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Corruption in the Dungeon 3

Corruption in the Dungeon 3

Chapter 3 – Episode 3 Tutorial Adventurer

“Everyone beware of your surroundings.”
“All right.”

The adventurer party entering the dungeon, Williams and the adventurer party each held their weapons and were wary of their son-in-law.

“Where am I? It looks like a new dungeon.”
“I still have to find out. But a new dungeon at this time is unusual.”
“You said the last new dungeon that appeared was two years ago, right?”
“It did.”
“Dungeon search, it feels like I’m on the front line again.”
“Don’t get excited. You don’t even know what this place is yet.”
“No matter what, there is no way we can fail. We survived that toxic Western Front.”
“As the captain said, carelessness is prohibited.”

Their place is Mount Volta located on the outskirts of the continent.
The Williams Adventure Team, now withdrawn from the front lines, was on their way back after solving the mission of hunting monsters that appeared on the outskirts of the continent, far from the front line.

Bitten and bitten by fighting on the frontlines, they now make it their main job to receive missions on the outskirts of the continent in search of a more leisurely life.
They had already saved up enough money to make a living on the frontlines, but fighting became something they couldn’t let go of as they almost lived on the frontlines.

Even Amy, the priest.

A new dungeon never heard of that I met in such a state.
The instinct as an adventurer who had fallen asleep for a while was wriggling again.

“If this is a real dungeon, wouldn’t there be loads of treasure?”

Bellingham, the archer holding the bow, spoke excitedly.

At those words, everyone had the same look in their eyes.
Anticipation of treasures and artifacts.
Greedy eyes in anticipation of making a fortune.

Everyone didn’t say anything, but their faces were full of expectations.

An unknown facility that brings wealth and honor to adventurers.

Most of them said that dungeons were created due to the distortion of mana, and the artifacts created in such a process became items that far exceeded normal performance.
Not only that, but also magic dungeons installed by ancient wizards, dungeons full of traps created by pirates to hide treasure, and more.
Even if it wasn’t a dungeon created by the twist of mana, it was said that the newly discovered dungeon was full of invaluable treasures.

A new dungeon that no one has ever touched.
What treasure awaits them?

Anticipation rose among the nervous party members.

“Whatever it is, the road to that treasure won’t be easy.”

Except for Williams, who is calm and not driven by greed.
I didn’t feel anything.
It was strangely quiet.

Is this really a dungeon?
Could it be that we are mistaken?
The dungeon finder wouldn’t have been 100% accurate, right?

‘I’ll have to look inside though.’

If it was really a dungeon, the reward would be substantial.
It was honor, not money, that seduced Williams.
The first to clear a new dungeon.

If Williams had concluded that this was not a dungeon and returned, they would have been able to survive.
But that momentary greed would lead them to death.

No one present there knew.

Even Amy, the priest who is said to be loved by the gods.

“Are you intruders?”

An eerie voice pierced a man’s chest in the darkness.


It’s an adventure party.
Reliving the experience in the game, it wasn’t a very strong feeling.

Even in the game, the Demon King alone is enough opponent to block it.

‘Your presence is weak.’

The mana of the guys I felt was a little annoying, but I didn’t see any menacing guys.
At least the strongest front warrior was a little annoying, but I didn’t think I would lose.

If there’s one problem, it’s that I have no combat experience.

‘How much force do I have to use?’

Each of them took out their weapons and looked at the adventurers who were wary of me and had a relaxing thought.


The leading adventurer growled at me.


His name appeared above the adventurer’s head.

“Everyone beware. Quite strong.”

With his command, the adventurers formed formation.
The wizard cast magic, and the priest gave adventurers various buffs.
The momentum of the guys who seemed like they would run at any moment calmed down.

‘He’s good at it.’

Are they adventurers who have gone through all kinds of battles?
At Williams’ command, the archer pulled the bowstring while keeping his position in perfect order.


I caught the arrow that was flying at me.

“You’re using a small technique.”

That was the start of the fight.

The avant-garde who received the healer’s buff rushed at me.

‘I heard that you get stronger when you fuck a new woman.’

First, save the woman and kill the man.

If you kill the captain who commands them, the fight will end easily.

