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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 3

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 3

Chapter 3 – Camp Training Ace (2)


What? Wait a minute.
Me… What stats did you take?

‘What the fuck… I filmed all of them for charm!’

As I flinched in panic, the opponent hastily stretched out his foot.

It was a movement as if he intuitively sensed that it was an opportunity to catch the momentary flinch and steal the ball.
It was definitely sharper than the high school league, but that’s about it.

As the opponent’s balance collapsed, he quickly kicked the ball between his legs.
I ran with all my might, leaving behind the figure of the opponent who had been cheated on suddenly twisting his body and pounding his butt.


As soon as you regain possession of the long ball, hit and run again.

Opponents approaching in an instant.
In that short time to look up and check, the space between the defensive midfielder in front and the side defender backing up comes in.

Although the probability of success in the actual game is not very high, he confidently hit the ball with both feet, left and right inside, and passed between them.


A goal that is revealed as soon as you pass by an astonished opponent. And the center back blocking the front.
My spine was thrilled with the joy of succeeding in a low-probability gamble, but my balance is precarious to beat even the center back here.

Fortunately, the panicked opponent’s sander bag hurriedly ran out and made a straight line with the opponent’s goalkeeper, blocking his sight.

The goalkeeper’s view is blocked now is the only chance!
I forcibly adjust the balance that is about to collapse and drive in the stepping foot.

* * *

As soon as the game started, the head coach, who saw the freshman team score a goal, asked the head coach next to him with twitching lips.

“How are you, chief?”
“What do you mean?”
“What is it? A goal was scored.”
“If you saw it, what would you ask? Of course it’s a success.”

After glaring at the sullen head coach’s wrinkled face, the manager bluntly opened his mouth again.

“That’s right, I know because I saw it. Do you think I noticed?”
“Not at all. These days, kids are naturally good at acting. No one noticed.”

The head coach, who was watching the game while talking, murmured.

“Even though it was ridiculous, everyone is calm. The kids are calm.”
“That’s not calm. It’s that.”
“Um. Then, shall we ask you to score one more goal?”
“Arthur. Then, the youngest ones are completely daunted and won’t come out with my play. I’ll have to confront them. If they have a temper, they’ll come out right here, right?”
“I still don’t understand the manager’s preference for players with a temper.”
“You should also accumulate experience. It’s these hot-headed guys who do something in an important game.”
“Yeah~ yeah~”

After slapping the butt of the head coach, who nodded casually, the manager shouted.

“What are you doing! Are you going to end it by hitting the goal and turning the ball? Do it actively, actively!!”

Just as expected.
As soon as the director’s shout ends, a guy flashes his hand and calls.

“This is Hong Min-joon.”
“That bastard has good foot talent…But does he really intend to dribble from the center line?”
“Hey~ I have a bit of a temper. The director just likes it!”
“That’s right. If you’re a player, you have to have that kind of temper!”

After taking over the ball and driving it, a confrontation occurred.

“It’s fortunate that I’m not a purebred, but… That only works when you have skills. Taste the level of the college league and when you’re frustrated, the chief refines it well.”
“Okay. Seeing that, it’s definitely well-balanced and nimble. I think it’ll be fine if I polish it for a year or two.”
“You’ve seen the buds since the high school league. But that bastard, did that face look so pretty?”
“…It’s fine.”
“That’s so strange. I’ve watched the game several times, but why can’t I remember the face. It’s not easy to forget that yarikkorom face—”
“Huh? Huh!? Director!!”

The mouths of the two people who were watching were gaping.

“…I saw it too. That bastard, that’s a thing.”

The game is over.
Of course we are 1. … Mr. Bar.

The coach said he did a good job, but there is no player who feels good when he loses.
In particular, it seems that the tear-jerking laugh at me is properly done, but my feelings are—

‘I was lucky.’

Just like this.

Looking at the results, it was the only goal scored in a struggling team, and it was the so-called Wonder Goal, which succeeded in scoring a goal by breaking through as many as three people from the half-line by breaking through the dribble…

The detailed indicators were disastrous.
Like a practice game, he played for about 45 minutes out of a total of 60 minutes of 30 halves.

Pass Success/Pass Attempts: 25/27
Dribble breakthrough success/dribble breakthrough attempt: 6/8
Effective Shots/Shoot Attempts: 1/4

It looks good from the outside, but there is not a single key pass, and there are only 3 forward passes in the enemy camp. Of these, only one was successful.

His confident technique certainly worked, but the opponent was not vigilant and cooperated to defend, so even after successfully breaking through the dribble, the ball was lost or dragged back after a series of runs.

‘Under… I couldn’t do anything.’

