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Go Into the Past 12

Go Into the Past 12

Chapter 12 – Chapter 12 – Hao Mun

Episode 12 – Hao Mun


I drank and chatted with Hwamurin.

She had been drinking with a girl for the first time in a while, and she went over with a grunt. I got used to the poisonous bamboo leaf extract.

Hwamurin smiled and asked.

“Didn’t you know it was a gambling house?”
“Yeah, I heard it was a martial arts competition, so I went there, but it turned out to be a gambling hall. It was strange that it was restricted.”
“So did you.”

“Geez, the guy is acting like a girl, making me feel bad!”

“Heh, that was funny. Come to think of it, this time she met a grown-up guy, well… You messed up all your property.”
“Koo, cool. Come on, is it because of me?”
“What is it? But there is nothing to be sorry about…”

Huamu Lin was coughing against her new blushing face.
When I gave her a handkerchief, he covered her mouth and coughed.

“Coke! Hmmmm.. Where did this come from again? Suspicious!”

She stared at Siwoo as if she were about to be pierced, but Siwoo only smiled.

“Ah.. But why did you enter the contest when you didn’t even need an elixir?
“Yes? That… The book…”

Huamu Lin bowed her head. The nape of her neck turned red.

“Books? Ah.”

Siwoo nodded her head and looked at Hwamurin happily.

She seemed to know why she was on stage.

‘It must have been a gangster.’

Hwamurin became angry at the expression of something unpleasant.

“What! That eerie expression.”


“Profit!! Are you ignoring me!!”

I heard banging on the table and shouting.
When Siwoo turned around, he saw a man who looked like a toad in fancy clothes shouting.

Huamu Lin let out a sigh.

“Ehh… I should just change into a normal woman. Everything is a mess.”

Siwoo said a little puzzled.

“Can you stop playing cooperatively?”

She blushed

“It’s a cooperative game!”
“No, I thought you were dressing up as a man and playing a swordsman.”

Huamu Lin puffed out her cheeks cutely and said curtly.

“What… Isn’t it?”

“These bastards!!! Are you ignoring my words!!”

The momentary sudden acceleration made the inn quiet. Shiu clicked his tongue and said.

“Hey, if you’re drunk, go in and sleep.”
“What, you bastard! I-“
“I bet you don’t know who I am, and you won’t keep adding family names to it, right?”


The bursting Hwamu Rin held her stomach and laughed.

Her toad’s face flushed red.

“Profit!! Yes, third-rate subject!!”

Siwoo gave the last warning to the poodle toad.

“Just go.”

Toad’s pride was hurt by Siu’s ignoring and Hwamurin’s expression.
It was a gaze full of contempt, as if looking at an insect.

A common look in the family.


The moment the toad finally explodes and tries to get up from her seat.

Sheek- Taang!


Suddenly, the chopsticks were stuck between the crotch of the toad.
Toad, who was about to get up, collapsed as her legs gave out.


The toad reflexively tried to back away.
But there was no way that would happen while sitting.

Arms that had nowhere to go floundered in the air.

“Uh… Huh?”

The chair, whose center of gravity was sharply tilted backward, fell backwards.


All eyes were on him.

Tears welled up in his eyes as his face turned into a tomato.
Everyone was at a loss for words and a moment of silence passed.

One hellish minute passed.

‘It’s a 10-year blanket kick’

Siwoo was about to feel sorry for him.

“This person! Shit!!”

The guy ran out crying. An awkward time passed, and laughter leaked out from here and there in the inn.

Siwoo, who was shaking his head, asked Hwamurin. Throwing a blunt chopstick into a tree. If you learn it properly, you don’t even need a gun.

“How did you just do that? How great?”

Hwamurin, who was in a good mood at the praise, said.

“Huh..! Shall I tell you?”

Hwamurin, who quietly approached, whispered.

“Then… Tell me that too”
“…That’s not okay.”

Siu, who looked at Hwamurin’s eyes as if possessed, refused. If you give it away for free here, you won’t get porridge or rice.

