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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 1

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 1

Chapter 1 – The Day I Had a Dog Dream


I blink my eyes.
… Dream?

The unpleasant dampness felt on his back, perhaps from a cold sweat.
Sitting up in displeasure, the world is dark.

After fumbling around on the unfamiliar bed, I found my phone.
When I turned on the screen, it was 4 in the morning.

“… Under. What kind of dream is this?”

She sighed and put her phone down as if tossing it.
It’s 4:40. … Better

I closed my eyes and lay down on the bed, but I couldn’t fall asleep again.
After tossing and turning a few times, I sat up again.

Scratching her head, thinking about it, she had to leave her room at 7 o’clock today. It’s better to wake up early than to sleep late.

Isn’t today the first day of camp?
First day of camp.
In other words, it is the day when you officially join the soccer team.

It means the day when you become a new member of the proud Hojin University soccer team.
… I’m about to commit suicide

Hojin University.
So-called backwards.

It is one of the best jijapdaes in the world of jijapdae, located just over 4 hours by car from Seoul, and accepts even the legendary warrior who said that he finished filming and slept as soon as he started the exam.

… Is my future okay?
I let out a sigh of relief at the darkness, but the comfort is that I didn’t enter the school because of my studies.

In terms of cuts for the SAT, it is difficult to penetrate the bottom and reach the inner core, but it is said that it is good in arts and sports, especially in sports.

It’s not something I’m proud of, but I’m a member of the soccer team that’s considered an ace in Hojin University.

“I want to eat a meal quickly and play an active part and go to the K-League~”

Others in the K-League? They scoff at it, saying it is a league, but in fact, for soccer players, even the K-League is a path that only elite players among elite players can take.

There are many people in the world who play soccer, and there are many people who are players and live in soccer clubs in elementary, middle and high school. But how many people play in the K-League?

There are 12 teams in the K-League.
There are only 23 teams in the second division.

Soccer is a sport played by 11 players, so 11 starters and 11 rotations result in 22 players. If you add a few backup members to that, the average number of players per team is 30 at the lowest and 40 at the most.

In other words, the team’s first-team player depth is at most 30 to 40 people.
There are 23 teams in the K-League 1st and 2nd divisions, so there are only about 700 to 800 people who can play in the domestic professional league.

There are thousands or tens of thousands of young soccer players across the country, but only this is the number of players playing in the K-League.
That’s all.

The player famous for The Lion King played as an active player until his 40s.
After all, there are dozens of players who can advance to the K-League in a year, and the competition rate is truly mind-boggling.

Scary, K-League… !

‘… Well, even if you say this, you won’t be able to become a domestic player after all.’

How competitive is the K-League, what about the player base… Anyway, it’s only a domestic league.
What kind of Europeans would you be if you couldn’t even chew on the domestic league?

Until middle school, he made a name for himself as a genius.
His small body, excellent footing, compliant instantaneous acceleration, overwhelming agility and reaction speed, and great body balance are reminiscent of Messi.

Of course, it reminded me of Messi, but I wasn’t Messi.
Maybe it was the use of future growth, because the slow growth in high school was enough time to send a promising player to hell.

So it looks like this.

“At this time, even the status window…?”

Why is this really hot?

* * *

I thought hard about it.
What if what you thought was a dog dream was not a dog dream?
Real dream… It’s kind of strange to say, but what if the dream was real?

‘Is something strange?’

I definitely wished for sex.
An act of responding to a woman like that.

How does that relate to football?
If you forcibly associate it, popular soccer players are of course popular with the opposite sex, so they have sex countless times, and since soccer itself is a sport in which lower body and endurance are important, sex satisfaction is high?

It’s not like this.
Also… Is that

I opened the status window again.

【Skills】       【Spirit】         【Body】
Skill 062|Visibility 046|Main 059
Dribble 055 |Anticipation 044|Acceleration 063
Trapping 057 |Judgment 042|Balance 056
Short Pass 048|Concentration| 056|Agility| 059
Long Pass 041| Off the Ball 047| Reaction Speed ​​079
Shooting 045 |Space Mark 038| Power 054
Free Kick 042|Calmity 052|Jump 046
Header 038 |Leadership 040|Endurance 047
Tackle 032 |Teamwork 039 | Resilience 065

Genius 046 | Charm 045 | Intelligence 028

【Height 175cm|63kg】

【Retained Points】 50 P perk points

*First limited privilege point payment!
*Special points increase by 1 for every 1 point in any stat!

