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Go Into the Past 9

Go Into the Past 9

Chapter 9 – Chapter 9 – Escape From the Cave

Episode 9 – Escape from the Cave


Shiu muttered blankly.

“Crazy… To jump out of here…”

When I looked down at the floor, I felt a dizzying height. True to its name, Manjanggok, it was so high.

‘Among the middle..?’

I looked up and saw that I had to climb a few hundred meters more.


The sword wind blew fiercely.

Ting! Ting! Ting…

A stone pushed by the wind fell endlessly.
If I fell here, it was the 3rd round as it was.

Siwoo’s eyes slightly wavered as he followed the stone.

Pair – pair!

Siwoo slaps his cheek and takes his heart.

“Tsk..! Let’s go to evil with evil.”

I decided to believe in my stronger body and go up to the can. I came out of the cave easily, but I wondered if it was a cliff.

The body was only slightly lightened. I’m afraid that if I did it too lightly, it would blow away in the wind.

Driven the icel into the cliff and moved forward cautiously.

It was not impossible to climb up easily. It was thanks to [Low Physical Strengthening] That the body became stronger.

‘It’s easier than you think’


An ominous sound was heard.

“Uh.. Billion!?”


The platform on which I was stepping fell off the cliff.
A scream came out of the free fall that started before I even hit the icel.


The hairs all over her body stood up. At the brink of death, his concentration rose to the limit.

In an instant, all of the properties of the Honwongi were converted to self-sucking.
All of the Honwongi, which contained lightness, showed absorption properties.


Dust splashed and I slipped about 5 meters down and stopped.
His clothes turned to rags in an instant, and blood flowed from his severed palms. But thanks to that, I could barely stop.

Like a magnet, his whole body stuck to the wall.
In an instant, more than half of the soul spirit disappeared.

A cold sweat broke out.

‘Fuck… I almost turned around.’

Pounding! Pounding!

My heart raced.

I reflexively looked down and felt dizzy. I could see dust falling down the far-off cliff.

I closed my eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and picked up the icel attached to my belt.

Woo- woo-

I climbed the cliff step by step without consciously looking down.

Fortunately, it was not a smooth straight cliff. It was a canyon with severe cracks here and there, so there was a place to rest in the middle.

I set off when the sun was shining, but the sun was setting before I knew it.

When it got dark, there was no answer.

“It’s hard to fall behind.. Really..”

Siu raised his head and looked at the top of the cliff.
The end was not far off.

The sky is getting closer.



“Wow!! Shivaaaaal!”

Siwoo roared as he rolled on the ground in relief. The land on the cliff was so cozy and comfortable.

When I looked down at my hands, they were trembling.

‘Fuck… If I had to do it again, I would never do it’

Ignorantly, I came up to the top of the can with evil, and the muscles of my whole body trembled.

Siwoo, who was shaking, gathered branches and started a bonfire.
I needed to heal my exhausted body and mind.

I took out a warm bowl of hangover soup from the [Inventory].
As soon as I drank the warm soup, I felt like my tired body and mind were being healed.

I closed her eyes and recalled the memory of her almost falling earlier.
In a state of extreme concentration, in an instant, the properties of the spirit energy were changed.

Originally, it was only possible to meditate for about 10 minutes, but to change all the energy in an instant.

‘Hmm… Was it like this?’

Recalling the feeling at that time, I tried switching attributes, but it definitely got faster. The conversion speed was greatly reduced to about 3 minutes. The more you try, the faster you go. As if a blockage had been cleared, I became more and more accustomed to it.

– [Honwon Qigong]: 1,032 (-3,968) Karma

Certainly the shop celebrated his progress as well.


A huge gate appeared in front of Siwoo.

“Ah.. Finally..!”

Although armed with modern camping equipment, homelessness was inconvenient. It was all the more so because he refrained from things that were too obvious.

After wandering through the mountains and crossing the river, we finally arrived.

I could see the walls of the castle rising all the way to the sky. One scale was a dirty big town.

I was in awe of the huge wall.

‘Is it starting now?’

Impressed, Siwoo walked towards the gate.
A yawning sentry stopped him as he walked confidently.

“Ten fairy tales.”
“Toll, 10 Dong.”

Siu frowned. Of course he knew.
Siu, who was fiddling with his empty pockets, approached the sentry.

“Can this be enough?”

Siu thrust an old goblin dagger at the sentry.
The sentry was frightened.

“Oh no! What is this…!”

Siwoo approached him and put his arm around his shoulder and whispered.

“Keuheum… If you sell it to the blacksmith, won’t 10 fairy tales come out? Or…You can eat it.”

The guards pushed the handle of the dagger in surprise at Siu, who pushed it into his stomach, but he didn’t budge.

‘Poetry, fuck… Moorim people?’

He was an outgoing child. Are you threatening the sentry?
I was afraid that the handle clinging to the boat would change with blades.

‘Fuck, now… Are you feeding me daggers?’

Realizing that this beggar was a Murim man, the sentry said in embarrassment.

“Ah! Oh, I see. Gee, pass by.”

Siwoo roughly handed over the old goblin dagger and walked past.
The sentry was blankly looking down at the dagger.

I looked at him and clicked his tongue.

