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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 17

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 17

Chapter 17 – Glass Tea (4)

Since Cha Yu-ri and I were in agreement, the next action was already decided.

It wouldn’t be that impossible to play the second round in the dungeon, just like before.

Her group made an agreement with her to leave her dungeon and continue at her nearby quarters.

It’s not only annoying to go back to the inside because of sex after you’ve already reached the exit.

I had to wash off the dust that I was covered in from rolling on the floor.

After returning to the Hunter Autonomous Guild with Cha Yu-ri in her arms. She first settles the material of her woodrello that was handed to her.

She immediately booked a premier king room at a nearby hotel on the accommodations app.

I installed a lodging app just in case today went well, but I never thought I would actually use it today.

To the stage of the second game after having outdoor sex.

After moving to a 4-star hotel, a short walk from the Guild.

Instead of Cha Yu-ri making a troubled expression for anyone to see, I raked in the accommodation fee. She climbed right upstairs with her in her elevator.

“M-I’m sorry…. I’m out of cash right now….”

“Not long, what. And this kind of thing should be scratched by a man, so there’s no reason to argue about sexual assault or what.”

“Yes…. Thank you….”

In fact, the price of her material that Cha Yu-ri gave me was more than enough to make up for her lodging expenses.

Rather, Cha Yu-ri, who is so grateful, is overly naive.

If I had been caught by a man like a rattlesnake instead of me, I would not have been caught properly.

Thinking that I’m glad I found Cha Yu-ri first. She shared her light kiss with her in her elevator with no one around her.

“Um…. Huh….”

Can’t be long Halfway between a kiss and a deep kiss.

This alone was enough to make the already excited Cha Yu-ri feel like having sex.

The elevator arrives at the 11th floor. Open the door to the room written on the card and enter.

The first thing that caught my eye was the white king-size bed.

“Cha Yu-ri, would you like to wash first?”

“… Aren’t men usually first?”

“That’s true, but Cha Yu-ri got more dust than me, right?”


“Then, would you like to shower together?”

“… Yes, I will.”

Cha Yu-ri removed all the clothes from her body except for the staff. I put all of them in the cleaning magic tool attached as an option.

I also threw the rest of the clothes together except for the great sword. She entered her glass shower cubicle with her.

The transparent shower booth immediately changed to opaque glass as soon as the door was locked.

It made me feel as if I and the glass of the car were trapped in a small space with her naked body.

“I will wash every corner of Cha Yu-ri’s body.”

“… Then I will wash your body.”

Because they are rubbing against each other naked in a small space. It didn’t take long for both of them to get excited.

If you touch Cha Yu-ri’s breasts and nipples with soapy hands. She rubbed her little hands all over her inside of her back.

After slightly opening the crack in the car glass to clean the entrance to her vagina. With her little hand, she carefully wiped her cock all the way to the inside of her glans.

Of course, he didn’t forget to repeat her short kiss every time her eyes met.

After washing off the soap bubbles rubbed all over the body, wipe each other’s bodies with a towel so that the water does not flow.

It seems like a waste of time to even change into a hotel gown. We headed to bed together naked.

“You lie down.”

“Are you okay?”

“… I’m not tired this time, and I can do it.”

This time, it seems that he will try again to reach the top where he failed earlier. Cha Yu-ri pointed her finger at the very center of her king-size bed.

First of all, I lay down on the soft bed while listening to her words.

On top of my body lying naked, her body landed on top of the car glass that was also naked.

“… Whoa.”

She let out a small breath as if determined to hold her erect cock firmly against her own belly.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure she would be able to get me to the top again this time.

Because you can’t force what you want to do.

If you get tired of that, you can change your posture again, so for now, I let you try at will.

“I’m so sorry.”

Tea Yuri, who opened her crotch and took a serious position on top of her body, carefully fitted her mouth with my cock.

Her body slowly falls down. My object gently penetrated the pubic area of ​​the car glass, which had become a little smoother than before.

Haha, ha, ha….”

How excited were you just by having a cock in your body? Immediately, she vigorously moved her lower body up and down.

Every time Cha Yu-ri’s body swayed up and down, her breasts on her upper body swayed with violent visuals.

The tickling sound of my stuff rubbing against her mucous membranes intermittently passed by her ears.

