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Go Into the Past 5

Go Into the Past 5

Chapter 5 – Chapter 5 – Cracks (2)

Episode 5 – Cracks (2)

Siwoo was about to make his way through the forest, but hesitated.
A sudden thought…? I felt like doing it.

I took out a lighter from [Inventory].

Chick-cheek-! Hwareuk-

A spark rose from the lighter. It worked normally

It was not a high-end lighter made of material from cracks, but a cheap lighter that cost a few hundred won, but it worked normally.

‘That’s great.’

These consumables sold exclusively for cracks are quite expensive. Even a simple lighter can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most fires are made with flint or firesteel. However, since he had an [Inventory], The difficulty of the rift went down a notch.

‘I’ll have to bring some drones next time.’

Drones made of cracked materials are ridiculously expensive, but normal drones are not unaffordable.


I forced myself to take a deep breath to calm myself down. He could have been seriously injured if he wandered around the rift in such an excited state.

It was the first time I had entered the rift alone, but I was strangely used to it.

‘Ah.. Park Jin-soo’s memory!’

Traces on the floor caught my eye.

Siwoo sat down and looked at the footprints.

‘Is this… A goblin…?’

A hooked-nosed green monster that hangs around the waist of an adult man.

The official name was different, but people called it goblin, so even the official name was changed to goblin.

Traces of such goblins caught my eye. It was thanks to Park Jin-soo’s memories of chasing and hunting monsters right before he died.

‘It will end sooner than you think’

I thought I would search the forest all day looking for monsters, but I got lucky.

I immediately followed their trail.

It wasn’t long before I saw three goblins devouring the carcass.

The goblins buried their heads in the corpse without any warning.

It was violent and ferocious, but it was like a stupid F-class monster.

I took out my main pistol from my chest and held it up.

‘Come to think of it, there’s no reason to use this expensive gun.’

It was a dirty expensive pistol and bullets made of cracked material.
I said everything because it costs 10,000 won per bullet.

I bought it for an emergency, but it was a bit of a waste.
I glared at the goblin, thinking I’d have to get a regular rifle next time.

Siu aimed at the goblin’s head. Andheheld his breath and pulled the trigger.


At the same time as the sound of the wind cutting, a goblin’s head exploded.

[Killing, gaining 1 Karma]

My vision was blocked by the message that suddenly popped up, so I frowned.

In the future, these messages are changed to be viewed only when desired.
In an instant, the message disappeared from sight.


I quietly drew my sword.


The two remaining goblins looked in all directions, alert.

He didn’t know where the bullets came from. Although they are monsters who don’t even know what bullets are in the first place.

As soon as one of them looked back, they jumped at him and hit him in the neck.


With some resistance, the goblin’s head flew through the air.


The remaining one screamed and ran away.
Even though two of them were killed in an instant, the fact that they rushed at them showed their intelligence.

‘Let’s do an experiment.’

Picking up an old dagger, I used the sword to keep the attacker at bay.

I frowned at the guy who rushed at me recklessly, not knowing that the sword was hanging over my neck.

I wanted to awaken and feel how strong I was, but this was meaningless.

I slammed his dagger and blew it away, inserting my sword.


I silently watched as the bare-handed one charged.

His movements were clearly visible, and it was easy to see gaps in how to attack.

‘Is it easier than I thought?’

The goblin was too poor to deal with the awakening and stronger body and Park Jin-soo’s experience.

After dodging his claws a few times, I was bored and kicked him.


I stepped on the bastard struggling on the floor and stabbed him through the heart.


The noisy goblin became quiet.

Even before awakening, I was able to kill a goblin, but it wasn’t this easy.

It was so easy, like dealing with a child.

‘At this level, would it be an E-class hunter?’

He used a gun to surprise him, but at this level, it seemed like he wouldn’t have to use a gun.

If you can clear F-class rifts with a single sword, you can be said to be an E-class hunter.

Cut the chests of three goblins. But the magic crystal was nowhere to be seen.

‘That’s ridiculous.’

Only one out of 3-4 F-rank monsters has a magic crystal in their chest.

That was Hunter’s main source of income.

Even goblins’ claws could make money, but it was too cumbersome to slaughter them one by one, so I left them alone.

When I was a porter, my job was to butcher and store corpses like that.
But now I didn’t want to. Slaughter made me sick of it during the three years of my life as a porter.

His hands itched as he recalled the days of need. It felt like throwing money away on the floor.

‘I need to change my personality.’

The goblin’s claws stepped on his eyes, but he tried to ignore them.

And I roughly put the daggers that the goblins had spilled into [Inventory]. This kind of low-quality miscellaneous iron is also a cracking material, so it is expensive.

