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Go Into the Past 6

Go Into the Past 6

Chapter 6 – Episode 6

Episode 6

The blonde hair patted her chest and guided.

“Brother, just trust me!”

After following him, he led me to a nearby motel room.

“If you wait, the woman will come. Um… By the way, how much do you like?”
“Yes? How much is it?”

It’s not Yongsan, it’s Seonjesi? The blonde-haired girl laughed awkwardly and cleared her throat.

“Kuhmm… That, there are 200,000 won bills… But the prettier they get, the more expensive they are.”

After listening to the explanation, I called for 500,000 won.

“Nice! After all, the Hunters are big..! Just wait a little bit! I will be back soon.”

He bowed his head and left the room.

Siu went into the bathroom and thoroughly washed his body. It was as if the goblin’s blood was washed away and his tired body was relaxed.

It was a bit of a bland feeling to have my first experience like this. But what would a man do to save it?

After washing, I opened a can of beer in the refrigerator and was about to eat it when I heard a bell ringing.


When she opened the door, there stood a woman with her breasts exposed in a vulgar manner. It was already wide open, but the valley was clearly visible because of her voluptuous breasts.

‘Her breasts are as big as her head.’

The woman, who appeared to be in her mid-twenties, had a pretty face as well. The lewd outfit contrasted with the arrogant expression.

The tight mini dress that exposed the lower part of her buttock, the erotic clothes called single clothes, began to force his cock.

She lost all over, her chest bouncing every time she walked. As her busty woman passed by, the smell of her fragrant perfume wafted through.

Watching Siwoo swallow her saliva, she smiled and hugged him.

“Oh! Are you handsome?”

As he awoke, his whole body was balanced and he became likeable. As his magic power increases and his rank goes up, he will become more and more handsome.

The crimson tongue protruding from her red lips was particularly eye-catching.

Siu replied blankly.


A virginhehesitated a little, not knowing what to do. He wanted to massage the busty woman’s breasts, but he doubted if he could do it.

“Hey~ Oppa, aren’t you cute? Is it your first time?”

She rubbed her lumpy breasts and pressed them against Siwoo’s body.

“Oh! Sympathy!?”


Naturally, the mouth of the busty woman covered Siu’s mouth. It was hard for her to come to her senses at the ecstatic sensation of her tongue intertwining with hers.

“This service! Brother, come here.”

She took her hand and was led to her bed.

In the blink of an eye, her pants came down and her huge cock popped out and slapped her busty girl in the face.

“Wow..! What, what is so big..!”

When the busty woman saw Siwoo’s cock, she gulped down her saliva. Even at a cursory glance, it was a vicious, maximal cock measuring over 18 cm.

‘I’m glad I’m a virgin…’

The busty woman thought to herself. She couldn’t stand a customer like this whipping her cock properly.

“Churup. Chew wow”

She put a condom on her mouth.


The moist, warm sensation felt like electricity running down her spine.

The busty girl swiped her red lips with her tongue and pushed her Siu down. She was a natural professional.

She looked down at Siwoo with open eyes. Before I knew it, a drop of love juice flowed from her cunt.

“Ha···! Sympathy..! I like sympathy the most.”

Stab me.

Her back slowly descended. I could feel everything from her glans all the way down her vaginal walls. She felt so good that she let out a salivation on her own.

A tingling sensation in the brain. The walls of her vagina wriggled and squeezed her cock.

“Ah… A sympathizer…!”

Squeak clatter

Her hips started bobbing up and down her. Her sense of ejaculation soared as she occasionally spun around her waist.


The pure white moon swayed in sync with her teasing at the waist. She looked at it as if possessed, then reached out her hand.

“Ah, do you like breasts? I’m sorry..! You can touch it.”

Her breasts, soft like pudding, felt like they were poisoning.

Squeak clatter clatter

The teasing of her waist grew faster and faster. She couldn’t bear it any longer with the sense of ejaculation that had risen to the limit.

“Big.. Cheap!”
“Euh ♡ Try to cheapen ithaha..!”

Byuret! Beaururut!

Her body trembled at Siwoo’s ejaculation. She also went lightly.

Haha.. Oppa’s cock is really amazing..”

She got a little scared. She was this much even as a virgin, and she was afraid of how great she would become later on.

She climaxed even though she was fucked one way. She was an unusual cock.

‘But… It’s a virgin, so it’ll end soon.’

The busty woman licked her tongue and looked down at Siu.

She loved watching her virgin get her first ejaculation and gasp in disbelief.

But… Siu opened her eyes and knocked her down.


Even though she just ejaculated, her cock didn’t die at all. Rather, it felt more solid.


