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Go Into the Past 11

Go Into the Past 11

Chapter 11 – Episode 11 – Martial Arts Contest?(2)

Episode 11 – Moorim Tournament (2)

The referee, watching his movements, tilted his head.

Then he grabbed his hand and seriously closed his eyes.


“It’s third-rate!”

The crowd cheered at his announcement.


She and Siu stood facing each other. She greeted her, clutching her arms.

A neutral voice that doesn’t match the face.

“I’m C, Hwa.. Murin.”

Siwoo hugged Hwamurin and said.

“Choi Siwoo.”

No more conversation was necessary.

The drums rang.

Siu pointed her sword at her. It was not an opponent that could be attacked by surprise, so he intended to take advantage of the gap. But she didn’t see any gaps.

Hwamurin was looking at Siwoo with an unwavering attitude.

‘Heavy. It goes with the heavy.’

I changed my entire body’s energy to heavy and charged. Kicked the ground with the thigh power amplified by [Low Physical Strength].

If there was no gap, I had to force it.


Honest take down.
However, it amplified her weight at the moment the swords struck.

Hwamurin, who blocked Siwoo’s sword, frowned slightly.

Hwamurin’s balance was a little off. There were several gaps in her unexpected shock.

Siwoo’s swordsmanship, which he learned through actual combat, continued.
Hwamurin’s hands got busy.


Embarrassed for a while, Hwamurin’s defense gradually stabilized.

Kang! Kang!

‘I can’t do it like this.’

The gap that she barely created is gradually disappearing.
The weight alone couldn’t pierce her defenses.


When the heavy sword did not work, Siu turned to the Honwongi. It was the first time to change the spirit energy attribute during battle, but it succeeded naturally with heightened senses.

Siwoo’s sword quickened one beat.


Visor! Visor!

A strong sound resounded as swords collided with swords.

Siwoo swung his sword and gradually fell into a trance.

Middle Ages,
But it lacked inner strength. More than half of the hemotropia had already disappeared.

Pleasure was also not enough.

‘Pleasant, heavy’

The Honwongi quickly shuttled between the two attributes.
The sword of rapidity began to contain heavy force.

Hwamurin’s expression, which had been relaxed, became more and more serious.

Kkong-kang! Caang!

The two exchanged dozens of matches in an instant. Siwoo’s senses are heightened.

At some point,
He didn’t even distinguish whether the attribute contained in the Honwongi was good or heavy.

I didn’t care about the Honwon anymore.

I put all my mind into the last gap left in Hwamurin.

A stab with all his might.
Squeezing out all his remaining strength and inner strength, he thrust out his sword.


Hwamurin, whose complexion hardened, stabbed her with a sword. As if the middle action had been deleted, the sword was stabbing.


As the tips of the swords met each other, a strong reaction force was felt.


Feeling intense pain in his arm, Siu woke up from a trance.

Tingling pain. In no time, my energy was running out.

It was a little disappointing. If I had more inner energy, I would have been able to wield it one more time before this feeling was forgotten…

‘It can’t be helped.’

I had no strength in my whole body. The tip of the sword trembled.

Siwoo took a step back and caught his breath. As she came out of her trance, she could feel her heavy breathing.


I ate well and practiced for a month, but I was born as a young boy from a rich family. His stamina was lacking.

Hwamu-rin, who was looking at the tired Siu, nodded his head and raised his sword as a middle position.

Hwamurin’s sword is aimed at Siwoo.


The sword that was far away grew in an instant.


Siu, who barely reacted, blocked the sword approaching in front of him.

At that time, Hwamurin’s sword bent like a snake.


It came riding on Siwoo’s sword and was on his neck before he knew it.


It was a rout.

It was the first proper martial arts I had ever seen.

I felt like I saw a hem of martial arts that I had imagined while looking at martial arts papers.


Siwoo laughed involuntarily.
Hwamurin admired Siwoo.

