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Corruption in the Dungeon 2

Corruption in the Dungeon 2

Chapter 2 – Episode 2 if You Don’t Eat, You Die.

If you don’t eat it, you die.

I wonder if there is such a quest, but there really is.

I’m dumbfounded.

“What are you pretending not to hear? Spread your legs.”
“Demon King-nim, you may be confused because you haven’t woken up yet…….”
“Didn’t I say I was the Demon King? A mere succubus would disobey the Demon King?”

Yulia, who met her eyes with mine, shook her head.

“Demon King, I’m sorry. No matter how much you want me, I can’t hold you.”
“If the demon lord, whose body has not yet been properly completed, mixes with me, he will take a lot of energy from me.”

Got down on her knees

“So please take that order.”

What is this again Are you losing energy?
Hey, status window.

[Limited time: 1 year]

Shit pal
You should tell me in advance that this is a quest with a time limit!
If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have told her to open her pussy.

[Conditions for success: 1. Be strong enough to force her to commit. 2. Make Julia herself open her pussy.]

Somehow, I thought a quest I didn’t know appeared.
After all, it means you need some time to beat that epic quest.

I’m just making you a bother
How good is it if you open your pussy right away?
I wanted to squeeze that vulgarly swollen breast with both hands and suck it with my mouth until the pussy fluid was full.

They say I can live only if I eat that bitch.

Doesn’t that mean you have to be qualified to eat?
I liked the pretty cheeky words.

“I get it. If so, take orders.”
“Thank you. Demon King.”

It will be fun to see how that blunt expression changes when I have that qualification.

Yulia raised her head and looked at me.

“But if the Demon King wants it, I’ll take any woman immediately.”
“Done. I will take care of that myself.”
“…… Yes. Sorry.”
“If you are, then so be it.”

He had no intention of arguing with her, arguing with her, holding her right now.
The important thing is how to attack this game.

If it was a game I knew originally, I could just follow the existing strategy.

‘If that happens, it’s obvious that the game will be over in the middle.’

That’s also the case.

Is this quest a clue?

A notification from the quest that you can level up by attacking the succubus.

[Level: 1]

Originally, there was no demon king level up from Dungeon Master 〉 to 〈.

What is level up?
Raising the level of the dungeon and strengthening the demon king with items was all.
So, of course, I thought it wouldn’t be.

The tip written under the quest message caught my eye.

[The more the demon lord eats various women, the stronger the demon lord’s level.]
[So, fuck it somehow, you idiot.]

The person sending the message seems very angry because I didn’t fuck the girl in the game.

If that statement is true
Is the reason why the demon king became a sunfish in the middle is because I didn’t appreciate the erotic cake scene and only raised the dungeon?
Somehow, the level doesn’t go up, and it’s set so that only items can be equipped.
I didn’t enjoy all the RPG elements.

So it was impossible to attack.
I gave that game 1 point and criticized it.

You sent me here to tell me that.

Got it.
Why did you send me here
Now that you’re reflecting and regretting it, can’t you send it back?


Naturally, there was no answer.
Means not to let go.

“What are you thinking about?”
“No. I was just thinking to myself.”
“You said earlier that you would eat me as soon as you saw me, but now you suddenly think to yourself. Could you give me a little more time to rest?”
“No. Done. Suffice.”

I got up from my seat.
There is no time to procrastinate.

“First, let’s look at the dungeon. It took too long.”
“All right. Demon King.”

A tutorial event will be coming soon.
You have to move fast

“Follow me. This side.”


Are you saying you’re going to eat it all of a sudden?

‘As expected, Demon King…….’

He is also the one who stands at the pinnacle of all demons.
Although now weakened by seals and various curses, he was once the one who fought against other forces on the continent at the peak of demons.
Of course, you have this level of boldness.

‘I can’t do it now, but…….’

If one day this person had the strength to be strong, there was no reason not to offer her body.

‘If you can’t be strong enough…….’

Her job is to seal it again.

He put in his head what he was going to do behind the demon king heading to Daejeon.


‘It’s almost time for the tutorial quest to appear.’

Not a strange quest to attack, but a real tutorial quest.

The tutorial for this game was simple.

[An adventurer found a dungeon deep in the forest. Prepare before they come.]
[Quest reward: Receive 2000 reputation points and a 3-star confirmed monster summon ticket.]

Quest is up.

A corner dungeon that no one finds on the mountainside.
It’s too shabby place for a demon lord to be.

No one can imagine
The fact that this mountainside dungeon located in the corner of the continent is the home of the demon lord.
I did too.

How dumbfounded I was when I first heard the location of this dungeon.
No, shouldn’t there be at least a majestic castle or a trap covered in thick fog wherever the demon king is?
There were times when I thought

The setting that the game answered my question was like this.

Maintaining this corner of the dungeon is all that remains of the demon king who was beaten by the hero hundreds of years ago.
In the end, the demon king, who built a dungeon in a corner like this to gather strength, fell into a long sleep.

