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Go Into the Past 1

Go Into the Past 1

Chapter 1 – Episode 1 – Awakening

Episode 1 – Awakening

– Sorry. Get out of the party

A simple notice text was the end.

I’m a porter, but I got kicked out of the party. The reason was even more absurd.

Ignoring the request for a designated driver called late at night.

He must have thought it was okay to treat him like that since he was not an official hunter but a porter.

It’s a fucking thing.

I woke up early as usual, but I turned on the TV because I had nothing to do.

While watching TV in a daze, envy surged up.

[The youngest B-class hunter, Park Chan-sung!]

On the screen, a handsome young man like an actor was walking confidently.

A pretty announcer congratulates Park Chan-sung Hunter on his B-level achievement, and the panel entertainers clap their hands and laugh.

Seeing that, Siu murmured involuntarily.

“I’m jealous of the dog… Shit, I want to eat my whole life raw too.”

I was envious of Park Chan-sung. Awakened as a C-class Hunter at the age of 19. Winning and winning, he reached the B rank before he knew it.

He was like the main character in a novel.

In contrast…
Siwoo is 26 years old.

From the age of 30, the probability of awakening is extremely low. A handful of them worldwide.
There were four years left, but I was getting more and more nervous. If you think about it calmly, you can see that it is still too late.

‘I should have just joined any guild…’

I regret my past choices a little.

When Siwoo was 20 years old, he took an awakening potential test. Fortunately, the probability of awakening and potential were quite high.

It was almost unprecedented.

As much as there is a myth that the higher the probability of awakening, the better the ability. Siwoo has emerged as a promising player.

All kinds of guilds came and poured out sweet words.

There were also many guilds that wanted to sign a contract before awakening.
There were also crazy guys who asked for an annual salary of over 100 million without conditions.

At that time, Siwoo Choi was full of confidence. I refused because I was confident that I would become bigger by myself.

‘I’m still in such good condition, how much better will it be after awakening?’

Two years have passed since then. I prepared for awakening by working out with my part-time job every day, but there was no sign of awakening.

I was getting more and more anxious. At this point, most of the guilds lost contact.
The only place where I could barely connect was to ask me to contact you when I woke up.

I completed the Hunter Academy for a year with the money I saved while working part-time.

Since then, for three years… I entered the crack almost every day as a porter.
Believing in the superstition that the more often you touch the rift, the higher the chance of awakening.

Six years have passed. No guilds are contacting me anymore. Suddenly, Siwoo became a forgotten person.

It was a waste of time buried, so I did the porter work by inertia, but now I am getting tired.


I looked at my phone at the vibrating sound and saw a text message.

-[Han So-Young] : Hey, I had a chat room today, did you call?

It was a message from a friend who used to live as a porter.
Looking at it, the conflict was young.

Should I do more or should I give up?


I let out a sigh, but I gathered my heart.
As much as I had devoted the rest of my life to Hunter, I couldn’t give up now.

‘Yes, I have to go.’

It’s still too early to give up
One more year, one more year, let’s do it.

When I made up my mind and tried to reply, an app caught my eye.

[Reincarnation management application]

‘What’s this?’

It was the first app I saw. I’ve never seen or used an app like this.

I pressed and held it to delete it, but it just ran on its own.

“Huh? What’s this”

When I thought it was hacking for a moment, the light came out from the smartphone.
And without even having time to dodge, they were all absorbed.

Both eyes were blinded by the intense light.
Shiu hesitated and took a step back.

‘What the fuck’

Embarrassed for a while.


When I opened my eyes to the sound of the alarm, a hologram appeared in front of me.

[You have become the master of all things.]


A hologram won’t appear in front of you when you wake up.
Most of them awaken one superpower and instinctively know how to use it, and that’s it.

The hologram was heterogeneous, but Siwoo could also instinctively know how to use the psychic power.

‘···Management Window’


[List of previous lives]
– Current life: [District 26]
– Accessible previous lives: [District 21], [District 31]
– Karma: 0

Siu tilted his head.

‘I know the world I live in is [District 26], But…’

As I tried to find out about the other two worlds, a message came to my mind.

-Do you want to access [District 21]?



Taking a deep breath calmed me down a bit.

First of all, the name was changed to [District 26].

I was thinking about what to name it, and I named it the most famous being on the current Earth.

‘Earth is the world of hunters.’

For some reason, I thought I could do it, so I tried it, but it turned out naturally.

[District 26] → [Hunter District]

‘I’m getting a little different now’

I put the hologram aside and closed my eyes.

I was distracted by the alarm that appeared in front of my eyes, but there was something more welcome.

Magic power.

The mana in the air that I couldn’t feel until just a moment ago.

A mysterious aura that swirls within the body.

I felt the power.