“You’re amazing… I’ll become a master later.”

Whii Iik-!

The crowd cheered and whistled.

“Aaaaa!! No!!”

Siwoo led his tired body down the stage. He was exhausted, but he felt refreshed as he put in all his strength.

Hwamurin stood still on the stage.

The referee stepped in and counted ten, but of course no one came out.

In the end, the winning prize, the 100-year-old Hasuo, fell into the hands of Hwamurin. Hwamurin accepted the elixir with a shy smile.

I was a little disappointed when I saw the elixir. But she brushed it off. Rather than that, the growth I felt through Dalian was more important.

While watching Hwamu Lin hug her in all directions and greet her, she heard someone’s cracked voice behind her.


Seeing the strange noise, Siwoo turned his head.

Biseongja was trembling with reddened eyes.


Watching the tournament come to an end, he comforted the non-songja.

“That… Don’t be too discouraged. Isn’t money something that comes and goes?”
“Ah… This, this is a scam… Ugh…!”

Only strange noises came from the non-saint. It was really unsightly to shed tears.

But I got a little bit of understanding. The worst thing was that I gave and took away, but it seemed like I was crazy about the loss that followed the win.

I thought I was number one in the lottery, but would it feel like this when I realized it was the previous round?

Siwoo didn’t do anything wrong, but he felt sorry for nothing.

“Eh…! Anyway, take care, I’m going.”

I left the place, leaving Biseongja swaying on the floor.


He intended to go to the inn and rest.
But someone called Siwoo and came running.

“Small Narrow!”

It was Hwamurin.

“Little Hyeop! Fortunately, I didn’t go. I have something to tell you.”
“Yes? What to say?”

“Um… I’m a little sorry.”
“What are you sorry about? Victory and defeat were determined only by competing fairly with each other…?”

Hwamurin flinched at Siwoo’s words.

“Uh… I feel more sorry for saying that. Anyway, take this.”

Hwamurin, who was at a loss for something, handed over a square box.
It was the 100-year-old Hasuo, the winning prize of the competition.

“Hasoo..? Why this?”
“That… Anyway! This is yours now. It doesn’t work for me anyway.”

Siwoo, who had been handed it to him, scratched his cheek. I was grateful, but I was sorry that I received the elixir for free.

“Ah… It’s a bit odd to get it for free, get one of these.”

Siwoo rummaged through her pocket and took out a piece of chocolate.
Upon receiving the chocolate, Hwamurin looked at Siu with strange eyes and said,

I tilted my head and fiddled with the chocolate.

“···What is this? Is it hard?”
“Dangwa? Should it be something similar? It is a snack called chocolate.”

“Snack···? The packaging is quite luxurious.”

Huamu Lin peeled off her tinfoil and inspected her chocolate with her serious face.

Sniff sniff

Hwamu-rin, who smelled it, tilted her head.

“I don’t think it’s poison…”
“No, of course not. What are you looking at me for?”

Hwamurin’s red tongue stuck out as she watched Siwoo.

Little girl-

Hwa Murin’s eyes widened as she licked some of her chocolate, then took a bite of her chocolate carefully.

“Hyat! Everything, sweet! Oh, how long is this…”

A high pitched voice rang out. Hwamurin took another bite of chocolate.
It was like a squirrel biting an acorn.

“Ummm..! Hut! Hmmmm.. Thank you. The tea is really hot.”

The high pitched voice disappeared with a clearing of the cough. Shiu smiled and said.

“No, how long are you going to wear that clumsy male costume?”
“I’m a male disguise..! Uh, how…?”

‘If I don’t know, isn’t it an idiot..?’

Anyone could see that she was a woman, but she was dumbfounded that she didn’t know. Siwoo said while waving the Hasuo box that was handed to him.

“Oh, sorry. Or else. Anyway, thank you for giving it to me. See you next time.”
“Hey, wait a minute…!”


