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Corruption in the Dungeon 4

Corruption in the Dungeon 4

Chapter 4 – Episode 4 How Does the Priestess’s Pussy Taste?

I spread Amy’s legs apart as she was still praying to God.
Is it because I saw Andy who just died?

“Kyaaaaagh! Hate it! Oh God. Please…….”

She struggled desperately, but to no avail.
Her god, whom she believes in, doesn’t seem to care about her, at least not now.

“It seems that the god you believe in is absent.”

Amy shook her body.

I tore her clothes.

Boo Woo-wook!

Beneath the mercilessly torn priest’s uniform was a pure white bra and panties that covered her shameful parts.
I stroked Amy’s soft belly.

“Kyaaaaagh! Ha, don’t…….”

She doesn’t know
Saying not to do it that way rather stimulates desire more.

Unlike Andy, who was firm and big-breasted, he has small breasts and a soft belly.
Even so, I could feel her muscles that had been strengthened by the long adventure.
Not too many.

“It will taste good.”

In a desperate situation, Amy earnestly prayed to God.
She has always been
Even when she fought on the frontlines, when she prayed earnestly with her faith in her rear, her god always answered her.
Her divine power always healed the wounded and encouraged her allies, and with that power she always helped her party members.
I still believed that it would.

Even though the party members had been wiped out, and only she was left, she believed she could do it.
Because her faith is not calculating.

If you, the child of God, do not believe, who will believe?

This situation was the time to prove her faith to God.

‘Oh God.’

She had to believe that this vicious monster, who killed everyone in the party and brutally raped Andy, spread her legs open for her chastity.
That her god would protect her.

However, no matter how much she prayed, God did not answer.
Even as the devil tried to spread her legs apart and stick his hideous genitals under her.
She didn’t answer my prayers.


I didn’t want to be like Andy.
It reminded me of Williams’ words that you can always die while adventuring.
She died, but she and her colleagues always passed the risk of death. It was a word that did not touch her skin.
Of course, when she was an adventurer, she never imagined that she would die in this way.
No, she couldn’t even imagine.

Even if she died, she thought she would die in the former marketplace.
Sacred and priestly.
She didn’t want to die like this.

“Help me! Please…….”

Realizing that God did not answer, she prayed to the demon in front of her.
But he smiled at Amy.

“That is impossible.”

The devil’s penis, gently stimulating the opening of Amy’s cunt, entered her.


A hard, hot stick that cuts through the flesh. Amy, who she had never had sex with, felt the sensations she had never felt come alive in her cunt.

“Ugh……. Hurt…….”

Too big.
The devil’s was too big and thick to contain in her small body.

Red virgin blood flowed from Amy’s cunt, proving that she was the daughter of a god who kept her chastity.

“Be patient. You will feel better soon.”

The devil’s words sounded terrifying.
It’s as if she’s still borrowing from her god to seduce her.

“I will not give up, I will not……. I’m sorry!”

Chastity that has already disappeared.
Rather than begging for life by trembling and groaning, I will send my last refuge to God.

“In the sky, you are there! Father, turn it off! Have pity on mehaha!”

Amy uttered her prayers each time the demon’s massive object dug into her.
Alas, how sad.
The child of God, who had already lost his chastity, became the last voice seeking God.

“To the weak, show the way! Teach the strong to be merciful……. Ha-ssong, hee-eo-eok!”

Just like the devil said that she would feel better soon, Amy’s intense pleasure rode up from underneath her to the point that it was difficult for Amy to post her prayers.
The moment the pleasure that travels up her back and spine reaches her head.

“Hey! Hooooo!”

Amy couldn’t recite her prayers and she just started sobbing.
Her back twitched and her saliva trickled down her pursed mouth.
Desperately trying to resist her pleasure, her body was frank.
The priest’s body, which had never experienced a man before, was too vulnerable to the devil’s temptation, and against her firm will, her body moved like a prostitute on the street, tightened her cunt, and swayed her cock. Was more strongly satisfied.

“Poetry, my God. My, my last resistance…….”

Amy was feeling it.
The copper fluid flowing from the demon’s cock made her body more and more horny.
Just as Andy’s body was in heat and absorbed into her energy, she will do the same to her body.

She had a premonition of her death.

