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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 13

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 13

Chapter 13 – To Catch a Hunter, Go to the Hunter Guild (5)

Seeking her natural encounter, once she slept, her body first sprang towards her.

If I watched her die in Woodrello like this, it was clear that she would be in a very bad mood.

Above all, it was against my belief that I would make sure that no one would die from monsters, which I had initially decided to become a Hunter.

Already, her two legs were hurriedly moving her steps toward protecting her.

“…… !! …… !!”

I jumped out in front of her who was still moaning tied to the root of the tree and grabbed the greatsword she was holding in front of me.


Just once, at the start of the battle. A skill that can do much more damage than a normal slash.

The stem of the woodrello was cut in half using a cutting knife.

“…… Uh?”

The wizard (estimated), whose life was saved with my sudden help, made eye contact with me with a bewildered expression.

‘Suddenly, suddenly!’

After I cut off the roots that tied her ankles with a double cut. He gave advice as if shouting at a woman who was absent-minded.

“Bounce quickly! What are you staring at blankly!”

“…… !!”

Barely coming to her senses after hearing my words, she immediately picked up her own staff and tried to raise her body off the ground.

“… Aww.”

She stirred for a moment, as if trying to get up, then lost her balance and fell back on her floor.

“What are you doing?!”

“Everything, a mouse in the leg….”

“It’s so different!”

While the woman caught by her was hesitant about a trivial matter, her next attack from her woodrello came right out and pounced on her.


As soon as he hurriedly spread his greatsword wide, he created a protective shield made of energy.

“Ouch… !”

Even so, it was a defense against a B-class monster, so it couldn’t completely block the damage.

He probably wouldn’t even have the stamina to wield the sword if he received one more attack.

“You really can’t wake up?!”

“Rat, I said….”

“Oh, really!”

She inadvertently held back her swear words from spilling out of her mouth, threw down the greatsword she was holding, and picked up the 160cm woman lying on the floor and hugged her.

“Eww, don’t touch anything strange.”

“It’s okay, stay still!”

In the process, places like her breasts and buttocks were touched by her hands. She didn’t even have a moment to feel the gentle touch, so she just grabbed the part that could be held in her hand and hurriedly ran away from Woodrello.

Dealing with him on my own right now is like committing suicide.

All I had to think about was getting away from the monster as quickly as possible by holding the body of the female hunter in a position roughly similar to hugging a prince.

It was a pity for the greatsword I left behind, but I didn’t have enough hands to hold it together.

Matter has substitutes, but life does not.


Somehow avoiding Woodrello’s attack, and with the woman in his arms, he runs into the terrain between the old trees, which is difficult for him to chase.

“… There.”

The woman in my arms suddenly started muttering something of hers to me.

Still with an expressionless expression like a wooden stone, only her face was slightly red.

“Why again?!”

“Put me down.”


“I want you to come down.”

What? Are you a suicidal person?

It’s slow, but after glancing at Woodrello chasing us, he shook his head to say no.

“Are you out of your mind? Do you ask because you don’t know what will happen if you put it down now?”

“I can win now.”

“It’s not about winning, it’s about being crushed.”

“Really. I think magic will come out now.”

The sorcerer (self-proclaimed) in my arms shamelessly mumbled without changing his expression.

As proof of her prowess, he showed her the gold dog tag she was wearing around her neck.

「Cha Yu-ri, Class A Hunter」


As soon as she saw the dog tag, which felt completely different from her previous actions, her mind went blank.

Something like this… Class A?

“Get down quickly. I think it will come out now.”


“I don’t know if it will be blocked now or again. Get down quickly.”

Mr., I don’t know.

I roughly put the hunter named Cha Yu-ri down on the floor. She had her ready to run and carry her back at any time, just in case her magic failed again.

“If I fail again, I will pick it up and run.”

“It’s noisy, I can’t concentrate.”

I really want to slap you in the back of the head.

My reaction doesn’t seem to matter at all. The discovered wizard held his staff in front of him and muttered something.

“Ughhhhh… !!”

I chanted a magic spell containing her magical power toward Wood Rello, who had followed us through the old trees.

“Screw Tornado.”

Even though I was still unfamiliar with magic, I felt a completely different magical energy emanating from the tip of her staff.

That magical energy flew in a straight line toward Woodrello, who had narrowed the distance.

“Ugh… ?”

Woodrello, whose mana touched her body, stopped her steps as if to grasp her situation for a moment.

“Uh-uhhhhh… !!”

With a low-pitched scream of pain, it began to shatter into tens of thousands of pieces of wood.


Staring blankly at Woodrello (what it used to be) who disappeared leaving only the core behind.

The courtesy 5th circle wizard turned to me and said with an impudent expression.

“I told you I was coming.”

I didn’t know I was coming out either.

⁎ ⁎ ⁎

Woodrello is shattered by the hand of Class A Hunter Cha Yu-ri. After she returns to the place where she and the monster first confronted, to retrieve her things she left behind.

Fortunately, the greatsword I had left behind was still there.


It was a weapon I bought with expensive money when I was in middle school, and it was something I ignorantly wielded every single day of my middle school days.

It would have been a little unfair if I had lost it in such vain.

Around the time I brushed off the dirt and moss on the blade and handle and put it back on my back.

From behind, the red-eyed wizard spat out thanks to me.

“Thank you for saving me.”


“But don’t go talking anywhere.”


“If a rumor spreads that you filmed an A-rank and was saved by a C-rank male hunter. You can’t work with your face up on this floor.”

