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Go Into the Past 7

Go Into the Past 7

Chapter 7 – Episode 7 – Jeonjeondae Haomunju Mokido

Episode 7 – Jeonjeondae Hao Munju Mokido Island

A week later.

Siu woke up in bed.

I groped my hand in a daze.
I could feel his soft chest.

It’s the call girl I called last night, and her breasts are quite big. The face was sad, but…

Siwoo, who had left the woman who fell asleep from exhaustion, came out of the motel.

He squeaks off his slippers and enters the convenience store. He was a bit tired, so his yawn came out.


A pretty convenience store part-timer smiled brightly and said hello.

Siu glanced at her with a sidelong glance. Since I had just opened my eyes to her female body, I wondered what every woman would taste like.

‘My heart is sad’

The part-timer’s chest was flat. She let out a small sigh of regret and turned her head away.

He liked big breasts. If the part-timer found out, she thought she would be thrilled, and she picked up a banana milk.

I thought as I sat down on the parasol in front of the convenience store.

He collected 5 million won through hunting for a week. It was an overwhelming income compared to the porter days, but I was a little unsatisfied.

‘Hmm… Class E cracks are a bit unsettling. It’s troublesome to save the party…’

Even an E-class crack can double your income. However, compared to the F-class rift, it was definitely more dangerous.

‘There’s no need to take risks.’

Siwoo was not a crazy person who risked his life to die and enjoy the pleasure of killing. His goal was to live comfortably and easily, at least for now.


He thought as he sucked on the banana milk through a straw.

A week ago.

It reminded me of the time when the third-rate hunter Park Jin-soo’s maintenance time was over.


Ring, ring

– Park Jin-soo’s maintenance time in his previous life has ended.
– The difference in the level of the soul is insignificant. A complete succession is achieved.
– Acquire the skill [Intermediate Monster Tracking].

Siwoo, who had collapsed from exhaustion after his first experience, was awakened by the sound of the alarm.

“Uh… What is it..?”

He pressed his forehead and shook his head.

Siwoo, who was looking at the message, smiled at the unexpected gift.


“Yes? Brother..?”
“No, sleep more”

Siu, who had left the busty woman who had collapsed from exhaustion, went into the bathroom.
I washed my face with cold water and checked the message again.

‘Intermediate monster tracking technique?’

When I looked it up in the [Shop], It was a 500 karma skill. The unexpected harvest made me feel better.

‘I’m less worried about finding monsters in the future.’

It was a pity that Park Jin-soo’s goblin tracking skills would disappear soon, but I was relieved of my worries.

‘Anyway, it’s the level of the soul…’

Although the magical power gained from awakening was similar to that of Park Jin-soo, it was questionable what the exact level of the soul was.

According to the message, the complete victory was achieved because the difference in rank between the souls was minimal.

Conversely, even if you awaken the memories of the Sword Master wielding the sword, it is difficult to fully inherit that ability.

‘Hmm… If I get one, I’ll use it for emergencies.’


Siwoo laughed heartily as he looked at his list of past lives. Seeing the accumulated karma made my stomach swell.

[List of previous lives]
– Connected previous life: [Hunter District]
– Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World]
– Karma: 116

Park Jin-soo’s [ㅁㅁEarth] Was simply named [Destroyed World].

I don’t know if she will ever have a chance to enter that dead end world, but it’s better than broken letters, so I changed the name.


After hunting diligently for a week, 116 or karma has already been gathered.
When I had time to spare, I hunted diligently, running twice a day.

Just like this, earnestly collect karma…

‘No… This isn’t it?’

Siu frowned. It was good to collect karma by hunting hard for a week. But it wasn’t the life he wanted.

To eat raw.

That was the life Siu wanted.
It was not that I had hoped for such a sincere and rewarding life.

‘For now.. Let’s write it.’

Siwoo bought [Low Physical Enhancement] For 100 karma at the [Reincarnation Shop].

[Low Physical Strength]
– Weakly strengthen all abilities of the body. Applies to all living organisms.

‘Weakly? This?’

Contrary to the explanation that it was weak, the effect was dramatic.
When I held the coin and gave it strength, it was weakly bent.
What’s more, the six-pack firmly settled in the faint abs.

I gently lifted my pants and inspected the important parts.
Siu nodded his head in satisfaction.


It was very happy news for Siwoo who opened his eyes to the female body.
He’s an Awakener, so I’ve never heard of his stamina getting stronger, but he seemed to have gotten stronger for some reason.

However, he only licked his lips because he had been lying around with a woman all day last night.