The evidence of awakening, mana, made me tear up.

I picked up a dumbbell lying in the corner of the room.


It’s not as light as a feather, but it’s definitely lighter than yesterday.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the magical power, then I opened my eyes to the sound of the alarm.


[New!] The quest has arrived.


– Past life experience
〉〉 Access another past life
Acceptance Reward: [Inventory (temporary)]
Success Reward: Starter Pack
Failure: Delete Quest
[Accept] [Reject]
– Time limit: [02:59]

‘Past life experience..? Are you trying to connect to another previous life?’

There was a reward for just accepting it, so I couldn’t help it.

-[Inventory (temporary)]: Part of the starter pack. Lowest subspace

I was about to press [Accept] Without thinking, but then I hesitated.

Because I was worried about what would happen as soon as I hit accept.

‘Just in case···’


Let’s start with the equipment first.

Before that, she left a text message to her friend, Han So-young.

– Sorry, I can’t do it today. Let’s have a drink next time.

I roughly picked up my clothes and headed to the Hunter Association.

No one could buy Awakened exclusive equipment.
If it was not a simple cloth or iron sword, a registration certificate was required.


I arrived at the Hunter Association and looked around.

When he awakens, his physical balance improves and he becomes a handsome and beautiful woman. Maybe that’s why most hunters had a high average appearance.

While watching them, someone called Siwoo.

“Choi Si-woo? Are you there?”
“Ah! Yes, I am here.”

Magic power was measured according to the guidance of the staff.

“Measurement complete. You are an F-class Awakener. Have you already completed the academy?”
“Yes, I graduated three years ago.”

It was a little disappointing that it was F grade, but it didn’t matter. He could instinctively know that his ability was different from that of ordinary Awakeners.

“I got my registration certificate.”

An Awakener registration certificate made of a special metal excavated from a rift.

“The measured magic power pattern is registered and can be used as an ID and card anywhere in the world. Congratulations on your awakening once again.”
“Yes. Thank you.”

The light certification was somehow heavy.


Now that you’ve obtained your Awakener registration certificate, it’s time to purchase Hunter equipment.

35 million won.

This is the money he saved while working as a porter for three years. It’s the money I saved to match the hunter equipment when I wake up, but that day has really come.

I entered Hunter Department Store with a trembling heart.

As Siwoo stood in front of the dark red sword, an employee approached.

“Oh, you have a good eye! Made from these black drake bones…”

An employee came over and explained what was going on.

Siu picked up the sword. It was a sword that he promised to live as soon as he awakened, so everyone already knew about it.


It pulled out smoothly and made a nice sound.
A dark red sword body and a well-balanced center of gravity.

“…From the self-repairing function to the solid durability, it is a sword with just the necessary functions, befitting a steady seller of the Seonghwa Group!”

I looked down at the price tag. 19.9 million won.

It’s a lot more than I imagined, but this equipment is rather cheap. The price of enchanted hunter equipment is beyond imagination.

This equipment is known for its cost-effectiveness, so it is cheap.

“I will live.”

As Siwoo looks at the sword as if possessed, the embarrassed employee’s expression suddenly brightens.

“Excellent choice!”


Siwoo returned to the studio and exhaled with a nervous expression.

All purchased equipment was worn.


I took a deep breath and pressed ‘accept the quest’.

At the same time, the idea of ​​how to use the [Inventory (temporary)] Came into my head.

It was a function that made it easy to put and store things like the inventory used in the game.

Other than that, there was no significant change.
Siwoo, who was a little embarrassed, relaxed a little.

I looked around the room to see if there was anything I could put in, and the equipment I was using as a porter caught my eye.


Just in case, I put all the equipment I used before into the [Inventory (temporary)].

‘I’m nervous.’

I looked down at the sword I was using as a porter and the sword I bought a while ago, and put the sword I used as a porter on my waist.

Not knowing what would happen, he chose the iron sword he was familiar with.

The 20 million won sword was stored in the inventory.

Even the sword at the waist and the emergency pistol hanging on the chest. I literally prepared as much as I could.

‘Quest Window’

– Past life experience
〉〉 Access another past life
Success Reward: Starter Pack
Failure: Delete Quest
– Time limit: [00:21]

Despite working as busily as possible, there was only 20 minutes left.

It was said to be a past life experience, so it reminded me of a picture of me falling into hypnosis sitting on a chair, but I wore full gear just in case.

‘Past life management.’

[List of previous lives]
– Connected previous life: [Hunter District]
– Accessible previous lives: [District 21], [District 31]
– Karma: 0

I calmed down my nerves and chose [District 21]. I didn’t have any information on either, so I just took a picture of something.

‘Connect to [District 21].’

– Connect to [District 21].


My mind was sucked into somewhere along with the intense light.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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