Hwamu-rin, who clicked her tongue, moved away again.

“Sheesh. Then neither can I.”
“It’s mean… But is he okay?”

I was a little worried that I might get into trouble.
Hwamurin said with a smile.

“Ah, how could a great guy be in such a laggy inn? It’s okay to drink, but I’ll go and drink, and there’s no escort.”
“That’s right.”

Jeomsoi, who had noticed, approached and said.

“Keuheum… Warriors. Erm… Didn’t you just stop?”
“Uh, toad?”

Jeom So-yi, who had been laughing reflexively, covered my mouth.

Haha! Town! Two, toads…! Anyway, he is the youngest son of Cheolmubang.”
“Iron Armory?”

It was a fairly famous blacksmith family in Hunan Province.

“I don’t have much power in the family because of my bad reputation, but I think you’d better be careful though.”

Jeomsoi suddenly fell silent.


Hwamurin admired it and handed over a coin.

“Wow- you are amazing.”

Jeom So-yi lowered her head and whispered softly.

“Yes, thank you. Anyway, to summarize the important things. He’s originally a bit laggy, no, he’s a guy who enjoys arguing with others in a cheap inn like here. But it’s the first time I’ve been humiliated like today, so I don’t know what will happen.”

Siwoo admired Jeomsoi slightly. The little guy was great.

“Wow… Are you like this, too?”
“No. I have an idea about that, but… I heard that Hao-wen has been very poor lately… Anyway, I’m done…”

Jeomsoi bowed 90 degrees and disappeared.


The owner of the inn said with a smile.

“······It’s 20 dong, 2 silver coins in total, but I’ll only take 2 silver coins.”

Huamu Lin took out her bag of coins and held it up. Full of coins

“I will live for this.”
“Yes, thank you.”

The owner of the guesthouse who was paying the bill said to Siwoo.

“Ah, samurai! And the accommodation fee is over for today, would you like to stay longer?”

I nodded my head, of course, as I had no place to sleep right now.

“It is.”
“Yes, it is 50 fairy tales including meals per night.”
“Um, wait…”

Siwoo rummaged through his pockets and hesitated. Then he looked at Hwamurin coolly.

Hwamurin was taken aback.

“Could it be that you don’t have any money?”

Huamu Lin frowned at her in amazement and crossed her arms.

“Sorry. Come to think of it, I am included among those who lost their entire fortune while gambling.”

Hwamurin’s furrowed eyebrows trembled. Her arms were also slowly undone.

“Sir, no way… That tournament?”
“Yes. Sorry, lend me some money.”
“Oh, no… I’ll give it to you. Ugh…”

Hwamu-rin shuddered and shook her body.

Siwoo, who was looking at her, said.

“I don’t want to gamble anymore.”
“That’s right… Gambling is bad.”
“There must be many people besides me who have lost all their fortunes?”

Hwamurin reflexively shouted.

“No way! That, could it be?”
“No, there was one around me. Didn’t you say that earlier? He acted like he had been scammed.”

Hwamurin’s eyes trembled. She seemed very uncomfortable.


Siwoo, who was sitting on the bed, looked down at the square frame of his neck.

‘Is this a five-year elixir?’


I carefully opened it and inspected it. There was nothing like a sweet scent. When I took a little bit of the root and ate it, I felt a bitter taste.

Misread misread

The feeling of eating something bitter ginseng.

Before anyone knew it, Ha Su-o disappeared into Si-woo’s stomach.


She closed her eyes and focused on Hasuo’s energy.

The heat of Hasuo, which started from the stomach, began to flow through her whole body through the blood.
Then, it began to mix little by little with the Honwongi.

Hunyuan qigong is a qigong technique that handles ten thousand energies. Suddenly, the heat of Hasuo disappeared into the Honwon period and became invisible.


Shi Woo opened his eyes as he let out a tak-gi.

My whole body was full of energy.

I feel like I want to jump out and run right away!

He drew his sword and swung it into the air.


Mighty sword power!

