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Go Into the Past 18

Go Into the Past 18

Chapter 18 – Episode 18 – Modern Again

Episode 18 – Modern Again

Siwoo, who had a happy time with Hwamurin or Danghwarin, opened her eyes.

It was still dark around.


There was something warm and soft on his chest.

When I lowered my head, I saw Dang Hwa-rin sleeping in his arms.

The huge breasts in between gave fantastic sensations.

Siu smiled in satisfaction. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the neat beauty sleeping in my arms.

‘Message log’

[Danghwarin’s fate has begun to twist.]
– Obtain Karma 512

The message I missed last night. I had put it away because I was focusing on my relationship with Danghwarin.


– Possessed Karma: 642

After collecting the karma obtained in [Martial Arts District], It was quite interesting.

‘Are you going to do it?’

I checked the price of Hunyuan Qigong at the [Shop].

– [Honwon Qigong] : 568 (-4,432) Karma


With the progress of Xiu, the price of Hunyuan Qigong has been significantly lowered.

Finally, the karma that can be used to purchase Hun Yuan Qigong has been gathered.

‘Purchase Hunyuan qigong.’

After purchasing the Hon Yuan Qigong at the [Shop], The Hon Yuan Qigong began to change little by little.

The missing parts of Hunyuan Qigong were filled.

I thought I digested all of Hasuo, but I didn’t. The feeble energies dormant in the veins began to flow through the energies.

‘Awesome. In addition, the efficiency has improved.’

Siwoo realized this while switching his various attributes.

The consumption of Honwonki was reduced and the power increased.


I noticed one big difference.

After the sun rose, Siu, who had decided to try the iron ore, fell asleep.


Next day.

Siu and Dang Hwa-rin approached Cheol Gwang-oh.

Cheol Gwang-o’s eyes were bloodshot red and he was drooling.

Like a beast

But because he was paralyzed, he only wriggled a little.

Seeing him, Siu tilted his head. I’ve seen Dang Hwa-rin paralyze her by throwing saliva at her, but I don’t know why.

“Why is he like this?”

Dang Hwa-rin glanced at Cheol Gwang-o from behind and said,

“…Did you take some medicine?”

When Siwoo turned the body over with his feet, he saw a stiff load. It seems that this guy drank a bit of the aphrodisiac thrown by Daeju.

“Turn it off…!”

Seeing Cheol Gwang-oh groan in pain, Si Woo said.

“Can you free him?”
“No way···. Will you save me?”

Shi Woo shook his head as if it was nonsense.

“No way. Even if I saved her, I would only have a grudge… I have something to experiment with.”

Dang Hwa-rin pulled out the steel needle stuck in the guy’s body and stabbed it here and there.

He frowned as if he was touching something dirty.

Seeing the expression on her face, Siu was a little upset.

‘The cold expression is pretty too.’


Cheol Gwang-oh was released from paralysis. The guy had a seizure and tried to run at Danghwarin.

“Keep it off…! Woman!!!”

Siwoo hardened his complexion. Where dare

He tripped and knocked him over with his feet.


When Cheol Gwang-o was subdued, he shook his back and started pounding on the ground.

Puck puck puck!

Cheol Gwang-oh, who was shaking his back, trembled.



Dang Hwa-rin took a few steps back with disgusted eyes.

Cheol Gwang-o began to rub his body against the floor because that was not enough.

Those were the words of a person addicted to aphrodisiacs.


Shiu, who clicked his tongue, inserted a long needle into the guy’s spine.

He intended to test the new abilities of Hunyuan Qigong.

Absorb energy!

Through the long needle, he absorbed the energy of Cheolgwangoh.

This is the biggest advantage obtained by buying Hunyuan Qigong at [Shop]. Absorption of energy, which was only possible through sexual intercourse, became possible with the hands.

Of course, there is a condition that the opponent must not resist. It was enough to suppress it like this.

Siu was a little worried. Dang Hwa-rin felt pleasure as she was cheered up by Si-woo.

‘Isn’t it..?’

Fortunately, the guy didn’t tremble with pleasure. Rather, he screamed in pain.

Pleasure injection seemed to be a function that was applied only when Siwoo wanted it.

Siwoo, who nodded his head, examined Cheol Gwang Oh’s energy.

‘Hmm… Is it hot? Is it fire…?’

It seemed that he had learned martial arts related to fire.

By absorbing the energy of Cheol Gwang-oh, the image of fire became a little clearer.

Siwoo did not freely handle all attributes. Some energies were tricky, especially the energies for fire and ice.

‘I guess I understand now.’

After analyzing his aura, I got a feel for the fire attribute.

Siwoo focused his energy on his index finger.


A feeble flame flared up.


Hearing Danghwa Lin’s admiration, Siu lowered his head.

Now there is no need to come to iron ore. Even if he was spared, he would only have a grudge.


[You have acquired 17 Karma.]

Siwoo broke Cheol Gwang-oh’s neck and stood up.

I looked around and saw that it was full of dead bodies.

“I need to tidy up.”


“Well···. Is it worth two gold coins?”

Except for miscellaneous things, money was enough. After sharing with Dang Hwa-rin, I looked at the words.

