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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 2

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 2

Chapter 2 – Camp Training Ace (1)


As I quietly open the door and enter, it seems that what the players are talking about is not perception.

“What is this. What is this bastard standing in front of the door?”

As soon as I was relieved, the door opened once more and a bear-like man entered.
Was the director.

“Hello, Director!”

He quickly turned around and bowed his head.

“Huh? Who is he?”

The seniors all tilted their heads at the question of the director, who was looking at me blankly.
What… ? Gakkuljam Molkan?

“Some idol is here. Who are you?”
“Hello! I’m Hong Min-joon, a new member who joined this time. Thank you for your support!!”

No matter how much I think about it, it’s like a funny hidden camera. First, I tried to say hello.
Although it has been relieved a lot, there are still soccer teams that often catch shit, so in this case, just say hello in a loud voice and go in the middle.

“Yes, yes, he was our youngest… Wait, who?”
“Yes? This is Hong Min-joon.”
“Hong Min-joon? You?”

So, is it Kim Min-joon?
I don’t think it’s a man, so I make boring gags, but since I’m a director, what can I do?

Haha. That’s right, Hong Min-joon. You saw it before, when I came to scout you.”
“Right. That’s right. …But does Hong Min-joon look like this?”

At first, I thought it was a joke, but the atmosphere is somehow tense.
I was sweating profusely at the eyes looking at my face with a puzzled expression, but the director said with a subtle expression.

“That’s very strange. I don’t think Hong Min-joon’s Wakku isn’t this kind of Wakku.”
“Why is that, Director?”

The door opened again and a middle-aged man entered.

“Uh, Coach Kim. You came just fine. You know Hong Min-joon, right? Why is he such a good guy?”
“I know. Isn’t this the guy the director scouted this time?”
“Is this him?”

The two put question marks above their heads.

“Wait. But what does Hong Min-joon look like?”
“Well… I don’t remember very well.”
“Um… Well, that’s right. Come on! New members, come forward!”

… What.
What is it really!!

Is this a new type of bullying? Is that so?
I was dumbfounded by the absurd behavior of the coach and coach, but I couldn’t say anything.

Caught among the new recruits, we greeted the seniors in moderation and sang a simple ceremony and song.

“Hey~ Hong Min-joon? Did you really come here as an idol?”
“Isn’t that what a trainee is?”
“…I’m not.”
“Wow… She sings so damn well.”
“Thank you….”

Who’s kidding
I can sing well, but my face is plain. What is an idol

“Okay~ Everyone welcome applause!”

After the formal applause, the coach looks around the players and opens his mouth.

“From today, the training camp for our soccer team begins. Did I tell you? What is pre-season for a pro?”
“This is the best time to prepare for the season!”
“Yes. Even though we are not pros, we must thoroughly prepare for the pre-season like those who aspire to be pros. It’s not like the soccer team members are on vacation, right?”

Booming voice.
Hey, what kind of army are you?

“With the 3-week training camp, I will strengthen my stamina before the start of the season and adjust my tactical moves. 4th graders! It’s nonsense!”

Again, the loud reply erupts.
Wow, everyone is so motivated.

“And our youngest. Unfortunately, our grades haven’t been good lately, so we’re having this training camp at school. Don’t be too disappointed. If you’re disappointed right now, you won’t be able to train because it’s hard.”

Dumbfounded, I looked up at the director and thought.
Somehow, I thought it would make me come to physical training.

“Okay then, now change into the uniform and come out to the playground! Execute!”

Seeba… Are you army?

After the coach and coach leave, the seniors get up and lead us to the locker room.
Ooh, the smell of sweat. The locker smells like sweat.

As soon as I opened the assigned locker, I saw a mirror.
But the first man I see… ?

I want to have a snowball fight with a man looking at me for a while.

‘… Uh?’

Could this be me?
This John… Me?

What the hell is this…

“Hey newcomer! What is this bastard so slow! Why don’t you change quickly!?”
“Yes, yes! I’m going!!”

What the fuck is this kid

* * *

As I thought about it while stretching, a dog dream came to mind.
Maybe that status window… Floated!

‘It was real.’

It’s a status window.
If this is a pro… No, Ballon d’Or, which every soccer player wants, is not a dream.

“Gather! The first day is a light practice game.”

I was giggling while looking at the status window, and the practice game was caught.
Under… This is true Is it already time to show off my skills?
How to show overwhelming skills in order to become a starting player from freshman year.

“Now, call the team. First of all, the youngest! Our youngest is 6 this year, let’s see… What are their positions?”
“He’s a wide striker!!”

He responded faster than anyone else by raising his hand.
Men are confident!

“Okay, Min-Jun, our leader, is the left wing! You next?”

Oh really.
What is a Wakku Captain, Wakku Captain.

Anyway, I’m afraid it’s not a child.
The new members answer in turn as they try to smile at the director who laughs and laughs.

“I’m a central defender!”
“I’m a midfielder!”

In this way, 6 new recruits were assigned to their main positions, and the remaining positions were filled with seniors who looked like sophomores, and were equipped with starting members.

“I personally supervise the team that our youngest members are in. Chief! Please take care of that.”
“Okay, Director.”

At the head coach’s words, an old man who seemed to be the head coach led the 3rd and 4th year seniors to move.

