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Go Into the Past 8

Go Into the Past 8

Chapter 8 – Chapter 8 – Honyuan Qigong

Episode 8 – Escape from the Cave

To you who have been handed a chance… Cheers!

Siu, who had looked up his memory up to this point, shouted in embarrassment.

“Muh, what-what! Fuck? What…Ears?”

It was absurd, but I forcibly closed my eyes and captured the memory.

First, I realized that 10 years had passed since I died as a child in a back alley.
Siu frowned slightly. There was no risk of death at all.

‘Ten years have passed…’

After that, nothing happened.

Byeokgokdan, which the corpse had prepared, had long since rotted and turned to powder, and there was nothing to eat.

In the book, they said that if they mastered this martial art, they would be able to get out of here, and only told them to train hard.

In despair, Mun Ji-hong starved to death in the cave.

And before starving to death.

Siwoo Choi was possessed.



The skin on his stomach was sticking to his back.

‘Fuck… How hungry are you, you must be hungry’

Muttered helplessly.

“Porridge! Porridge..! Where are you…”

I searched through [Inventory] And took out porridge.

I ate the porridge slowly. I wanted to put my head down and drink the porridge right away, but I didn’t know if I would go after it.

Fortunately, I was able to chew and eat the porridge slowly as reason told me.

“Ha- fuck.. It’s really delicious..”

Even though it was roughly the porridge I bought in front of my house, it was the most delicious food I had ever eaten in my life.
Each bite was heavenly food.

Even though I chewed slowly, the bowl showed the bottom before I knew it.

My whole body clamored for more, but I held it in.

And I took a sip of the lowest level potion I bought for 5 karma.


I could feel the energy of the potion permeating my entire body. It was as if the water of life had been sprinkled on the desert that had been on the brink of death from starvation.


After drinking the entire bottle, Siu, who was skinny and bone-to-bone, changed a bit into a human being. It was still skeletal, but slightly muscled.

Siu carefully stretched out, loosened up his stiff body, and carefully picked up the discarded book.

The last sentence he read in Mun Ji-hong’s memory bothered him.

I read it carefully because it seemed like it would break if I handled it carelessly.

Yeonja. You are so lucky

My seat is Mok-yi-do, Hao-mun-ju. I give you a gift of opportunity.

For generations, Hao Wenju learned the Sun Moon God Art, but I was dissatisfied with it.

I heard that the first lord of the moon could freely handle all kinds of energy, but why is it called the Sun Moon God? Il-moon Shin-gong only deals with yin and yang.

Numerous people ridiculed him saying that he was talking nonsense, saying that he could handle all kinds of energies freely. If you don’t have enough talent, you can’t handle the two energies. How much more than three energies. The moment you accept it, the dantian will explode and you will die.

This was the common sense of Danggeum Murim. How insignificant and insignificant.

And they said nonsense that the state of the first Munju was exaggerated. Unfortunately, Hao Mundo also agrees with that opinion.

However, I believe in the words that the first Munju lamented the disciple’s lack of talent and left only the Ilwol Shingong.

I gained enlightenment after mastering and studying numerous martial arts. And I dare to say that I have become close to the first door owner.

A martial art that handles the spirit of change.
That realization was put into this Honwon qigong.

If you master Hon Yuan qigong, you will be able to freely manipulate all kinds of energy.

If you master this Honyuan qigong, you will be able to reach the best in the world.

Byeokgokdan is fully prepared, so practice while eating it. If you don’t be lazy and work hard, you’ll be able to learn enough to get out of this cave.


To the speaker who read this article through the welcome resolution of the principal in the letter.

Bless your talents.

I, the master of Haomen, Mok-yi-dao, guarantee that Yan-ja has a talent for Hun-yuan qigong.

After roughly reading, Siu fell silent.

The letters are different from when Mun Ji-hong read them.

“Huh.. I thought you were a braggart man..”

Even halfway through, I didn’t have faith. What is the best thing in the world that leaves such a poor opportunity in a cave like this?

Because Byeokgokdan had long since been turned into powder, its credibility plummeted.

However, the last sentence made me feel like I was getting goosebumps.

Time has passed so much that Byeokgokdan and clothes have become dust, but the inner strength left in the letters remains.

It was phenomenal martial arts.

Siwoo straightened up and read the book again.

It was a pity that a few letters were lost in the middle.

There was no problem in grasping the overall context. But the regret was the regret.

“Um… What should I do?”

