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Go Into the Past 4

Go Into the Past 4

Chapter 4 – Episode 4 – Cracks

Episode 4 – Cracks

Before learning about [Shop].

As if possessed, Siwoo put things in his [Inventory] And came to his senses.
I put most of the things in my house after realizing that the things I put in [Inventory] Don’t pass time.

Suddenly, the house became empty.

It was a narrow studio, but I was satisfied with the feeling of being a little wider.

After the experiment on [Inventory], I remembered what to check next.

Apparently, a message popped up saying that the [Everything Shop] Was open yesterday.



The narrow studio expanded in an instant. I felt a little dizzy at the endlessly expanding sight around me.

Unknowingly, I closed my eyes.



The vast universe stretched out before my eyes.


[You have entered the shop for the first time.]
– 90% lower cost on initial purchase. Valid for this entry only.

Shiu opened his mouth and looked around. It was like being in outer space. Numerous stars twinkled everywhere.

Upon closer inspection, all those starlights were objects.
Innumerable objects that filled the heavens and earth radiated light as they floated everywhere.

It was beautiful.

A red liquid in a glass bottle, an unknown egg, etc.

Siu opened his mouth and was overwhelmed by the sight in front of him.
Numerous objects in the infinite universe… I vaguely realized the potential for my own superpower.

“By the way, a 90% discount for this entry only? Write…”

You have confirmed your karma. The currency of the [Everything Store] Was Karma.

– Retained Karma: 1,526


Siu inadvertently picked up an object floating in the air.

[Elixir] : 5,000 Karma
– Heals all injuries and curses. During the recovery process, the constitution improves. There are no side effects.


Siwoo’s eyes widened.
It was a simple explanation, but it was an unbelievably great treasure.

A treasure that can bring you to the market and sell it for tens or hundreds of billions of dollars.
I was confident that if I met the owner well, I would receive more than 100 billion won.

‘Of course I don’t mean to.’

A treasure like this would only be a disaster if the powerless possessed it.

Siu looked down at the elixir and thought.

‘This kind of thing is 5,000 karma…’

It seemed that I was very lucky to get 1,500 karma in one go.

Siu pondered which one to buy. I wanted to make the most of the 90% discount opportunity.

‘Do you have any skills?’

I wanted it to be fundamentally stronger than an object that disappears after using it once.

A sheet of parchment was spread out in front of me.

[Higher Boneless]: 10,000 Karma
[Medium Physical Strength]: 1,000 Karma
[Blink] : 1,000 Karma

An attractive option that makes you want to buy it right away.

For 1,526 karma, you can buy up to 15,000 karma.

“What I need most right now is…”

The distance in front of my eyes left behind the [Senior Mugol] And pondered.

Then I realized. What you need most.

‘Mental resistance related skills below 15,000 karma.’

Connecting to the life of a child who couldn’t live for 10 years, his personality changed, albeit momentarily. Since there is no guarantee that this will not happen in the future, mental protection-related skills were an urgent priority.

Anyway, there was no big risk even if I died in my other previous life… Even thinking about it again, it was a skill related to mental resistance.

[Mental Protection] : [Special Price] 15,000 Karma
– Immune to mental contamination. Applies to all living organisms.

It’s a simple explanation, but I really like it. Besides, the “Special price” Made me feel that the [Everything Store] Was also recommending this technique.

‘Originally, how much is it?’

A skill that seemed incredibly expensive was being sold for 15,000 karma.

“Wow… That’s great.”

It was on the verge of whistling.

Luckily, I was able to buy it right from the start. I was grateful for the little boy who asked me if it was that sword stick or what.

Bought it right away.

– 90% discount is provided.
– Purchased [Mental Protection] By paying 1,500 Karma.
– This is a passive skill. It takes effect immediately.

My head was refreshed. I felt daunted by the numerous objects around me, but that too was gone.

It felt as comfortable as being at home.


With the remaining 25 points, I bought an iron sword and a potion.

[Iron Sword] : 20 Karma
– An iron sword enchanted with auto-healing.
[Minimum Potion] : 5 Karma
– A potion specialized for trauma.

Siu walked out of the store and looked at the surroundings.

I stared at the sight of the endlessly expanding universe contracting in an instant, as if bewitched.


The universe filled with objects converged to a point in an instant. At some point, Siu realized that he was in his own house.



