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City Of Witches 83

City Of Witches 83

Chapter 83 – #19_Uninvited Guest (4)


“Then, why don’t you listen to my proposal?”

Ea willingly responded to Odile’s proposal with a song-like tone.
It was fortunate out of all the misfortunes that he was not a very communicative person.
She frowned for a while, as if her troubles were very deep, and then opened her mouth.

“I really, really hate these bitches. Did you destroy my magic power plant, which was my main source of income five years ago?”

Her voice, simmering like boiling mud, oozes with deep malice.
Perhaps she had accumulated a lot of things, but she distorted her expression while losing even the pretense that had kept her noble appearance on the outside.

“What is your name?”

Ea asks, breathing heavily and managing her expression as if she were performing a play.
Odile shrugged her shoulders, trying not to flinch.

“Odile, it’s Odile Gemena.”
“Yes, I am willing to let everyone else go if Miss Odile sacrifices herself to follow me.”
“What is your proposal?”

A fishy smile was engraved on Ea’s lips.

“First I need to make sure your courage is real.”
“You don’t have to. I am not afraid of death.”
“Calm down and listen to me. Because that’s what you’re going through in the future. Sometimes ignorance breeds courage, right? You never know, if you listen to me, your new-born courage will go into incontinence.”

Ea, who snapped her finger for a moment and snooped her head, calmly began to speak her words.
She said it was a very cruel, cruel revenge scenario.

“First, I’m going to take Miss Odile’s womb alive. Without any anesthesia.
Even though it’s worse than the stigma, the apprentice witch’s bowl is also a valuable research material. Don’t worry too much about this part, I’ve done it many times before. No matter how painful it is, you will never die. I wonder what kind of pretty cry you will cry.”

Even though it’s just her words, Ea scans Odile’s belly while making fishy threats that seem to smell like blood.
Odile’s body trembled at the gaze as if he was naked.

“If that happens, all you will be left with is a beautiful body with small scars. A normal outcast would have disposed of it as it is, but as I said, there are a lot of things piled up in Jemonai. Is that all? He is also a natural saver. So I’m going to use it as my wallet in order to use Miss Odile frugally.”

She licked her lips.
Her body trembled as if she felt ecstasy just by imagining it, as if she had an orgasm from revenge catharsis.

“I like to wander around the world. It’s always tricky to finance travel locally. Right then! It’s time for Miss Odile to do some work. She just needs to earn money by selling her body to local men with her beautiful appearance. Is it easy?”

Witches usually have a lot of money even in this world.
If you inherit the stigma from your ancestors, you also inherit the wealth accumulated over a long period of time.
No witch, no matter how exiled, of her power would lack her own travel expenses.
In other words, what she intends to do is a cruel entertainment based purely on her sadism.

“Since there are 24 hours in a day and apprentice witches have to sleep… Well, maybe 20 people a day would be enough, right?”

Ea asks questions as if seeking Odile’s consent and proceeds with the story at will.

“I’m so excited. What do we do? Already her heart is pounding….
Oh and! Every time you don’t meet your goal, you’ll be punished.
How about one toe for every failure? If your feet are stumpy like tree stumps, I’ll cut off your fingers next time. Then arms and legs, then eyes and tongue… I’ll cut you up bit by bit.”

Her flushed cheeks weren’t just from a delightful imagination.
It is obviously also associated with sexual arousal.
The cruel joy and sadism that neither Siwoo nor the twins can understand blooms between the words like poisonous mushrooms.
Odile’s legs were shaking as if they were about to collapse, and Odette giggled and shed tears.

“How about my proposal? No matter how old I am, wouldn’t her eyes roll over if my apprentice witch turned into a world-traveling whore?”
“Crazy bitch…”

Siwoo spat out quietly without even realizing it.
Odile couldn’t stand the malice that was transmitted through her mush and vomited on her floor.
Odette slumped to the ground as if her legs gave out.

As the time of delusion passed, Ea, who came to her senses a little, clapped her hands.
As if the time for trivial jokes was over.

“…I thought about it again, but I’m canceling the offer. You don’t have to take only Miss Odile, but if you take both, you’ll have two wallets, right?
I think it would be more fun for Miss Odile to punish her sister if she didn’t meet her goal, and if her brother failed, then she would punish Miss Odile for her punishment.
The tearful sisterly love, I want to see that touching play.”

Seeing her reversal of her proposal like flipping her palm on a subject that gave her hearty fear, Siwoo was convinced.
This bitch is a mad bitch, and the only way out is to fight.
Ea’s red eyes, which raised the tip of her chin, turned towards Siu.

Now, I didn’t even think that those eyes were like cursed jewels.
Only disgust is felt, as if the intestines were pulled out and put together.

Siu twisted open another bottle of his magical water.
Gulp, gulp, pour the contents into your mouth.

She is her life she thought was dead anyway.
The plan to ask her to send her twins has long since disappeared.
That cruel witch is by no means an opponent capable of ambiguous compromises.

Even if it’s hitting a rock with an egg, even if it’s just a joke.
I will fight, clinging to the tiniest thread of hope.


Shiwoo in fear that even the air is frozen cold.
She raised the spear of pointless resistance.
The spear that I had sharpened and polished to escape absurdity for the past three years.
Now, to counter evil, we aim at the enemy.

