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Go Into the Past 10

Go Into the Past 10

Chapter 10 – Episode 10 – Martial Arts Tournament?

Episode 10 – Martial Arts Tournament?

Fighting is the funniest fight.

Understanding that, Siu nodded.

“Um…But why are you talking to me like that?”

Biseongja ordered various things to Jeomsoi and said.

“Bring me bamboo leaves and a suitable snack.

Hmmm… Small-hyeop, I’ll be honest. It’s because you’re quite a master, ah! I mean third-class and top-notch. Alas, don’t be impressed. Because I’m not cursing Anyway, according to my eyes, you are the best of the third class. It can be said to be the pinnacle third-rate.”

“…If you keep saying third-rate, third-rate, it makes you feel third-rate, so stop it.”
“Hmm… Other third-rate warriors proudly talk about being unmanned, it’s strange…”

Biseongja said while pouring a cup of bamboo leaf extract.

“I’ll get you a drink first.”

It naturally led to a drinking party. Nucksal was a great guy.
Siwoo smiled and drank a cup of bamboo leaf extract.

“Uh… That’s hot.”

Siwoo stuck out his tongue at the high-alcohol bamboo leaf extract. Biseongja poured another glass and said.

Hahaanyway, the reason I told you about the contest is, of course… It’s for money.”

Siu, feeling the power of money from the entrance of the castle, pricked up his ears.

“What can’t be missing from a fight spectacle?”

Something popped into Siu’s mind. Fighting, of course…


The non-sage clasped his palms together.

“Right! Gambling cannot be avoided when fighting. I intend to bet all my possessions on you. My eyes seldom go astray…!”

The moment Siwoo thought he was crazy.
It was absurd, but it was for a clear reason. It’s money…

“With your bare mouth?”

Haha.. You guys are doing some business. I intend to pay about 50 silver coins. What about 9:1?”
“Am I 9?”
“…Of course not. 8:2 How are you? They say they will give you an elixir if you win, but that is of course yours.”

Shiu hesitated for a moment. I was thinking of participating even if I was told not to do it now. But he casually sipped his drink and said bluntly.

“Um… I also have about 20 silver coins, so let’s make it 5:5.”
“Whoa… He’s a terrible nobleman, but he’s a third-class climax. 7:3 Let’s do it.”

Siwoo poured a glass of bamboo leaf extract for Biseongja.


“I mean, it’s good. Let’s do it.”

After that, Siwoo drank with Biseong and laughed.
He talked about things, but his wit was quite good.


On the day of the competition!

Siwoo locked herself in her room for a week and practiced Honwon qigong.
He succeeded in reviving the sensations he felt as he fell off the cliff.

Now, at least one energy at a time could be handled naturally.

We entered the large building following the guidance of the non-saint.

Siwoo was a little amazed at the huge crowd.
A square stage was visible between the numerous crowd.


“You bastard! No matter how you look at it, it’s not a martial arts tournament, it’s a gambling place!”

No matter how you look at it, it was not a martial arts competition, but a battle.
Biseong made an excuse while sweating.

Haha… That… I didn’t lie. If you win, you will receive an elixir, and the official name is a martial arts tournament.”

Then someone came up on stage and said. A voice filled with inner energy spread in all directions.

“Thank you to all of you who came to our gold store today. I am Jang Deok-bae, a first-class warrior belonging to Geumhwabang, who will be the referee for today’s martial arts tournament. And······.”

“… The winning prize is 100 years of Hasuo! If you digest it completely, it is an elixir that will give you 5 years of strength. Then, let the martial arts competition begin!”

At the referee’s words, Siwoo sighed and relaxed his expression.
Biseongja, who was watching Siwoo, whispered softly.

“… Curham. The winning prize is not a miracle. And… If you get up there and win 5 in a row, or if you hold out until there are no challengers, you win.”
“Ehh… It’s done.”

Cheers were heard from the crowd.


Ridge! Ridge!

With the sound of drums announcing the start, a gigantic giant jumped onto the stage.

“I’m a Yangchunggon even with a rocking tile!!”

Siwoo also became interested in the full-fledged start. People cheered for the first challenger.


Bisheng admired and nodded his head.

“Yangchunggon is also a rock player! It’s a great man.”
“A giant plaque? Are you that strong?”

Hearing only the nickname, he seemed to be a formidable force.

Haha! It can’t be… But isn’t that what makes it even more amazing? He goes around shouting that he’s a third-class subject. Even so, his neck is attached, so in a sense, he is a really great guy.”

Yang Choong-gon, who is also a george player, shouted while brandishing a huge bakdo.

Haha! Is there anyone who can stand up to me!”

Someone came up on the stage as Yang Choong-gon’s opponent for the giant sword.

Haha! Yangchunggon! I won’t deal with you.”

The hairy giant stood proudly with a huge ax slung over his shoulder.

Biseongja, who was watching, was seriously thinking about something, so Siwoo asked.

“What are you so serious about?”
“Um… I was calculating who would win. Wait a moment···”

Biseongja ran to the gambling place furnished on one side. Soon after, I felt a strange madness from the non-saint who came out of the gambling hall. He kept licking his lips as if his saliva was drying.

“…Who did you bet on? Did you take it?”
“To shoot… I don’t gamble. Only invest according to logical calculations. According to my calculations, it’s a victory for the blitz.”


Siu tilted his head. To Siwoo, both looked similar. It just seemed like the lucky guy would win.

After the time for gambling passed, the confrontation began.


Yang Chung-gon, the george player, also rushed at the same time as the sound of the drum.
The hairy giant, who was about to say hello, was taken aback.

The furry man narrowly avoided the bakdo from the georgepaedo.

But the balance has already collapsed. He was put on the defensive in the ensuing series of attacks and was defeated in vain.

