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Go Into the Past 14

Go Into the Past 14

Chapter 14 – Chapter 14 – Cheolmubang

Episode 14 – Cheolmubang


Iron room.

A middle-aged man whose entire body was full of muscles was stroking a sword.

Its enormous size and bronzed skin gave it a sense of intimidation to those around it.

As he stroked the sword. A hum began to echo from the sword.

The injected inner energy vibrates the sword!

It was an impossible feat for any second class.

Without stopping there, a weak haze began to flow from the sword.

Sword skill!

It was a sword skill that was exclusive to the first class.


Someone came to him as he stroked the sword with an expressionless face.

“Come in.”

The subordinate cautiously opened the door and entered.

“The great lord has gone out of the castle.”
“I thought you went out?”

As the giant frowned, the scar on his cheek wriggled. The subordinate spoke cautiously to him.

“Yes. By the way···.”

Then the door burst open, and Cheol Gwang-oh, resembling a toad, entered proudly.

He opened his eyes faintly and shouted at Dae-ju.

“Lender! I heard they left now?! What are you doing! I have to go after him right now!!”
“Tsk… Bocchan, calm down. Hey, what did you ride?”

The subordinate replied, a little taken aback.

“Yes..? I just walked out.”

Dae-joo said to Cheol Gwang-oh as if to look at it.

“Did you hear? There is nothing to worry about as soon as you get on the horse.”

However, Cheol Gwang-o only rolled his feet.

“This person..! What if I still miss it!”
Haha! Do you think we’ll miss out on the third-rate bum? We are Cheolmubang’s renowned swordsman!

Cheol Gwang-oh calmed down a little at Dae-joo’s confidence.

“Chit..! Let’s go quickly though.”
“Wait. Young master.”

Daeju, who calmed down Cheol Gwang-oh, nodded arrogantly at his subordinate.

“Keep talking.”

A subordinate with a bowed head posted a report.

“Yes! Today at noon, the two of us went out through the gates. By the way···.”

“By the way···?”

“I… One of them is a woman?”

Dae-ju looked at Cheol Gwang-oh. Aren’t the words different?

Cheol Gwang-oh, who received his gaze, frowned and shook his head.

“Could it be that it was a real woman? I was talking like a bitch… I think they are right.”
“…Is it really third-rate?”

Cheol Gwang-oh’s voice grew louder as Dae-ju doubted his words.

“Oh right! I saw you at the competition.”
“Competition···? No way I’ll gamble again…”

Dae-joo looked at Cheol Gwang-o sadly and clicked his tongue inwardly. He was such a piece of trash.
But thanks to that, I felt like I was teasing my lower body for the first time in a while.

The mission, which was a little trivial, became interesting.

Bullying a weak third-rate samurai was also fun. Because there is a thrilling pleasure in bullying the weak.

But the woman is samurai. It was a rare opportunity. The female samurai were strong and had a special taste.

It felt like my lower leg was getting sore.

“I’m sure. Young master?”
“Because it is. Come to think of it, I would believe it even if it was a woman. I think he was dressed as a man.”

Dae-ju swallowed and asked his subordinate.

“Is it pretty?”
“Yes? Ah… That’s fine… I will find out right away!”

I stopped my subordinates who were about to leave in haste.

“Tsk. Done. Let’s go and have a look at that. What you don’t know is kind of fun..Hehe. I’m going to have some fun after a long time.”

Cheol Gwang-oh said to Dae-joo.

“Hey, lord. You’re not thinking of doing it before me, are you?”

Dae-joo turned his head for a moment, and his expression was distorted.

He is a renowned first-class samurai in his family. He was the only one who talked to him like this.

‘A guy who can’t even grasp the subject. The trash subject that only met his mother well…!’

Dae-ju, who managed his expression before he knew it, turned his head again and smiled.

“It can’t be. Young master. Bocchan has to do it firsthaha!”
“Hmm.. But the Daeju is politehehe.”

The subordinate who had been standing there muttered to himself.

‘Will you come all the way to me…’


The mountain road to Cheongbongmilsa Temple.

Siu and Hwamurin sat in front of the campfire.

Hwamurin was making her snort to see if she was in a good mood.

“Ummm…! What is it this time?”

Siu looked at her and smiled. She pursed her lips and looked forward.


Before I knew it, white rice and bulgogi appeared.

It was absurd, but I didn’t even ask for more Hwamurin.

Good was good

She carefully picked up the meat with her chopsticks.

Well well.

“Huh..! No, I drank!”

Her body trembled. Sweet and salty was just right for her palate.

Hwamurin ate the bulgogi with a happy expression.

As she ate deliciously, she stared at Siu.


Siu knew what she wanted.

She carefully wiped the corners of her mouth.

Hua Murin put on a fresh expression, but the nape of her neck turned a little red. The corners of her mouth were also slightly raised.

“Hmmm..! This is delicious too! I like it because it’s sweet.”
“Yes, eat a lot.”

Siwoo laughed as he watched Hwamu-rin eat her cheeks puffing out.

Just watching her eat made her stomach swell.

While eating the bulgogi, Hwamurin’s expression hardened.



Hwamurin’s expression became serious.

“Wait a minute···”

Siu also hardened her complexion and set her senses.

Doo doo doo

The sound of horses hooves could be heard in the distance.

Haha! These bastards!!! I finally found it!!”

A dozen or so warriors were coming running on horseback.

Hee hee hee!

All over again!

They came right in front of us!

They were iron warriors.


