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Corruption in the Dungeon 5

Corruption in the Dungeon 5

Chapter 5 – Episode 5 Your Pussy Will Be Soggy in a Week. (Edit Title)

He didn’t think that the divine power would resist the demon.

Amy, like Andy, assumed that she would turn to dust.

‘The amount of experience gained was different.’

Andy, who did not level up, only raised his EXP.
Amy, who leveled up even though she didn’t even touch the livery.

The energy they possessed was visibly different.

That too is so.

‘It seems that the experience level differs depending on the mana possessed.’

It seemed that opponents who did not possess a certain amount of mana would turn to dust like Andy.

“Everything, you couldn’t break my sincere faith.”

Covering her breasts with her hands, Amy panted and called out to her.

Just because my powers that killed her Andy didn’t kill her, Amy thought she had won.
Do you think her magic doesn’t work for her?

It’s just cute how she shrugs her shoulders and declares victory over something insignificant.

Shall we play for a while?

“Awesome. More than I thought.”
“Poetry, the power of God is not something you take lightly.”

Even as she trembled at the afterglow of her climax that still remained in her, she held on to her own firm belief.

Even if she doesn’t die from absorption, if she gets into a situation where she can’t return alive, isn’t that enough for her to complete her quest?

“I wonder how long that god’s power lasts.”
“What, what?”

I bound Amy’s arms and her legs.

“Let’s see if you can say this in a dungeon dungeon.”
“I will never, ever support it.”

She tied her up and went inside her dungeon.
To the great battle that Yulia is waiting for.

“Are you here?”
“…… A succubus?”

Amy’s eyes fluttered when she saw the polite greeting from the succubus Yulia.

“Put this bitch in a dungeon. I wish I could cast a magic that blurs my judgment in moderation. I really need to make sure her beliefs are sincere. It’s just to test the god’s power beforehand.”
“Also……. You have insight. I see why she didn’t kill her.”

Julia, thrilled by her insignificance, bowed her head and handed over the restrained Amy.

“Wait a minute! A succubus! Such a devil has such an attitude towards you……. What is your true identity…… ?”

Amy seemed shocked, and her body trembled.
Her jaw trembled and her teeth chatted.

“I want her to show me how far that sincere faith can go.”
“I, please…….”

She begged.
It wasn’t praying to God.
I saw the eyes stuck in me.

However, she was not at ease enough to accept human pleas.

“I will make it in advance so that you can fully enjoy it.”

She took Amy and took her to the dungeon.
Julia will put her Amy to bed with great pleasure.
It didn’t look like an ordinary succubus.

“Sah, save me…… Ugh!”

Amy was dragged away without being able to utter her words.
I’ll take care of it.

It was strange to see the divine power protecting her body, but that wasn’t my main concern.
My main concern is clearing this world.

Exactly to survive.

‘If the dungeon is attacked due to poor preparation, the only end for me is death.’

So, more than ever, I had to put more effort into strengthening the dungeon.

Amy’s power was about a side quest that was good to know in the meantime.

‘Give me a reward.’

The tutorial is definitely broken.

Right in front of my eyes.

[The quest has been completed.]
[Quest reward: Receive 2000 reputation points and a 3-star confirmed monster summon ticket.]
[Performed special conditions. : Eliminate the enemy with the Demon King alone]
[Additional Reward: Magic Sword Arubis (Unique)]

There are several ways to summon monsters.
Or wait for it to occur naturally using the corpses and mana of adventurers absorbing in the dungeon.
You can make it through the summon ticket obtained as a quest reward like now.

It took quite a bit of money to create a 3-star monster without using a summoning ticket.
A monster that can only be created by killing 100 adventurers of the level you just invaded.
It was that powerful.

At least it was a kind of indication that the game cares for newbies.

‘Still, most of them were killed in the middle.’

It was absurd that it wasn’t because I didn’t see the rice cake shoes.

Put aside summoning monsters for a while.

I saw the demon sword Arubis.
Demon Sword Arubis.
It was a weapon that was easy to use in the early stages, instead of consuming the user’s life force per second.

I used to use this weapon for quite some time in the actual game as well.

‘I used this sword and the strong Demon King’s stats in the early stages to attack while erasing the enemy’s elite units.’

It was a pretty effective tactic.
It was a tactic he hadn’t been able to use since the elite became stronger to the level of an unawakened demon lord.

Now that my level has risen, it will be different.
Because I knew that nurturing a demon lord wasn’t just with simple items.

I grabbed the handle of the Arubis I received as a reward.

Oh oh

I felt him snatch the magic from my hand.
I guessed the time when I could pull out this sword and be fully active.

‘2 hours.’

That’s enough.
So far, I won’t have anything to spend a longer time than this.

I checked the sword.
The magic that was forcibly taken from me quietly nestled in the sword body.
It’s like the sword spirit caused by the knight.

“Shall we see how it performs?”

I swung my sword towards the pillar supporting the dungeon.


The sword body was embedded in the pillar.