“Kuh..! Fuck. Cowardly…!”
Haha! It’s my victory!!Haha!”

“Wow! Even a giant paddle! Bullshit too!”
“Aww!!! My money!!”

The non-sage roared.

“Yes!!! This is it!! Aaa!!!”

Seeu admired.

“Five..! You really got it right. How did you fit it?”

Biseongja looked around and whispered quietlyhehesitated several times before he spoke.

“…This is my secret method, but the Georikipaedo was enjoying the stage. But the opponent took notice of the spectators. It was a small difference, but I think I won thanks to thathehe..! Thanks to you, I got 5 silver coins!”

Siwoo was about to say something, but he just stopped.

“Uh… Um… Yes.”


The contest ran toward the end.

Biseongja said to Siwoo. His eyes were red before he knew it, and his blood was flowing from how much he bit his lip.

It was the result of going to the gambling house in the middle.

“…You should prepare to go up soon. I’m betting all my money on you winning five in a row. If you pick it up, Samhal will be yours..!”

A cracked metal sound came from the non-saint’s throat. He was extremely exhausted in half a day.

Siu nodded his head.
Like Bi-Saint, Si-woo bet all the remaining 15 silver coins on himself.


Siwoo stepped onto the stage.
He drew his sword and glared at his opponent.

The opponent who won 3 consecutive wins raised his sword. He showed off his martial prowess by stabbing himself in all directions.


It was the first time Siwoo was in front of so many people, so I was a little nervous. I felt like my body was getting hot when people stared at me.

The opponent laughed at Siwoo.

Haha… Kid, are you nervous? Why don’t we just go down?”

Siu smiled as he swung his sword. The tension in this guy’s fight eased a little.

“Why? Do you think it will If you’re really scared, just go down.”
“.Haha.. You fell behind.”

The opponent lowered his stance and glared at Siwoo.


At the same time as the sound of the drums, the opponent charged. But the action was clearly visible.

‘It’s a fucking meal.’

Siu faced his opponent’s sword with his sword. It was a bonus to catch the opponent’s sword with Honwongi’s self-sucking decision.

Reflexively, I pushed the sword in line with the opponent who was trying to pull it.
Even though it was one beat slow, the sword did not fall. It was because of the suction.

The moment when the embarrassing opponent gives strength on the contrary.

Pulled tight The opponent’s sword flew and fell to the floor.

The opponent cried out in astonishment.

“Car, bayonet..?!”

Mounting sword.

A super-rising skill that reads all of the opponent’s movements and controls the sword.
Of course not. It was just a tight-sticking sword that savagely blew the sword away.

Siwoo thrust his sword at the opponent who had become bare-handed.
There was no way the third-rate could stop it without a sword.

The opponent tumbled to the ground and shouted.

“Ha, surrender!! Hangbook!!”

Siu laughed cheerfully. Fighting and winning in front of people was extraordinary fun.
The opponent, who was looking up at Siwoo from the floor, shouted.

“Fuck..! No matter how you look at it, it’s not third-rate. Hey, referee prosecutor, prosecutor!!”
“Ah, why are you being so nasty?”

Siwoo clicked his tongue at the opponent’s sloppiness. It will go down nicely

The crowd booed.

“Oooh, fuck it up. If you lose, get down quickly!”
“Ouch! No!! My money!! It’s manipulation!!”

The referee, tongue-in-cheek, approached in an explosive atmosphere.

“Do you agree to the test?”
“Yes, you will.”

Siu held out his wrist. It was a common sight seen by outstanding people from earlier.
The referee grabbed Siwoo’s wrist and released his energy.

“Huh… It’s third-rate. Very cloudy, less than a year old, excellent third-rate.”
“What!? Nonsense..!!”

“Tsk! Are you saying you don’t believe me?”

As soon as the famous first-class warrior of the goldsmith’s room glared at him, the opponent immediately shrank.

“Oh, no. I turned around for a while.”

Opponent snorted and left.

Siwoo looked around while stretching. There were a lot of spectators, but I wasn’t very nervous anymore.

‘It’s easier than you think. I’ll eat it for nothing.’

Siu provoked him by waving his sword in all directions.

Someone who fell for the provocation came up.
The atmosphere, which had subsided for a while, began to revive again.

The opponent holding the spear took a stance.


The drums rang.

Siu deflected the spear with his sword and dug in. And he swung his sword in succession.
The opponent panicked and tried to block it, but it was not enough.

The moment the distance was allowed for the first time, the result was already decided.

The third was a quick sword that contained lightness, and put the sword to the neck before the opponent could react.
The fourth one fought without any pitfalls, but eventually won.

“Wow! Great? What’s your name?”
“What did you say Siu?”

Siwoo found the non-singer. He was holding a stick in his hand with bloodshot eyes.
As if his mouth was drying up, he kept licking his tongue and letting out a strange smile.

My eyes were suddenly furrowed.

‘Uh… Crazy guy.’

People cheered at the sudden appearance of the strongman. All the third-rate warriors, who were only waiting for an opportunity to attack, sat down.

I couldn’t see the angle of defeating Siwoo.

The referee came out and shouted.

“If no opponent comes out during the next ten counts, we will decide the winner. One… Two…!”

Each time the referee counted a number, the non-songja’s mouth opened more and more. His eyes widened and his whole body shook with joy.


Then someone came up on stage.

A woman with her ponytail tied back came up on a whirlig-somersault.
It was a natural movement that was not at all like a third-rate.

Siu was a little surprised to see her.

He had a normal appearance, but his skin was white and clean.

At first, my eyes went to the well-proportioned body. But soon I couldn’t take my eyes off the normal standing posture.

No gaps were visible.

She was a better master than Siwoo.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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