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City Of Witches 85

City Of Witches 85

Chapter 85 – #19_Uninvited Guest (6)


From the moment Ea’s fingertips moved, Siwoo prepared for her attack.
Spreads the shadows that flowed through the armor forward.
Armor is the last bastion to prepare for impact.
We need another means to counter her attacks more aggressively.
A shield to deflect attacks.

There was no need to hold up a shield and block it.
Just leave it in the air and use it as cover.

The shield of shadow, which was created radially to disperse the impact, was in the shape of a flat cone.
Siwoo was planning to send Ribbon’s attack along the slope.
Lower your body and open your mouth.

The expected shock came.



A huge shockwave.
The collision of the shield and the ribbon, and the physical clash of magical energy, was fed back to Siwoo’s body.
Along with the intense pain that shrunk the intestines, the gastric juices in the stomach rushed up the throat.
I feel like I’m caught up in a bomb attack even though I’ve obviously blocked it.


He stopped the twins with his hands, who were running at his unusual momentum.
The reason why the twins are now guaranteed safety is because this unfair confrontation is between Siu and Ea.
A short safety that even this could be twisted the moment she indulged her whims.
Now is the time to court her and arrange other means.

“Can you stop this?”

Ea’s nonchalant voice pierced my ears.

It was as calculated.
The slope created by Siwoo sent enough of the shock away, and the remaining shock was dispersed as the shield of shadow split like a pizza.

However, what Siwoo did not expect is that Ea is a much harsher and crueler woman than he expected.
If Siu hadn’t been able to use the law of the shadow freely just a little longer, a part of his limb would have been ripped off from his body and rolled on the floor by now.

Ea clearly looked after Siwoo.
However, the level of hand-to-hand combat is just up to the preservation of life.
Other than that, I had no interest in how his body was broken.

“Then take another step.”

-Cutting device gig

Again, the ribbon twisted in the air.
A taut sound like pulling a bow string to its limit vibrates the air.

Not one.
A total of three ribbons aimed at Siu and the twins.

“This fucking bitch.”

Siu gnashed his teeth and drank the second concentrated magical water.


The shadows that came out of my palms embroidered the air like the ink of an octopus.
This time, the shape was different from before.
It is not a radial type, but rather a densely built honeycomb shield.
In addition, not one, but three layers were arranged sequentially to make sure.

Calculating from the amount of impact a moment ago, more than this is unnecessary.
This was the last line to leave irreversible scars while leaving extra magic and mental power.

“Can’t I just die?”

Calculation is over.
All that was left was a gamble.
Tap his knee with your finger to gauge the timing.
The shield need not always maintain a constant hardness.
To do that requires too much magic power.

At the moment of collision, if you concentrate your power in that short moment, it is possible to defend against attacks with much higher magic efficiency.
However, if the timing is off even a little bit, the shield will tear like pieces of tissue paper.
After that, the blood and flesh of the unscrupulous owner will dance in the air.


A roaring sound like a hammer hitting an iron plate.
Relentlessly, almost without a lag of a second, the ribbons that hit the shield in succession never reached Siwoo’s heart.
Shockwaves that are twice as large as before hit the entire body.
It felt like being hit all over with a baseball bat.

Nevertheless, Siwoo’s gamble was successful.
Indeed, the blow that passed his cheek with a dangerous momentum lost its ferocious momentum and returned to the fluttering ribbon.

“Did you stop this? Still, it’s a pity that you seem to be having a hard time the second time?”

The garden, which was just caught up in the shock wave, turned into a ruin as if a bombing had passed by before I knew it.
As the dust that had been obscuring his vision was blown away by the wind, the figure of Siwoo, who was kneeling on one knee, was revealed.

Siu calmly assessed his situation.
Warm blood flows from the left ear hole.
As if the eardrum had burst, the sound from that side was blocked.
The shield was shattered, and one eyelid burned as the torn ribbon passed along it.
A handful of blood flowed from his mouth, from which he did not know where it came from, and his clear vision was blurry, as if a lens had been overlapped.

Let’s endure like this one more time, just one more time.
With desperate determination, Siu raised his body while holding on to his thighs.

“To be honest, I was surprised. How can you work such magic on a slave subject? Well, the efficiency looks really bad.”

Siwoo ignored Ea’s words.
There was no time for her mind now.
I need to calculate the magical power and mental strength to allocate for the next attack.

“Okay, this time it’s 13. A very tragic and unfortunate number.”

As Ea raised her fingertips, her total of 13 ribbons coiled in the air and looked at Siu.
One, then three, then thirteen?
I couldn’t hit a single one on this side, but my anger soared at the bitch who switched phases as if half of the blood was cut.

Before Siwoo desperately thought about the structure of the next shield, Ea smiled and made a suggestion.

“Chance here.”