It was Yulia, a succubus, who cleaned the dungeon while the demon king was asleep.
Without her, this dungeon would have been filled with tons of dust and moss.

“I was managing the dungeon while the Demon King was sleeping. Up until now, the Demon King had been sleeping and released demonic magic that distorted this area to prepare for an outside intruder, but when the Demon King woke up, the spell was dispelled.”
“That’s why humans knew about our dungeon. Is this what you mean?”
“That’s right. Currently, access of humans from the outside is being confirmed.”

I wondered if this sense that was bothering me was probably human mana.
5 dots getting closer and closer.

“Tell me how to manage dungeons…….”
“It’s okay. You don’t have to.”

I already know.
It’s a tutorial I’ve seen many times with the game.
And how much did I use the dungeon?
This guy’s dungeon was created by analyzing the game countless times and failing over and over again.
Dungeon use is disgusting.

I raised my hand and snapped my fingers.

That’s right!

The vast, huge dungeon like a cave moved and took shape on its own.
The dungeon, which was simply a wide square, created a narrow alley and a large room in the middle.
Yulia, who was watching the dungeon being completed like a twisting labyrinth, looked at me with a thrilled expression on her face.

“As expected, Demon King……. Even though I didn’t tell you, you were already enlightened.”

It’s a familiar phrase.
Yulia’s dialogue that comes out when you make a dungeon path without a tutorial and divide it from room to room.

It’s a bit embarrassing to actually hear it, but it’s like eating a meal.

“Now, you can set traps in this alley and place monsters in the room. Do you know how to place monsters?”

Julia’s voice softened a little.
Of course I know.
However, I had no intention of making a separate monster this time.

“I don’t make monsters and traps.”
“But if that happens, the Demon King will be immediately exposed to the enemies. If a strong enemy appears, you may have to deal with the enemy as it is.”
“Does not matter. There are not many beings who can hurt my body.”

It’s a cheesy tone to yourself, but if you’re a demon lord, you have to do this to gain authority, right?

It definitely worked.
Yulia, who heard me, lowered her head and added her words.

“However, the Demon King is someone who has just awakened, and his body is not complete.”
“Do you really think I will lose?”
“I didn’t mean to doubt the Demon King at all!”

Julia knelt down and begged her forgiveness.
It’s nice to see the beautiful woman on her knees like this.

I admired the deeply exposed breastbone for a moment. Is it because it’s a succubus? It was a very beautiful valley.
Just in time, I could see her sweat running down the valley.


Did I like valley water this much?
As soon as I saw the sweat dripping down my breastbone, my lower leg throbbed.
I didn’t know when I played this game, but this demon lord’s body.
Quite rude It’s even horny.

It’s no joke that your lower body will stand upright when you think a little bit of naughty thoughts.

“Done. I am not doubting your loyalty.”
“Go, thank you.”

He gave me advice because he was worried about me.
I have no intention of blaming her for that.

Why I don’t summon monsters and traps.
This is because additional rewards are given if you subdue the adventurers that appear in the tutorial without summoning anything.
It’s a funny system.

They told me to summon them through a tutorial, but they gave me more rewards when I didn’t summon them.

‘There are a lot of contradictory systems, just like you get stronger when you look at your shoes.’

It’s annoying in many ways.
As the saying goes, in Rome, follow the Roman law, since you fell for the game because of someone, you must follow the game law.
But I have no intention of just following it forever.

‘Do you know how to move freely?’

Since I arbitrarily summoned you here, you will have to deal with my truth.
Of course, I’ll have to build up my strength until then.

Tutorial adventurers are weak enough to be cleared without the demon king summoning anything.

You just have to wait.

The essential thing to do is not to let them live.
The point of this tutorial is to bury him forever on the spot so that he doesn’t spread useless words that the demon king has been summoned.

‘Although it’s not necessary if I set traps and monsters.’

After completing the dungeon’s shape, I sat on the throne in the dungeon boss room and waited for the adventurers.

“Yes, Demon King.”
“You wait here. If they come, I will go to meet them myself.”
“All right.”

A total of five adventurers came to the dungeon.
2 melee warriors, 1 mage, 1 archer and 1 priest.
It’s just a regular party.
Two linemen, two dealers, and one healer and buffer.
Truly, a party where nothing is lacking.

‘One of the warriors and the priest are female.’

The balance was perfect both as a team and as a gender.

[Tutorial: Stop the adventurer party.]
[Adventurers passing by came across a dungeon where the demon king had awakened and had his stomach unlocked. Stop all those who dare enter the dungeon of the demon king.]
[Quest Reward: 2000 Reputation Points, 3-Star Guaranteed Monster Summon Ticket]

This kind of quest is definitely on the side of beating again.

I could feel them stepping into the dungeon.
The unpleasant man’s mana has become much thicker.

“Don’t go.”
“Then I will wait.”

She bowed her head and left her boss room while being seen off.

How do adventurers fight in real life, not in games?
Can I really kill them?

Half hopeful, half worried.
Embracing her fluttering heart, she went to greet the intruders.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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