‘It’s a bit like buying a woman every day… But is there any suitable woman?’

Karma. Karma, if you think hard, it’s complicated, but if you think easy, it’s simple.
You just have to make an impact on other people’s lives.

But he had affairs with a few career women for a week, but got little karma.

That it didn’t have a big impact on their lives.

‘Then… How about fucking a girl I’ve never met?’

She felt her lower body tingle at the thought of flirting with women who had nothing to do with her.

A noble and beautiful female high school student!

Siwoo’s next schedule was set at this moment.

‘Let’s go back to the martial arts district.’

Not only female high school students, but also martial artists were greedy.

Martial arts that split mountains and fly in the sky!
It reminded me of many scenes from martial arts. When you swing your sword, the martial arts bloom like flower petals and call thunderbolts!

Imagining the Murim people in the martial arts land filled me with mulberries.

“Let’s go”

– Do you want to access [Martial Arts District]?

‘No, wait’

Come to think of it, I didn’t know that I might possess the body of a weak child again.

The power of civilization was needed.

I immediately ran to the gun shop.

“Are you going to buy this? Aren’t you a Hunter?”

Siwoo, who seemed to be a hunter, took an assault rifle, pistol, and bullets made of ordinary materials, and the staff laughed awkwardly.

“Yeah… You know this isn’t a gun made of cracked material, right? I can’t get into the rift with this. It’s difficult if you ask for a refund.”

“It’s okay, give it to me.”
“Ummm… 2.32 million won after all.”

After getting ready, Siwoo stood in the middle of the studio.

– Do you want to access [Martial Arts District]?


Again, Siwoo’s spirit was sucked into somewhere.


As soon as he came to his senses, he aimed his pistol and covered his upper body with his shield.

I don’t know what this ex-vivo is doing, but he had a hard time even aiming a pistol.

His arms were trembling.

I felt like I was going to collapse any moment, but I managed to hold it in and be wary of my surroundings.
After waiting for a while, [Low Physical Enhancement] Was applied and it got better.

A quick look around revealed a dark cavity.

‘Is it a cave…?’

It was dark in the cave, where only dim light existed. Relying on the dim light, I looked around. But nothing came alive.

In a quiet cave.
Nothing looked dangerous.

‘Is it safe…?’

Siwoo relaxed his tense body a little.

She accepted the memory transmission she had consciously blocked. Thanks to [Mental Protection], This was possible.

I didn’t feel any pain anymore. After the memory injection was completed, Siwoo let go of the alert posture.

I put the armaments in the inventory and discarded them.

There was nothing dangerous here.

Siwoo slowly recalled the passed down memory.


Moon Ji-hong.

At the age of 20, he was born into a wealthy merchant family.
A young boy from a rich family who had a happy childhood.

One lucky thing was that he was a damn good guy. But as if he was the master of all that good fortune, great misfortune came.

A few years ago, the situation at home became increasingly difficult.
He was attacked somewhere, lost the goods he was supposed to deliver… And eventually his family was ruined.

The Mun Ji-hong family scattered to avoid debt collectors. He, too, followed the escort and went far, far away.

While on the run, his parents died, and he too was chased and driven to a cliff.

A steep cliff called Manjanggok. There was a rough current below.

Moon Ji-hong jumped off. He did not intend to commit suicide.

He jumped, trusting the water below, but it was a foolish idea.

At this height, there was no difference between water and soil. The moment you hit it, it will shatter and you will die instantly.

But he was born with luck. Bumped against a cliff by a strong wind, it tossed to and fro.

Rolling frantically, I bumped into something and bounced, and I fell into a cave.

With a plop-!


Having saved his life thanks to a puddle in the cave, he looked around.

There was a skeleton and a book in there. It was a miracle that only appeared in storybooks.

Mun Ji-hong picked up the book and read it.

Yeonja. You are so lucky

My seat is Mok-yi-do, Hao-mun-ju. I give you a gift of opportunity.

For generations, Hao Wenju learned the Sun Moon God Art, but I was dissatisfied with it.

I heard that the first lord of the moon could freely handle all kinds of energy, but why is it called the Sun Moon God? Il-moon Shin-gong only deals with yin and yang.

If you master this Honyuan qigong, you will be able to reach the best in the world.

Byeokgokdan is fully prepared, so practice while eating it. If you don’t be lazy and work hard, you’ll be able to learn enough to get out of this cave.


To you who received the opportunity… Cheers!

Siu, who had looked up his memory up to this point, shouted in embarrassment.

“Muh, what-what! Fuck? What…Ears?”

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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