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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 14

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 14

Chapter 14 – Glass Tea (1)

It took a lot more courage than I thought to bring up a proposal to have sex with someone I was meeting for the first time today.

If you look at it common sense, of course it would make no sense.

In particular, it didn’t seem that easy to lead Cha Yu-ri, who seems to be indifferent to everything except the hunter job, let alone sex, naturally to sex.

The expected acquisition points and additional rewards floating next to her face gave me courage.

“Tell me quickly. What is the method?”

“If you listen to it all, you might think it’s a little strange, but….”

And it’s not like I’m lying.

It must have been a good suggestion in her situation, considering that it would help Cha Yu-ri regain her lost magic by relieving her accumulated sexual desire.

Looking at her straight into my eyes and waiting for her next words, I was a little pricked by her conscience that her purpose was to acquire awakening points, not cure.

If you pay attention to those things, you will live a life without a connection with a high-ranking hunter for the rest of your life.

“The quickest way for Cha Yu-ri to regain her strength is to have sex with a man.”


Cha Yu-ri’s normally quiet mouth went completely shut as soon as she heard my words.

… Did I say this too bluntly?

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, I mean seriously.”

“Not all sexual harassment jokes are valid because they are men.”

“I mean this very seriously. I will explain why from now on.”

He made eye contact with Cha Yu-ri, who was still suspicious, and continued explaining to understand her sex proposal.

“Cha Yu-ri, you said she couldn’t use magic and she tried other methods for two months.”

“Yeah, this and that.”

“So, did any of that involve having sex with a man?”

“… Could it have been?”

“I can’t guarantee that it’s a wrong method in that it’s a method I haven’t tried before, right?”

Although her face changed for a moment as if she was worried. Still, of course, it was impossible to convince him with such words.

“You just don’t know.”

“There is another reason.”


“Think of the moment when Mr. Cha Yu-ri’s magic returned. Even though it’s only for a moment, magic has returned since it came into contact with my male body.

Perhaps, without realizing it, the sexual desire accumulated in Cha Yu-ri’s body was relieved a little, and it makes sense to say that the magic returned because of that, right?”

“… Is it?”

In practice, the principle is probably not very different.

The temporary recovery of her magic on the tea glass she had just had must be because I touched this or that part of her while holding her.

In fact, seeing as even the urgent assignment tells her to unleash her libido so that she can regain her lost power. Her ability in her car glass, which had just temporarily returned to her, was also likely to have happened accidentally after I touched her.

“Yeah, that was definitely a theory I hadn’t thought of before.”

“I’m glad you understand.”

“… But in the end, it’s back to square one.”


“Who wants to have sex with a short woman with no muscles like me? Searching for a one night partner at a club, that kind of thing is impossible with my personality.”

Certainly, the standard of beauty in this world was a little different from the original world.

Considering that the attractive points of men in the existing world were face, height, and muscular body.

Even when men look at women in this world, there is a tendency to consider height and a strong body quite important.

In that respect, Cha Yu-ri’s height and low-quality stamina must be a negative factor in the dating market.

… Of course, it didn’t feel that way at all from my point of view.

“Aren’t you concluding too soon that no one will want to have sex with you?”

“I don’t know because you are a man. You have no idea how hard it is for a short and insignificant woman to date.”

“There can be enough people who like Cha Yu-ri, right?”

“Where is that person? Even if there is, how the hell am I supposed to twist it? If you’re so confident, you can bring it and see….”

“Is that why you brought it?”

“………… Yes?”

Cha Yu-ri, not understanding what I was talking about, looked around for a while. He made sure no one else was there and then fixed his gaze on me.

“You know, Cha Yu-ri is the person I like.”

“… Are you serious?”

“If you don’t believe me, can you check it out? I can confirm it right now.”

I grabbed the arm of Cha Yu-ri, who was making a puzzled expression, and brought it between my groin.

As soon as her hand touched my things, she murmured in a low voice.

“It’s hard….”


“I do not get it. Can you really excite me with my body?”

“Do you believe I have to show you?”


Cha Yu-ri still can’t believe my reaction. She started rubbing my hardened cock around my groin area.

“Cha Yu-ri.”

“… Sorry. I touched you too much.”

“It doesn’t matter if I touch you, but how long are you going to keep doing this?”


“Do you need to recover magic?”

Cha Yu-ri’s head nodded quietly.

It was time to collect points.

⁎ ⁎ ⁎

It took less than an hour before Cha Yu-ri agreed to have sex with me and started her act.

Originally, after going out of the Guild, she was going to grab a suitable hotel and start a relationship right away.

Because Cha Yu-ri started taking off her clothes before I even suggested that.

“Now, wait a minute, Mr. Cha Yu-ri. Are you going to do it right here?”

“Yes. I want to do it right now.”

“Are you okay? What if someone else sees it?”

“No one comes to this dungeon at this time of day. And at most, only women come.”

“It might be, though.”

I wonder if it would be embarrassing to be naked alone, even with the same woman.

