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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 12

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 12

Chapter 12 – To Catch a Hunter, Go to the Hunter Guild (4)

「Class C dungeon, grave of an old tree, area A.」

The tomb of the old tree, which arrived by mobile warp, was like a dark forest made up of only old trees.

Previously, the knowledge I learned at the Hunter Training School included knowledge about the origins and characteristics of major dungeons.

As a result, the characteristics of the tomb of the old tree are also roughly grasped.

On this land that was rich in nutrients until several decades ago, many trees began to take root one by one.

All trees grew explosively for a thousand years under the nutrients of the earth and the bright sunlight.

At first, the trees that grew far enough apart needed more land to support their overgrown size.

It is said that the roots intertwined under the roots, hindered each other’s growth, and eventually all died together in a dungeon called the Tomb of the Dead Tree.

New creatures live and settle among old trees that have not been rotted and left unattended. It was said that dungeons became dungeons as the monsters began to breed in earnest.

Of course, the origin of the dungeon isn’t really that important. There was a different reason for entering this dungeon in the first place.

“I’ll have to find that hunter first.”

Did he immediately start looking for monsters as soon as he was summoned? When he came to his senses, the wizard he had just met had already disappeared.

In order to create a natural encounter, it was necessary to first understand the location of the other party.

Fortunately, even in such a maze-like dungeon, I had a means of identifying the location of the opponent.

After opening the smartphone and immediately running the Hunter sexual desire manager application. Pressed the Find Nearby Hunters button.

As soon as my location was displayed as a satellite image on the screen, I could see a red symbol moving in a radius of 100 meters nearby.

Confirming him, I quietly smiled in my heart.

Perhaps it’s because it’s an awakening ability, so it seems to work properly even in dungeons where radio waves don’t work.

『Find Nearby Hunters-Real-time Tracking』

After running the real-time tracking function by clicking the heart with 50 written on top of the red heart.

An arrow appeared in my field of vision, pointing me in the direction I should go.

『Real-time tracking ends automatically when target is found』

After checking the guidance text displayed on the app. Immediately, in the direction of the arrow, he broke through the giant trees and moved forward.

Slowly thinking about what to do when meeting the female hunter just now.

‘For now, let’s just think about making faces today.’

In my mind, I wouldn’t be very dissatisfied even if it led to sex today. No matter how much it is, asking if you would like to have sex as soon as you meet is, of course, only raising your guard.

Even if I tried to talk to him as a probationary hunter who could be registered by anyone, it was equally unconvincing.

So today, after exchanging only contact information in a suitable situation. You should start by slowly building up your face.

Then, when you get to know each other, you make a proposal like you did to Kang Hye-eun with a sex-professional feeling.

Given that the expected number of points gained is 50, she must be a person with a lot of sexual desire. She probably wouldn’t even refuse if he coaxed her well.

I also roughly thought of the scenario for creating the situation.

That I’m an apprentice hunter, and that I’m generally the weakest male hunter.

And as a way to take advantage of the fact that this dungeon is a C-class dungeon.

The rough plan is to hang around the woman moderately, then look at the situation and create a crisis by touching any C-rank monster around.

Hearing my voice, I was saved by Yeohunter, who ran to me and gave thanks.

Then, he said that he wanted to thank him in return for saving him, and somehow exchanged contact information.

If they become close later, the strategy is to induce them to repay the grace they saved with their bodies.

To sum it up in one sentence, it means to become a standard heroine position in fantasy novels.

Well, to be honest, I don’t really like this strategy where I’m treated as the weak because I’m a man.

This is the best I can think of right now in my head.

Above all, sex with hunters is essential to becoming stronger. This could also be seen as a process for me to become stronger.

To take ten steps forward, you only take one step back.

If that person is truly a cold-hearted person beyond imagination, there is a possibility that he will ignore other hunters in danger and just pass by.

If that happens, I will have to deal with the C-class monsters with my own strength and go on my way.

Even if it’s not today, there might be a chance to change your face in another situation. Above all, Yeohunter is not the only person I met earlier.

The risk of failure was not too great.

Around the time when I was wandering between old trees and stepping on dead roots.

I was able to find a red-haired wizard a little deeper in the forest.

『The target has been found. End real-time tracking』

Along with her guidance phrase that appeared in front of her eyes, her arrow pointing at her disappeared and her real-time tracking ended.

I peeked at her opportunity to call her out of sight of her woman.