In my mind, I wanted to keep only the magic stones neatly, but it was difficult to ignore the miscellaneous iron.

‘Hmm… I just need to bring this and sell it. It’s a bit like throwing away money that has fallen on the ground.’


He followed the goblin’s trail and slaughtered the goblins he encountered.

The traces left by the monster were so easy to see.

If you follow the trail, goblins will appear.
Even three or four goblins could be killed with one sword.

I tracked down and killed a goblin for an hour.

Then, they found five goblins that were particularly large. One was exceptionally tall by one head.

‘That guy is the boss’

The goblin leader, who was glaring at Siu with red eyes, picked up an axe.

I was filled with rage, probably realizing that all of my men were dead.

Siu drew his pistol from [Inventory] And pulled the trigger.

It was much quicker and easier than putting it in a holster. It was also good for raiding.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I aimed for his head, saying it was a boss, but I avoided it. A bullet grazed his cheek.

The two big goblins couldn’t escape. He died instantly with a hole in his forehead.

The remaining three goblins charged.
Siu put the gun in his inventory and drew his sword.

Seeing them running, the tension naturally rose. Certainly, compared to normal goblins, their momentum was amazing.

My senses sharpened in concentration.

The smell of their target was clearly visible, and the wriggling of the muscles was clearly visible.


They ran at the same time, but there was a time difference.

The first goblin to arrive drew a dagger.

I swung the sword at the wrist I could see clearly and blew off his wrist.

Ignoring the screaming goblin grabbing my severed hand, I took a big step back.


An ax and a dagger approached before I knew it.

Blocked the ax and dodged the dagger.

The dagger was thrown and the balance of the goblin was lost.

Siu pushed the ax away and blew off the staggering goblin’s head.

He kicked the headless corpse and used the recoil to back off.

There are two goblins left.

At least one had a broken wrist and was crying out.


The world slowed down by extreme concentration has returned. I heard the sound of my heart beating in my ears.

Third-rate hunter Park Jin-soo remembers countless encounters, but it was the first for Si-woo.

I knew that I could win rationally enough.
However, it felt like my blood was boiling when I actually took the risk and hunted monsters.

‘This is Hunter..!’

Siwoo aimed his sword at the hesitant goblin leader feeling the joy.


A way out appeared in the air.

As soon as the goblin boss, the boss monster, died, a way out appeared and Siwoo followed him around.

He took out the magic crystals from the blades and corpses scattered on the floor.

I put all the magical castles and blades in the backpack I had brought for camouflage.
And came out through the exit.

The association employee who was fiddling with his smartphone was startled.

“Huh?! Hunter Siwoo Choi?”
“Yes. Please dispose of the by-product here.”

“Ah yes! Wow..! You’re so fast. You are amazing. Do you have the ability…?”

I answered the admiring glances of the association staff.

“I was lucky. The boss is nearby.”

When Siwoo gave a rough answer, the staff member who had been paying attention cleared his throat and started appraising.

While the association staff was appraising the by-products, someone approached.

I glanced at him at the heightened senses from the battle with the goblins.

My hand went to the main sword at my waist.

A redneck dyed in blonde hair slowly approached, spreading both hands.

“Whoa… Older brother! Calm downhehe… By any chance… Don’t you need a girl?”

Was a solicitor.

As Siwoo was silent, he said with the smile of a blond young man. Contrary to his rough impression, his behavior was full of service spirit.

Hehe.. Hyung-nim, there is a place where you can crack. How is it?”

Siwoo habitually tried to refuse, but hesitated.

When he thought of the female body, his lower leg felt a little sore. Killing the goblins wasn’t life threatening, but it was rough and dangerous nonetheless.

I thought there was no reason to be patient.

“Are you pretty?”

The man’s expression suddenly brightened.

“Oh yes! Older brother! Just trust me! He’s a guy who lives on that credit.”
“Keuheum.. Wait a minute.”

The association staff glanced at her, but said nothing. It was a common sight. In the first place, the solicitors and the staff were cheating.

Running sales to Hunters excited by battle. It was granted tacitly by paying a moderate amount of money.

The final amount is 1.02 million won. It was huge for a day’s work.

Considering that the actual time it took was only 2 hours, it was an overwhelming income.

Of course, most of the F-class hunters didn’t have such a good income.

Usually 2-3 people go through the cracks together and there are many consumables, so the daily wage is around 200,000 to 300,000 won.

However, since Siu quickly tracked down and slaughtered the goblin through the hunter’s memory, this kind of income was possible.

Siwoo’s mouth caught on his ear.

Expected future earnings. F grade is like this, but I was looking forward to what higher grades would be like.

Shiu said to the blonde standing politely next to him.

“Let’s go.”

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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