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Go Into the Past 3

Go Into the Past 3

Chapter 3 – Episode 3 – Quest Rewards

Episode 3 – Quest Reward


Siwoo’s mouth opened more and more, and he jumped up and shouted.

“Fuck, my 20 million won!!”

You left behind a sword worth 20 million won! The sword, in which half of the entire property was invested, flew away in an instant.

I searched the [Inventory (temporary)] Just in case, but of course it wasn’t there.
Only the porter’s equipment that had not been taken out was left behind.

“Ha… Shivaal… Life…”

Power went out

Once again, annoyance swept over the cubs.
If it was right in front of my eyes, I wanted to kill it right away.

‘There’s no chance of that, but… Uh…’

Thinking of the bullies reminded me of the moment of death, which made me even more annoyed.

Siwoo Choi heated up and frowned.

Something was strange.

I couldn’t understand what had happened just a moment ago. If you think about it coldly, it was right to just run away.

There was no way he could beat a strong adult man with the body of a child. And that was the tactically right thing to do.

Rather, the child hiding in the corner would be safer if he had escaped, and he was likely to live too.

I couldn’t make a proper judgment after receiving the child’s memory.

Besides, he wasn’t a good guy enough to risk his life for others.

But without thinking, I drew a sword from my [Inventory] And fought them.

‘Are my personalities mixed…?’

It wasn’t now, but it seems like it was then. At least now, it was difficult to understand the judgment at that time.

“I’ll have to be careful…”

I realized the danger that if I access my previous life, my memories may mix and my personality may change.
A countermeasure was needed for this.

At least I didn’t want to be swayed by memories of my previous life.

I forcibly searched for good points in order to boost my mood.

It was an old habit I had since I was a porter.

When you’re feeling down, force yourself to think positively.

It was simple mind control, but the effect was better than expected.

While thinking about it, Siu remembered a pretty big gain.

‘At least······. It is a great harvest to know that even if you die, you will return to your original body.’

Besides, it’s not like hypnosis, a past life experience. I felt the vivid reality. It was a short time, but the life I felt in another world was real.

Rather than a previous life, it seemed more like being possessed in another world.

‘For a moment. This past life is a Chinese character, right?’

No matter how you look at it, it wasn’t a conventionally known past life.
I checked the message log.

[You have become the master of all things.]

The first message you see.

I opened my phone and searched for it.

‘All things… This is roughly everything in the world… My previous life… Huh? It wasn’t a ‘previous life’, it was a ‘whole life’.’

I thought it was somehow strange.

Because you can do everything on your own.

Siu nodded roughly and thought about ‘connecting to a previous life’. Perhaps it was the ability to live while being possessed by others.

It was awesome.

This time, it ended quickly because of insufficient preparation, but it seemed that I could make a big profit if I used [Inventory] In earnest.

As I was mulling over the good points, the alarm went off.
That was really good news.


– The karma calculation for [Martial Arts District] Has been completed.
〉〉 Karma: I saved a child who would have been scared and sold it. The child, who would become a swordsman in the future, became a disciple of Eunrim by a master who came to him after smelling blood.
〉〉 Acquire 1,526 Karma
〉〉 Skill [Low Bone] Acquired

Was it fated to be frightened and sold? Well… A little brave, but a child could have been.

When he possessed and gained some strength, he jumped on a mulberry and rushed to death. If he was beaten one-sidedly, that courage would disappear without a trace.

The child you risked your life to save is the one who will become a swordsman in the future… Isn’t that a dog’s death?

Siwoo suddenly came to his senses.

‘No, it’s dog death. It doesn’t matter what I become after I die… Skills anyway?’

[Skill List]
[Inventory (temporary)], [Low-ranked weapon]

– [Lesser Armless Bone]: Provides some help in learning and using martial arts. Applies to all living organisms.

‘Well..! Boneless?’

Shiu, who opened his mouth slightly in admiration, clenched his fist.

He took a boxing stance and made a few punches in the air.

Hiss hiss

It felt like the punching became a little more natural. The guard, who would naturally go down if he wasn’t conscious, also firmly guarded his chin.

‘Are you okay?’

Seeu admired.


Then the quest reward came in. His teeth were rotting at the series of rewards.

[Quest Completed]
〉〉 Reward: Starter Pack

‘Ah, the quest reward! A starter pack?’

Siwoo gulped down his saliva and looked around.

He looked around, but there was nothing like a pack. After thinking about it for a while, he checked the [Inventory] And there was a box.

– Do you want to open the starter pack?