Even though I swung it without any special attributes, I felt a powerful momentum as if it contained a lot of weight.

Shih! Shhh!

He continued to swing his sword. Siwoo, who has risen in excitement, puts the heaviness of the song.

And the subsequent downfall.

Huung- Kwajik-!

There were tiny footprints on the floor of the cabin.


Siwoo looked down at the flawed floor and carefully inserted the sword.


I overshot it a bit in the middle, but it still felt good. If this is the case, wouldn’t it be ‘it’?

Siwoo spread his palms and concentrated.

External discharge of inner air.

It was second-class conditions.

The inner air flowed through the qi and blood. The inner energy, which had been spinning naturally, moved feebly according to Siwoo’s will.


A weak wind blew from Siwoo’s palm.


I felt the heat.

Usually, third-class people cannot freely handle internal energy in their bodies. It just flows naturally.

However, with just that, he gets a strong body different from that of ordinary people.
Siwoo’s Honwon Qigong took a step forward from there.

Even at the third rate, he could change the properties of the Honwongi that flowed through the qi blood.

Changing the properties of the aura that circulates throughout the body.

That alone made Siwoo faster and heavier.

The Honwon qigong created by Mok Yi Do, the former master of Hao Mun, was a new craft.

If you go one step further, you are second rate. Unmanned self-control of self-ki.

Being able to do this freely during combat was a clear second-rate.

Siwoo smiled as he watched the wind rustle in his palm.

‘Right before entering second class.’

If you go one step further, you are second-class.


Hwamurin, who finished sparring with Siu, admired it.

“Wow..! Did you become very strong overnight?”

Hwamurin, who finished the sparring, was also sweating.
It was different from the competition when I didn’t break a drop of sweat.

Siu nodded his head.

“Hasuo effect was good.”

Hwamurin tilted her head.

“I think I’m too strong for that… Can I have a look?”

Siu held out his wrist to Hwamurin. She was knowledgeable and would share her little martial arts tips.

“Wow···! 3 years? Great? How much power did you gain from Hasuo?”

Siu thought he had captured almost all of Hasuo’s energy. Since he had only recently learned martial arts, it was no exaggeration to say that Siwoo got all of his energy from Hasuo.

But… 3 years, something was strange.

“3 years···? Isn’t it five years?”

“Yes? That’s 3 years. Oh no way Did you believe what I said about 5 years at the tournament?”

“Wasn’t that a five-year elixir?”

“Ahaha. There’s no way you can get 5 years of internal energy with 100 years of training. Do you usually get a year or so? Five years is absurd. I wonder if it’s the heavenly intuition in the legend.”

Siwoo narrowed his brows and muttered.

“Cheonmuji body?”

“Woong… You can just look at it as a constitution optimized for learning martial arts. Literally a legend. I don’t care. By the way… Seeing you say that, you can’t believe that Hasuo has been gaining strength for three years?”

Siu nodded her head.

“Wow···! Awesome. Aren’t you really going to stick with it later? How did you get three years?”

Siu, who was watching the admiring Hwamurin, asked.

“I know. Guess I’m talented But Murin, how do you usually make money?”

Hwamurin tilted her head at Siwoo’s sudden question. Her sweat-soaked uniform was clinging to her.

Siwoo secretly scanned her body and admired it.

‘Her breasts got bigger…’

She untied the bandages around her chest. From the day of the toad’s dispute, she undressed her as a man.

To others, she looked like a country woman, but only to Siwoo, she looked like a white-skinned beauty.

When her breasts were freed from the tightness of her bandages, of course, her breasts grew larger than before.

‘E?, F?’

Hwamurin, who saw Siu seriously worried, put his index finger on his cheek and pondered.

“Uh···. I usually do a ronin job. Maybe?”

“Yeah, something like transporting targets or escorting… Something like that?”

Even Hwamurin, who said that, did not seem to have much experience.

“Okay? Request… Do you know where to go?”
“Yes? That, well? Ah! I heard that Hao Mun is doing something like that these days?”


Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

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