I don’t know if I can take this purely as a thank you.

“I had no intention of talking about it from the beginning.”

“… Okay?”

“If I said that an apprentice male hunter saved the life of an A-rank hunter, who would believe it? It’s good if you don’t get ridiculed.”

“… What… Rectification? Not even C grade… ?”

“If you don’t believe me, check it out.”

Show the red-eyed wizard a wooden apprentice hunter dog tag. She suddenly sat down on her floor and started muttering something of her own.

“Su, fix…. To be saved by a male hunter….”


“Besides, being hugged by a man as a prince…. I want to die of embarrassment….”

I guess I should have just let him die.

Immediately set aside any bad thoughts that pop into your head.

I sat on her floor and made eye contact with her. I asked her a question to clear up her doubts.

“With the price you saved my life, can I ask you something?”

“… Unless you go somewhere and spread the word.”

“You said you wouldn’t pay.”

“Then ask.”

“I wish I could use circle 5 magic. Why didn’t you do anything until right before you died?”

No matter how you look at it, the way she was attacked by the monsters at first was just that she was embarrassed because her magic didn’t work.

Seeing that he suddenly shattered Woodrello with 5th circle magic after saving him again, he must have been talented.

I questioned the bizarre sense of disparity and asked why he hadn’t used magic until I saved him.

“It was blocked.”


“I tried to use magic, but for some reason it got stuck and I couldn’t go out.”

“Today for the first time?”

“No, from two months ago.”

What? Two months?

“I haven’t been able to use magic since two months, so you’re going to fight a B-rank monster in a C-rank dungeon because you’re crazy?”

“This was my last attempt.”


“I wondered if he would come out again if his life was at risk in real combat.”


No matter how hard it is, in a crisis situation, without a single ally to save you, you’re dealing with a B-class monster with your bare body.

There was such a thing as too much recklessness.

“If you didn’t come out this time, what were you going to do back then?”

“I told you, it was your last attempt.”

“… Yes?”

“If it didn’t come out, that was it. It’s just over.”


… Apparently, I was taking too lightly the number of expected acquisition points of 50 that was floating next to her face.

The fact that the amount of points expected to be acquired is high means, in other words, that someone’s affection is desperately needed.

Desperate for affection is the same as meaning that you are in a state of being psychologically crowded for any other reason.

I felt like I finally understood why I had awakened to this ability.

“… I’m glad you came out.”

“I know.”

Cha Yu-ri stood up from her seat holding the staff. He smiled at me for the first time and replied.

“I’ll pay you back next time I saved you today. I’m on leave because the magic didn’t work, so I can’t afford it right now.”

“It’s okay if you pay it off slowly.”

“Aren’t you saying you don’t have to pay it back?”

Of course not.

No matter what story she has had so far, I have no intention of giving up the 60 points floating next to her face.

… Looking at it now, haven’t the numbers gone up a bit?

“Then, instead of repaying the favor, would you like to hunt together next time?”

“That’s not allowed. I belong to the company.”


“The cooperative facility was rented under an assumed name. Trying to rehabilitate.”

“I see.”

“Instead, I’ll buy you a delicious meal when I get my next paycheck.”

“That is good too.”

If you can get dinner, you can create an atmosphere that naturally leads to a drinking party.

It would be one way to start building friendships like that and induce sex.

Cha Yu-ri, who got up from her seat, swung her staff once in the air.


Confirming that her own magic had fully returned, she put on her relieved expression one last time.



… Didn’t you use magic again?

“S, screw, tornado….”


“Cannon Cyclone….”


“Wind… Cutter….”


It seems that the return of magic to Cha Yu-ri a little while ago was only a temporary reason.

As she said, for some unknown reason, it seemed that the magic had been blocked again.

“I want to die….”

“Hey, don’t say that! I came back once this time, so I will definitely come back next time!”

“You never know when…. Meaningless….”

Looking at her mood as she goes back and forth between heaven and earth in an instant without changing her expression.

In the middle of thinking about what kind of words of consolation he should give to Cha Yu-ri to recover and wake up again.

『Emergency Assignment Arrive!』

My attention was naturally shifted by the phrase of the awakening ability that floated in the air.

‘Urgent task?’

As soon as I question the appearance of another unknown system. Immediately, the following dialog box appeared and explained the contents of the urgent task.

『The reason A-class hunter Cha Yu-ri’s ability was deactivated was that her sexual desire accumulated in her body had reached its limit.

Please cooperate with her A-class hunter Cha Yuri to release her libido so that she can pierce the flow of her magical power that has been blocked by her and then regain her lost abilities.

Special Reward: Awakening Points +100

Remaining time: 23:59:59』


It was only for a while that I questioned the contents of the system that suddenly came to my mind.

What stood out more than that was the special reward of +100 awakening points and the time limit that started to flow from 24 hours.

After confirming the contents of the urgent task, my head was busy.

“I want to die here like this…. I don’t want to live….”

With a desperate voice, she was organizing what to say to Cha Yuri, who was crawling on her floor. I started working on earning points in earnest.

“Hey, Mr. Cha Yu-ri.”

“………… Why.”

“How to bring Cha Yu-ri’s ability back. Somehow I feel like I know.”

“… Really?”

“Will you trust me just once to pay off the debt that saved your life?”

Intrigued by my words, her body immediately rose from the floor.

Soon, her straight gaze focused on my eyes.

“… I’ll believe it.”

The opportunity to retrieve her points came sooner than expected.

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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