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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 15

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 15

Chapter 15 – Glass Tea (2)

Cha Yu-ri, whose body was so hot that it was okay to insert his cock at any time, asked as a last warning before inserting my cock into his body.

“I made it clear. I have a hymen.”

“Yes Yes. I know because I checked earlier.”

“Don’t pretend to be strong, just say you can’t do it right now. Then, from behind the tree over there, I’ll tear it up so you can’t see it.”

“I have already told you several times. Cha Yu-ri’s first experience, if possible, ask me to pierce it with my cock.”

“Just look at the blood and cool down. At that time, I will make you erect again even by strangling you.”

I’ve already checked several times, but I’m still feeling anxious.

Cha Yu-ri looked quite concerned that my cock would pierce her hymen.

Certainly, this world is so pitiful that the treatment of a woman’s hymen is too much.

Of course, it was only good for me that she took her first experience.

It felt like a kind of medal for me to have my first experience with a woman by piercing it with my cock.

It’s small, but you can get additional awakening points.

It wasn’t Cha Yu-ri’s hymen that I was worried about, but rather the problem on the other side.

“Cha Yu-ri, will you be okay?”

“… What.”

“She’s lost strength in her legs for a while now, so it looks like she’s having a hard time moving.”

By the way, the top position in this world naturally means the top position of women.

The top position I had when I had sex with Kang Hye-eun seems to be called the top male in this world.

In fact, since most women have more stamina and stronger libidos than men, it was a much more common concept to have a woman riding on top of them during sex.

So, it was a word I came up with in consideration for her, who had lost her strength several times already at the peak, and her stamina itself was not very good in the first place.

“I don’t want to be groaned under a man weaker than me.”

Instead of appreciating or agreeing to her concerns, childish pride escaped Cha Yu-ri’s lips.

“Being underfoot during sex doesn’t mean you are weak.”

“Anyway, I hate it. If you want to crush me, take at least an A grade.”

He said it because he was worried about himself, but if he said it like that, what’s the matter?

She pretended to quietly obey her words for now, since even if she forced it down, it would only decrease her satisfaction.

Above all, Cha Yu-ri, who struggles to insert my cock in a halfway standing position, is quite cute.

It seemed that she didn’t know that she looked more insignificant now than she did underneath.

“… Put in.”

“Yes, put it in.”

“… Really, put it in.”

“Because you put it in.”

How the hell did he spend so much time doing such a great act?

By the time the mucous membrane tickling the tip of her glans was getting tired of it. Fortunately, Cha Yu-ri made a great leap forward.

“…… Whoops!”

With her deep breathing, my cock was the first thing to enter her vagina, ripping open the glass without a problem.

“Whoa, haaaaa… !”

I wonder if I reached a light climax as my things went in. Or was it just that the pain of the first experience was harder to bear than I thought.

She threw her back on her back and let out her moan without showing me a look.

“D-Come in…. Men’s stuff in me…. Even tearing the hymen….”

“Congratulations, Cha Yu-ri. Now I can go anywhere and confidently say that I am not a virgin.”

“… That is not yet.”


She already looked pretty tired from just putting her things in, but she immediately started bouncing her hips up and down, bouncing her hips up and down.

“Ah, inside, cum, until, graduation, no….”

“It’s okay? You seem overdoing it.”

“Ha, noisy, ha, noisy….”

Maybe my careless words stimulated her pride.

As soon as Cha Yu-ri heard my words, she started moving her waist even harder.

Just the tight biting of my cock by the narrow vagina was quite a stimulus.

With the addition of fast movements, the pleasure that came to my lower body naturally doubled.

The large breasts that sway excessively on the body and the connected parts of the cock and pussy that are nakedly exposed.

From Cha Yu-ri’s upper and lower mouths to the different, obnoxious voices that were spit out at the same time.

She played every part of her own body and gave me her physical and mental pleasure.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha….”

It seemed that he was so tired of moving her waist that he couldn’t even feel it properly.

“Ah, still, hey… ?”


“Have you not eaten yet? !”

“Because it’s not controlled by my will.”

When you feel like it’s going to be cheap, you hold it back with willpower, although it’s somewhat possible.

Conversely, it is naturally impossible to ejaculate without a sense of ejaculation due to the structure of a man’s body.

I’m sorry for Yuri Cha, who was already exhausted, but in order for her to fight me on her own, she would have to squat for three more minutes without getting tired.


Naturally, she couldn’t complete the 3 minutes, and she stopped moving and collapsed her tired body on her upper body.

In an unfortunate situation that left me very little feeling like I could ejaculate.

“Why, why not, fight, go, why….”

Although I feel a little sorry for Cha Yu-ri, who is breathing heavily in a resentful voice.

I didn’t expect from the beginning that I would be able to ejaculate under her guidance.

What I was aiming for was the image of Cha Yu-ri collapsing from exhaustion from the beginning.

It’s because I can’t easily resist even if I move on my own now.


Without paying attention, she turned the position of her and me 180 degrees as she held Cha Yuri’s body tightly in her arms.

I, who was below her, climbed on top of her body, while the glass of her car changed into a shape that was laid under her body, with her own cloak on the floor.

“… Being put under a weak man… I must have said I didn’t like it….”

Even in the middle of this exhaustion, I don’t want to let out a groan under me.

