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Corruption in the Dungeon 1

Corruption in the Dungeon 1

Chapter 1 – Episode 1 B. Devil. Advent.

She has loved decorating her house since she was a child.
It wasn’t a big deal to fill every corner of the house with something, but it was enough to give satisfaction to the empty heart.

How nice it was when I got my own room.

Decorating and filling rooms was my hobby.

After I got older and learned to play, I enjoyed playing simulation games to raise youngji.

Become a lord and raise your estate.
Become the mayor and grow the city.
Become a pirate captain and build a ship.
Become the president of a country and grow the country.

It was a new world when I came across the classic Yagem that raises a dungeon called ‘The Dragon That Builds X’.

It’s a dungeon!

It’s not a city, a territory, or a country, but running a dungeon!

It was an unexpected game.

The first dungeon I raised was fun.

It was a completely different kind of game from other land nurturing simulations.

From creating traps, placing monsters, and creating labyrinths you will never be able to overcome.
It was also fun to dazzle the eyes of the warriors by placing items that would seduce them.

The game of blocking the warriors from attacking my dungeon gave me a fresh experience.
Every time I saw my dungeon becoming stronger as the graves of the warriors piled up, I even felt a strange pleasure.

It was fun.

Since then, all the games I enjoy have been dungeons.
Growing and developing dungeons to create the best dungeons!

As if that was my goal in life, I’ve played countless games.

I sure did…….

“What is this?”

But who would have known that the hobby would turn out like this?

Did I become the demon king?

It really sucked.

No matter how many times I think about it, this is right.

It is the beginning of a famous novel.
Looking at the novel, I reflect on myself for thinking that it was a really great directing.

There was a reason why I kept shouting that it was so fucked up.

How fucked up and dizzy must have felt for the main character who would have been isolated on Mars.

So do I now.

It’s dizzying.
This is the situation I’m in right now.

“Where the hell are you?”

It’s a strange ceiling.
It’s not just an unfamiliar ceiling.
That the ceiling is a completely different building style.
There was no hospital, no school, no home, not even the ceiling of the home.

Okay. If it had been Korea, I wouldn’t have said this.
One phone call would have known where I was.
Ah, long live Korea’s telecommunication network!

But that wasn’t the case, I could tell just by looking at the decorations hanging from the ceiling.
An ominous chandelier that sends chills down your spine just by looking at it.
The dreary air that cools your lungs just by breathing in.


Suspicious wind noise all around.

What? This!
Where the hell is this?
Tell me Bixby!


“This is not my voice.”

Her voice is much lower and deeper than my original voice.
Her voice resonated as if she were in a cave, and her skin was a pale indigo rather than her original flesh color.
Your skin is blue
Neither black nor white, but indigo?

You mean you’re not human?

This is also one of the reasons why it was fucked up.
Now I was not human.

I don’t know why.
I was just having fun playing the game, and I lost my mind and reached this state.

I searched my memory and recalled the past.
Did the old sage say that if he looked back on the past, he could know his present condition.

It’s been a while since a new dungeon management game came out, so I started playing the game in a good mood.
The game name is 〈 and Dungeon Master 〉.
The title of 19-karat gold was attached, but what is it like?
‘Dragon that Builds X’, which is called a masterpiece in the past, also started with a yagem title.

Those obstacles weren’t too much of a hindrance to me, who like dungeon management.

I started playing the game excitedly.

The game complied.
The way the dungeon was run wasn’t bad, and the directing of the 19th gold was quite good.
Although I rarely watched.
It wasn’t too bad, except for the fact that there were quite a lot of erotic traps and sex dungeons among the traps.
Various traps were also detailed and organized, and even if it was not erotic, the types of monsters and the existence of various magics made it more interesting.

The best among them was, of course, the main character, the Demon King.
The main character of the game who becomes the core that runs the dungeon in the center of the dungeon based on absolute strong power in the game.
The most important guy in the system where the game is over when the demon lord dies.
In the beginning, it defeats enemies with overwhelming power and adds a nurturing factor.
It was a pretty good game that combined dungeon raid and RPG elements.

Yeah, that was definitely the case at the beginning of the game.
After halfway through, the absolutely strong devil turned into a sunfish, and the dungeon was ruined by wizards, so he couldn’t move forward.

That me
When it comes to dungeon breeding games, I gave up midway and turned off the game.
It’s Eva.
If I threw enemies so strong that I couldn’t break them like this, what would they say to me?

The balance in the beginning is good, but after the middle of the game, the tempo and the broken balance are compliant, but in fact, it was not nice to see such a joke in a situation where dungeon development is more important than watching the game.
I’ll try to level up a little bit more.

Just how You are the god of service.
So it passed
So, the only thing left in this game is the broken mid-mid balance.

Finished the game and gave 1 rating.
The only dungeon training game I didn’t see the ending for.
You are a legend
Made me a record

The only ending I’ve seen is that it pops up every time it fails.

-The dungeon was attacked by warriors.

Only the hero attack ending.
Too many damn warriors!
Can I have this many?
No matter how much you want to increase your gameplay time, this is not it!

The hero from Kingdom A, the saintess from Kingdom B, the knight commander from Kingdom C, the knight from Kingdom D, the knight from Kingdom E, and the kingdom from F sent dragons, what was it? Even the giants came.
In the words of the secretary in the game, it was also left that a hero Z from another world had appeared.
I saw it and turned it off.

