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Corruption in the Dungeon 6

Corruption in the Dungeon 6

Chapter 6 – Episode 6 That Bitch Is a Vulgar and Dirty Woman Who Was Raped by a Monster.

While Yulia was making an aphrodisiac trap, I moved to the dungeon entrance.
The interior of the dungeon was important, but the exterior was just as important.

How does it look to attackers?

This was a more important factor than I thought.
It shouldn’t look too trivial, but it shouldn’t look too strong either.

In the case of the former, growth was stagnant because too many adventurers did not come, and in the case of the latter, too strong enemies appeared quickly and it was difficult.

Finding the middle.

Is there anything more difficult than saying “Moderate” In this world?

I checked the entrance to the dungeon.

Contrary to the structure of the interior I had already created, the exterior looked like an ordinary cave in an ordinary forest.

Trees that were not managed at all, and moss and bushes grew wild on the cliffs connected to the caves.
Some vines ran down the entrance to the cave, covering part of it.

From the outside, it was hard to see it as a dungeon.

“I don’t think many people will see this and think it’s a dungeon.”

It seemed difficult to know easily unless you were an adventurer who could innately know the existence of dungeons.

‘If I do this, the residents of the nearby village who got lost for no reason will find me.’

The thing to avoid most in this game of creating and managing dungeons was the rumors of the villagers.
A rumor event that occurs when a villager accidentally entered the dungeon disappears or dies.

So, if an event occurred where a villager entered the dungeon, the monster was hidden and the trap was temporarily suspended.

That would be too.
The experience gained from killing villagers was less than dust, so there was no benefit to be gained by killing them.
Rather than getting it and giving it reputation, it’s better to let it live.

Of course, there were many ways to return it.
Like casting a confusion spell to send them back, or secretly changing the structure of the dungeon to make it look like a normal cave.

But it’s annoying

If you accidentally miss the entry, a catastrophe will happen, but it is better to prevent it.

In other words. In addition to preventing villagers from coming, it was necessary to change the shape of the entrance for rapid dungeon growth.

“How should I make it?”

Before making it, I thought about it for a while.
Should I put up a sign?

[Do not enter the dungeon, it is dangerous.]

If this is the case, more will come.

I’ll come in even if I’m curious.
Rather than these signs.

‘It would be better to put on a menacing decoration.’

When he thought he wanted to change the appearance of the dungeon, the cliffs around the cave moved by themselves.


Some of them are cut out of shape, and some of them have been cut out.
Then, on the wall next to the entrance of the cave, a bust that looked like it was carved out of stone began to be made.

One nasty monster face.

The face was modeled after that of a gargoyle.
I didn’t come up with a particularly good shape.
And with decorations like this, they wouldn’t be surprised if a gargoyle was standing inside.

An ominous aura radiated from the hideous appearance.

‘At least the villagers won’t be able to approach it easily.’

It will bring the interest of raiding to adventurers of a moderate level, and fear to the villagers who do not benefit from experience.

Of course, if the dungeon became famous later, strong adventurers would pour in despite these efforts, but it was a means to easily pass the first half.

“This is a passing point in its own way.”

Decided to be satisfied.

There’s no point in making it look stronger than this.

I checked the entrance again and entered the dungeon again.

“I am ready. It is the same kind of aphrodisiac mist I used for that priest.”

Yulia, who absorbed the corpses of the adventurers and created an aphrodisiac trap, said.

A small room not far from the dungeon entrance.
The entrance to the room was open, and inside was a small box.

An elaborate iron box that is neither overly flashy nor shabby.
A box that seemed to contain suitable rewards was placed there as if to lure adventurers into the room.

At least the newbies will fall into this trap.
Even adventurers with overconfidence.

It was a trap that prudent adventurers wouldn’t fall for, but it didn’t matter.
It’s not a trap that was aimed at them anyway.

“When adventurers pass through this door and touch the box, it is designed so that the door closes naturally and emits an aphrodisiac mist. Those caught in the trap will be distracted and hallucinate.”

I nodded at Yulia’s words.

It’s not bad.
It was a simple but effective trap.

I admired her ability to create effective traps in such a short amount of time.

“Let’s check in a moment.”
“You are free to check it out.”

I got into the trap.


As I entered and touched the box, the door hidden behind the wall closed.

The thick door had no handle and seemed impossible to open from the inside.

Pink mist pouring down at the same time.
All ordinary adventurers will be seduced by the aphrodisiac effects of this mist.
A rich and dense atmosphere will be created, and there will be chaos in this room.


Yulia praised her ability and forcibly opened the visible gap between the doors.

That’s right!

“Durability is disappointing. If I’m pushed by my own power, A-class or higher adventurers will be able to easily escape.”
“Sorry. Because the power of adventurers is weak…….”

He waved her hand at Yulia, who lowered her head as if to apologize.

“Okay. I was expecting this much.”