“I want to have sex right now, recover my magic, and check right in front of my eyes to see if it came back properly. I can’t do it because it’s annoying to go back and forth to the hotel.”

“Did it pile up that much?”

“… I just want to get my magic back quickly.”

Having sex in the middle of a dungeon because going to a hotel that takes less than an hour round trip is annoying.

If you stick to one thing, the other elements are not noticed at all, he was a very my way personality.

To be honest, on the contrary, it was a proposal that did not consider my position as a man at all.

Well, I don’t hate going outside either.

“I won’t force you to take off your clothes. But take it out instead.”

Before I knew it, she was naked except for her hat and cape, and she brought her hand to my crotch.

Maybe the hat and cloak are left behind because they are the identity of a wizard. Or, I don’t know if it’s a costume that I put on to hide my identity when I’m witnessed by someone else.

One thing is for sure, it’s much more hot than just being naked.

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry.”


“Because I have a lot of time anyway. Still, you have to prepare and put it in.”

I put my left hand on the right breast of Cha Yu-ri, who approached me in her naked body.

Her remaining right hand, of course, was pushed between her groin.

“Ah… ?!”

Suddenly, the glass of the car that touched my chest in my hand made her body tremble slightly.

Her cunt, which she checked just in case, was not wet at all.

“When the cock goes in in such a stiff state, it only hurts because of the frictional heat.”

“… I do not care. If only I could get my magic back.”

“But I do care.”

I put my finger in her, wondering if the inside was ready. It was also the same situation that the inside was stuffy.

Besides, before even one knuckle of her finger went in. A long piece of skin blocking the middle of the hole prevented my fingers from entering.

Although I vaguely inferred from her personality or from what she said. It was a clean body, as if she had not had any male experience, let alone insertion masturbation.

“You can’t even masturbate?”

“… I do.”

“What do you mean you do?”

“It’s just the nipple, but I can touch it a little…. Or the clitoris….”

“What about the experience of putting things in?”

“After graduating from high school, I tried to put a pen or something, but I gave up because it hurt so much. It seemed like it would be cumbersome to do post-processing….”


“… But why are you sneaking up on me from earlier? I just said to sleep but take it out… Let’s go!”

Do you want to regain lost magic as soon as possible? I expressed my intention to insert it quickly no matter what happened to me.

Satisfying others was also one of the key elements of my ability. Of course, I don’t intend to end up with halfway sex like that.

Just like the sex I had with Kang Hye-eun yesterday.

Cha Yu-ri should also be able to get the maximum satisfaction she can get as a woman.

Only then can she fully secure her 60 awakening points.

It would be much easier to pierce the blocked flow of magical power that plagues Cha Yu-ri’s body.

More than anything, it is a matter of a man’s pride to make his partner feel properly satisfied.

“How do you masturbate with nipples? The type that turns gently with your fingers? Or in another way?”

“… I wonder why… But….”

“It’s okay, so I’ll answer. If you want to get your magic back.”

Although in this world, women are superior in power and power in most cases. Still, as much as the initiative on the bed was male power.

Besides, now that Cha Yu-ri has lost her ability to awaken, she won’t even be able to think of resisting my request with force.

There is even a desperate need to regain her awakening ability, so it will be even harder for me to refuse.

Of course, she’s been cheeky for a while now, and once she regains her power, I, who has just awakened from her, probably won’t even be an opponent.

It was a matter of how much she satisfied her now in her sex.

After having a satisfying experience enough to fly to the sky, the anger of the moment will be replaced with good memories.

“Pinch it tightly with your thumb and forefinger, as if pulling it out of your body….”

“Um, like this?”

“Hehhehe! Let’s go!!”

Cha Yu-ri, whose nipples were pulled by my fingers, immediately shook her body with an easy-to-understand moan.

“What, what is it? It’s completely different from when you touch it directly….”

“Originally, a woman’s body is designed that way. Get even more aroused when touched by a man.”

“Bar, don’t touch the other side..Hehe?!”

Looking at the car glass that feels almost like a climax switch every time you pull a nipple.

I definitely felt what it was like to have sexual desire piled up to the point where my mana was blocked.

“Hahaha… !! Stop that! Job… Hag-uh?!”

Because there was no method as efficient as this to heat up her body the fastest.

I tugged on both her nipples alternately with my left hand, quickly getting her excited.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha….”

Is it difficult to stand still? She tucked my right hand between her legs and lowered her stance.

Her cunt, which had been like a dry desert, was already emitting endless amounts of clear water like an oasis.

“Can you feel the magic returning?”

“I don’t know…. I don’t know that now….”

Cha Yu-ri seemed to have a hard time even answering my question. She breathed heavily as she held onto my shoulders, still clad in her cloak on her naked body.

The warm sound of her breathing made me excited as well as Cha Yu-ri.

“Should we move on to the next one now?”

“Papa, let me put it in quickly…. Hurry….”

To bother her any more than this would be an unnecessary waste of her time.

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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