However, I couldn’t resist.
She could not overcome him by force, nor could she cast him out by divine light.
She just wants him to stop insulting her Amy and finish her quickly.

Even as her back arched, Amy held on to her clasped hands in prayer.

“Have mercy…….”

Did Amy’s earnest prayer reach her?


A light emanating from her body enveloped her.

The power of her god who always protected her in her crisis situations.
Also, her god was watching her in her.

“Ah, father…….”

Amy recited her prayers in a thrilling voice.

“It’s interesting, but weak.”

The giant monster with horns lightly twisted the divine power surrounding her.

“Ah, ah…….”

It was the moment when Amy’s faith was shattered.

“Hey, how is this?”
“The will is strong, but the strength is weak. Your innate divine power is infinitely weak. That will is not worth it.”

The demon ripped off her priest hat Amy was wearing on her head.

“Now that you know God can’t protect you, can you take off this hat?”

The torn priest hat fluttered and fell to the floor.
Her loose black hair was wet with sweat.

“Huh, hah, I feel…… Great…….”

Having lost her will to resist, Amy gasped and accepted her pleasure.
If it was a power she couldn’t hold on to, she might have thought of having fun at the end.
Or did he lose his reason in an irresistible force?

Her hands, which held her posture for prayer until the end, were released.
Her hand, which had gone nowhere, touched the demon’s chest.

“Have you become honest now?”
“Ha, okay……. Like. More…… Shut up!”

But Amy didn’t seem to hear my voice.
She gasped for breath and felt my cock all over her body.
Once a faithful priest, she was now a commonplace woman who spread her legs and fawned over her cock.

I’m a little sorry
I wished I could hold out longer.
Even though her pussy was brutally violated, the way she kept her faith was really disgusting.
It’s a little disappointing, but that didn’t detract from her charm.

A different desire just pops up in a new look.

“Sleep, okay, oh…….”

The orgasm she felt again and again during her love affair.
The feel of her divine cunt tightening his cock was soft.
It was a completely different feeling from Andy’s.

‘Am I going to fuck and eat women with this taste?’

It tasted completely different.
Unlike Andy, who tried to squeeze me somehow, she gently wrapped my torso in her arms as if she were trying to hug me.
Even if that’s the devil’s sleep.

‘Is it a characteristic of priests?’

You’ll find out later when you try another priest.

In the midst of such thoughts, a sense of ejaculation gradually rose.

Then, suddenly, a useless but curious idea came to my mind.

‘I want to make a bukkake on the priest’s face.’

What would it feel like to be covered in my semen on that undefiled face and body?
An instinctive desire to stain the clean drawing paper led me.
Before ejaculation.

“Ohhhhh! Five grains! Hauuuuu!!”

When Amy’s cunt, which was made by the priestess, no, groaned and groaned that women shouldn’t, bit my cock tightly.
I pulled the cock out of her cunt and ejaculated in Amy’s face.

View! Beautiful!

The same white semen poured out even from a cock much thicker than a human.

He sprayed the semen all over Amy’s face, chest, and stomach.
The amount of semen was also different from that of humans.


Amy’s face, breasts and belly were stained with semen.
It is the appearance of a beautiful, pristine priestess being stained with the devil’s semen.

It was more beautiful than I thought.

She has already given up on her pleasure, but this is also a taste.

‘Sorry. That I can only see this once.’

Amy, with my semen on it, will be deprived of life and die like Andy.



The light that had just shone to protect her covered her body again.

As if it was to keep her from the cum on her cum.
The light that reappeared wrapped around Amy.

“Uh…… ?”

I also saw Amy, who was exhausted by the pleasure.
That the semen of the demon that killed Andy had disappeared in the light.

“Ah……. Still me…….”

In the eyes of the priest, who had succumbed to pleasure just before, the will rose again.
If God watches over him, he will one day escape from this demon.
Her sincerity, which had faded, was revived again.

But Amy didn’t know.


The light and the power of the gods that she brightened to protect her.

[Absorbs the divine power of the human who ate it, Amy.]
[The level rises.]

The fact that she became the Demon King’s experience point.

‘The experience is definitely different from that of female warriors.’

He didn’t dry up like Andy.
Rather, her will flared up more.

‘It doesn’t seem to kill everything it touches.’


How many more times can you pull out?

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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