Amelia curled up on her body.
The nameless cypress forest of Gehenna.
She fled to the little hut where Master’s memories were buried.

Crouching her limbs in the rocking chair where Master always sat and read,
She clutched desperately like a baby burrowing into her mother’s arms, her nose buried in her blanket, which she always covered.


No matter how complex a task is, it melts warmly when it comes here.
As if intoxicated by her dreams, she was able to run away crying and laughing, holding on to the old hem of the fleeting past.
No matter how many years had passed, it was as if her unforgettable gentle touch was stroking her hair.

“I’m back. Master…”

Don’t need all
A wide variety of desserts, stinging cigarette smoke, and fancy clothes.
Don’t need all

Relationships with other people will only hurt.
She clutched at her shattering chest and repeated that this was where Amelia Marigold should be.

“I’m not going anywhere anymore…”

Amelia, who had been curling up over and over again, rubbing her cheek against her blanket, closed her eyes.

“Oh wow, I knew that.”

The only time Amelia was happy.
A determined voice picked up on her act of escaping, digging into the memories of the two of them.
Amelia turns her head and looks behind her.
There stood Sophia with her arms crossed, with a sad expression on her face.

“Who, who told you to come in here? How do you know you’re here…”
“If it goes well, I won’t have to go all the way to the mansion, and if it fails, there’s no way you’ll come back to me because of your personality. It’s obvious.”

In fact, if she did just as Sofia told her, the scene of reconciliation would have come out without her being greatly out of sync.
However, Sophia never overestimated Amelia’s emotional expression skills.
She lazily turned into a crow and flew into her cabin in case she screwed up.
Seeing that it is already doing this, it seems that it has gone awry faster than I thought.

“I want to be alone. Please leave your seat.”

Sophia found Amelia’s tears welling up in her eyes.
She sighs and approaches Amelia.

“Tell me what is going on.”
“I…Why do I have to say that…”
“We are friends.”

It was the first time Sophia had seen Amelia looking so sad since Sophia returned to Gehenna.
As her friend, it is fortunate that Amelia, who has always acted emotionless like an empty wax figure, has come to feel emotions in one way or another.
But how can I stay still when I see the pitiful crying clinging to the old Master’s blanket?

“Tell me, I will listen. I won’t laugh at you or think you’re funny.”
“Of course, if there is something to be scolded for, I will point it out. But I promise you, it will be much more comfortable than keeping it inside yourself, right?”

Sophia squatted on the floor, eye level with Amelia, who was propped up in her armchair.
Amelia’s lips, which had been trembling to the point of mourning, opened.

“Slavery… Subject… How dare you… Do such a foolish thing… Just… Me, swear… I am for him… A gift he would like… A proposal. ..But…”

Amelia stammered out her words in a thinly cracked voice.
It sounded like it would break out in tears any second.

“Did you curse?”

Sophia opened her mouth wide.
As a close slave to Amelia, she knows because she has watched her by her side many times.
If you have to categorize him, he is not a strong, peculiar race close to a revolutionary, a saint or a hero.
Regardless of his intelligence, he is just an ordinary person who is ubiquitous, timid, cautious, and amiable.

He couldn’t easily picture in Amelia’s mind that he was swearing right in front of Amelia.
How messed up did he end up in this situation?

“I can’t forgive… No, I won’t care anymore… Apologizing… I hate everything… I’m going to stop… Listening to you again this time…”
“Did you apologize properly?”
“… I tried, I tried… I wrote on paper… I practiced… But…”

Amelia told Sophia the whole story of what had happened, as if telling her insides.
After hearing it roughly, it is said that he suggested an assistant.
Moreover, it seems that he put the apology for later and only talked about what he had to say.

“This is won…”

The only hope of wanting to go out to the present world was shattered, and he offered a reward as if he were patronizing, so he was worthy of attacking.

“…I can’t get angry… I wanted to get angry… But I couldn’t. I was crying… I must have cried, right? Are you crying because of me?”

Finally, tears welled up in the corners of Amelia’s eyes and ran down her cheeks.
Poor Amelia.
Sophia stretched out her arms and hugged Amelia tightly.

“Amelia, Amelia… Oops… I should have explained more.”
“….. Black…”

Normally, Amelia, who would have shaken off Sophia even with her pride, did not move, but instead quietly embraced Sophia in her arms.
Sophia stroked Amelia’s small round back of the head.

“I don’t know how to look at him now… I hate him, even though I hate him… Thinking of him crying… My heart feels strange… Aching, aching, hot… I can’t do this or that. ….”
“It’s okay. Anyone can make mistakes. Getting it all right is important.”
“I can’t… I won’t do it anymore…”

To Sophia, it was a swing that was far from lacking, but to Amelia, it must have been the result of her strength.
Seeing that her high-nosed Amelia had become such a mess, the first thing she felt was her pity.
But she is sad, and she has to tell her what she has to say.

“I have a story I want to tell you.”

It’s way too naive, and she feels like it’s driving Amelia down, so I’m going to tell her story, which I didn’t want to do.

“It happened the day you went on a date with assistant Siu in Border Town.”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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