary love! He was just comforting me! He loves me enough to defy suggestion and it wasn’t like that! Oh really!

What should I do…

He hugged me affectionately, so of course I thought we were going out like this, but I was mistaken. Damn! If only I had been in a relationship, I wouldn’t have been embarrassed like this! I felt like I was going to cry from sadness. Uhhh…

“Therefore, writing a love letter with care and secretly putting it on the desk, proudly crossing arms as if it were yours in front of others, kissing lightly after treatment and saying you’ve worked hard, and preparing a lunch box you’ve packed yourself like now. You’d better stop doing things your lover would do.”

“…… You don’t have to explain twice?”

“Oh. Stop because it’s important. Whoops. But I’m glad you know now.”

Stop… My HP is already 0… Do you really have to kill it like that? I was mistaken… I was very excited when I found out that I had a boyfriend. That’s why I was trying to do what I’ve always dreamed of…

But, in fact, there was no relationship… What did he think when he saw me? ? Oh, it’s like a mouse hole. I was in so much agony that I felt even more shame than I did back then.

… Wait, but if you think about it, isn’t this the witch’s fault? I mean, our atmosphere was really good. Wouldn’t she have been able to date her if he hadn’t intervened?

“I’m telling you in case you misunderstand again, but if I hadn’t come that day, I wouldn’t have been able to date my father. Even if he had a heart, he wouldn’t be the kind of person to go out with a student that easily.”

Chit. That’s what you don’t know Suggestions aren’t perfect either… But no matter how much I complained, nothing changed. You should be glad you found out now before it’s too late… In that respect, I was rather grateful to the witch who informed me of this fact.

“Whoops. Miss Auber. Don’t be too heartbroken. That’s why I came. I told you. He said he would help with Miss Aubert’s love her.”

“… Will you help me?”

“Sure. I am very sincere.”

Well, because you need me for your love… I can’t help it. This is a temporary alliance. I must win his love her even with the help of a witch.

“So that’s what I mean… Will you invite me and my father to Miss Aubert’s mansion during the upcoming summer vacation?”

“Yes?! To our mansion?”

“Whoops. Right. There, I plan to promote the engagement between my father and Miss Aubert. If the head of the Auvers family brings up the engagement first, my father won’t be able to refuse it either.”

“…… What?!”

Are you coming home?
Sa, isn’t the meeting ceremony a little quicker?
No, and an engagement?

“So, Miss Aubert, will you convince the head of the household?”

That’s right… Come to think of it, there were a lot of obstacles for me too. Will the daughter’s father, who is an idiot, allow the engagement? Also, an engagement to a man who has a daughter my age…

Oh my stomach hurts

The reality that I realized belatedly made my eyes darken.


Whoops. Miss Aubert is really cute. How could the facial expression change so drastically? I thought she was just a noble and arrogant noble lady… Even when he gets angry with his father, he’s a lot more fun than I thought. I’m sure you won’t be bored if you live with Miss Aubert.

Aren’t you really the perfect second wife? I like it much more than Miss Aria, who keeps asking for vaginal cum without knowing the subject.

So, I must take this opportunity to make sure that Miss Auvers and the Auvers family are on our side. Whoop whoop. I will cross the biggest mountain this vacation.

Of course, it won’t be easy.

Hmm. Actually, I am also in a position to convince my father. I need a proper explanation because I have to arrange an engagement with Miss Aubert after rejecting my father’s marriage proposal. My father will listen to anything I say, but… Still, it’s good to have a clear cause.

Shall we say we need a fake engagement to fool the public eye? Ugh… First of all, we should meet and talk a little bit…


What is this…?
All the magic I installed in the infirmary is broken!

– Jump!

“Father! … Father? Where are you, Father!”

It’s gone… My father is gone! He said he disappeared without a word!

How the hell did this happen… All of the monitoring and alarm magic that I spread out in layers is broken. And the newly created magics are sending me false signals. Oh My God… Is there anyone at the academy who can do this? Nonsense… What the hell happened to your father… ?

Could it be that you were kidnapped? No way… Isn’t it? You dare my father? For what reason… Alas, this is impossible. My father disappears from me. Why did this happen? I can’t. No. Never. I can’t accept a world without a father.

Ah… Father!

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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