I evaded the female warrior’s polearm that was charging at me and quickly approached Williams.

“What is this!”
“I’m sorry, but speed is the key to attacking.”



My hand pierced Williams’ chest.
Blood flowed from Williams’ mouth, and the eyes of the man who had just been alive died.
He took a person’s life with a single gesture.

The sensation of tearing human flesh and breaking bones remained vivid in his hands.
Oddly enough, I didn’t feel any rejection.
Even though I was watching people dying right in front of my eyes, I didn’t feel panic because of killing people as described in novels and cartoons.

Have I really ceased to be human?
Like a psychopath lacking empathy, he pulled out the arm that had pierced Williams’ chest.


The female warrior holding the polearm screamed with her eyes wide open.
Different reactions to each.
Everyone watched in disbelief at Williams’ corpse lying on the floor.

“You son of a bitch!”

The female warrior gritted her teeth and swung her polearm.

“Females have a purpose, so let’s keep them alive.”

It was easy to dodge the reckless charging attack.



The female warrior’s body collapsed.
As she fell in front of her, the sorceress who had cast her spell held out her hand to me.

“Fire Buster!”

Intense sparks shot at me.

I wasn’t afraid of the flames that were shooting with the momentum to burn everything up.


Because I knew this fire wouldn’t burn me.

“It’s a fun trick.”
“Uh, how?”

I cut off the head of the astonished wizard.

“I don’t need a man.”

The distorted wizard’s head floated into the sky.

“Ugh, aaaaagh! Save…….”

Instinctively, I stretched my fingers toward the back of the archer’s head.


The guy fell forward with his head pierced.

“Poetry, my God. Have pity on me…….”

The goddess coffin held her hands together and her body trembled as she prayed to the gods.

“Do you think God will save you?”
“The power to defeat evil…….”
“It is useless.”

From what I’ve seen, the gods of this world don’t seem interested in you.
It didn’t seem easy to injure my body with her weak divine power that rose up when I prayed.

I grabbed the priestess by the nape of her neck.

“You should become my experience.”

I spun her magic like a thread and tied the arms of her goddess crown.

“You stay here. It would be better not to move hastily.”

Leaving behind the priest who just memorized the prayer, I approached the fainting female warrior.


Compared to his strong body, his name is cute.

Well, the name doesn’t matter.
I took off Andy’s armor, who passed out.
It was easy to undress her, still unconscious.

She removed all of the cloth underneath her armor, revealing her tanned skin.


After completely undressing her, Andy came to her senses and stood up.

“Eh, what is this…….”

Andy exclaimed in horror as he saw the corpses of her comrades and her own body stripped to her feet.

“You’d better not resist.”
“You you…….”
“You’re cheeky.”


“Turn it off!”

With Maggie, Andy’s arms were tied.
With her arms tied above her head, her feet struggled and her resisting feet were forcibly seized and held apart.

“You are healthy. Both body and mind.”

To think of desperately resisting even in this situation.

“It will be a good experience.”

Firm and elastic breasts, firm abs, and dry but clearly visible cracks in a woman.
Her lower body stood upright just by being still in the powerful energy of the demon king.

“It will taste good.”
“You son of a dog! I will kill you…… Ugh!”

If your pussy is dry, stop forcibly wetting it.
I stuck my cock straight into Andy’s mouth.

Andy’s mouth fell open at the large object.

“Ugh! Big!”

No matter how desperately she struggled, she couldn’t free her throat from my cock.
Andy’s throat forcibly widened each time my cock went deep into her mouth.
Widening, narrowing, widening, narrowing.

“Cheuk! Huh!”

Thick saliva dripped down her chin as Andy let out a moan of pain.
I had no intention of looking at him even if I asked for forgiveness.
Because she will be painfully fucked by me and become my experience point.

While resisting, it seemed to force his lower jaw to somehow bite my cock, but to no avail.
As long as my throat is being squeezed by my huge meat stick, no matter how hard I try, I won’t go in.


Her spittle soaked the thick meatball well enough.

“I will kill you…….”

Andy, her face flushed, growled at me as she coughed.
But her declaration was as empty as a rootless tree.
Meaningless outbursts.
It’s just her desperate resistance to hide her own shame.

