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Go Into the Past 15

Go Into the Past 15

Chapter 15 – Chapter 15 – Cheolmubang (2)

Episode 15 – Cheolmubang (2)

The inside of the iron room

A woman with red hair was sitting.

Her whole body was full of her muscles. She did but she didn’t. Her body with the tenderness unique to her woman was full of her healthy beauty.

She was like the athletic girl you would see at the gym.

The main character of the saying that if she hadn’t been a woman, she would have been confirmed as the successor long ago.

It was fertilization.

The woman who approached her posted her report.

“Lady, the youngest boy used the ark.”


According to the rules of the iron defense, the heirs each have one ark.

The ark is a kind of command authority.

With family power, you can dictate almost anything possible.

It was an important thing that could be seen as determining the succession depending on how it was used.

Cheolbihwa frowned and asked.

“Ark…? Why is that garbage all of a sudden?”

The woman who was standing respectfully was sweating. She was hardly anything to report in her sober mind.

She hesitated and said in a trembling voice.

“That is···. She says she punishes the third-rate samurai who disgraced her…”


Siu, who was distracted by Hwamurin’s huge breasts, came to his senses.


And she calmly grasped it.

‘One first class, two second class.’

Siu took out an assault rifle from his inventory.

The Cheolmubang guys were focusing on Hwamurin.

Siwoo pointed the gun at him.

They were only looking at Hwamurin even though the gun was pointed at them.

‘If I don’t know, it must be right.’

After thinking about it for a while, Siu started aiming for the second class.

The first-class risked reacting and avoiding.


I knew it! Lee Ryu, who was drooling, had a hole in his forehead.

He immediately turned the gun to the first class.

Bang! Bang!!

Blood started to ooze from his body. In the meantime, it was great that he avoided a vital point.



The face of the man who had been shot in the leg contorted in pain.

More than half of his mobility was gone.

‘My legs are good too.’

Assault rifles are elusive once the first class starts to react.

They started firing bullets at the rest of them.

Doo doo doo!


The third-class guys started to fall like autumn leaves.

‘This is enough.’

Most of the third class was crawling on the floor, and one second class was dead.

Hwamurin’s hidden realm was revealed, and he decided that this was enough.

Daeju, whose blood was flowing through his thighs, wrote angrily.

“Sibaal!! Memorize! Hit them all!!”

Daeju shouted and rushed at Hwamurin.

At least the four of them who were still standing headed for Siwoo.

Seeing them running, Siwoo looked at Hwamurin.

‘It’s first class, will it be okay?’

If the Hwamurin were pushed back, he was thinking of taking out more modern firearms.

Daeju and Hwamurin started fighting.

It was tighter than expected. It seemed that Hwamurin would not be easily defeated.

A little relieved, Siwoo fired a pistol at the guys approaching him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Siwoo shot the three approaching third-ryu with his gun.
Pistols don’t work on second-class samurai who aren’t vigilant anyway.


The last remaining second-rate warrior, the deputy owner, rushed at Siwoo.

Siu focused on the approaching opponent.

The opponent’s thighs swelled and stepped on Jin-gak strongly. It came rushing in with the sound of something exploding.


A rush using the power of the inner air. The opponent spewed internal energy from the soles of their feet and gained rapid acceleration.

The one who was three steps away approached Siwoo in an instant.


A quick stab.

Siwoo, who was in a state of extreme concentration, barely reacted.

His stab passed past his cheek.

The sword was dodged. However, if you step back like this, you will only be at a disadvantage.

An instinctive judgment was made.

Siwoo dug right into him and stuck his elbow into his stomach.


Amplified weight at the moment of impact!

I’m sorry-!


A moan flowed from the deputy master’s mouth. It was an unexpected counterattack. A third-rate thing reacting to you!

Siwoo clicked his tongue.

It sounded great, but his sense of hitting was small. It was defended with internal air defense like a second class.


Siwoo rushed at the bewildered opponent.

It reminded me of Park Jin-soo’s experience of fighting countless monsters throughout his life.

Don’t give him the distance he’s used to.

Super close combat was the answer.


The deputy owner was taken aback when he tried to cut his throat with a single knife and was hit in the stomach.

‘Did you avoid it?’

The deputy manager panicked and tried to leave. He too allowed distance without countermeasures.
At that time, Siu swung his sword at a very close distance.

If you retreat like this, you will be cut by the sword. The head of the unit, whose complexion hardened, wrapped his inner energy around his chest.


A tingling pain came from the chest that had been slashed by the handle of Siu’s sword. Concentrating on inner energy did not make the body iron.

I was annoyed by the excruciating pain.

‘Cheeky! Third-rate subject!’

The deputy chief tried to step down in haste. This distance was too disadvantageous. But each time, Siwoo forced her to take damage.

If you retreat, you will be cut by the sword.

I had no choice but to retrieve the energy that was heading to the soles of my feet and turn it into defense.

The close combat continued.

The vice-lord wanted to wield the sword, but it was difficult. He had never had the experience of fighting an opponent at such close range.

His limbs became dizzy and his blows continued.

Puck! Puck!

Only the blade of the sword dodged as best he could. Fortunately, he was not cut by the sword, but the situation where he was beaten one-sidedly continued.

It hurt terribly, as if I had been hit by a hammer.

The owner of Akmun was frightened by this. Suddenly, the long sword in Siu’s hand had turned into a dagger.

