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Go Into the Past 2

Go Into the Past 2

Chapter 2 – Episode 2 – Past Life Experience

Episode 2 – Past life experience


Siu felt dizzy and barely opened his eyes.

Looking around, it was a somewhat dark back alley, and three thugs were standing there.


Before I could comprehend the situation, I felt a strong shock on my cheek.


A scream erupted from the fragile body.

One of them hit Siwoo, who had become a child.

“Hey, kid. Where did your friend go?”

Siu was dumbfounded.

It is a different space when you close your eyes and open them in the room.
Moreover, as soon as I opened my eyes, I was beaten.

‘Fuck, what is this…?’

Besides, those bullies speak Chinese…? How did you find out?
In an instant, the whole life of the current life was dug into my head.

Siu staggered from the intense headache and groaned.


The same amount of time passed, and all the memories of the current body came to mind.
I gnashed my teeth at the sudden memory injection.

“Under! What about being beaten and beaten? Don’t you think I’ll hit you like that? Bastard, if you don’t want to get hit, blow it right away!”



The dog-like bully kicked out.
Of course, he was beaten without any escape.

I felt a terrible pain in my stomach.

Fortunately, the headache disappeared along with the pain and the memories were sorted out.

I don’t know the exact age, but a young boy who is less than 10 years old.
The three guys in front of this are garbage bastards who catch and sell children.

But these guys were threatening to tell me where they hid their friend.

What’s even more bizarre is that this world is the world of the Murim people, where the Murim League exists.

It was common knowledge even at a young age.

I glared at the bully while organizing the memories that had been dug into my head.

‘It’s like fuck’

The bully with the scars on his face approached Siwoo giggling.

“Baby, aren’t you rolling your eyes?!”

The guy tried to step on it with a mocking expression.

I didn’t want to be beaten by these idiots, so I rolled on the ground to avoid the attack.

I immediately fumbled my waist, but only touched the cloth. At some point, the equipment disappeared.

‘Fuck, my sword..!’

Apparently, he was wearing full gear in the room, but he was gone. My body had changed, but there was no way my equipment would remain.

The man with the scars on his face said with a flick of his tongue.

“Five! Harm? How is the baby? Hey, let’s sell this guy too. It must be quite expensive to have the limbs intact and lively.”

The furry man who was watching from behind stopped him and smiled disgustingly.

“Hey~ Look out of the way. Do you use it when you hit a child? Baby, we’re not bad people. Tell me where your friend is and I’ll let you go. Don’t you hate being sick too? Just tell me where that pretty girl with silver hair is. Yes?”

Behind the fur, the knife-scarred guy growled as he fidgeted with the bakdo.

“Fuck it. I’ll tell you when I just cut off my limbs. Let’s start with the fingers.”
“Hey hold on. My friend, this guy is very cruel. It’s hard to dry me too. Where did your friend go? Yes?”

Bastards were doing clumsy good cop and bad cop.
It was absurd, but it was also a difficult situation for a normal child to endure.

Unlike the poor acting, the violence was real.

Siwoo’s body was young, but his mind was an adult. And even though he is a porter, he has seen many deaths in the rift.

Just looking at it, I wasn’t afraid of the weak arches.
He felt sorry for himself who was weaker than these guys.

Siwoo quietly asked the bullies.

“…Are you really going to let me go?”

“Then! Of course! Baby, I like you.”

The furry said with a big smile.
Siu lowered his head slightly and slowly approached.

‘Two steps, one step… Now!’

“I’ll- turn it off!”


Blood poured from the furry neck, and the knife marks watching from behind were startled.

“Sir Baal! What!!!”

He slashed the head of the furry man who was openly vigilant with his sword.
I summoned the 20 million won sword that had been dormant in [Inventory (temporary)] And swung it. It was very sharp like an expensive sword.

The equipment he was wearing disappeared, but fortunately the items in his [Inventory (temporary)] Were intact.

Fortunately, the surprise attack was successful, but the balance of the child’s weak body was greatly disrupted.

I tried to run after the crazy guys, but my body wouldn’t follow me.

Siu frowned.

‘It’s fucking heavy.’

It was his first kill, but he was only full of thoughts that he had to kill these guys.


The decapitated hairy fell, clutching at her neck and chomping.

“Fuck! What!”
“Poetry, fuck… Isn’t it a treasure…?”

The two archers, who hesitated for a moment, came to their senses. Seeu felt sorry for him. In trying to control his body, he blew the best time for a surprise attack.

The two thugs who came to their senses were soaked in greed. A sword sticking out of the air…! I couldn’t imagine what kind of treasure it would be.