“It doesn’t have as much depth as a loser’s wait and see.”

I laughed at her and rubbed the opening of her cunt with her firm cock.

“Oh, don’t go in…….”

The cock, now hard enough to pierce a hole in the wall, tore through the female warrior’s submerged body.

“Turn it off!”

Andy threw her head back and twisted her body.
Andy’s back bounced as the big cock stirred inside of Andy.
As if trying to force herself through her rush of pleasure, she tried to grit her teeth and hold it back.
However, it was impossible for an ordinary human to withstand the devil’s cock.

“Huhhaha! Lord, I will die…… Same. Ugh!”

Saliva flowed from her closed mouth.
Her eyes were rolled upside down, and her drooling face was covered with sweat and tears.

She had a face that made me want to be the same woman who had just been determined to kill me.

The sense of subduing a strong woman is new.
Is this why everyone wants to embrace a woman?

He wrapped himself around Andy’s waist, who was trembling as if in a seizure, and thrust his cock deeply into her.

Now the feeling of ejaculation rises.
The trained pussy tightly wraps around my cock.
As if desperate to ejaculate somehow, Andy’s vagina squeezed my cock.
She may not have intended it, but against Andy’s will, her body was openly accepting me.

To ejaculate inside as it is.
Are you worried about getting pregnant?

Rising ejaculation.
The thick, pure white semen that came up through the urethra poured down into Andy’s cunt.


The first taste of a human’s pussy was quite delectable.
This is the feeling of the pussy.
She pulled her cock out of Andy’s cunt, which was dripping with her own juices.
A cock whose momentum has weakened due to circumstances.
I’m feeling a moment of sage time.

Haha. Great. Likehaha! I’m going crazy! Uggiyeeeee!!”

Andy suddenly opened her eyes and started to shake her body.
My cock had been removed from her body for a long time, and suddenly I writhed and rolled her eyes as if I was twisting her body and feeling intense pleasure.

I could see it in my eyes reading mana.
The semen I’d packed inside Andy was starting to eat away at her from the inside out.
Could it be that the demon king’s power to destroy everything resided in the semen?
Andy was in heat, feeling the sensation of her own body collapsing with extreme pleasure.

[Absorbs the power of the human who ate it, Andy.]
[Experience increases.]

A meager amount of experience that doesn’t even level up.
It was a context that gave a rough idea of ​​how weak Andy was.

Sweat dripped from Andy’s body as he lay on her floor, and a flood of cunt juice flowed from her.
I could see that the vitality in her body, which had been shedding tears of pleasure, was starting to dry up.
Unable to withstand the demon lord’s spirit, her body collapsed in an instant.

Until the last moment when the light of life was extinguished, she let out a happy cry until the end.

“Shut up…….”

As she screamed, Andy’s body went dry.
There was no difference in her outward appearance, but her inside was already devoid of life.

The last movement of her struggling to live stopped.


Losing all her life, her corpse soon turned to dust.

I felt it.
My spirit that entered her body absorbed all the vitality in her body and returned to me.

Is the human body unable to contain my spirit?

“You got one more good piece of information.”

[You attacked the first woman and absorbed it with your power.]
[Your level will rise as a reward for achievements.]
[Congratulations. You have leveled up for the first time.]
[The stats raised by leveling up are automatically classified.]
[Congratulations on getting stronger.]

Did you break the achievement?
Messages congratulating me for committing my first woman followed one after another.
A congratulatory message for committing a woman.
I could feel that I was possessed by the demon lord.

Well, since I was already possessed, it was unnecessary to continue watching.

The ordinary adventurer’s body melted to death.
Then, how long can a priest who uses the power of a god last?



Priestess Amy, who met my eyes, inhaled.
Having seen Andy’s gruesome death just before, she was even more frightened of her.

“Poems, poetry, my God…….”

All she could do was call upon her own god helplessly.

“If you want to be treated well, spread your legs yourself.”
“Guard your lamb…….”

After reciting the prayer, Amy obediently spread her legs apart.
It is a lamb that earnestly prays to God before it is violated.

This sucks.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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