Cha Yu-ri began to resist, pushing my body away with her slender limbs.

But she wants to continue having sex with her while she rides on top of me like before. Until the first ejaculation, she was going to have to shake her waist for more than ten minutes.

Apparently, the glass was exhausted and collapsed before that. Or else my cock wouldn’t keep her erect and would collapse from exhaustion.

In the end, it means that there is no other way than this position to finish the cum inside today.

“But at this rate, it won’t end even if it takes all day.”

“Cancel that…. I’ll make it cheaper right now….”

“Don’t do that, give up. It’s hard for you to resist me with your strength anyway.”

“You you… ! If I ever get my strength back… !”

“Instead, what Mr. Cha Yu-ri said about being under the weak man. I promise that I can keep my pride.”

Her strength, which entered her limbs as she pushed me away, began to wane slightly.

“… How.”

“I will somehow become a stronger hunter than Cha Yu-ri. Then, even if Cha Yu-ri is placed under me today, it will not mean that he was placed under a weak man, right?”


Cha Yu-ri’s limbs, which were trying to push me away, suddenly stopped.

She took me out and suddenly began to think seriously about her sophistry.

“To become a stronger Hunter than me, is that a promise you can keep?”

“Of course I can keep it.”

“… All right, I believe.”

“Do you believe me?”

“… Because you saved me Besides, he looked strong for a trainee hunter.”

Perhaps it means that future growth is expected.

I don’t know if it’s a female hunter who has completed awakening. Among the male apprentice hunters, I was probably the first one who could parry Woodrelo’s attack.

“And, because I told you that I like it….”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, could you repeat that one more time?”

“… Don’t ask if you haven’t heard.”

Did I say something embarrassing without knowing it? Cha Yu-ri’s white face was dyed red again.

I found her shy to be cute, and thrust the slightly pushed cock back into her body.

“Hag ugh… !!”

How much of her fatigue, which had accumulated from moving her body with difficulty, had been recovered.

This time, a voice full of pleasure came out of Cha Yu-ri’s throat.

Feeling that she was cute, I held my head in front of Cha Yu-ri’s red face.

“Come to think of it, she hasn’t even kissed me yet.”

“… Would you do it, do it, do it?”

“I won’t do it if you don’t like it. But I want to.”


Instead of answering my words, Cha Yu-ri gently closed her eyes and pouted her lips to me.

I brought her and her face a little closer. He lightly bumped her lips against hers.

After bumping her lips a couple of times. Finally, he licked her lips lightly with his tongue.

Dropping her face again, I observed her flinching expression.

“Key, kiss…. Hey, this is a kiss….”

To be honest, it was a lot closer to a kiss than a kiss.

Unlike the intense kiss that shared the deepest part of each other with Kang Hye-eun.

The light clash of her lips with the tea glass had its own charm as well.

Upward, it seems like they are making platonic love. Down there, they were having passionate sex no different from that of a beast.

The gap divided into extremes might have made me more excited.

“I didn’t know you would tell a hot, loser girl like me that even standing up your dick wasn’t enough, ha ugh, key, kissing…” .

It’s because your eyes are low… ? Or, hey, I’m just pretending to be excited because I feel sorry for me… ?”

“Sorry, but neither.”

“Well, then why, why?!”

“Because Cha Yu-ri is pretty and cute, she wants to have sex and kiss her. I don’t set a shit on anyone either.”


The muscles of her vagina wrapped around her prick momentarily tightened around my cock.

“Even if I hear a guy compliment me on being cute, I’m not happy at all….”

“At least if you look like Cha Yu-ri, I think I can have sex all day long.”


Once again, Cha Yu-ri’s vagina pressed hard against my cock.

She slowly began to get a sense of what part she was excited about.

Even after the moment when my hymen was pierced, Cha Yu-ri maintained her expressionless expression as if she had no emotion.

Because just giving her a few compliments while fucking her cock started to change into a silly loose expression.

“You used to have the same expression until now, but now you have a pretty expression.”

“Ha, you, don’t do that….”

“What are you not doing?”

“It’s cute or pretty…. Haaaaah, that, don’t say that….”

“You say cute and pretty things are cute and pretty, so how do you say that?”

“Ahhh, you, really… !!”

Cha Yu-ri, who was shy after hearing that she was pretty, was cute. Hearing her say she’s cute and telling her to stop was lovely.

The ejaculation feeling of wanting to expel my semen inside Cha Yu-ri’s body. A strong feeling boiled from the depths of his lower body.


Seeing her go through endless climaxes. She had a hunch that, in fact, whenever she ejaculated, she would climax at the same time.

“Cha Yu-ri, can I wrap it inside?”

“M, Mum, Happ! As it ishaha! Heart, daero clothes… !!”

She got her consent too, so she didn’t hesitate after that.

The sense of ejaculation he had endured until the end was filled into her body.

“Ha, de, come in, hag ugh…” ?!”

With both of her arms tightly wrapped around the tea glass that fits snugly into her arms.

Even in the midst of her ejaculation, her waist, which touched her, did not know how to stop at all.

Haha, ha, ha, ha, ha….”

Using her wide wizard cloak as a blanket, we lay on top of each other for a while.

『Awakening Point Acquisition +180 (Basic 60, Bonus 20, Urgent Task Reward 100)』

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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