“Now. We go with 4-3-3. Are you used to it? It’s a popular formation in the middle and high school leagues these days, so everyone should be familiar with it. In case you don’t know, it’s a behemoth.”

Of course no one
These days, I was used to it because it is a formation that is used more often than the traditional 4-4-2, and I am too wary to raise my hand if I don’t know here.

“You’ll have to get used to it quickly. The basics of our team are 4-3-3. Or, well, show your overwhelming skills and make them change their formation.”

The grinning director glanced at us with an inappropriately sharp gaze.

“Now, let’s go to detailed tactics.”

You should listen carefully to this.
Even if it’s the same 4-3-3, it’s definitely different depending on how it’s run.

I’m not confident in my tactical moves… Let’s understand as much as possible.

“Run well.”
“Run hard.”
“That… Coach. How does the center move? Should it move vertically or horizontally…”
“So, take care of yourself.”

Seeing that the 2nd graders are calm, I somehow knew it.
1st grade, my classmates and eyes met. Like the kids who came this far through soccer, everyone noticed.

See, it’s a test.

It was clear that the test was to figure out the player’s movements and strengths and weaknesses by making them run on their own after roughly matching the composition.

Okay. Rather good.
First of all, I am not a player with excellent tactical movements.

I’d rather have a role that’s closer to a free role like this.
I will take this opportunity to show my skills.

… I struggled a bit in the high school league, but I can make up for the sluggishness at that time with my status window.
After gathering in a circle, shouting “Fighting” And standing in their seats, one coach plays the role of referee and blows a whistle.

And at the same time as the start, the 3rd and 4th grade senior team, who were smiling strangely, came in abruptly.

The opponent team also follows the same 4-3-3.
The three attackers jump like lightning with the whistle, and the midfielder of the opposing team who received the ball gives a long shot.

‘Can something like that work? Of course… I have!?’

Our central defenders are one freshman and one sophomore senior.
Even the player who sees the defensive midfielder is also a freshman, so he was pierced by the opponent’s play, which was a surprise but never threatening.

“No fuck! What are you doing as a center back! Mark one and back up one!!”

The call of the goalkeeper senior, the only senior, was already late.
It was because the two central defenders who jumped high at the same time toward the floating ball collapsed side by side.

“One goal with this~”
‘No crazy… Is it a true story of organizational power?’

No matter how they try to match their hands and feet for the first time, aren’t they themselves elite soccer players?
If it is a center back, movement by a veteran or goalkeeper’s call is basic, and even if there is no call, one of the basics is the basis of one backing up when one runs, but this is what an amateur play.

My stomach is simmering.
I am also an elite soccer player.

Although he did not become a European wave or a K-league, he went up to the college league through countless competitions from elementary school to middle school and high school days.

Of course, I have my own talent, and more than anything… He also had a strong desire to win.

‘Fuck. In the first place, I didn’t expect to beat the 3rd and 4th grade main teams with freshmen and sophomore backup members, but I can’t lose like an idiot like this.’

Game resumed.
Because the goal was scored, our striker gave the ball with a whistle.

The feeling of the ball I touched for the first time today was not bad.
Familiar touch felt through soccer boots.

‘I’m in good shape.’

However, I am not Pelena Maradona, and I cannot dribble ignorantly as soon as I receive the ball from the center line. Spin the ball lightly backwards.

That way, the ball goes back and forth between the defenders, midfielders, and back again.
The goal was scored, but now that the game has just begun, it is time for everyone to touch the ball and raise their senses. You should increase the number of touches of allies as much as possible.

After building the pass calmly from the defensive camp to the waist, if a nice angle doesn’t come out, let’s turn the ball back toward the defense for a while.

The director who was watching shouted out loud.

“What are you doing! Are you going to end it by hitting the goal and turning the ball? Do it actively, actively!!”
‘Yes, sir. Let’s just hit it.’

No matter how pissed off I am, I’ve never experienced a match twice, and I’m not single-celled enough to crash into them blindly… A goal-scoring opponent from the start and a sluggish opponent.

In particular, considering the appearance of the defensive camp who seemed careless against freshmen, that this is a test match in which I should appeal my strengths, and that a team that first matches the existing starting team in a team match in the first place cannot be the opponent… The number of victories based on individual skills—this is the time when so-called ‘crack’ is needed.

And that is the role I have to play.
Middle school days. And until the early days of high school, I always played the role of ‘crack’.

Even though I’ve been sluggish for a while, my personal skills, which were evaluated as being good for the pros as well as my technique… !


I had to go down a little to get rid of the opponent’s side attacker who was annoyingly marking me, but I was able to safely receive the ball.

When you receive the ball and naturally turn around, the vast field fills your field of vision.
Is it roughly around the center line?

There is no counterattack opportunity, so the opponent’s formation is well equipped.
It’s impossible to break through the dribble alone here, but… But now that I’m off guard, I’m confident that I can beat one or two people. First, let’s go in.

Tuk, tuk, as I slowly drive the ball, the opposing winger who had been marking me as if he had been waiting for me approached.
A short confrontation at some distance.

‘I’m definitely a college league player, so I don’t get over it easily… Status window for me… ‘

What? Wait a minute.
Me… What stats did you take?

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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