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City Of Witches 84

City Of Witches 84

Chapter 84 – #19_Uninvited Guest (5)


“He never sold you out.”

Sofia explained what happened at the Border Town Inn for about 10 minutes.
The Aquarius Witch’s ploy to kidnap Amelia.
Sophia was able to save Siwoo after Siwoo did not succumb to the cunning of the crew and requested rescue.

Of course, he kept quiet about the suspicions that Amelia could be sensitive to.
It was because she judged that even if there was no other way, there was no need to add to the confusion.
The words force majeure and extenuating circumstances have no other purpose.


When Amelia heard Sophia’s words, she stood in a daze.
She manages to come up with a question and asks Sophia.

“Then why did you keep it… A secret from me?”
“I didn’t know the details at the time, but it seems like he was worried that you might find out about preparing to escape. Please don’t think badly though. He even had the option of selling you out and running outside. But you didn’t.”

In fact, Amelia wasn’t afraid of her death.
The reason Amelia lives is only to continue her master’s magic.
Even if it was cut off by an accident of injustice, she would have a moment of regret, and even if she felt a little anger at the inheritance being passed into the hands of others, she was not afraid that her life itself would be cut off.

Because she was empty after Master left.
Because she thought it was empty, she couldn’t stand the emptiness, so she gave herself the duty of researching magic.
I just carried it on my back like inertia and climbed the slope.

Siu would have been different.
Wasn’t she studying magic that way because she wanted to live and get out somehow?
A mere human, he fought to the death to protect Amelia.
For the sake of a witch she doesn’t even like that much, she even gives up her chance to escape.

It was a huge debt.

“Siwoo mustered up so much courage for you. So, are you thinking of running away from here? Is there anything you haven’t said yet?”
“Why, why… So much…”
“Why don’t you ask me directly? It’s the surest way.”

Amelia stopped her tears.
She had no time to cry.
As she wandered round and round, the compass in her chest was fiercely pointing to one place.
Go back to him right now
To express my sincere apologies and thanks.

His face, which had just seemed so frightened.
I missed you.


Joy springing up like pollen from the chest all of a sudden.
I thought I was being hated.
He only thought he was being rejected.
But wouldn’t it be that Shin Si-woo valued her to the extent of not handing over her Amelia on the spot? The bold thought of doing it keeps trying to lift the corner of her mouth.

The joy made Amelia feel ashamed at the same time.
He felt that his words and actions, which were selfish, intolerant, and childlike, were compared to his actions.

“I want to apologize…”
“Good idea.”
“Even in this world… I will go with you…”

Sophia was startled.
This was the first time Amelia had ever put the words of her intention to play in this world into her mouth.

People who have been confined to their own world for a long time are hesitant to set foot in a new world.
Whether it is a new emotion or a new experience.
In that sense, this world was a very strange and frightening place for Amelia.
No matter how many times Sophia suggested play, she didn’t even listen.

Although she outwardly says that she does not want to waste her research time on such useless pastimes, Sophia sees Amelia’s feelings about the present as bordering on fear of the unknown.

“Because I want to do what he wants.”

Frightened, cowering, Amelia was busy stepping back.
How can you not smile as you watch her take her first steps?
Sophia smiled proudly.

“Thanks. Sophia.”

As if to reciprocate her face, Amelia ran her sleeve over the tears on her cheeks.
She had had this or that relationship with Amelia, but this was the first time she had heard her say thank you.
But she doesn’t have time to hug her cute and pinch her cheeks.

“Go see.”

Sophia gave her a slight push on the back.
Amelia nodded and opened the door to her closet.
One more step into a new world she didn’t know.
To walk.

“What are you doing?”

Ea tilted her head and watched Siu absorb her mana.
She had already seen her use a water lizard stride, so she wasn’t surprised.

However, by that time, Siwoo’s consciousness had already erased the existence of the terrifying outcast.
A consciousness that pierces the bottom of the unconscious in an instant, like being sucked into quicksand.
An empty black space appears in front of Siwoo’s eyes again.

Magic newly acquired from Gnosis eggs obtained by hunting homunculus.
The ‘Law of Shadows’ that erodes and interferes with the magic circle and eventually brings about collapse.
The building of shadow, which became a new structure, rotated fiercely as if welcoming Siwoo, creating the shape of a magnificent nebula.

It was only a single step, but the distance between the two narrowed in an instant.
This is ‘Ain’, the world of consciousness and ideas.
The physical scale is a space of freedom without any restrictions.

– Woo-woo-woo!

From the law of shadows facing me in front of me, I heard a buzzing vibration.
It sounded like a voice of rebuke, as if asking why he had come only now. Siwoo smiled bitterly without even knowing it.

“You should have had time.”

If I had known this would happen, I would have built up my proficiency even if I split the time I didn’t have.

“Please give me some help.”

There is no ego in magic, but a long shadow begins to entwine towards the outstretched hand as if shaking hands.
Siwoo took over the control of the shadow from the magic circle.
No, taking over was a bit of a misnomer.

This power had to follow Siwoo’s command.
It’s only now that I’m completely under his control.
The shadow that wrapped around her body began to flow like a snake.
Following Siwoo’s will, he moved freely as if he were handling a newly sprouted arm.

This will not be enough.
The opponent is an outcast who boasts that he is a match for Amelia.
In order to earn time, more thorough preparation is required.

What came to Siwoo’s mind was his armor and spear.
As if kneading dough, the shadow was formed and wrapped around the body, creating two spears.
At the same time, Siwoo’s consciousness returns to reality.


A few minutes seemed to have been wasted in Ain, but in reality, only a second or so had passed.
As if surprised, Ea covered her mouth and widened her eyes.