Seeing the warriors of Cheolmubang approaching, Siwoo thought.

‘I expected it, but… They are pitiful.’

Cheol Gwang-o, a toad approaching, laughed and shouted.

Haha! Dog bitches! I’ve been waiting for my day!”

Siwoo looked at them and said dumbfounded.

“Did you come all the way here just because of that?”

Cheol Gwang-oh glared at Si-woo.

“Is that what?! I haven’t been able to sleep since being beaten by you guys! Lender! It’s them!”

Daeju looked at Hwamurin and evaluated it.

“Huh… Unfortunately, she’s at the level of a country woman. I’m glad you’re still in good shape. You man You guys get down on your knees And the bitch crawl yourself and spread your legs. Then I will spare your life.”

Siwoo looked at Daeju and said.

“It’s crazy and it’s crazy. Toad and you are on the same level.”

At those words, Dae Joo’s face contorted with anger.

“What..! Whoa… You don’t have manners. Then you won’t die gracefully-“

Dae-ju’s words were intercepted by Cheol Gwang-oh.

He liked it best before laughing at and trampling on the weak like now.

Hehe…! Would you mind if I cut off one arm right now? Ah! Skip that year I will crush that bitch in front of youhehe!”

Dae-joo’s complexion hardened a little for a moment, but he soon relaxed his expression.

Seeing that, Siu laughed.

Haha! They’re like sick bastards. Who the hell is the boss?”

Dae-ju, who was hot, was stopped by the deputy owner next to him.


Cheol Gwang-oh, not knowing that, laughed meanly.

“Of course I am! Stupid child. Hey Daeju! First of all, shut down the internal energy and tie up the limbs. I will teach my bastards what manners are.”

Siwoo laughed at their behavior.

“Hey, lord. That toad is treating you like an asshole? This is right?”

Cheol Gwang-oh screamed.

“That bastard still ignores me! Hurry up and bring that bastard down in front of me!”

Siwoo clicked his tongue as if he was pathetic.

“Tsk tsk”

Cheol Gwang-oh glared at Si-woo. I still didn’t like the laid-back attitude.

“No way. Who do you expect to help? There is no one here!”

Siu nodded his head.

“I know that. So glad.”


Hwamurin hardened her complexion.

‘Two second-class…! What’s more, one of them is… First class?!’

If she breaks the seal, it’s the end of second world.

However, the enemies are second-class and one first-class.
There were also six third-rate samurai.

It was an absolute tenth.

I wasn’t sure if I could win even if I opened the seal.

Even if he didn’t know it, Siwoo seemed seriously hurt.

But there was no time to hesitate.

She immediately broke the seal.

Body Secret Technique.

It is a secret counter-use technique passed down in the family. A vision that changes the shape of the body and hides its internal energy.

She began to unseal her and return to her original body.


The sound of her bones came from Hwamurin’s body.

For an instant, all eyes were on Hwamurin.

Her rather ordinary face began to change gradually. The balance of her face became perfect and she began to show off her radiant beauty.

Her eyes sparkled like clusters of stars, and her soul seemed to be sucked into her red lips.

An overwhelming beauty that most men can’t even talk about.

Not only that, but the waist, which was already narrow, became thinner. When she asked where the weight was going, her breasts and hips began to grow.

Explosive body!

Her rather baggy uniform became stiff. A little of her upper chest, which she couldn’t hide, was revealed, and her white valley was formed.

Her internal energy exploded, and her bracelet, which contained the power of her illusion, became unusable.

Her appearance was revealed to everyone.


The iron warriors’ eyes widened as if they would pop out.

Everyone looked at her as if bewitched by her unreal appearance.

Daejoo’s eyes were bloodshot and saliva flowed from her mouth. I wanted to lay that bitch down right away and commit a crime.

Then Cheol Gwang-oh’s screaming order followed.

“Dae, Dae Joo!!! Papa, bring it to me quickly!! Don’t injure a single hair!”

Daeju opened his eyes.

‘Should I give up such a beauty…? Shit!’

Hwamurin was displeased with their eyes. How dare those worms covet themselves!

But for some reason, she was curious about Siu’s reaction and looked back at him.

Siwoo was muttering softly with his eyes widened.

“Four, three breasts…! It’s gotten bigger…!”


Hwamurin’s face blushed slightly at the vulgar words. I wanted to shout at him right away.

‘S-three-tiered breasts is vulgar..!’

But oddly enough, his words didn’t make me feel bad. Rather, it feels like heat is rising from somewhere inside the body!

Hwamu Rin came to her senses and glared at the iron warriors. Now was the best time to surprise.



The eyes of all the warriors of Cheolmubang were focused on him.
I missed the time of the surprise attack because I was listening to Siwoo’s words.

Swallowing her regret, she held her veil in her hand.

Since the surprise attack had crossed the water, it was only a head-to-head confrontation. Siwoo’s skills were also amazing, so if he was lucky, he might win.

I just hoped he wouldn’t get hurt.

Hwamurin caught his breath and prepared for battle. The more she runs, the safer he will be.

At that time!

Bang! Bang!!

Doo doo doo-!!

At the same time as the sound of thunder, enemies began to fall.

Among them were second-class samurai.

As he looked at Hwamurin and drool, he had a hole in his forehead.


The other samurai were also in a panic after receiving large and small wounds.

A roar that shocks the sensitive ears!

Hwamurin’s head turned. The sound of thunder started with Siwoo.

Siu was holding a strange staff in his hand and smiling.

A flame rose from the wand.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

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