It must be the final boss with cheat abilities, but I want to know how to beat it.

Damn shit.

Why did you include the Z Hero, who possesses the ability to cheat in another world?

Do you mean never break it?

It was my last memory of laying down after scoring one point.
Wake up again

“I became the Demon King?”

I muttered as I looked at my face reflected in the water.
Indigo skin, two horns on his head, yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils, and even a muscular body.
Anyone can see that he was the devil.
The king of the game.

〈 Erotic Dungeon Master The protagonist of 〉, the sunfish that gets lost in the middle for many reasons.

“Is this possible?”

I don’t know.
See if it’s possible
If it wasn’t for that, there’s no way I’d become the demon king and wake up like this.
I try to pinch my cheek, wondering if it’s a dream.

“Ouch! It hurts so much.”

It hurt terribly.
The hand of an existence called the absolute.
It hurts so much.

That it is reality.
The last hope that I thought it might be a dream has disappeared.

Before my eyes like that.

[Name: None]
[Level: 1]
[Reputation: 0 (Poor)]
[Possessed Dungeon Rating: F]
[Owned monster: X]
[Possessed Traps: X]
[Possessed Artifact: X]

A friendly system emerged.
Wow, that’s really great. A system window that tells you your name and all of your abilities is truly amazing.

Did you know you could say that!

“I am not kidding anyone.”

And why don’t I have a name? Uh?
I have a name my parents gave me as soon as I was born!
I was born as a proud Korean girl, and I was born with a name of three characters.

I mean my name!



I don’t remember.
My Name.
The name my parents gave me.

I can’t remember the three letters of the name I’ve been called all my life.
As if there was a thick fog in my head, whenever I thought of the name, my thoughts became hazy and I couldn’t connect.

My Name…… What is this?
What did I say?

“What have you done to me?”

I asked while looking at the system floating in front of me.

Naturally, no answer came back.

Being possessed as a demon king in another world by giving a game a rating of 1.
For what purpose?

I didn’t know, and I didn’t want to know.
So please take me back home.

Give me my name back too!


Okay. Well done
Do as you please
I do not know.
I don’t know why I possessed the demon king, and I don’t know what this system wants.

What I know now
There was only what was given to the demon king in the early stages, how the tutorial was conducted, and how to help the demon king grow.
I know it from experience with the game.

Now the door is open here.


“Demon King, are you awake?”

Yulia, the secretary of the demon king, enters.
Pointy ears, white skin, silky black hair, red eyes that go well with black hair, a beautiful appearance that could easily seduce men, and her large breasts were so voluptuous that even a uniform shirt couldn’t cover them. A black miniskirt fluttered, highlighting her hips.
And on her waist looking at me.


Tiny bat wings swayed gently.
Wow, I’ve only seen stuff like that in dirty cartoons.
Can I fly with such small wings?

She waves small wings compared to Yulia’s body.
It swayed her hips with her wings.

She introduces herself and then explains to me how the dungeon works, how to place monsters and traps, who the enemies are, and who I have to fight.

“Nice to meet you. I am Yulia, the secretary of the Demon King. You must be awake now and distracted, but could you spare me some time?”

She is a succubus secretary.
She was an aide who would assist the demon king in his future work and teach him how to defeat his enemies.

I looked at her silently.
Succubus Julia.
She attacked and re-challenged her game several times, but there was nothing about her among the many jokes.
There was no choice itself.
As if she wasn’t targeted.

‘For something like that, I put a lot of effort into it.’

Early in the game was like that, and Dot was like that too.
Look at it now
Isn’t it very pretty

If this game was a girl-eating game, the devil’s cock would be full of erections by now…….
Right. Did you like this game?

“Demon King?”

Yulia looked at my bottom and opened her eyes wide.

In the lower part of her lower body she was looking at, the cock of the big cock that had risen before her knew it was stiff.
Wasn’t I wearing clothes?

“Sorry. I was excited for a while.”
“It’s only natural to get excited about being a succubus. As expected, the Demon King is already ready.”
“What do you mean?”
“Aren’t you already preparing to violate the humans under the mountain?”
“Not at all?”
“It was a natural phenomenon. It’s only natural that you can’t control your strength yet.”

Having come to her own conclusion, Yulia nodded her head.
Well, I didn’t have the heart to make you understand, so if you come to a conclusion on your own, it’s comfortable for me too.

It was then.


[Why didn’t you? I made it so hard that no one could stand it.]

What is this sound?
Before I even had my doubts about the message window that suddenly appeared in front of me.

[Epic Quest]
[Succubus Secretary – Eat Yulia.]
[You who did not know how to capture the true game! A friendly quest system for you. Eat Yulia to level up.]
[Reward: Level up]

What does this mean?
Are you going to eat Yulia?

[In case of failure: the death of the demon king.]

Holy shit!
Are you kidding me right now!

I know because I read web novels as a hobby.
If I don’t break the quest as the system that brought me into this world told me, I’ll really die like the penalty for failing the quest that pops up in front of me.

That there is no way
“I made you erect because I wanted to fuck you?”

Yulia looked at me, blinking her bright red eyes.

“Open your pussy. Bitch.”

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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