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Go Into the Past 17

Go Into the Past 17

Chapter 17 – Episode 17 – Hwamurin?

Episode 17 – Hwamurin?

Hwamurin said in a trembling voice.

“This… Now, ah, you can hug me…”


Siwoo’s rationality disappeared in the throbbing huge chest.

Siu and Hwamurin met their eyes.

Hot gaze.


Siwoo sucked in her mouth as if he were about to eat it.

Her little mouth opened a little, and she stuck her tongue out without hesitation.

Her soft tongue pushed Siwoo’s tongue out as if it were a tantrum, but it was only a pleasant caress.

They kissed and rubbed their tongues at each other for a while.

Before she knew it, Hwamu Rin also felt that her whole body was hot.

Hwamu-rin muttered softly, her face blushing.

“My real name is… Danghwarin.”

Siwoo, surprised for a moment, nodded his head. When she heard the secret, she felt closer to Danghua Lin.

“Yes, Hwarin-ah.”

She made eye contact with her and she kissed her again.


She kissed and massaged her huge breasts.

This chest!

Every time Danghua Lin’s breasts grew, she was scolded for wanting to knead them.

This three-tier chest finally came into Siwoo’s hands.


It’s a pity that even if you rub it with both hands, you can’t get all of it.

“Ah..! Buy, take it easy..”

Sensitive Ji Danghua Lin flinched at her body.

Shiu nodded his head and slowly massaged his chest.


Her eyelids trembled as she closed her eyes.

As I slowly stroked and squeezed the lower part of her breasts, I felt a heavy weight.

Siwoo’s hand slowly started to go down.

Danghua Lin’s pants felt damp when she put her hand in them.


Even with the slightest insertion of her finger, the reaction was intense.

Danghwa Rin collapsed as if her legs were losing strength and was embraced by Siu.


As Siwoo took out her hand and rubbed it in front of her eyes, a solid silver line continued.

Pussy juice was full.

“Hey, Hwarin.”


Danghua Lin was embarrassed and covered her face with her hand.

Siwoo spread a mat on the floor.

Then he carefully picked her up and laid her on the floor.


She gave a small kiss on the shy Hwa Murin’s cheek and went down licking it here and there.

Her whole body had been burning red for a long time.

I went down leaving her kiss mark as if to mark territory.

Side- side-

Siwoo took off her breast covering with expectant eyes.

Huge breasts exposed to the world.


She had inverted nipples. Her nipples, like her bashful self, were hidden.

I was so surprised that Siwoo’s eyes popped out. How can this huge and coveted heart sink!

Dang Hwa-rin, who felt the gaze, said in a trembling voice.

“It’s a side effect of reverse use… Isn’t it a bit strange..? I’ll be back in a few days.”

Her nipples had been hidden inside because of her breasts, which had been reduced by her reverse surgery.

Siwoo was straight.

“Not at all. Rather naughty and good? It’s a sinking.”

I put my tongue into the indented nipple.


She winced every time I stroked her hidden nipples with her tongue.

‘It’s full of weaknesses.’

It was a sensitive and lewd body.

As she tucked her fingers into the inverted nipples and fidgeted with them, she twitched even louder.

Hwamu-rin covered her face and whispered to Si-woo’s caress.

“Ha···! Gee, I feel strange…”

“Hwarin is sensitive and lewd.”

“Ah, no..!”

She couldn’t believe that she was a lecherous woman herself.

Siwoo pulled out her hidden nipple and pressed it hard. Her nipples were exposed to the cold air.


Her back bent and she fell slightly off the floor.

It is exquisite

“Even like this?”

Hwamurin felt her head whining and her whole body weak at the climax she felt for the first time.

Every time Siwoo stroked her body, she became hot and her lower belly churned and cried.

Siwoo took off Dang Hwa-rin’s pants, which were spread helplessly.

Until she took off her cute underwear, Danghua Lin just stared at her empty space with her unfocused eyes.

Siwoo examined Danghwarin’s pussy.

Her lightly haired cunt was carefully closed, but she was constantly leaking.

Little bitch

Unable to hold back, Siu licked her baby juice with his tongue.

“What?! This is weird… Shiuya..!”

Flinch! Flinch!

Every time I licked it, it twitched and it tasted like a lick.

It tasted obscene.

Without realizing it, she pressed her hand down on Siu’s head.



Her hands, which twitched lightly, began to lose strength.

Siu started to spread her cunt open.



As I opened Dang Hwa-rin’s pussy, I felt a certain film.


Excited about the hymen, Siwoo put her head down.


“Haaang! That, that’s not it, that’s far away… It’s strange!”


She flinched slightly as Siu’s tongue explored her cunt.

It was a sensitive premature ejaculation.

It was even harder to find a place that wasn’t a weakness.


The water overflowed.

Before she knew it, her vagina had become a rich, sloppy pussy.


