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Go Into the Past 19

Go Into the Past 19

Chapter 19 – Chapter 19 – Guild Creation

Episode 19 – Guild Creation

It reminded me of a book I read once.

Plant a money tree to get rich!

If you have a tree like that, of course you will be rich, but what the book says is to build a system that makes money even if you don’t work.

Of course, it was possible to bring valuables from another world and sell them.

I will definitely do that when I get the chance. But it also needed to grow.

Power comes from growing power.

“Hmm···. Ah!”

After thinking about it for a while, a good idea came to my mind.

Honwon Qigong!

It reminded me of the memories of having a relationship with Dang Hwa-rin and mixing energy.

‘If this…’

My imagination began to materialize.

Hon Yuan qigong can make them stronger if they relate to awakened females.

‘If I create a guild and recruit female Awakened…?’

Siu unfolded the paper and wrote down the plan.

1. Create a guild and receive female guild members.
2. It makes you stronger after sex.
3. They go around the rift and make money. What if you only get some of them?

In this way, Siwoo can earn money just by having sex.

“Perfect. Even Zhuge Liang was cheap when he saw this.”

Siwoo slaps her on the knee at the plan to exclaim.

‘I need someone.’

I needed someone I could trust.

Fortunately, there was someone who came to mind first.

Soyoung Han.

While she was an academy classmate, she experienced a life as a porter together.

She was perfect as she needed someone she could trust.

She texted right away.

– Would you like a drink today?

I was a little worried because she was going to crack at normal times. But after waiting for a while, the phone rang.

Gying- Gying-

[Han So-young]

Siwoo answered the phone.

– Alcohol..? Haa… Yes, I have something to say… Where do you want to see


Siwoo was a little puzzled by the powerless voice.

“What’s wrong with your voice?”

– I was annoyed and drank some alcohol.

It was a hungover voice.


She was a kid who hated drinking until she was drunk, so what?

Siwoo bought hangover soup and went to her house.


“···Who are you?”
“It’s me.”

The sound of footsteps approached Siwoo’s voice.


A cold-looking beauty opened the door.

Han So-young was holding her hair, but her complexion was not good.

But despite her haggardness, her beauty did not fade.

She was wearing a white t-shirt and dolphin pants, and Siu was a little impressed by the outfit that revealed her white shoulders and thighs.

It was the first time she had been released like this.

Her large hips contrasted with her thin waist was desirable, and the calves that stretched from her voluptuous thighs drove people crazy.

Her legs were the most beautiful of any woman Siu had ever seen.

‘It would be great if I wore stockings.’

Seeing her with her eyes open on her body made me feel a different emotion from her than before.

Siwoo scanned her legs, then turned his gaze to her face with Awakened reflexes.

Han So-young laughed helplessly.

“I’m here?”


As soon as the door opened, the smell of alcohol wafted out.

“Ugh- how much did you drink?”

Siwoo shook his hand and entered the room.

Empty soju bottles were rolling around. Looking at it, it seemed like I drank kkangsoju alone without a snack.

“Did you drink alone without snacks?”

Han So-yeong mumbled as she lay down on the bed. A defenseless, pure white belly was slightly exposed.

“Yes···. Head hurts. Speak little.”
“What is it? A kid who doesn’t drink much.”

Even if she said she drank, Siu and she, who only drank until she was moderately drunk, were drunk. She was surprised

Siwoo forced her to wake up and pushed her into the bathroom.

“Wash up first. I’ll prepare the hangover soup.”

She went into the bathroom helplessly.

“Ah… My head hurts…”
“Then you should wash more. Wash it once.”

Siwoo picked up a rolling soju bottle and made a seat.

As she was setting the table in moderation, Han So-young came out with her wet hair.

Water dripped from her undried hair.


As she dried her long, straight hair with a hair dryer, the smell of her shampoo wafted through.

Siwoo looked at her as if she was bewitched as she tied her long straight hair. The white nape of her neck stood out.

Even though she wasn’t awakened, seeing her pretty made her even more coveted.

Having tidied up her hair, she came over.

“Ugh… Heartburn.”
“Sit down. Let’s eat.”

Han So-yeong carefully scooped up the hangover soup.



Her body trembled as if the hangover soup was the water of life. Han So-young, who used to eat only soup, looked a little better.

“Haa- I’m going to live for a while now. Where is this from? Down there?”
“Uh. Down that alley. Is it worth eating?”
“Yeah, that was the best.”

Siu asked her.

“Now tell me what’s going on?”

After she hesitated, she finally confided.

“I’m going to stop being a porter.”

Soon, curses poured out of her mouth. Her voice trembled with how angry she was.

“I got caught by the wrong bastard.”

“No way?”

“Yes. The makeup is off.”

When she enters the rift as a porter, she puts on makeup. She wasn’t trying to be pretty, but rather the opposite.

Makes scars everywhere. Her bare face is what obscures her beauty, leaving 2 out of 3 people to look back on.