They looked at each other with their eyes wide open. He immediately nodded slightly and rushed forward.

They were more familiar with fighting than I thought.

I forcibly aimed my heavy sword at him. My wrist was sprained and the pain came up.

I gritted my teeth and glared at the guy in front. He intended to dodge it by stabbing it with his sword and rolling. But something came flying from the side.

It was black sand.

I reflexively closed my eyes, but a few drops got into my eyes.


I screamed out loud from the sudden pain, but I gritted my teeth and endured it.
I could feel the burning pain in my eyes, probably not normal sand.

Despite the pain, I forced myself to open my eyes.


At that moment, I felt a shock in my stomach.


The untrained child’s hand let go of the sword.


It flew through the black air and fell to the ground.

“Huh, you poisonous bastard… Won’t you cry even after being hit with poison sand?”
“Khehehe…! A cheeky bastard must have done that…”

‘It hurts so fucking much’

The world that looks dim will be red. It was hard to even breathe.
I felt terrible pain every time I breathed.

At that time, a guy pulled out a sword and stabbed his heart mercilessly.
I couldn’t possibly avoid it.

‘To die like this…?’

Siwoo blankly looked at Park Do, who was approaching.

It was a futile death.



The time when a boy pierced his heart and died.

One bully who had been decapitated was already dead, and the other two were staring at each other and tinkering with their weapons.

If he brought this sword protruding out of the air to the dark market and sold it, it would be a bloody sale.

They looked at each other and fell into an uncomfortable silence.

Just before running away with a beat sword.

A little girl came out of a pile of trash in the corner of the alley.

“Oh no!!”

I didn’t even know it was my place to die and I hugged the boy who had become a corpse.
However, the already dead body did not respond.

Her appearance eased the atmosphere a little. One of the bullies, who were glaring at each other, took a step back, she said.

“Hey, don’t be greedy, let’s share it half and half. Take this kid and sell it.”
“··· Good night.”

After a rough agreement, they looked at the girl.

“Keuheum… Silver hair and red eyes! Kya! In the old year, when you grow up, many men will cry.”
“Gulp..! Damn, you’re prettier than I’ve heard. Will this year be quite expensive? We hit the jackpot today.”

The arches were soaked in joy.

The girl glared at the two bullies as if to kill them.
She picked up the sword lying on the floor, but couldn’t properly aim it due to lack of strength.

“Khe Ankalzin Year- Education…”

“They are trash.”

A cold voice echoed through the alley.

“Who, who… Kuhhh..!”

In an instant, the two bastards were decapitated and died with a hole in their heart.

A mysterious woman approached the girl. Dumbly, she said to the child who looked up at her.

“It’s pitiful… Child. Won’t you come with me?”

A little spark flew in the child’s eyes as he looked down at the corpses of the bullies.

“Okay. Hey, what’s your name?”
“It’s a wish…”

A precious friend who was the only support after my parents passed away.

But he, like his parents, died.

She sniffed again the tears she had been holding back for a while.


One room.

Siwoo stroked the area where the heart was.

There was no pain, but the discomfort remained.

The equipment worn before departure remained on the body.

“Fuck, you fucking bastards”

I checked the stopwatch on the floor just in case.

7 seconds.

At least 5 minutes of arguing with the bullies had passed, but not even 10 seconds had passed.

Even for just 7 seconds, after returning to my original body, it was a time when I was stroking my chest out of embarrassment.
It didn’t even last a second.

‘This is… Good.’

Anyway, as soon as I access [District 21], I would have thought I would die from dog-like bastards.
Fortunately, I returned to my original body, but I was annoyed.

‘Is Sohyang okay?’

Her annoyance was also momentarily worried about the girl in her past life memories, but she was helpless now.

Although it was an implanted memory, it did not have a significant effect on the current body, but I was a little worried about Ai, who was the only friend of the former living body and her family.

-[District 21]: Death of the whole organism, waiting time for re-selection (23:58…)

Even if she tried to connect again, it was impossible due to the waiting time.

All she could think of was that she probably wouldn’t be able to repossess her dead body again.

Siwoo felt a slight discomfort.

‘I’m not such a nice guy…?’

I just inherited the memories of Deokgu, so I wondered why he was worried about a girl he was seeing for the first time.

I cleared her troubled mind. It was already in the past.

‘Earth 21 is… A world like a martial arts land.’

[District 21] Was named [Martial Arts District].

And while trying to check the quest rewardhehesitated.
I was embarrassed that I had forgotten something.


Realizing something, Siwoo’s mouth opened gradually and he jumped up and shouted.

“Fuck, my 20 million won!!”

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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