‘Of course’


– Opened the starter pack.
– [Inventory (temporary)] Has been changed to [Inventory (Lv.1)].
– [Everything Store] Has been opened.
– Obtained a random reincarnation (level 1) Awakening Ticket.

The inventory, which was at the level of a slightly large backpack, has grown to the level of a small studio.

– Random Rebirth (Level 1) Awakening: Awakens a Level 1 previous life.

Siwoo collapsed on the bed, thinking.

Is awakening from a previous life different from the ‘connection’ you made a moment ago? I read the description, but it didn’t make much sense to me.

[Random Reincarnation (Level 1) Awakening Ticket].

‘Um… Should I save it…?’

Siu habitually tried to save it and smacked his forehead. Do you know what it is and cherish it?

After rejecting the Guild’s offer six years ago, he lived in poverty.
As a result, enduring and cherishing became his nature.

Siu shook his head.
I was fed up with holding on to what I wanted to do and cherishing the life.

‘From now on, I will live as I please. I won’t even lick the lid of the Yoplait.’

Siwoo used the Awakening Fist.


-[Random Reincarnation (Level 1) Awakening Right] Was used.

In front of my eyes, numerous lumps flew like cherry blossoms.


Each piece of film was someone’s life. Countless chunks of such film were scattered.

Siu couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful sight.
One of them came and penetrated.

[ㅁㅁThe third-rate hunter of Earth. Park Jin-soo’s life awakening.]


‘ㅁㅁ Earth..?’

For a while, I was puzzled by the letters that were broken and couldn’t be seen properly.

Just as he absorbed the memories of a child in [Martial Arts District], Park Jin-soo’s memories were injected in an instant.

But it was a little different.

If a child’s memory feels like watching a movie that empathizes well. Is the life of Park Jin-soo, a hunter, just like watching a documentary that I can’t sympathize with at all?

– Awakening complete.
– The difference in the level of the soul is insignificant. [ㅁㅁㅁ District] Acquisition of admission is successful.
– Maintenance time: 23:59

Siwoo closed his eyes and captured Park Jinsu’s memories.
Then she frowned slightly. It wasn’t a good life to say the least.

To describe the world Park Jin-soo lived in in one word.

Ruined world.

It was destruction by the merciless rain of monsters.
Unlike Siwoo’s world, his world was flooded with powerful monsters from the beginning.

Park Jin-soo’s life was a struggle in such destruction.

Having lost everything to the monsters, he hated them endlessly.

Even if his arms and legs were cut off, his hatred was so deep that he jumped at the monster in anger.

Right before his death, he killed and killed monsters. Then he eventually died. He was a great man It’s a pity that the power is weak.

A weak hatred for monsters bloomed even with the sense of just watching a documentary.

Siu frowned. His anger, which was not his own, was unpleasant.

‘I need to develop my mental strength quickly. Should I get one and learn it?’

Hosimgong is one of the modern qigongs that develops mental strength and resists mental attacks.
His head was dizzy when he remembered the price of the hosim balls he was selling at the Hunter Market.

‘Fuck. How much did it cost? It seems that the number of mid-level hosimki exceeded 1 billion.’

Countermeasures against mental resistance are the top priority, but… I was gloomy when I would collect 1 billion.

‘No, if I have this ability, I can get 1 billion in no time.’

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath while capturing Park Jin-soo’s memories. He cleared his head and focused on breathing.

After meditating at the academy, the feeble anger gradually disappeared.


Siwoo pulled out the iron sword lying on the floor and lifted it. A familiar sword from the porter’s days.

The cold temperature of the iron block made my head clear.

He swung his sword into the air. I felt a little more comfortable than usual.

He studied the sword hard for a year at the academy, but he wasn’t used to it like this.

I don’t know if it’s because of [Lesser Armless Bone] Or because of ‘Park Jin-su”s experience, but my swordsmanship became stable and free.

‘At this level, I think it’s better than most E-class hunters, right?’

A level where you can freely cut anywhere you want. At this level, the basics of swordsmanship could be said to have been removed.

I didn’t expect it because I was a third-rate hunter, but my swordsmanship skill was higher than I thought. In fact, it was a real swordsmanship that the Hunter, who was born with a weak awakening power, learned by fighting for half his life.

Just inheriting a part of it, his swordsmanship skill jumped sharply.

‘Once this is done.’

Siu put the sword back into the scabbard.


‘Awakening a previous life’ seemed to awaken someone’s previous life.

Although side effects such as weak anger toward monsters were bothersome, gaining someone’s experience in an instant was a huge benefit.

Siwoo nodded his head and checked what he had to do today.

‘I need to find out about the store and go through the cracks.’

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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