This must be the limit for the power absorbed by the adventurers in the dungeon now.
Rather, it was surprising that such an elaborate trap could be created with such little power.

“The trap was enough. Considering the level of adventurers who will come soon anyway, it is too elaborate.”
“Thank you.”

Yulia’s small wings fluttered as she greeted politely.
The sight of the succubus’ distinctive bat wings flapping around its waist was cuter than I thought.

‘Emotions are revealed in her wings.’

Contrary to her blunt expression, her wings were frank.

Maybe the feelings of the original succubus are revealed in the wings.
I couldn’t tell that far, but at least it was clear that she was speaking with her wings.

“Go back. That’s enough.”
“All right.”
“It’s been a while since I used my body, so I’m tired.”

The demon king is also a living being.
No matter how strong he was, the fatigue accumulated in his body was unavoidable.
Even I haven’t woken up yet.
Very unstable, but weak at the same time.

Even though veteran adventurers below C rank were easily overpowered, they were weak by the standards of this world.
Adequate rest was essential.

On her way back, Yulia said.

“I’ll take the bath water right away when I get back.”
“Is there a bath?”
“You may not know, but the demon king enjoyed taking a bath before he was sealed and went to sleep.”

The former Demon Lord, you had a pretty good hobby.

“It’s a bath. Not bad.”
“I will prepare a fragrance that the Demon King will like.”
“Okay. Please don’t ask.”

I thought I could even take a bath on the first day after becoming a demon king.
Another world, might it be more worth living than I thought?

Except that I might die.


Haha. God, God…….”

I couldn’t see anywhere.
I don’t know how long it’s been since her succubus tied her up and left.
It was all about resisting the ever-increasing sensitivity by offering daily prayers.

Neither the succubus who restrained her body and enchanted her, nor the demon who annihilated their party came.

I’m just trapped in the illusion of the blindfold that the succubus puts on me.

“Please, now, a little prayer……Hehe! Guys, please listen…… Ohh clothes!!”

Is it because I’m infected with pleasure?
No matter how much she prayed, God did not respond to her words.

In her eyes that were crying earnestly.

“Wow, Mr. Williams…….”

I saw Williams mingling with Andy.
The leader of the adventurer’s party she was secretly in love with.
The man who was always at the head of the adventurers’ party with his strong strength and bold swordsmanship.
The man who had entrusted herself to God and was in a position she could never reach.
He must have been killed by a demon who overtook her.

Haha. How about Williams?”
“Andy, you are too tight…….”
“I told you. I can do better than a priest who doesn’t like that kind of hug.”
“You are right. Andy. Great! If you tighten it like that, you might end up wrapping it inside.”
“Cheap is good. Wrap it up full of me Give me the captain’s seed.”

Similarly, when she was killed by the devil, she was flesh-to-skin with Andy.
Why are there two people in my eyes?
Could it be that he died?

To dismiss it as mere fantasy.

The smells, sounds, and vibrations they felt were so vivid.

Even if I wanted to close my eyes and ignore this scene, it felt more alive.

No. No.
The place should originally be mine.
I couldn’t even tell Williams.

Don’t hug
Don’t hug that bitch
That bitch is a vulgar, dirty woman who was raped by a monster.

I’d rather be faithful, hug me.

My body was taken away, but my heart is still clean.

“Alas, forgive the sinful Lamb…….”

That’s crazy
Do you think such wicked thoughts?
I was seduced by the tricks of demons.
Come to your senses.

We have to endure.
Until rescuers arrive somehow.
Find her missing party in her guild until they come to rescue her.

“Forgive me.”

Amy held her mind until the end, swimming in an illusion that she couldn’t escape even if she closed her eyes.


“Demon King, it is ready.”

It was a pretty fancy bathtub.

I never thought there would be a bathhouse like this in the basement of the dungeon.

“You put a lot of effort into it.”
“It was made by myself during a long period of time when it was sealed.”

Yulia bowed her head.

Steam rising from the bath.
A subtle scent that pierces the nose.

Just standing around without entering the bath made me feel at ease.

“Good job. You did very well.”
“Thank you.”


I took off my clothes, ignoring the fluttering wings.

“I will take the clothes I took off. I’ll leave the new clothes to change into here, so please enjoy it slowly.”

Having finished her speech, Yulia left.

If so, let’s enjoy it for a while.

I soaked myself in hot water.


It really feels like the fatigue I felt all day is fading away.
Cool like crazy

This is life


When you are enjoying the heat of a hot bath.


“I will go in. Demon King.”

I heard Yulia’s voice as she took her clothes.


The door opens

“I will push you on the back.”

Yulia, a succubus covered in a long gown, entered.

Corruption in the Dungeon

Corruption in the Dungeon

던전 속 타락
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Possessed as a demon king who becomes stronger only after having sex."Ah, Maou-sama..."Like this woman who sucks my dick like candy, you have to corrupt all of her saints and warriors to return, right?"You'd better take it off if you want to get stuck."


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