“Poetry, what the fuck?”

It was to be frightened.

Scratches began to appear here and there from Siwoo’s flamboyant dagger technique. Now it became difficult to dodge the blade.


I forcibly ejected my energy with the soles of my feet and took a big step back. In the process, he severely cut his chest. Had he been just a little bit later, he would have been mortally wounded.

The cuts here and there were burning and my chest was throbbing.

If you look at your upper body now, it will be full of bruises.

I never imagined that I would be hurt like this while dealing with third-rate things. The deputy owner glared at Siwoo brutally.

Siwoo clicked his tongue.

I did my best to block it, but in the end he opened the distance. Now it’s hard to beat one-sidedly.

He put his dagger into his inventory and drew his iron sword again.

Budaeju stroked his chest and glared at Siwoo.

“Bloke..! You dare to stand against me! However! That luck is now over!”
“What did you say. Being beaten like an asshole.”


The deputy lord distorted his face. But the one full of vigilance didn’t come rushing like before.

Cautiously narrowing the distance, the unit lord swung his sword.

A rapid acceleration began from the internal energy concentrated on the guy’s arm. The speed was different, as if only the arms were different creatures.

A sword like a whip!

It was a sword attack that was one beat faster than his movements. It was difficult to stop the subtle imbalance.


Visor! Visor!

Siwoo’s hands got busy.

His sword wasn’t just fast. One room, one room was heavy. It was a sword power that was different from the third class.

It was difficult to block because the normal sword and the accelerated sword were mixed.

Every time I blocked the sword, the shock accumulated.


Every time the sword was blocked, the bones numb, and the wounds from the sword that could not be avoided increased.

Haha! Dog-like guy. I’ll cut off your limbs!”

The exuberant sub-owner screamed.

Siwoo blocked his sword and felt something tickle him. Knife after knife was a turning point, but he was able to block it somehow.

‘I’m used to it somewhere.’

Dalian with Hwamurin!

Even though her sword was slower than her vassal sword, it was difficult to block.

Even though it was just a simple swing, something was different.

‘What’s different?’

When he remembered her sword, Siwoo’s sword changed. I understood her swordsmanship a little.


Siwoo’s spirit energy showed signs of suction.


The sword with a self-absorbed grip grabbed the sword of the vice master. It was brief, but enough.

The sword climbed the sword. Like a snake


The head of the unit, who cut the back of his hand, was embarrassed. What dog-like swordsmanship is this!

One attribute has been added to Siwoo’s Soul Spirit, which used to have absorption properties.

‘Sweep, pleasure,’

It was different from the competition. It’s as if two attributes were applied at the same time… It felt like that.

It felt like a sticky torrent.


The hand of the subjugator began to become a rag in an instant.

The deputy owner, whose hands became rags, stepped on the advance in a fit of rage. I was thinking of taking a look at it from the street.

Anyway, the opponent can’t match his own mobility.


The floor exploded and the sub-owner withdrew in an instant.

‘Let’s start a global war.’

There is a huge difference between a guy who can’t radiate inner energy and his own mobility.
His swordsmanship is great, but his feet won’t reach him.

It was disgraceful, but he intended to use his mobility to fight endurance.

By the way.


The deputy manager was perplexed.

Even though he obviously took a big step back, Siwoo was still in front.

I couldn’t believe it.

‘How is the third class…?’

It was the last thought in the head of the deputy head flying in the air.


Siwoo, who had blown off the head of the deputy chief, looked back.

There were traces of something exploding where he stepped.

Introjection using the sole of the foot.

It was second-rate evidence.

Siwoo found Hwamurin.

The fight between her and her lord was tense.

Even though her level was lower than that of her great lord, her admiration came out to see her fighting closely.

However, when he saw that his clothes were cut here and there, his anger soared.

Siwoo approached Daeju and shouted with all his strength.



Daeju flinched and was severely cut by Hwamurin’s sword. Hwamurin laughed lightly.

Haha..! Bang! Bang!”

Every time a gunshot came out of Siwoo’s mouth, he flinched loudly.

Each time, he began to receive great wounds from Hwamurin’s sword.

Daeju wrote evil.

“Stop it, you bastard!”

“Bang! Bang! . . .”



He really shot Dae-joo, who didn’t respond to the mouth gun.

Dae-ju, who had been shot in his left arm, screamed.

It was fun. But this was enough.

Daeju began to collapse rapidly.

Siwoo looked around and saw Cheol Gwang-oh trying to run away.

‘I can’t miss it.’

He shot Cheol Gwang-oh in both thighs.

Bang! Bang!

Cheolgwang-oh, who was hit by his gun, collapsed.


At that time, a scream came out of Daeju’s mouth.

“Fuck you bastard! I told you to stop!!!”

Daeju lost his temper. Anger welled up in his head.

I ignored Hwamurin’s sword approaching my neck and threw something at Siwoo.

Siwoo, who was watching Cheolgwangoh, had no bird to escape.



Something exploded and his fog rose.

“Ah! No!”

Hwamurin’s confused expression as he cut Daeju’s head was covered with fog.

I reflexively held my breath, but inhaled a little.

Yup- yup-

Hwamu Lin came through his fog, fanning with his hand.

“Siw! It’s okay?”

Siwoo, who carefully turned his inner energy, frowned.

What’s strange is…

Then Siwoo lowered his head.

Blood began to pool in one part of his body.

His lower leg began to stiffen.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

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