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Go Into the Past 16

Go Into the Past 16

Chapter 16 – Chapter 16 – Hwamurin

Episode 16 – Hwamurin

Hwamurin approached blowing poisonous mist.

“Siw! It’s okay?”

Siu frowned and nodded.

Nothing strange yet.

At that time, I heard Cheol Gwang-o’s painful moaning from the side.

“Turn it off…”

Hwamurin mercilessly paralyzed Cheolgwangoh with a long needle.

Thenheheld Siwoo’s hand and moved his seat a little.


Hwamurin, who moved to her seat, asked anxiously.

“It’s okay?”
“Wait a minute···.”

Siwoo, who carefully turned his inner energy, frowned.

What’s strange is…

Then, Siwoo lowered his head.

Blood started pouring all over her body.

His lower leg began to stiffen.

Hwamurin blushed.

“Uhhhhh, is this…?”

Siwoo and Hwamurin awkwardly met eyes.

She looked at Siwoo worriedly and stomped her feet.

“Uh, what? Ugh, it looks like a drug…?”

The poison fog thrown by Dae-joo at the cost of his life is barely a drink.

“Only music? I’m glad.”
“Fortunately…! You might die if you don’t decipher it properly.”

Siu was taken aback. Isn’t it like a estrous drug? I couldn’t understand why he died after being hit with estrus.

“Lord, are you dying?”
“That… Bar, don’t be in heat, it might just attack you. Losing reason… And if you don’t copulate with a woman, it’ll only get worse.”

I finally realized the opponent’s goal.

He wanted Siwoo to get into heat and attack Hwamurin, and then die. I couldn’t have imagined how hot it would be as I was dying.

However, Siwoo’s spirit was intact.

‘I rather like it.’

His mind was fine, but he was suffering from blood rushing to his cock.

Siwoo shuddered.

“Ugh… It hurts a little…?”
“Uh, what should I do!”

The tearful Hwamurin stomped her feet.

Bouncing and bouncing

Her huge breasts swayed with her gestures.
I wanted to massage that soft chest to the fullest right away.

Siu said to Hwamurin, who didn’t know what to do. Her psychological resistance had to be reduced.


Siwoo, who pretended to hesitate for a moment, spoke.

“Can’t I just do it by hand?”
“What!? Cow, hand?!”

Siu frowned.

“It hurts so much. It looks like it’s about to explode.”
“Ter, explode?”

Hwamurin became crying. Her gaze moved to Siu’s pants, which stood tall.

“Yes? Please… Murin-ah… If you do it by hand, it might calm you down.”

At Siwoo’s earnest request, Hwamurin closed her eyes tightly.

“Ah Okay···.”

Then, he knelt down in front of Siwoo and sat down.

Hwamurin grabbed Siu by the waist and carefully lowered his pants.
It was not easy to get caught on an erect cock.

“Okay… Well, it doesn’t go down well…”

She grunted and awkwardly took off her pants.



Hwamurin’s gaze was fixed on the huge cock in front of her eyes.

Siu pushed his cock at her as she lost her focus and stared blankly at her cock.

As he shoved his cock in front of her nose, he felt his nose react.


As the cock brushed the tip of her nose, the focus returned to Hwamurin’s pupils.

“I’m sorry..!”

Siu told her.

“Shake it with your hand.”
“Hey, shake it? Mo, I can’t.”

Siu said earnestly.

“Please···! I feel like I’ll hit you even now I might lose my temper if I don’t ejaculate.”

Huamu Lin bit her lip.

“Ah Okay···. You are doing it because you are…”

The words behind him were small, like whispers, but they all reached Siwoo’s ears.



A pleasant nasal sound flowed from Siwoo’s mouth.

Hwamurin’s white fingers carefully gripped Siwoo’s cock.

As her slightly cold hands wrapped around her prick, all her body’s sensations focused on her prick.

I feel happy even if I stay like this for thousands of years!

At her sudden moan, Hwamu Rin looked up at Siu and asked.

“Oh, does it hurt?”
“No, I love it. Please continue.”

Percussion! Percussion!

Huamu Lin blushed and started waving her hand.
It’s a clumsy hand movement somewhere, but that’s why it’s even worse.

Copper fluid began to come out of Siwoo’s cock.

“Haa… So good.”
“Joe, are you okay?”

“Yeah, shake it more. It would be nice if you applied that too.”

Following Siwoo’s instructions, she applied her cooper liquid to her hand.

“It’s slippery…”

Squeak squeak

As Hwamu-rin shook her cock, she could feel the thrill of pleasure.

Siu met Hwa Murin’s eyes and nodded her head.

Having gained a little confidence, Hwamurin’s hand movements gradually became faster. Her gaze began to heat up little by little.