She climaxed lightly once more.

‘I wish I could solve this much.’

Siu pressed his swollen cock into her cunt.

Danghua Lin was ashamed, covering her eyes with the back of her hand and gasping for breath.


Siwoo wanted to see her expression. Danghwarin’s loose face was something erotic.

He removed her hand and met her eyes with her dazed expression.

She lightly kissed her on the forehead and pushed her cock into it.



Finally, the huge cock penetrated her virgin cunt. The narrow vagina typical of a virgin’s pussy, I pressed Siu’s cock.

‘Ugh… Tighten!’

It was difficult to move forward in the tight vagina. Her whole body stiffened with tension.

The girl who ate it for the first time in her life had a special taste.


A sense of conquest bloomed in her as she opened her mouth and looked down at her puffy face.

He wiped the corner of her eyes that had small drops of water on them and hugged her.

It was as if she had been waiting. Her body, stiff from tension, began to soften again.

My vagina, which had been tight, loosened up little by little, and I began to lick Siwoo’s cock.

It was a name.

Siu said hugging her.

“It’s okay?”


She kissed her on the corner of the eye and shook her waist slightly.

With Siwoo’s movements, her huge breasts also started to sway.


Sweet sounds began to leak out of Dang Hua Lin’s mouth as the cock, which had not penetrated even halfway through her, sank deeper and deeper.

“Haaang! Whoa.. This is strange..!”


Danghua Lin twitched loudly and covered her face.

She had a habit of covering her face whenever she climaxed.

Siwoo waited for her twitching girl for a while and then shook her waist again. Her own circumstances were not far behind.

“Hey, wait a minute…Haha♥!”

“Sorry, I’ll come soon too.”

Poke poke poke poke!

“Hugh! Aang♥ Aang..!!”

Her body convulsed once again, and at the same time, Siwoo also broke up.



Siu, a little tired, buried her face in Danghua Lin’s huge breasts.

It felt like my cock, tired of the soft touch, was energized.

As she groped her arm and felt her hugging her, her cock swelled again.

‘Should I do it one more time?’

Siwoo himself didn’t mind, but Hwarin Dang looked very tired.

At that time, thanks to my infinitely sensitive body, I felt something.

It was Danghwarin’s energy.

She could feel her cock connecting with her.

Now, at this moment, Siu realized why Mok-Eido did such a dirty trick in his later years.

Honyuan qigong was also a color gong.

Siu met Danghwa Lin’s eyes with her.

Danghua Lin closed her eyes, hiding her trembling eyes.

‘I love kissing. Cute’

As Siwoo kissed her, her whole body relaxed.

After kissing her for a while, he whispered to her.

“Do you trust me, Hwarin?”

“Yes···? Suddenly···?”

Siwoo and Danghwarin’s eyes met.

She could tell the answer just by looking at her eyes.

Siu began shaking the cock inside her cunt little by little.

“Hass.. Do it again..?”

Siwoo shook his waist, but something was different this time.

Little by little, her energy began to flow to Siwoo. At the same time, an intense feeling of pleasure began to flood in.

“Haaaaang♥!!! Ehh..?”

Dang Hwa-rin looked at Si-woo in embarrassment. Siu was looking at her with her unwavering eyes.


Danghua Lin released her whole body strength. She accepted him and gave herself over to her pleasure.

Siwoo stroked her hair and focused on her prick.

Her aura came through her cock. It was sharp and fast, but somehow blurry.

What energy does she use? She seemed to know a little bit how to handle it.

The energy that flowed from Danghwarin began to mix with the Honwongi.

That energy circulated through Siwoo’s body.

The energy of each other was mixed, and the quantity became more pure.

Danghua Lin couldn’t keep her mind from her continued pleasure. Her pleasure drained away was violent.

She flapped around her body like a live fish. She lost her temper in the ensuing climax.

“Haaaaa♥!! Awesome♥!!”

Siwoo focused while sweating.

It was my first time, so I needed to concentrate. Now that she quit, it will only suck her energy and be over.

After groping her floor and holding Danghwa Lin’s hand as she was at a loss. He shook her waist.

Squeak squeak squeak

The feeling of ejaculation came up again in her wet, unbelievably virgin cunt.


Siwoo’s eyes brightened, and the energy that was created by mixing each other’s energy was shared in half and contained in the semen.


Beaururut! Beaururut!

At the same time as the rough ejaculation, the energy contained in the semen hit Hwa-rin’s uterus.

Danghua Lin felt her hair turn pure white from her extreme pleasure.

“Oh oh ♥..!!”

Her back arched and twitched.

Flinch! Flinch!


The glycerin was drooping. Her chest rose and fell, and only a faint moan escaped.

Siu hugged her as she collapsed from exhaustion and closed her eyes.

I felt like I was in heaven with a warm and soft female body.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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