She arrived at the inn before she knew it, and Hwamu-rin followed her in.

She murmured.

“It’s amazing… How did you know? Look at this.”

Jeom Soi smiled and approached.

“Yes, welcome!”

Huamu Lin stroked her chin with her jeom soi and posed like a model for her.

“How do I look?”

Embarrassed for a moment, Jeom Soi forcibly raised the corners of her mouth and said.

“Ah..Haha! He looks like a handsome young boy. Be well.”
“Right..? Thank you. Then, I ask for the proper food for two people. Ah! Bamboo Leaf Cheongdo”

“···Yes! I will bring it to you soon!”

Jeomsoyi disappeared with a gunshot.

Hwamurin muttered while stroking the mysteriously patterned green bracelet.

“Is it okay…?”

Seeing this, Siu was a little taken aback. I felt a strange aura from her bracelet. But now I’m just wondering if there’s anything special.

“Well, it’s because you look pretty in my eyes, so understand.”
“What..! Yes, pretty?!”

Embarrassed, Hwamurin touched my face. But she soon let out a sigh of her relief.

“It’s amazing… Is this pretty?”

If you hit her well, she was a little above average, but she looked quite beautiful thanks to her white skin.

‘By the way?’

“Yeah, isn’t it pretty?”
“Okay? Hee hee! I really…! Do you think this is pretty? Hey-“

Hwamu-rin, who smiled cutely, grabbed her face. Then she stared at Siu’s face.


At that time, Jeom So-yi placed bamboo leaf extract and a few simple snacks on the table.
Food came out incredibly fast. But the quality is pretty good.

“Five..! Are you the host?”

Siwoo took the food and ate it, admiring it.
Fortunately, she didn’t seem to have any intention of forcing her to pry.

Hwamu-rin, who was watching him, licked her lips and said hesitantly.

“By the way… When I took the chocolate out of my pocket earlier…”

Siwoo, who was using chopsticks, paused for a moment.

“Didn’t you take that… Chocolate out of your pocket? But no matter how I looked at it, it didn’t look like it was in that pocket. The center of gravity is also different.”

Siu, who wiped his mouth with his sleeve, hesitated.

“I must have looked at it wrong.”

Huamu Lin made a sullen expression, and after thinking about it for a while, she said:

“Great. Let’s exchange each other.”

She spread out the bottoms of her white hands. My eyes went to her long, pretty fingers.

“Look Carefully.”

Siwoo, who carefully watched her hand movements, was surprised.


“What do you think?”

In the blink of an eye, she had a sack of rain in her hand.

“Five···! Interesting?”
Hehe. Aren’t you curious? I’ll tell you this, let me know too. Yes?”

She was curious, but she was not coveted. In the first place, it was an unnecessary skill for Siwoo, who had an [Inventory].

‘Moreover, I can’t give [Inventory].’

Siwoo, who was just in case, looked for items related to ‘sub-space’ at the [Shop].
There was one suitable one.

[Inventory (Lv.0) grant right]: 1,000 Karma.
– Grants a backpack-sized [Inventory (Lv. 0)] To the target.

‘Ugh! It’s terribly expensive. Something else’

[Space Expansion Bag (Ultra Small)] : 100 Karma.
– Backpack-sized space expansion pockets.

‘There are, but… But I can’t give them away for free.’

After returning from the [Shop], Siu pondered for a moment. She liked her smooth skin.

“How about this. I’ll show you that trick once every day. What you get depends on what you do.”
“Yes. You mean the chocolate you took out?”

Huamu Lin nodded her head and her eyes twinkled. The eyes were very pretty.

Siu nodded slightly and made a plan.

‘First of all, starting with Dalian…’

“Yes. Instead, fight with me every time. What do you think?”
“Dalian…? Good! I’m fine. But you shouldn’t be angry that I found out right away?”

Haha, you are.”

Siu and Hwamurin looked at each other and smiled.
Thinking each other won.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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