I was planning on acting as a heroine who was attacked by monsters, shouting ‘someone please help!’ As soon as she found it.

It was because the other person seemed a little busy to get attention right now.



Woodrello, a tree giant monster with a size of about 7 meters.

I confirmed that she was confronting the monster, and I hid behind her old tree and waited for her battle to end.

Woodrello is a rare B-class monster even in this C-class dungeon.

If you draw attention to save me while I’m in the middle of a battle with Woodrello, you might not be able to afford to save me.

Or maybe I can’t hear my voice drowned out by the noise of battle.

The best timing is after that hunter defeats Woodrello. It would be more effective to aim for the moment to gather the materials of the monster and move from place to place.

With that thought in mind, she silently admired her appearance as she confronted Woodrello from a distance.

It’s hard to see her because she’s a little far away, but it seems clear that she’s not ugly.

Above all, observe the chest line that is clearly visible from a distance. By the time she was convinced that my choice to follow her was not wrong.

“Screw Tornado.”

Starting with the chanting of the 5th circle magic by the caught wizard, Woodrello’s body was shattered into tens of thousands of pieces of wood in an instant.



I must have just heard the 5th circle magic chanting spell. Did I hear wrong?

The discovered wizard, who had to use the wind magic to rip enemies to shreds at any moment, just stood still, pointing his staff at Woodrelo.


Immediately, Woodrello’s right stem began to extend toward the ground she was standing on.

“…… !”

Maybe she doesn’t have any talent for evasion. The red-handed wizard swayed his body and narrowly avoided the attack that flew towards him.

I immediately directed my staff at the monster and chanted the second magic.

“Cannon Cyclone.”

4th circle attack magic of wind magic.

It seems that I was right about what I heard wrong.

Well, if you think about it, a 5th circle means that you are at the level of an A-class adventurer. I can only come in saying what’s wrong with C-class dungeons.

A powerful air cannon that pierced the target, and this time, a huge hole was pierced through Woodrello’s body.


… Didn’t you break through?

What. Maybe I heard wrong this time too.

Even though that woman is chanting in a quiet voice, I definitely heard the 4th circle magic called Canon Cyclone in my ears.

Against a Hunter who had not already used her magic twice, Woodrello also extended her left stalk to follow up her second attack.

“Ugh… !”

The tree that grew from the trunk on the left swung again aiming at the wizard’s body.

This time, too, she narrowly dodged the attack, staggering her body.

I’m dying of anxiety just by looking at it.


The magician, who had almost fallen to the ground even if he had stumbled just a little, managed to regain his balance and get back into his stance.

“Wind cutter.”

He calmly used the wind circle 3 magic at Woodrello.

… My foreboding feeling, which had been watching her all the time, unfortunately did not go astray.

“Ugh… !!”

This was followed by her Woodrello’s third attack against her, who had already failed her magic three times.

This time, the two stems of Woodrello that came out from both sides attacked the body of the red-handed wizard from both sides.

“…… !!”

Confused and wondering which way to dodge, she tripped on her roots protruding from the floor and fell in front of her.


Well, thanks to that, he didn’t seem to have had the terrible experience of being crushed to death between the stems.

… Can I just watch it like this?

If you look only at the force you felt when you first encountered it, you seemed to be a B-class or higher wizard who had at least 4 circles liberated.

Even her 3rd circle magic couldn’t activate properly, and seeing her bewildered, I thought that her expensive cloak and staff were a waste of her inadvertently.

If you can’t even use 3rd circle magic in the first place, why did you come to the tomb of the old tree?


Still, it seems that the wizard hasn’t given up yet. He cast his next chant at Woodrello while sitting on the floor.

“Wind… Spear….”

The 2nd circle magic spell that came out of her mouth still didn’t work.

“Ugh… !!”

This time, it seems like he is going to put an end to the wizard. Two stems sprouted from both sides of Woodrello’s body and rose high into the sky.

“…… !! …… !!!”

The wizard, who got up from his seat to avoid the attack, began to make an urgent expression as if he was embarrassed.

Because, at some point, her ankles were swollen from the ground by the roots of Woodrello. Because she was completely tied up and immobilized.

Having come this far, it was impossible to hesitate any longer.

If you just watch the fight end like this, you’ll only get confused in your dreams.

I pulled out the greatsword that was tied behind my back and rushed into the battle scene between the hunter and the monster.

Don’t die, my 50 points!

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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