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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 16

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 16

Chapter 16 – Glass Tea (3)

Layering her and her body on the cape of her tea glass. She confirmed the contents of the system window that popped up in front of her eyes.

『Awakening Point Acquisition +180 (Basic 60, Bonus 20, Urgent Task Reward 100)』

… Efficiency is no joke.

Looking back, the number of points I got when I first had sex with Kang Hye-eun was 95.

Certainly, that emergency task reward is the reason for the ridiculously high reward.

The urgent task itself was also the trigger that somehow made me decide to have sex with Cha Yu-ri today.

I don’t know how many urgent tasks like this will come up in the future. The most efficient way to achieve growth would be to complete it as soon as possible.

… Come to think of it, why is the bonus 20 points?

A virgin graduation, creampie, and simultaneous climax would be 15 points at most.

Perhaps another repeatable feat I was unaware of had been unlocked from having sex with her.

In my mind, I wanted to open my smartphone right now and check my new achievements, but it was like a chimney.

“Haaa, I, I’m finally graduating as a girl…Hehehehe….”

Looking at your smartphone right after sex would be rude to your partner. I decided to refrain for the moment.

It’s not like it’ll disappear if you don’t check it now anyway.

Instead, while stroking Cha Yu-ri’s smiling face in my arms, it would be more important to create an atmosphere where she could ask me to relieve her sexual desire next time.

“Congratulations, Cha Yu-ri.”

“Thank you, thanks to you.”

“Because Cha Yu-ri was pretty, I was able to have sex with pleasure too.”

“I’m talking empty words again….”

“What if you think it’s empty? I can say it for the rest of my life, even if it’s just empty words.”


With my cock still in her body, her vagina squeezed hard against my cock, delighting.

He is definitely a person who is very weak in praise.

“Do you think your strength has returned?”

“Yes. Now, I am confident that I will not get tired even if I use magic 100 times.”

“That’s fortunate. Because it works”

If the power didn’t come back, it would have been just a relationship.

She had to be rewarded for sure, but she would think of my face first when her sexual desires piled up in the future.

“Will you wake up soon?”

“Can’t we just stay like this for a bit longer?”

“… At this rate, she will become a spoiled woman.”

Unfortunately, I pulled out my cock, which was lodged between her legs. I fixed the pants I took off for sex.

Cha Yu-ri brushed off her hat that spilled while having sex with her and put it on. Concerning that she might not be a wizard, she took care of her staff first.

Seeing her naked, with a cape, hat, boots, and even a staff.

She seemed to be cosplaying as an adult of a certain cartoon, so I had a strong desire for more.

Even the traces of the sex that were still left on her body, so even more so.

While fixing the belt, I was admiring my semen flowing between Cha Yu-ri’s legs.

She suddenly started fixating her eyes on me, clutching the staff.


She returned with a calm expression that was completely different from her before.

“Cha Yu-ri?”


“Do you have anything to say?”

I asked her, who looked as if she had something to tell me.

Cha Yuri was still fixating her gaze on me, concentrating on something of hers.

The staff held in her right hand was slowly moving toward me.

“Don’t move.”

“… Uh?”

For a moment. Why is this atmosphere like this?

I think it ended in a good mood until the end.

Could it be that the last time I hit you from above suddenly made you feel bad?

“Wait, calm down, Mr. Cha Yu-ri.”

“I am always calm.”

“I’m sorry I suddenly changed my posture during sex. It was because Cha Yu-ri looked so hard.”

“I know. It’s noisy, so be quiet.”

“If you know, why would you do that?!”

Ignoring my screams, Cha Yu-ri opened her mouth and suddenly chanted her spell.

“Screw Tornado.”

The magic power from the tip of her staff flew straight to the back of my shoulder.

“… Uh?”

For a moment, I wondered if it might have been a misspelling as a warning. I heard the sound of something wooden grinding and breaking behind me.

“Goo oh oh… !!”

Before long, even the familiar monster’s cry hit my ears right away.

When she hurriedly turned her head to check her back, Woodrello, hit by Cha Yu-ri’s 5-circle magic, was being shattered.

The monster disappeared, hiding its existence, leaving only its core.

… You didn’t shoot at me.


Cha Yuri let out a shallow sigh as if she had finished her job.

“Ha, hag!!”

She suddenly grabbed her between the groins and began to stumble.

“Why, why?!”

“The blocked magic has been pierced…. Recoil….”

“It’s okay? Are you sick somewhere?”

“Oh, it’s not painful…. Whoops… !!”

If left alone, she would stumble and fall to the floor. She hurriedly took her body and hugged her so that she would not collapse.

“Pleasure, pleasure…. The pleasure of using magic immediately after sex….”


