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Go Into the Past 13

Go Into the Past 13

Chapter 13 – Chapter 13 – Haomen (2)

Episode 13 – Hao Mun (2)

A week after eating Hasuo.

Siwoo has been feeding Hwamurin chocolate for the past few days, and in return, he has received lodging expenses.

Hwamurin, addicted to chocolate, would stare at Siwoo when her mouth got bored.


I handed the macaron to Hwamurin, who looked up like a puppy looking for food.

“Hot! What’s this?”

Hwamurin, who had taken the secret of the [Inventory] Behind her, glared at the macaron.
Hwamu-rin, who was examining the macaron with her serious eyes, carefully bit it.


Hwamurin, who had round eyes, let out a pleasant nasal sound.


Siwoo watched Hwamurin with satisfaction. Hwamurin, who nodded and hesitated, was delicious to see.

It feels like feeding a cute squirrel!

‘Is this animal therapy?’

Siwoo wiped the macaron powder off Hwamurin’s mouth.

She screamed in bewilderment.

“Mu-moo! What, what! I’m doing it!!”

“Yes? Put it on your lips…”

“Ugh…! Mo, I don’t know!”

Hwamurin, whose nape was red, ran away to the guest room.

Siwoo’s eyes lit up. He didn’t react as badly as he thought.

‘Skinship is my weakness.’


When Siu arrived at Haomen, he asked.

“This is Haomen?”
“Yeah, I guess so?”

It was a slightly larger building than the inn where Siu stayed.

This old building in this vast Hunan Province? It was ambiguous.

Upon entering the building, Siu found a familiar face.

“A non-sex?”

Biseongja, who had sighed deeply, turned her head away.
Upon discovering Siu, he opened his mouth.

“You you! You!!”

Hwamurin, who had followed the sudden commotion, looked at Siu.

“Who is it?”
“Ah… The guy who lost all the money I was talking about.”

When Siwoo whispered, Hwamurin laughed awkwardly and fell back.
Hwamurin’s presence began to disappear.

Siwoo looked at Biseongja and said. I saw this guy after a few days, and I was pretty happy with it.

Haha. Are you talking nonsense now? You never did?”
“Tsk, I’m not even a water owner anymore, so what’s up?”

“I’m a guest, is that okay?”
“Ah···. Get out if you don’t like it.”

The person next to Bi-Saint’s attitude pushed Bi-Saint and approached.

Hehe. Come on. Haomen Honam branch.”

“…Are you very kind? Is it like this?”

It was different from the Haomen I had imagined.

Speaking of Haomen, didn’t it feel like a secret intelligence organization made up of point organizations hiding in bars or giru?

There was something strange about the friendly Haomen branch.

The staff sighed and lamented.

“Ha···. It was like that in the old days…”

It seemed that something was wrong. Siwoo told the staff.

“Anyway, I came to see if there was work to do.”
“Yes! Welcome.”

The employee tapped the non-seongja.
Then he smiled and started staring at the non-saint.

Biseongja clicked his tongue and approached.

“After… Days away. Yes it is good what?”

“It can be done in a short period of time and the rewards are good.”
“Damn it, if there’s such a thing, I’ll do it.”

Tuk tuk

The employee stared at the non-songja again.

“Ugh…. Wait.”

Biseongja, who had been flipping through the paper for a while, said.

“How about this? Carrying blue buckwheat. The reward is two bottles of blue bongmilju and one gold coin. The lady in the back looks pretty strong too, so it’s a good quest for just the two of you.”
“Cheongbong wheat?”

Hwamurin snooping from behind shouted.

“Cheongbongmil! Lets do it! That’s delicious!”

The non-sacred person was dumbfounded.

“Tasty···? Hey, this is a delivery mission.”
“Well, how are you? Anyway, let’s do this.”

Siwoo asked while looking at Hwamurin.

“What is Cheongbongmil?”
“Yes, it is very sweet honey. Bees are unusually blue. What do you think?”

Hwamurin’s eyes twinkled. Anyway, I really liked sweet things.
Hwamurin’s words made Siwoo’s eyes shine.

“If you eat this, your inner energy will increase. That’s great.”
“Inner air? Let’s do it right now.”

Siu nodded. After seeing the taste of the elixir through Hasuo, his interest grew rapidly.

“…Because it’s a delivery mission…”

The babbling non-saint explained the mission.

“You can get honey from Cheongbong Secret Temple near Yiyang and bring it here.”
“How long?”

“Fortnight. Do you have any words?”
“No, of course not.”

Biseong shrugged his shoulders and said.

“If not… Well, you’ll have to walk diligently.”

Siwoo, who received the request, hesitated as he was about to leave.

“Oh right. Was there a person named Mok Yi-do among Hao Munju from the previous generation?”
“A sore throat…?”