“Maybe it’s because it’s China, and Guanxi communicates well.. Eh tsk tsk”

Siu shook his head at the fallen sentry.

He soon reached the clearing.


I saw a lot of people walking around busily. Soybeans soliciting customers, children running and laughing. Even the sound of exciting music coming from somewhere.

It was a lively city.

A little boy came to see Siwoo wandering around.
Siwoo’s clothes were worn out, so he was anxious, but he couldn’t help it. There were no guests today.

“Um… Musa, are you new to Honam?”

Siwoo looked at his kid who had approached.

“Yeah, what about it?”

The child’s expression brightened slightly.

“Then may I guide you? If you give me ten or five fairy tales, I will guide you all day long.”

From Mun Ji-hong’s memory, he knew that 5 fairy tales were not a lot of money. The sugar he ate as a snack while he was wealthy for a long time was a unit of silver.

After thinking for a while, Siu said.

“Sorry, I have no money. Um… How about something like this? If you guide me to a place to sell these, I’ll pay you that money. What do you think?”

Siu showed me the goblin’s dagger.

The disappointed child’s expression brightened when he said, “I have no money.”

“Like! I will guide you!”

Siwoo followed the child and looked around the street.
It felt like I was on an overseas trip to an exotic landscape.

Daang! Daang!

She soon reached the forge where she heard the sound of hammers.

“Here it is!”

Upon entering the forge, a muscular giant came out wiping his hands with a cloth.


Siu asked while showing the goblin’s old dagger.

“I want to sell this, how much is it?”

The blacksmith’s expression turned rotten in an instant.
He picked up the old dagger with his thumb and forefinger and examined it roughly.

“It’s rubbish. I’ll buy 30 fairy tales.”

Siu clicked his tongue at the blacksmith’s blunt tone.

“I have no eyes to see. How much is this?”

Siwoo held out his cleaver. It was a 3,000 won kitchen knife I bought at a local shop in Cheon.
The blacksmith’s eyes widened slightly at the sleek modern kitchen knife.

He looked at the kitchen knife without any blemishes as if possessed and said.

“Ummm… This is…! 2, 20 silver coins..!”



Siwoo, who was in a good mood because of the salty income, asked the child.

“Where is the best somen noodle shop nearby? And a place to sleep.”
“Then, I’ll guide you to an inn where you can cook well.”

According to the child’s guidance, somen was ordered at the inn.


He said to the approaching Jeom Soi.

“A bowl of somen noodles and a stay.”
“Yes! Somen and lodging, 35 fairy tales per night.”
“Is it a single room?”
“Uh… In a single room, it’s 50 fairy tales.”

I handed over 1 silver coin to Jeomsoi and received 50 copper coins in return.
I gave it to the child as it is and sent the child.

“Thank you!”

As I sat down and waited, steaming somen noodles arrived.
It didn’t look like anything special, but it smelled good.

Shiu, eyes twinkling with anticipation, picked up a handful of noodles.



Shiu admired a little.
The savory taste was quite good.

‘It’s a good restaurant’

While Siwoo was eating somen noodles, someone came and knocked on the table.


Hehe- small cooperative! May I join you?”

He was an ordinary guy you would see everywhere. It’s so normal that it makes me feel uncomfortable.

He smiled and sat down.

“You’re already sitting and laughing.”
Haha…Don’t be so picky. By the way, you… You smell.”


Siwoo involuntarily raised his arm and sniffed him.

‘Big.. Sure..’

I didn’t wash it properly for a few days and it smelled a little.
The young man who was watching Siwoo laughed.

Haha.. That’s not it… Hey. Oh, let’s start with Tongseongmyeong first. I say non-saint.”

Siu nodded his head and answered the smiling Rain Saint. I wasn’t offended by the young man’s natural attitude.

“Choi Siwoo.”
“Choi family..? As expected, my prediction was correct.”

As Siwoo was frowning, Biseongja waved his hand and said,

“Ah, don’t get me wrong, it’s a family I’ve never heard of. Aren’t you… A third-rate warrior?”

“Are you arguing now?”

It was funny when he asked if he was a third-rate fighter.
Siwoo looked at him while drinking tea.

“Uh-huh! Calm down. Sohyeop, being a third-class soldier is not an insult, so why are you like this? Isn’t everyone a third-class martial artist when they enter martial arts? Never quarrel Hmm… From what I can see, you seem to have just come to Hunan… Is that right?”

When Siwoo nodded roughly, Biseongja was delighted.

“After all, my eyes are very accurate! Then you don’t even know about the martial arts competition?”

Since it was a martial arts competition, I was very interested in it.

“In a week, there will be a martial arts competition in Honam. A martial arts tournament that is just right for you to participate in!”

Siwoo even spoke plainly to those who were always kind to him, so he got along well with them.

“Ah, okay. As you said, I’m only third-rate, but what about martial arts tournaments…”

“Oh, don’t give up. I recommend it because you are third-rate. Only third-rate fighters can participate in this competition! Isn’t this a great opportunity for you?”

Shiu was dumbfounded and asked back.

“No, what kind of stupid martial arts tournament restricts the level to the third rate?”

Biseongja snapped his fingers and shook his head. It’s like you don’t even know.

“No, of course it’s because fights are the most fun. Wouldn’t it be fun if a master comes out and fights at an invisible speed?”


Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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