Siu gave her strength. She didn’t know if she was a little bit off guard and she’d come crashing down.

She did it even more as she watched her huge breasts sway in her motion.

Widely! Widely!

Widely! Widely!

Siu’s cock began to swell.

“Cheap, cheap!”

View Lulu Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru! Beaururut!

“Huh? Kyaaak!”

Huamu Lin stared at the ejaculating cock with her blank eyes.

A huge amount of semen was scattered all over the place. Some semen landed on Hwamurin’s face.

Seeing Hwamurin covered in semen, Siwoo felt a sense of conquest in her.

A small groan escaped from her mouth.


Siu, who came to her senses belatedly, told her.

“Sorry. I feel so good… It’s okay?”
“Yes? Uh… It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Siwoo took out her handkerchief and wiped the semen from her face.

She tried to wipe the remaining semen from her mouth for the last time, but Hua Murin’s bright red tongue took it away.

Little bit

When Siu met her eyes, she was startled. Hwamurin’s face turned red.

“I, I, I don’t know…”


Her cock couldn’t stop watching her taste her own cum and stare at her in confusion.

When she saw the cock rising to the sky, Huamu Lin was taken aback.

“Uh…? Why is this, why is this? Suh, could it be again…?”

“Yeah, I guess my hands aren’t enough.”

“Boo, isn’t it enough?!”

Siu swallowed her saliva and said. I kept thinking about the bottom of her bright red tongue.

“Hey, suck it with your mouth.”

Hwamurin was frightened. With your mouth! It was such a vulgar act.

“Oh, no! Mouth…”

Siwoo thrust his cock in and dozed off.

“Uh… Look at this. It hurts because it’s getting bigger… Murin-ah… Help me huh..?”


He thrust his cock into the hesitant Hwamurin.
She shuddered, her nose twitching a little.

‘This is it.’

It felt like Siwoo had found out one of her weaknesses. Siwoo seduced her by thrusting his cock into her.

Her mouth opened slightly as she absentmindedly sniffed her cock.

Siwoo looked down at her mouth with all her concentration.
Even when he fell off a cliff, he did not show this level of concentration.


Her lewd mouth slowly opened and approached.

Her mouth opened slowly, forming a thin, solid line.

As her mouth opened and the silver wire was cut off, it seemed as if Siwoo’s longing was also cut off.

“Ha.. Um.”

Finally, his cock entered her warm mouth.

‘Ah… I don’t mind dying.’

A moist and warm mouth.

When her eyes met Hwa Murin, who was looking up at her while holding her cock, I felt a thrill.

Huamu Lin mumbled as he bit on her cock.

“Hey, how is it? (What now?)”
“..? Ah···. Go back and forth while sucking slowly.”

Her face was so red it looked like it was about to explode.

Chewy Chuyup Jjook

“Oh I feel good. It is right not to touch it.”

Jjuap jjuap

As her head moved back and forth, the sense of ejaculation deepened.

Siwoo was admiring that she was sucking hard on her cock and stroking her head.


As he stroked her hair, a nasal sound flowed from Hwamurin’s mouth.

“Are you going to sleep?”

At her question, Siu nodded her head.

“The best.”

Shiu made eye contact with Hwamurin, who knelt down on her knees and looked up at him.
Even Hwamurin’s eyes were filled with heat.

“Ah, cheap!”

Hwamurin was taken aback by Siu’s words. She didn’t know whether to open her mouth or not, so she panicked.

Her cock started to swell.

Beaururut! Beaururut!

She reflexively covered her mouth as the cum poured from her cock.

‘Ji, Jinhae…! Did you write…? It looks like something sweet…’

Huamu Lin looked up at Siu and her eyes met.

Worried about whether to spit out or swallow the semen that entered her mouth, Hua Murin carefully closed her mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.



I felt my stomach tingle at the strong male scent.

Hwamu Rin rubbed her leg and felt her thirst for some unknown reason.

Seeing her like that, her Siwoo’s eyes widened.

Eating semen!

His cock stiffened with anger.

She had no intention of dying at all.

Huamu Lin, who swallowed her semen, was taken aback.

“Gulp···. No way… Again?”

“Ha! Going crazy.”

Siu couldn’t stand her and tried to hug her.

“Now, hold on!”

Hwamurin blocked Siwoo.

Seeing Siwoo’s disappointed expression made her heart ache.

“That, that’s not it…”

She carefully began to take off her top. Her breasts, wrapped in her sheer fabric, purred and protruded.

“Wait, it’s dangerous…”


She carefully put down her coat.
Unidentified chunks of metal were hidden all over her jacket.

Hwamu Rin lowered her head and said in a trembling voice.

“This… Now, ah, you can hug me…”


Siwoo’s rationality disappeared in the throbbing huge chest.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

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