After thinking about it, Siu entered the store. Because he had an idea of ​​what to do.

‘Is there Sun Moon God and Honyuan Qigong?’

Following Siwoo’s thoughts, the parchment unfolded and something came to mind.

[Sun Moon God Art]: 3500 Karma
– A martial art that handles the energy of yin and yang.

[Honwon Qigong]: 4,468 (-532) Karma
– Learned a little martial art that becomes a circle. Some amounts are discounted.
– A qigong technique that handles the Honwongi that changes the world. If you are great, you can handle the energy of ten thousand qualities.

Shiu admired a little. It was a 5,000 karma martial art that was more expensive than the 3,500 karma Sun Moon Shin Gong.

The enlightenment of Hao Mun-ju and Mok-yi-do was not wrong.
Besides, there was such a martial art.

[Honwon Il Qigong]: 9,632 (-368) Karma
– I learned a little about the lower martial arts that become the prototype. Some amounts are discounted.
– It is a martial art that has improved the weakness of Hunwon Qigong.

I was more convinced when I checked the price at the store.
It’s a martial art worth learning.

Siu left the store and began to learn the Honwon qigong left by Hao Munju Mok Yi Do.

The beginning of Honyuan qigong is to feel various energy. Cold, hot, light, heavy. Feel the countless energy that exists in the world.

As I became an Awakener, I felt magic, so there was no difficulty in feeling energy.
In addition, [Hunter District] Had some similarities with Hunyuan Qigong because it hadn’t been long since they had just studied magic.

To pile up randomly or randomly.

The most primitive method of accumulating magical power was similar to Hunyuan qigong.

The developed form of martial arts eventually developed into polishing one energy to the extreme, but it was ironic that it returned to the basic method of accumulating magical power.


“Certainly initiated.”

Siu was sure. I trained to die for about a month. He ate, slept, and practiced Hunyuan qigong in the spare time.

In the middle, I thought, ‘Isn’t this…?’, But it was fun to learn martial arts for the first time.

Before I knew it, I felt the Honwongi settling in the Danjeon.

At first glance, it is a turbid energy, but it is not. It is an aura containing the enlightenment of a super master who has not lost his strength even after hundreds of years.

“Let’s go out now.”

I sat on the floor and concentrated.

‘Light, light, light…’

Siu muttered softly and imagined. Birds flying in the sky, fans flying in the sky, feathers rustling, and cherry blossoms fluttering.

I tried to come up with the image of ‘lightness’ as much as possible.

The characteristics of the Honwongi have changed little by little. The turbid energy began to take on the attribute of ‘lightness’.

After concentrating for about 10 minutes, the spirits of the whole body showed the attribute of lightness.

Even with the slightest effort, the bouncing bouncing made it feel like gravity had weakened.

Right now, I had to sit still and focus, but I could only change my attributes. It is said that as the level of Hunyuan qigong rises, various attributes can be manipulated in an instant.


I looked at the hole in the ceiling of the cave. There was an exit there.
I was able to get out of the cave through a hole made by a giyeokja.

Hao Wenju hoped to escape the cave by quickly switching between lightness, absorption, and absorption, but he was not interested.

– [Honwon Qigong]: 1,218 (-3,782) Karma

The more you learn Hun Yuan Qigong, the lower the price of Hon Yuan Qigong in the shop.

I would increase the discount rate through training as much as possible, but I was thinking of buying it as soon as I had enough karma to buy it.

To do that, you need to have a relationship with people.

The most influential hypothesis was that the more one intervenes in the fate of others, the more karma is acquired.

So when I thought that I had been initiated into Honyuan qigong, I stopped practicing.
Siu put on crampons from [Inventory] And took out his climbing equipment.

And jumped through the hole in the ceiling.


The icel mercilessly dug into the smooth stone wall.

Let’s wear the Honwongi with the light attribute all over the body. My whole body became lighter.
Siu climbed the cave slowly.

Before I knew it, I got out of the passage and came out of the cave.

‘Hey… Icel’s performance sucks… It’s too easy, right?’

Siwoo rubbed his shoulders and stretched them.

A huge canyon appeared before his eyes. Seeing with memory and actually seeing with two eyes felt completely different.


A sharp wind blew from Manjanggok.

“Uh… Well…”

Looking down the cliff, I was dizzy at the height.


Siwoo swallowed and turned his head to look up at him.

A steep cliff unfolded before my eyes.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

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The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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