“I think I will become addicted…. No, it’s not a joke….”

It seemed like it was just a moan because I was in a good mood. I’m glad you’re not sick.

“Next time, please explain. You were surprised.”

“Ugh, what… ?”

“I thought Cha Yu-ri was trying to deal with me with her magic because she didn’t like the sex she had with me.”

“… Uh, me?”

Cha Yu-ri stared blankly at her staff she was holding. She was just imagining how things would have looked.

“M-I’m sorry…. I never meant to….”

“I know.”

“Mi, don’t hate me…. She really only intended to kill monsters….”

“Because I know.”

Cha Yu-ri, who was still naked and making excuses with a embarrassed voice, felt quite cute.

… I’m responding to this again.

I wondered if it could lead to the 2nd match like the last time, so I checked if the heart icon was on Cha Yu-ri as well.


Maybe it was right after the sex, but it didn’t seem like the sexual desire had built up right away.

Then it would be better not to attack her. She must mean that she is also satisfied with the situation.

… I was a bit scared after seeing the magic power just now.

“It’s okay, so put on your clothes. I have to go back soon.”

“… Yes, it is.”

After hearing my words, Cha Yu-ri went back to her seat and began to take off her clothes.

I picked up Woodrello’s core that Cha Yu-ri had knocked down.

… Is this roughly 300,000 won per piece?

Judging by simple calculations, Cha Yu-ri earned nearly 600,000 won today.

Since it was a result obtained as a union hunter rather than a member of the company, the commission would be small.

Probably, when she returns to the company, she will go hunting for A-class monsters with her colleagues rather than these B-class monsters.

That’s why you’ll get a lot of salary on a regular basis.

First of all, I need to quickly raise my hunter level and create a stable source of income.

Because I can’t live on Kang Hye-eun forever.

“I’m all dressed up.”

Before I knew it, I handed the Woodrello core to Cha Yu-ri, who had finished wearing her clothes and came up behind me.

“Here, loot.”

“… Yes?”

“You just caught it with a woodrell.”

“Ah, that’s it….”

For some reason, Cha Yu-ri didn’t immediately accept the spoils I offered and showed a little hesitation.


I carefully took the monster’s core from me and put it in the monster material pouch worn around my waist.

If I want to live as a hunter from now on, I’ll have to get a bag of materials for monsters.

“I felt it when I came in earlier, but the road was a little rough because of the roots of the old tree.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Do you want to hold hands and walk to the entrance so you don’t fall?”

“… Yes, I will.”

Carrying the greatsword and staff on their backs, respectively. Holding Cha Yu-ri and her hand, I walked down a slightly rough forest road.

After about 5 minutes, I was able to find the movable warp, the entrance to the dungeon.

The moment you try to move to the Hunter Autonomous Association by putting your body on the white scaffolding with Cha Yu-ri.

She said to me, pulling something of hers out of her material pouch.

“… You take this too.”

While holding one Woodrello core in each of her hands, Cha Yu-ri was pushing me as if to take it.

“Are you okay? Cha Yu-ri caught both of them.”

“It was an achievement I couldn’t have achieved without you. So it’s right for you to take both.”

“But isn’t it too expensive to just get?”

“It’s okay. I’m A-level, I have a lot of money.”

“I took a break earlier, so I don’t have time right now….”

“…… Bar, I told you to take it.”

“I see. I will be grateful to you for saying that.”

It would also be disrespectful to be too reserved. I gratefully accepted two pieces of her material worth 600,000 won from her.

“I-take that….”


“Before leaving…. Give me one more kiss….”

Cha Yu-ri made a cute request in her confident voice with her face flushed red with embarrassment.

As soon as I saw her face, I roughly put the two cores into the bag. Just like that, she bent her head and crossed her lips with the glass of the car.

“Town. Ugh… ?!”

Maybe he was thinking of the light kiss they shared during sex.

She reacted with considerable bewilderment when I kissed her as I opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in.

“Town… Hmm… Well….”

Soon after, even Cha Yu-ri didn’t reject my tongue. They exchanged thick saliva in her mouth.

Sharing a gentle kiss with thin water droplets popping out again and again. When the lips that crossed the car glass dripped with long saliva.

A red heart with the number 50 written on it appeared beside her face before she knew it.

“Cha Yu-ri.”

“Yeah, yeah….”

“Are you busy tonight?”

“Oh, no…. No schedule….”

“Then how about tomorrow morning?”

“Apart from applying for reinstatement at the company, nothing….”

“Good for you.”

At least her busy schedule won’t take her away.

“Mr. Cha Yu-ri also seems to be lacking a bit, but if you don’t mind, will she hang out with me until tomorrow morning?”


Her face, still flushed, nodded quietly.

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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