After the first Wonder Goal, it was literally deleted from the stadium.
Of course, it would have been different if our team had been a little stronger. If equal powers are matched, one player cannot make excessive defensive shifts, and even if he did, it would be dangerous because an empty space would be created.

So the team power was weak… That is just self-consolation.
If only I was a little more good at passing. If you are good at team play. If you were quick to judge. It would have been different for sure.

This time, my flaws caught my ankle.
In high school, that shortcoming that made me sluggish was exposed.


I gritted my teeth and followed the training afterwards.
It was the first day, so it wasn’t very intense training, but after a long time, I did my best training, sweating, and looking at the mirror while taking a shower, my stuffy heart melted away.

‘Scent… Is this my face I was also good at investing in my charm.’

I regretted the stat distribution until just now, but after all, seeing his face, everything melts, melts.
For some reason, the lower part is also heavy today, and the ordinary son has become more rugged than expected.

“Wow~ This bastard is wearing a snake.”
“Fuck you crazy. I wanted you to be a dick, but it’s fucking big there too. What a black brother.”
“It sucks. Someone has a good face, but the kochu is also black.”

After. Men who are jealous these days feel ugly.
Finally, let’s check the results of today’s training.

‘Status window!!’

【Skills】         【Spirit】         【Body】
Skill 062|Visibility 046|Main 059
Dribble 055 |Anticipation 044|Acceleration 063
Trapping 057 |Judgment 042|Balance 056
Short Pass 048 |Concentration 056|Agility 059
Long Pass 041| Off the Ball 047| Reaction Speed ​​079
Shooting 045 |Space Mark 038| Power 054
Free Kick 042|Calmity 052|Jump 046
Header 038 |Leadership 040|Endurance 047
Tackle 032 |Teamwork 039 | Resilience 065

Genius 046 | Charm 095 | Intelligence 028

【Height 175cm|63kg】

【Possessed Points】 0P

Passing the charm that makes you happy just by looking at it, 0 points as a reward for hard training… Why ah!!!

‘Why, why? Why didn’t the points go up?’

I trained really hard today.
I played and trained to the best of my ability, but why… Oh, yes. Is it like that

‘Are you saying that one day is not enough? Under… Yeah, it’s not enough to be a Ballon d’Or winner. They say that Nal Gangdoo also has a lot of training, but he needs to do self-training after work.’

When I wake up with my soccer boots on, my seniors stare at me.

“Where are you going?”
“I will come after training.”
“…Training? Now?”

Seniors looking back at each other.
But something… It’s not a look that says it’s great, but it’s not that it’s not that it’s not, it’s very subtle.

“Uh… Are you okay?”
“No problem!!”

I don’t have good physical strength, but I also have good resilience, so after training and sleeping well, it’s okay.

“Yeah what… You may also have an idea. Don’t push yourself too hard.”
“Thank you!!”

Tsk tsk.
If you don’t have enough skills, you have to train even harder.

Seeing seniors lying around and using their smartphones makes me think that I should use them as teachers on the other hand.

From today I am reborn.

Is Ballon d’Or any different?
Ballon d’Or, as well as being the best player of all time, is not a dream if you have a status window!

I’m not one of those people who live and die on soccer, but it’s ridiculous that someone who wants to make a living on soccer never dreamed of becoming the best.

Probably every football dreamer has imagined it at least once.
Best soccer player. The one who became a Ballon d’Or winner.

Of course, most of them will give up on the wall of reality that is the limit of their talent… It’s a goal I gave up on early on, but it’s possible now.

It’s been a long time since I brought a cone to an empty soccer field, dribble hard, trap, and sweat.
The director who was taking a walk looked at me wide-eyed.

“Hong Min-joon! What are you doing here?”
“I’m training!”
“Are you the first to receive pre-season, no, training camp?”
“But why… No. They must be doing it because they are confident.”

The director kept tilting his head while moving away as if it was strange.
What the hell

I tried to shake off the ominous feeling that was creeping up on me and focused on practicing again. It was late at night, and I finished training and went back to the training camp.

Ugh, it’s so refreshing to have my whole body sore.
At this point, even 1 point came in— no!! No!!! Why!!!

And the next day.
After spending the night awake in confusion, I realized why the director and seniors were looking at me like a strange animal.

Hehe, uhh, ghastly… Cool, cool.”
“What is it, Minjun Hong! Are you tired already? Move quickly! Run! Time passes!”
“Keheuk, uhhuh…!”

Sir, fuck… Is this hell
I couldn’t sleep yesterday, so I couldn’t recover… !

Hojin University’s soccer club’s training camp… It was a great physical workout.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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