Even seeing such a majestic scene right in front of my eyes, I did not feel dizzy.
Seeing that he was sane, the effect of [Mental Protection] Was quite good.


I skipped breakfast and I was hungry.

Siwoo roughly sprinkled the 3-minute curry on the rice and microwaved it.

I muttered while watching the microwave oven run.


[Skill List]
[Inventory (Lv.1)], [Low Boneless Bone], [Mental Protection]

The corner of Siu’s mouth went up. To say this much after a day of waking up… I was looking forward to the daily life ahead, and just looking at it made me feel full.


The sound of the microwave oven rang.

‘Let’s eat first.’

I was going to eat curry and think about what to do today.


– 720,000 won

Siwoo looked at his bank account balance and was troubled.
If this was the case, after paying the rent, there would be hardly a single penny left.

‘I need to earn some money first…’

I was worried about the cost of living right away because I had invested all my money in equipment.
And it was most common for Awoken to go to rifts to make money.

– Maintenance time: 20:23

Third-rate Hunter Park Jin-soo had about 20 hours left.
Park Jin-soo was a pretty good monster hunter, unlike the modifier third-rate. It was a waste to just let something go.

‘It’s sudden, but let’s go today.’

Siwoo opened his smartphone and turned on the app.
I was going to go to the rift today.

I searched for cracks with the app provided by the Hunter Association.
Then, I found a crack I really liked.

‘F-class crack… I like it here.’

About 30 minutes by taxi. A crack that can be cleared by one person because it is ultra-small.

Miniature Class F cracks.

It is the lowest level rift that can be cleared by ordinary people who have not awakened as long as they are trained and properly equipped.

Of course, it was possible for him whose body was strengthened with magical powers.

We put on our equipment and set off.


The air was cracked like a broken glass window.
There was even a portal leading somewhere in the middle of the gold.

This is the ‘crack’, and when you enter, there are many monsters hostile to humans.

Breaking the crack core or killing the boss monster removes the crack.

An awakened person who catches and kills such monsters and obtains by-products is the ‘Hunter’.
If you leave the rift unattended, monsters will pour into reality, so you have to get rid of it.

Unsurprisingly, the government idolized the Hunter, and the Hunter was established as the best job.


As we approached the F-class rift, an association employee approached us.
He is an ordinary person, not an Awakener.

He bowed his head and said.

“Hello. Are you Siwoo Choi Hunter?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Siwoo greeted him and held out his Awakened registration card.


The association staff scanned the registration card with a scanner and returned it.

“By the way… Are you going in alone? If this is your first time, would you like me to match you with a party member?”

The employee hesitated a little when he saw Choi Si-woo’s equipment. Hunters had a lot of bad tempers, so he was cautious.

However, the information confirmed by the scanner is a rookie who became an Awakener a few days ago.
Besides, the equipment also shines. It looked like it hadn’t been long.

I was worried because beginner hunters who had just awakened like this used to enter the crack without fear and become corpses.

I would rather not have reacted like this if I had worn the equipment I had when I was a porter.

Siu smiled and waved his hand.

“Oh, that’s fine. Only that porter did it for 3 years. It’s not the first time you’ve entered the rift.”

Even a porter wouldn’t die in a crack like this if it had been three years.
Even in the worst case, they could have escaped.

The expression of the employee who wanted to clean up the corpse today brightened a little.

“Ah···! Sorry. I’m off topic. Good luck then.”
“No. Good job.”

Siwoo greeted each other and entered the crack.

He checked his equipment and he prepared to enter the rift.
Siu pulled out the sword he bought at the store and tried to enter the rift, but hesitated.

‘Will this sword be able to enter the rift?’

Materials that are not from inside the rift cannot enter the rift. Falls outside the cracks. So, the equipment available in the crack is expensive like one. Even simple cloth clothes cost from a few hundred won to several million won.

‘I need to experiment.’

There was also an iron sword I used as a porter in my inventory, so I just went in.


He lowered his stance and aimed his sword forward. Fortunately, the sword was still in my hand. Items bought at the [Shop] Can also be used in Rifts.

‘Forest terrain’

Siu looked around, but couldn’t find anything threatening.


He carefully drew his sword.

He recalled the knowledge he had learned at the academy.

‘If it’s a forest terrain in an F-class rift… I guess it’s like a wolf-type monster or a goblin.’

Siu left a mark on the tree and headed south.

He thought to explore the surroundings.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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