It was unavoidable.

Because the words of a powerless beautiful porter are obvious.

“I was butchering… One monster was alive.”

Siu examined her body. Han So-young smiled slightly, but her expression darkened again.

“I wasn’t hurt. Her butt… Blood poured down her face.”


“Yes. Then, there is that bitch. A bitch who is always messing around. The moment that bitch felt sorry for her, she rinsed it off. ‘Ah! I’ll help you!’ While screaming.”

A female Awakener who made a name for herself with the ability to manipulate water currents. She had erased her makeup.

“I changed it to a cheaper cosmetic and it disappeared right away. Ha···”

With a small sigh, she spoke her words.

“Why, there was a galsangin, that bastard, among the party members at that time.”

A newbie licker.

She was good at harassing new hunters and porters.

He was especially famous for his rough handling of porters.

Siwoo wasn’t hurt just once or twice.

Each time she trembled and longed for awakening.

Because of him, Siwoo also went to and fro for a while. It didn’t matter now that I was awake, but the memory of that time came to mind.

Han So-young continued.

“Haa… Isn’t the water man kind? I don’t know if it’s a fake… No matter how much I am a gal merchant, I can’t do anything to me in front of a water man. By the way···.”

After that it was a problem.

“The madman keeps talking. Besides, other parties didn’t accept it.”

She had no reason to hire a porter to blush with her fellow hunters. Because porters are widely spread.

The porter’s handling was originally like that.

Siu frowned. It was all the more so because she herself had suffered similarly.

‘Gal merchant…’

Han So-yeong was the first step in her plan. Aside from that, she had no reason not to help her.

“Shall I scold you?”

Haha···. Even just words… Uh···? Your face…?”

“Yes? Ah.”

While awakening, Siwoo’s face became balanced. Her appearance has changed slightly from before awakening.

Han So-young asked in a trembling voice.

“You… Have you awakened?”

“Yes. I came to say that, and it turned out like this.”

She was delighted as it was my job. It was as if flowers were blooming on her instantly brightened face.

“Wow! Oh my god! You’ve finally awakened! Congratulation! Oh, so this is where you live?”

She pointed to Haejangguk and said.

I woke up, but I wonder if the hangover soup is the problem.

“Of course. By the way, do you want me to scold that bastard?”

“A gal merchant? Ah it’s done Then you get caught too That bastard is still a D-class.”

A D-class is only a third-rate samurai.

“Under! It’s like a D-class brat.”

Despite Siwoo’s confident words, Han Soyoung shook her head.

“No, it’s okay. I’m going to stop being a porter. Should I just be a streamer? Do I have a little face? This is how you eat and live with your face.”

In fact, even Siwoo seemed to think that if she was a streamer, she would subscribe right away.

His easy-going way of speaking, which contrasted with his somewhat haughty and cold impression, seemed to be subtly eaten.

Still, her dream was to become a hunter. It was a fact that Shiu knew.

“Hey, it’s okay. What a streamer Just be my secretary.”


“Uh. If the secretary is a little… You’re a guild master. I want to set up a guild.”

Han So-young smiled.

“Knack.. Really? Will you make me beat you?”

Siwoo nodded seriously, but Han Soyoung just smiled. She was having a hard time, but thanks to her, she got a little stronger.

She said with her playful smile. As her dark face brightened, her beauty came to life even more.

“Thank you even for the words.”

Siu shook her head and said firmly.

“No kidding. I have a plan.”

Siwoo checked the electricity supply. It was less than the [Martial Arts District], But it had enough internal energy thanks to the [Lower magic core].

“Hmm… It’s a bit less internal, but this is enough. Let’s go, Soyoung.”
“Suddenly where?”

Siu said to Han So-yeong, who tilted her head.


“Yeah, I guess you don’t believe in this oppa’s strength. I’ll show you once.”

“…My brother is a jerk. Even if you say that, I believe it… What ability do I have…?”

Looking at Han So-young, who was a little taken aback, Si-woo shook her head.

She is more sincere than anyone else. Having worked as a porter for three years, she knows best. I ate half of it by itself.

And there was more important credit.

She was the person Siu could trust the most.

After hearing Siwoo’s explanation, Han Soyoung put on a slightly gloomy expression.

“Are you going to crack?”

Han So-young nodded her head slightly. Maybe it was because of the lighting, but her face looked redder than usual.

She got up from her seat.

“Wait, I’ll get the equipment.”

Siu glanced behind her as she lifted her tiptoe and pulled out her equipment.

Her clothes were rolled up, revealing the bottom of her buttocks and drawing attention to her white calves.

In fact, I don’t need all of them and they are pretty.

Go Into the Past

Go Into the Past

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Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The story of going into various previous lives and eating them all[List of previous lives] - Connected previous lives: [Hunter District] - Accessible previous lives: [Martial Arts District], [31 District], [Destroyed World] - Karma: 116- [Martial Arts District ] Do you want to access ]?


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