The sword was not damaged even though it dug 10 cm into the pillar.

‘As expected.’

The weapons of those who can’t handle mana will easily cut through.
Okay. It has to be this much to be considered a reward.

“Weapons are good enough.”

Finally, I checked the confirmed monster summon ticket I received as a quest reward.
A summon ticket that randomly gives a monster of 3 stars or higher.

“I hope something good comes out.”

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that my future dungeon life would be determined by what popped up here.

‘Only centaurs should not appear.’

Worst monster out of 3 stars.
It’s okay if it’s not just him.

I tore up the summoning ticket, praying for a good monster to come out.


At the same time as the tearing, an ominous black light burst out.

– Yeah.

A gargoyle whose entire body was made of stone appeared.

When a monster with a huge size of nearly 4 meters appeared, I felt that the battle was filled with a sense of intimidation.

[I picked a 3-star monster Gargoyle. It is automatically bound to the dungeon.]

[Gargoyle: 3-Star Giant Monster]
[Skill: Petrification]
[Attribute: None]
[If the surprise attack succeeds, the combat power is doubled.]

“Hey, is this okay?”

If it was a gargoyle, it was not a bad monster among the 3 stars.

Monsters are basically classified according to their shape.

Giant, Beast, Ghost, Demon, Undead, Human, etc.

Beast types have strong attack power and good stamina, but tend to escape from dungeons without being bound.
The ghost type is invincible to physical power, but is often unable to use its power when meeting a priest.
The demon type has strong magic, but there are many beings like succubus and vampire who have restrictions on their activities.
The undead type was made from a corpse after death, so its physical strength was close to infinite, but its durability was very low.
Giant monsters were often used as dungeon bosses because they had good strength and durability instead of low speed.
It is a monster mainly used for dungeon bosses.
Isn’t that the perfect monster for me right now?

-That’s right.

The gargoyle that was summoned and met eyes with me bowed its head.

“It is gentle.”

Contrary to its appearance, it was obedient.
I stroked the head of the guy who was bowing to me.

“From now on, you will be the gatekeeper who will guard the entrance to the boss room.”

-That’s right.

The boy nodded his head as if he understood.

You got a magic sword and gatekeeper as a tutorial quest reward.

“Not bad.”

[You have acquired the required reputation. It is upgraded from F-class dungeon to E-class dungeon.]

The level of the dungeon has been upgraded with 2000 Fame.
It wasn’t that the dungeon suddenly became stronger or summoned stronger monsters just because the grade went up.

Fame is just a number that shows how popular a dungeon is on the continent at a glance.
The more famous the dungeon, the stronger and more adventurers came to attack it.

When I attacked, the highest reputation was A.
Since then, the difficulty level has risen dramatically, so raising the fame level also required some adjustment.

‘For example, deliberately failing a quest.’

The same things

You don’t have to worry yet.

At that time, Yulia, who had gone to the dungeon with Amy, returned.

“As you commanded, I have taken care of the human woman.”
“Are you doing it right?”
“Yes, she carved her vulva into her, and put on her eyepatch showing her fantasies. No matter how strong a human being is, it is a spell to open a wet pussy in a week.”
“Hmm, you got it right.”
“Would you like to see it now?”
“Can I see it from here?”
“If the Demon King wants it.”

When I nodded, Yulia took out a white crystal ball.

Light spread from the crystal ball and illuminated the screen in the air.
What kind of hologram is this?

The screen that came to mind showed Amy wriggling, curled up on the prison floor, with her blindfolds covering her eyes and her limbs bound.

-I-I won’t lose……. Poetry, God bless you! Ji, will protect you…… Big…….

Even though no one was listening, she recited a prayer to God.
It’s not like I’m telling someone.
It must be a prayer to strengthen one’s own weakening will.

With the vulva of the succubus Yulia engraved on it, she flinched even when nothing touched her body.

“By now you are in the illusion of her desires.”
“Are you sleeping?”
“About half.”

I know for sure that she is no ordinary succubus.

“What about the corpses of the adventurers?”

While I was quietly appreciating Amy, Yulia asked.

“You mean corpses?”
“Their spirits are still in their bodies, so they could be made into ghosts or undead.”
“Let’s make it into zombies or skeletons. Normal Ghosts cannot defend the dungeon.”
“Absorb it all. I’ll make monsters when the time comes.”
“All right.”

Gathering strength was more important than summoning monsters now.
And using the gathered power to create useful traps in the early stages.

However, it was not possible to attack with only her previous memories.

Originally, low-level adventurers would have set up thorn traps that could be easily dealt with.
Now that you know the devil’s characteristic of becoming stronger when you eat women, you should give a variation to your strategy.

The first trap I will make is.

I said looking at Yulia.

“With the gathered power, I make an aphrodisiac trap.”

It is truly a one-two-one strategy that can block the adventurous adventurers and raise my experience at the same time.

Of course, you have to hit it with your body to see how well it works.

“All right.”

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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