Siwoo laid the busty woman down and inserted it himself this time. After she ejaculated once, she was able to afford it.


The busty woman flinched every time she shook her waist.

“Haa.. Sa, I just went and I’m sensitive.. Eh!”

The sound of excited breathing was soaked with pleasure. Whether it was sincerity or service, she was a player in bewitching men.

She stirred her cunt around and watched her reaction.

‘Is this here?’

Every time I brushed a bump on her, I could feel her flinch.

“I’m sorry..! Hey, it’s not okay!”

She ignored her pleas and relentlessly stimulated the place. She awoke and used her heightened senses to this.

Jingjing jjing jjing jjing!

“Haaang♥! Aaaaang..!!”

Her breath began to grow sweeter. With her free hand, she pressed her thumb against her clitoris.

“Huh!! Haaaaang, that’s not it..!”

As I stimulated her clitoris and mouse spot at the same time, her pupils began to rise.

Before I knew it, the busty woman was making a silly face as her drool was dripping.

Squeak squeak

As if a flood had come from her cunt, her juices overflowed. A sense of ejaculation filled her as she quickly rocked her waist.

She sprinted up with all her strength.

“Haaaaagh! Go, go go!!”

Byuret! View Lulu Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru!

She ejaculated at the same time as her orgasm. Her vaginal walls tightened and squeezed her cock, adding to her pleasure.


A soft, warm female body, her face buried in her huge breasts. The slightly dying cock stood up again at the ripe scent of her female body.

“Uhhhhh?! Will you come again?”

She opened her eyes in a blur as she drifted away in her peak pleasure.

Because he felt the cock in her vagina harden once more.


The cock popped out of her cunt.

Siu lowered her head to examine her wet cunt. Her cunt was dripping with her creamy juices in a series of orgasms.

“Ah… Ahn Dae-ae, sorry for that.. Oppa ♥ let’s get some rest huh?”

The busty girl begged for her charms.


Shiu without hesitation put her new condom on her cock and inserted it into her shivering body.

She was going to do nothing but avenge her earlier humiliation of getting eaten. Not only that, seeing her struggle to climax made her erect on her own.

It was the first time she knew she had a fetish like this. She liked it so much that a woman struggled to climax.



As expected, he let out a sweet moan as his cock got stuck. Contrary to saying no, Boji was honest.

Thump thump thump

She shook her hips like a beast, then changed her mind. She swayed her hips leisurely. She intended to study her female body, exploring her cunt, which had become infinitely sensitive.


‘Is this the womb?’


I wonder if this is also a weakness here, so I flinched every time I poked her cervix with her glans.

I got used to sex easily thanks to the [Lower gradeless bone].

‘Even a color ball is a martial art.’

Before she knew it, she seemed to be an instrument she could play at will. She became more and more aware of the response she would press.

“You look silly.”
“Whathaha! Ahn♥!”

As she raised her eyes at her shameful words, she involuntarily let go of her sweet moan.

It felt like this sympathy was aware of her own weakness inside and out. It was no longer smoke. Even though I tried to hold it in, a moan came out.

‘Ah, no way, if it goes like this…’

She just slowly shuttled around her waist, but the miniscule climax continued to come. The vicious cock stimulated every weakness in her just by going back and forth.

“Haaaaa!!! Kkeuheu!!”

She lightly pinched the clitoris and went away again. Her hair turned pure white in the proper climax she hadn’t felt in a long time.

It felt like electricity ran through her whole body as her back went up. Even so, the opponent did not stop her waist. Embarrassed, she struggled.

“Go, go! Stop it!!”

Siu shook her waist relentlessly, ignoring it. She intended to send it one more time.

“Haaaaa!! Ohhhhh..!!”

The momentarily strong vaginal pressure almost made my cock come out, but I endured it and stabbed it again.

Siu, too, was soon getting a sense of ejaculation, so she stabbed her pussy mercilessly. An animal-like sound began to come out of her mouth.

“Ahh..! Ughhh…!”
“Wait a minute.. That… That’s not again, again, again!! Gan.. Gone..!”

She didn’t have a proper expression anymore. It had been a while since her eyes went up as she drooled.

The expression that was completely ruined was so hot. It was the look of a female rather than a woman.


Beaururut! Beau Lulu!!

It was a pleasure that made her brain tingle.


Push-Shoot Push-Shoot!

Opening her crotch, her fountain poured from her sprawling body. She slammed the busty girl’s cunt juice out of her hot cock.

I could feel her conquest as I looked down at her busty woman as she trembled and struggled in her climax.

Siwoo approached her, putting on her new condom.

She was already insane, so I just shook her back.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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