The expression of the non-saint, who had been immersed for a moment, frowned.

“Are you talking about the neck ear sword?”
“No color..?”

Siu’s voice trembled. Are you a color horse?

“My sore throat… Yes, I remembered. It was Hao Munju 200 years ago. Hao Mun, who was enjoying his heyday for a long time, fell like this thanks to that nobleman.”

There was no respect at all in talking about the former lord.

“What happened?”

“After···. She must have suddenly passed away in her later years, and she carried everything from one woman to another. No one could have imagined that an old man would suddenly swing his cock head like that. I only touched the hostess of a prestigious family.”

Curses almost came out of Siwoo’s mouth. The non-sage continued.

“Then it ended up being four months. I got caught on the spot while eating with the wife of the leader of the Murim clan.”

‘Fuck, what kind of drama is this?’

“Haa… But one of the martial arts was a nobleman who was filthy, so he knocked out the main lord and ran away. What after that… It was designated as a Moorim achievement, and Hao Mun was also upset. In the end, we ended up like this.”

Siwoo fell silent.

“Um… That’s right…”
“Then why is your throat sore?”

Siwoo, who forced his mouth to open, managed to continue.

“Oh, nothing. Do you know that it is a iron room?”

“Iron Arms…? Of course you know. But shouldn’t I pay for the information and ask?”
“How much?”

After thinking for a while, the non-saint said.

“Hmm···. Ten silver coins.”

Siu rummaged through his pockets.
He said while handing over a 3,000 won kitchen knife.

“It’s damn expensive. Can this be it?”

I don’t buy it anymore because it’s sold to the blacksmith again. It was originally bought for research purposes.

“I don’t mind. Give me money.”
“I don’t have…”

Biseongja spread his palms and seduced.

“If you give me 10 silver coins, I’ll even tell you the color of the underwear of the owner of Cheolmubang.”

Siu flinched. I felt an instinctive curiosity.

Hwamurin, who was behind, pushed Siwoo away.

“Here! I’ll pay And I don’t need underwear color.”

Siu, swallowing a little regret, listened to her.

The explanation of the iron bar continued.

Siu nodded his head.


Siwoo, who was walking down the street, thought about the Iron Armory.

Iron room.

‘A family of blacksmiths and samurai.’

Originally, it was a family that focused on blacksmithing,
These days, they are showing a movement to switch to shamanism.

‘His name is Cheolgwango.’

The toad that Siwoo and Sibi got into was a guy named Cheolgwango.

He is the youngest son born to the former wife of Cheolmubang Ark with his new wife, and his appearance became a problem as he grew up.

Being ugly wasn’t the problem. It was important that it did not resemble the Ark at all.

The family was in trouble when the new hostess’ chastity was questioned.
The elders of the family denounced the hostess.

At that time.
The Iron Armored Ark is dead.

Upon his sudden death, the hostess took over.
Naturally, the dirty rumors disappeared without a trace.

Hyeon-cheol Mubang is in the middle of a succession battle between her and her direct descendant.

Thinking that far, Siu nodded his head.

‘I’m guessing.’

Hwamurin followed Siwoo and said.

“Haa… Blue bong wheat! Looks delicious.”

Siu, who was watching her, gave a small smile. She was a woman of cute behavior.


Haomen Honam Branch.

The staff said to Biseongja, who was worried about something with a serious face.

“What else are you doing, branch manager?”
“It smells… It smells.”

It’s a start again. The staff said with a smiley face.

“Ehh… So what? Do you investigate?”
“Uh. Do it. Something is coming.”

The employee’s lower lip protruded.

“Isn’t it only third-rate…?”
“Ugh! You mean you can’t be the branch manager. Know? When I was…”

The staff hurriedly said with a disgusted face.

“All right. If it’s black, it should be black Then, I will put the investigation fee on the branch manager’s salary.”

Biseongja was taken aback by the unexpected words.

“What, what! Is this kid He’s a stinky guy, but we need to investigate. Why put that in front of me!”

“I don’t know. I don’t have a budget these days. Shouldn’t the investigators have to buy food…? No, wait. Did you gamble again?

The non-sacred person was straight.

“No! I’ve never gambled before.”

The staff gritted their teeth and shouted.

“Fuck! Invest again? His investment?! Are you crazy!!”

“Poem, fuck? Did you curse at me just now?”

“Ouch! Wake up, please!!”

“No fuck, I was sure this time. Uh huh release your fist What are we going to do?”


The non-saint left alone murmured.

“Eh. A no-nonsense guy… Even if you do not do a good job, you will be excommunicated.”

The non-saint’s expression became a little serious.

“Hmm… It smells like…”
“A phantasmagoric bracelet… Which house are you going to go to again this time?”

I searched for a request to find a runaway girl.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

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