Perhaps thanks to the elasticity of the soft bed, my stuff was able to travel more deeply into the body of the car glass.

“Hush! Ah, more than before, deeper, uh oh!”

After the tea glass moved her waist and her hips to some extent. Her expression changed to a cute, relaxed expression as before.

For the first few minutes or so, I concentrated on getting my cock in and out, somehow keeping up the pace.

That time didn’t last too long either. She began to lose her strength again, and Yuri’s movements began to slow down little by little.

“Ah, still, ha, ha, is it far?”

“I think it will come out if you do a little more.”

“Ha, ah, okay…. Don’t change your attitude this time….”

Just as I feel rewarded when the other woman feels my dick.

It seemed that Cha Yu-ri would also have to ejaculate me to the top somehow so that his pride would be satisfied.

This time, I decided not to change her position so that she could collect my cum from above.

… Of course, a little help is needed for Cha Yu-ri.

With that thought in mind, I eagerly grabbed her waist, which was swaying on top of mine, with both my hands.


Maybe even her waist became sensitive because of the sensations concentrated in her lower body.

Cha Yu-ri reacted with excessive surprise at the mere touch of my hand on her waist.

“Why why…. Trying to change my attitude… ?”

“It’s not like that. I just want to help you a little so Mr. Cha Yu-ri can make me cheap from above.”

“What, what are you saying….”

After holding her by the waist and holding her in the air, not yet understanding what I was saying.

Below her, I pulled the muscles of her thighs outward and thrust my prick from bottom to top.

“Hag ugh… ?!”

Are you taken aback by my unexpected attack? Cha Yuri twitched her vaginal muscles with her moans as if to release the pleasure she had been holding back.

“Now you can rest quietly. I think I can pack the rest.”

“Now, wait…. I hit it too hard… ?!”

Before Cha Yu-ri questions my movements or gives her opinion. She fucked her cock once again, closing her mouth.

Her hands gripped her waist, from top to bottom.

The cock entered her body from bottom to top.

Cha Yu-ri’s female voice became sharper due to her sense of speed, which was on a different level than before.

Even my cock, which had already stopped at the last minute, began to feel the sensation of ejaculation little by little.

“Ha, hag! This, is this something, something strange?!”

“Cha Yu-ri. Cha Yu-ri is so cute that I can’t stand it any longer.”

“It’s cheap, you think it’s going to be cheap?! It seems really cheap, I guess..Haha?!”

“Yes, I’ll fill Cha Yu-ri’s body with new semen!”

“Wow, come on… ! Like this, inside my bodyhehe, without leaving a single drop of your semen, that, everything, it’s ahhh… !!”

Concentrate all your senses on one cock in the lower half of your body. Repeating endless up and down movements with her forearms and thighs.

A few seconds to lust after her body as she let out her moans with her breathless momentum.

Eventually, the hottest liquid in my body was released into the deepest part of Cha Yu-ri’s body.

“D-Come in… ! Ah, from bottom to top, a handful of semen… !!”

Cha Yu-ri pushed my chest with both of her hands. Leaning back on her waist, she savored the sensation of climax for dozens of seconds.

Soon, her body, which lost all strength in her body, lay down on top of mine.

Hehe…” .”

Perhaps this time, Cha Yu-ri was breathing hard just before dying out.

I looked at her with her proud eyes and gently stroked her head and back.

“Look, I saw… ? I can ejaculate to the top….”

“Yes, I saw it. Thanks to Cha Yu-ri’s technique, I was able to wear it comfortably.”

“No, don’t ignore…. I’m a woman who can do it too….”

To be honest, at the end, it was mostly because I moved and ejaculated.

There was no need to cut down Cha Yu-ri’s feeling of victory. I kept this thought only in my mind.

“Cha Yu-ri. Aren’t you hungry? We didn’t even eat our dinner, but we ordered a late-night snack….”

“… Coul.”


Are you exhausted from the many things that happened today? Cha Yu-ri fell asleep while sharing her lower body on top of me.

I felt sorry for waking her up, so I let her dream of her happiness.

After I picked up the room remote control that was within reach and turned off the light switch.

“Good night, … Yuri.”


Whispering to Yuri, who fell asleep in my arms. I also hugged her and fell into her sleep as she was.

『Awakening Point Acquisition +65 (Basic 50, Bonus 15)』

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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