A few of their horses were grazing without running away.

Siwoo chose two horses that seemed to be the healthiest.

‘They give generously.’

It was to the point where the iron guards would be grateful.

If you have a horse, the time to go to Cheongbong Secret Temple becomes more relaxed.

Siwoo hugged Danghwarin and whispered.

“If you ride a horse… Will there be time left?”

Dang Hwa-rin’s nape turned red at Si-woo’s coy words.



Siwoo opened his eyes in the studio.

After staying in [Martial Arts District] For a long time, I felt a bit awkward.

He went into the bathroom and took a shower.

‘Ha.. As expected, Hyundai is the most comfortable.’

The water pouring from the shower was awesome.

He thought while bathing in warm water.

The bank balance is starting to show the bottom.

‘I need to make money… It’s a bit like going around the rift.’

I needed a way to make money easily.


With my daughter-!

As I entered the convenience store, I heard the sound of a chime.

“Come on oh… Are you here again?”

The pretty part-timer said poutingly.

Siwoo recalled his memory for a moment.

Come to think of it, I was in and out of this convenience store several times a day.

Part-timers would also find it strange.

In terms of time spent in Hyundai, Siwoo had only been a little over a week since he awakened.

As Siwoo was thinking about the date, the part-timer said curtly.

“Ha···. A man is shy. I’ll be off work soon, so wait.”

The part-time worker looked at Siwoo and said proudly.

“I’ll even eat with you, so wait.”

Shiu was a bit taken aback, but he soon smiled.

He couldn’t release the meat that came for free.



Haha..!! Come on, try your best..! Whoa!”

[You have acquired 7 Karma.]

“It’s rubbish.”

“Yes, yes he! That, that crap… Haaang♥..!!”

The arrogant part-timer lay under Siwoo and groaned.

Even when they ate together, the part-timer, who had acted soberly, spread loosely.

‘It’s suitable for occasional snacking.’

Siwoo took out a new condom.


Class F crack.

Now it’s a very easy crack that won’t even inspire you. But I came here again because I had something to experiment with.

Siwoo stepped on the advance and released his inner energy.

The tree that was a few meters ahead suddenly came closer.


I forcibly stepped on the ground and came to a sudden stop.

Running in the forest was harder than I thought. Even if he ran even a little fast, he often bumped into something.

In particular, it was more so in the case of light work using internal power.

‘It’s pretty difficult.’

Butchering the goblins wasn’t difficult at all.

Rather difficult to run.

However, it was a skill that had to be mastered in order to be able to enter footwork at this level.

After a long run, a large goblin appeared in front of Siwoo.

It was a crack boss monster.

Bang bang

Siwoo kicked off the ground and ran away with a heavy drink.

The goblin’s bewildered expression began to grow in an instant.




The head of the boss goblin was blown off by a sword. It was the same for the janitors standing next to them in surprise.

30 minutes.

It was the time it took for Siwoo to clear the F-class rift.

Most of that time was spent searching for goblins.

‘Retained karma’

– Possess Karma: 101

‘Because I was 98 when I came in… Only 3?’

Siu was a little dumbfounded. He seems to have given 20 not too long ago, but it was reduced to 3 before he knew it.

What was supposed to happen turned out to be true.

You can get karma by killing monsters. However, he gets very little if he only catches weak monsters.

He didn’t intend to play karma nogada with monsters, but his mood subsided.



I fell into trouble while handling by-products through the association’s staff.

‘It’s too inefficient to keep running through cracks.’

I brought several things to the [Martial Arts District], And the bank account balance was empty before I knew it.

It was a situation where I came to the crack to earn living expenses and to conduct experiments.

He decided to go shopping while waiting for the association staff’s appraisal.


‘First···. Show me skills related to internal air and mana.’


Numerous items appeared, but there was one that caught Siwoo’s attention.

[Low Magic Core] : 100 Karma
– An external spirit magnetic engine that can be used as auxiliary magic power. Applies to all living organisms.
– Evolves into an intermediate magic core when purchased 10 times.

‘Is it okay…?’

I liked it the most. I especially liked that phrase that applies to all living beings.


– [Low Magical Core] Is applied.

Something connected to Siwoo’s soul. It felt as if there were two danjeon.

There was no disagreement at all.

Furthermore, he could fill his short circuit with magic core.

‘Amount is.. 1 year? Is it a one-year internal pocket that automatically recharges?’

As I closed my eyes and concentrated, Siwoo’s spirit energy began to interact with the magic core.


Honwongi basically gets stronger the more it is mixed. The most basic method of fortune-telling is to interact and mix with the natural guide.

After thinking about it for a while, Siwoo left it alone. It didn’t look like it would do any harm.

The spirit energy resonated with the magic core and mixed energy.

The mana of the magic core is the same as that of the natural keeper.

Siwoo got the same effect as having a 24-hour morning breakfast.

‘You’re crazy. Amazing, Great.’

It feels like I’ve pulled out the maximum efficiency that can be drawn with 100 karma.

Siu nodded his head in satisfaction.

Now all I had to do was settle the money.

‘I think I can use Honyuan Qigong…’

After thinking for a while, Siu raised his head.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

전생 속으로 들어간다
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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