A translucent hologram floating in front of your eyes.

‘Oh Mr. How many letters There are many numbers. I’m not familiar with numbers.’

Anyway, this number… Isn’t that too low?
Usually when I watch games, the limit is 99 or 100, but why is my number between 40 and 60? What is it? There are even people in their 30s.

“…I see! Got it!!”

The limit of this stat window is definitely 80!!
Even Messi in his prime must have been 8x his individual skill.

If not, it doesn’t make sense that my individual skill, which has been evaluated as a professional level since middle school, is only 62.

“Huh? Do you have points?”

I hate seeing a lot of letters and numbers, but when I forced myself to watch it, there was a special point.
Oh, if you have 50 points, of course you should use it.

“Let’s see… How to distribute it so that it can be rumored that it was well distributed.”

Will you invest in technique and become a Messi? Or lower?
Worry for a while.
Men are also idiots.

Why, there is a famous proverb in the soccer field.
Rather than being a small hexagon, be a player with special strengths.

50 points.
If there are a lot of them, it’s a lot of points, but if you divide them into dozens of points, you’ll end up with only a mediocre hexagonal player.

So I’ll be Messi… Uh?

“Hidden? What is this?”

Genius? Charm? Besides, what is intelligence? Why is my intelligence only 28?
Obvious. The guy who made this is an asshole.

Of course, my grades are a bit miserable.
But it’s because it’s a soccer club, and it’s not because my brain is bad. I must have studied like the kids. Do your grades come out like this?

It’s just that I don’t have time to study because I’m playing soccer, but I do well when I do it.
My mom was like that do it well

‘… Although I said that many years old was stupid.’

The points were distributed without hesitation.

Genius 046 | Charm 095▲| Intelligence 028

【Height 175cm|63kg】

【Possessed Points】 0P

Wow this is sex

My regretful ability is stepped on in the eyes, but I am not ashamed of my choice, looking up to the sky.
What is football… If you train, you will grow, but the charm, this charm, can’t grow through training.

Kyaa~ Even so, my intelligence is 28?

‘Okay. Isn’t football everything in life? First of all, you have to be handsome to have sex… ?’

What… Ji?
Why does my whole body hurt like this?

A trembling finger entered the darkened vision.
Will I die like this?

Oh, no! I’ve never done it before!!

The image of your first love flickers before your eyes.
A childhood friend who lived next door and was close even before entering kindergarten. From judging to elementary school, we stuck together like that… She was a bitch who coldly refused with an expression of disgust when she confessed, but her face was really pretty. … The body was too damn good.

I saw the opportunity and tried to confess again… Fuck.
Of course, this dark history at the end…

Beep Big! Beep Big!!


It is morning when I wake up to the sound of the alarm.
… Uh? I have a feeling of deja vu.

“Ah, what a fucking dream this is.”

From the first day of entry, it’s very fucking.
Checking the time, I don’t even have time to eat breakfast. What’s breakfast, even if I prepare it now, I’ll be late.

I hurriedly took a shower, dried my hair with a towel, and hurriedly put on my clothes and jumped out and ran.
Since the school is located in a remote area, the room and the surrounding geography were all unfamiliar.

After running for a while, I see a man and a woman scrambling on the side of the road.

“Oh, I hate it.”
“Wait a minute, please give me a minute.”
“Because I hate it!”

A pair of unlucky cockroaches dirty my eyes from the morning… The woman was too pretty for Hindagi.
You’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen

Steps slowly slow down.
Oh, I can’t stand the sight of pretty girls.

As I passed her, I sniffed for no reason. It sounds like something smells good.
Hey, you’re lucky this morning. Honey~

“Excuse me.”

Unfortunately, I was surprised when a woman suddenly spoke to me.

“Yes. That way.”

How could such a pretty woman talk to me? Is she interested in me… Such a delusion is the way to sewage.

I know my subject well.
Also, because I have bad memories of pretty girls, I like to appreciate it, but I don’t like to be involved in it.


What. Why.

“Ha. Can you get this guy off?”
“Why am I?”

It seems that the same words are repeated over and over again.

“Excuse me. I’m a bit busy right now, right? Take care of your business yourself.”

Even if you help me, I won’t even look at it.
I know very well.

Because I’ve been taken advantage of by pretty girls.

“Hey, hey! Hey hey!!”

I don’t know I can’t hear
I have to go quickly before I’m really late.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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