Suddenly, the shadow that rose from Siwoo’s body was transformed into a weapon to confront the enemy.
There is no gloss or flashy patterns that reflect the light that usually appear in fantasy games.
Just black armor that absorbs the moonlight and two straight spears on the gauntlet wrapped around both hands.


As Siwoo inhales, the shadow stretching from behind him wraps around his head, forming the shape of a sleek helmet.
It was as natural as it had been for a very long time, and I felt a strange sense of intimacy.
A miracle that allows you to use completely new magic without any special proficiency.
This was the product of the ‘Egg of Gnosis’, which forcibly widened human cognition.

“I guess you liked RPG games?”
“Originally, it was a manga game, but it must have really ruined it since it’s been 5 years.”

Ea’s feelings on the outside were about that, but inside she was very surprised.
To the point where he didn’t pay any attention to Siwoo’s blunt answer.
It is not very impossible for a slave to use magic.

However, on the armor that covered his entire body, a shadow shimmered like fine metal powder or like smoke.
That wasn’t just a ‘phenomenon’ manifested by magic.
Each tiny particle was a very, very small magic formula.
No matter how outcasts they were, as long as they were witches by nature, they became interested in magic they had never seen before.

“Originally, I was only interested in your body… But now I am interested in you. I’ll catch you too and use it for research.”

Looking at the ribbon floating like seaweed floating in the sea, Siwoo said to the twins.

“Run back right now.”

And immediately, he threw one of the two spears at Ea, and at the same time shot it towards the barrier behind him.

– Whoosh!

It wasn’t thrown with arm strength.
It consumes mana and grants kinetic energy to the shadow itself.
As a result, an onslaught of javelins accelerated without any warning.

First of all, as soon as the spear that flew a short distance touches the barrier of the water bottle, a wave spreads in an instant.
As if melting into a delicate barrier, the shadow that spread contamination spread like paint, and the entire water bottle rocked in an instant.

– Breakup liquid!

In the meantime, EA looks at another spear flying at her with her nonchalant eyes.


As if to escort her, the tentacles of the ribbon that wriggled behind her rushed forward.
It was the activation of self-defense to intercept the magic that threatened the owner.
The ribbon, which stretched smoothly without any special instruction, was caught in the air as if it were entwined around the window of shadow.


The appearance of the ribbon breaking into pieces as it blocked the window was like the leaves of an orchid that had been eaten by locusts.
However, Ea was not at all embarrassed.
Looking at the waveform of her magical power, it was not difficult to guess that she was the type to directly interfere with the magic ceremony.
The more delicate the magic, the more lethal it is to induce a short circuit.

“Efforts are imaginary, but pathetic.”

The spear of shadow, which lost speed every time it tore the ribbon, was eventually stopped from recklessly charging.
The shadow magic wrapped in dozens of layers of ribbons lost its composition and became disorganized on the spot.

“What are you going to do with just that much magical power?”

Although the Law of Shadows has the upper hand against most magic, it is only at an intermediate level.
The solution is simple.
Just like Siwoo did, press down with a huge amount of magical power.
There is no way that Ea, a high ranking witch, could not have noticed such a simple answer.


Siu looked at Ea, who thwarted her attack without making any effort.
Then, as she casts her gaze behind her shoulder, she sees a barrier that is equally intact.

The moment she was pierced by her spear, she swayed like a water droplet for a very short time, but it was repaired as soon as there was a gap where she could insert one of her fingers.
The time for the barrier to self-repair far outpaced the speed at which the shadow broke the barrier.

It wasn’t that I had high expectations.
Siwoo is also doing a bit of figuring out the subject.
Still, she hoped it would give her twins time to evacuate at least…
As if sensing Siwoo’s intentions, Ea made another proposal with her exquisite timing.

“Still, it was so much fun, so I’ll give it a chance.”

A golden opportunity to buy time.

“Assistant, don’t give up. We will help you too.”
“Right. Together we can win.”
“Please wait for a moment.”

Siwoo stopped the twins from memorizing the incantation, realizing that nothing could be solved by trembling.

“I’d appreciate it if you would.”

Judging by my confident attitude, Ea Sadalmelik is a definite strong player.
All of her actions are built on her premise that she can subdue Amelia from her front.
Even if it’s just recklessness or misunderstanding, it’s definitely not the level that Siwoo and her twins will face.

“It’s good because there’s still time anyway. Let’s see how many of her four limbs remain until Marigold returns.”

Thinking of Siu and her twins as fish in a water bottle, he had to make the most of his carelessness.

“I’d rather do it!”

Odile pulled Siu by the arm and stepped forward.
Seeing that, Ea laughed at her.

“I don’t even want to watch the damn magic of Jemonai. Wouldn’t it be a degraded version of the twins who don’t care anyway? What I’m curious about is the magic of the slaves there.”

While Odile couldn’t refute, Siu grabbed her by the shoulder and persuaded her.
Her heart is grateful, but the fact that this opportunity is purely at the whim of Ea must not be overlooked.

“Odile, not now.”
“But your assistant was like this the other day…! I’ll protect you this time…!”
“You have to do what that witch wants. That’s your only chance.”

Odile hugged Siwoo’s waist with her tears welling up.
Siwoo stroked Odile’s head and said.

“Let’s try to live this time.”
“…If you survive, I’ll put you on my face again.”

Siu pushed Odile, who said something like a joke with her serious face, behind her and stepped onto Ea’s test bench.

“Is the boring new wave over?”

Siu nodded his head.
Under her helmet, the determined eyes stared at Ea.

“Then go one step?”

Ea’s hand draws a horizontal line.
As if responding to her command, a ribbon twisted in the air.
The ribbon, which had accumulated elasticity to its limit, drew a spiral trajectory and attacked Siwoo like a poisonous snake.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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