Ea smiled brightly as she stretched out her arms like her theatrical actors.
As if he couldn’t stand the fun of this game, the light of Yuyeol shone in his eyes to an unpleasant degree.

“You know? That one of your limbs is going to be cut off next turn?”
“….I know.”

I hate to deny it, but it’s true.
I don’t have enough energy.
In order to completely block that attack, ‘either one’ had to be given up.

“Look at those twins stupidly sucking their fingers. Aren’t you annoyed? Some are fighting with all their might.”
“It can’t be helped, because you won’t stay still.”
“I just want to see the results.”

You don’t have to refuse to say that you’ll earn the time you’re already lacking there.
I’m going to only talk about crazy things like psychopaths anyway, so let’s just talk in moderation.

“Is there a brother among the twins over there? She didn’t say a word while her sister said that she would sacrifice herself or fight for her instead.”

Odette flinched as soon as Ea’s gaze met her.
Even when Odile wrapped her arms around her shoulders, her trembling did not subside.

“Honey, what is your name?”
“You don’t have to answer!”
“Wouldn’t it be better to answer?”

Ea blows on the tips of her fingers that were caressing her.
Odette cautiously opened her mouth.
His voice, trembling like an aspen tree, is half wet with tears.

“What do you have to say? Your sister says she will sacrifice herself, and this poor slave is trying to save you. But what are you doing?”

Odette averted her gaze as Ea’s relentless accusations poured in.
As a weak woman, it was difficult for her to accept Ea’s stern stare.
What saddened Odette the most was that her words were not groundlessly made up.

Her hair turns white and she doesn’t feel like doing anything.
She is scared, afraid, and trembling because she wants to run away just because her attention is directed at her.

“Odette, don’t listen. They want to play with us anyway.”
“If you accept someone else’s favor like that, do you use it? I’m just trying to teach Miss Odette, who has no basic common sense, the right way to do it.”
“Sister… I’m fine…”

Odette barely met her eyes with Ea.
The mad cat’s eyes scanned Odette’s body up and down.

“Get down on your knees and beg for your life. Then I’ll make this stage a little easier.”

Although Odette is an immature witch and she is a coward, she is not without shame.
She is proud of being the successor of the Countess of Myrnai.
She knows how filthy it is to fall to her knees and beg for her life, succumbing to swindle.

“Aren’t you going to do this too?”

But there were no options.
After rationalizing, compromising with himself, and eventually running away.
Odette’s leg slowly bends.
Before her knees hit the floor.

“Aunty, please stop.”

Siwoo’s sarcasm froze the air.
Ea’s gaze, which was looking at Odette with her exciting eyes, shifts to Siu, who is in tatters.

“I’m sorry I can’t see you. Do you want to eat at night and do that?”

Ea smiled.
Her laugh was worth knowing.

“I know the intention, but was it the right choice?”
“I don’t know about that either.”

Shadows overflow from Siwoo’s arms.
While Ea focused on Odette for a moment, she drank the high-quality magical water certified by the Emerald Tablet.
All of her calculations were finished thanks to Ea’s pampering her.

An enormous amount of mana overflows from Siwoo’s body.
Absorbing and using a completely different mana.
It is Siwoo’s specialty that has been verified in Latifundium.
The only thing left is to use Siwoo’s own magnetic magic, which he has been studying, using the absorbed mana.

“Yes…Yes… Assistant…”

Odette, who burst into tears at the end, answers Siu with a sniffle.

“If you inherit the name of Zemonai later, please scold this bitch.”
“Odette-nim has been courageous enough.”

One of Shiu’s hands drew a semicircle.
Ea tilts her head and looks at Siwoo with an interesting expression.

“What are you doing?”

A silver circle began to appear around Odile and Odette.
Siwoo’s eyes exploded with reflected light as if they were on fire.

The magic that opens the door is incomplete.
The magic formula that Siwoo has perfectly constructed is, at best, a circuit that absorbs and amplifies mana.
The degree of completion of the part to make a hole in the other world and the present world is less than 10%.

Siu defended against Ea’s attack and completed the rest.
It is impossible to create a formula that can perfectly cross dimensions in that short moment, but it can be done by randomly changing coordinates in the ‘same world’.

Siu reestablished the magic formula for this emergency escape while blocking Ea’s attack.
It is the ‘coordinate movement formula’.
It is a magic formula that he hastily completed by removing a part of the magic he was researching.


Head hot from overload.
The waves of magical power that run wild through the magic circuits that are not normally used and break through the body damage the body.

– Tuk tuk

A nosebleed flowed.
As if pressure had been applied, the capillaries in the eyeballs were hot, and bloody tears overflowed from the thread veins.

“Stay still!”
“What is this… I can’t believe…?”

The meal is complete.
An auditory hallucination resounded in one ear, as if a mechanical device was turning.

“You are running away! Go… Get someone! Whether it’s Amelia or the Count…! In the meantime, I’ll hold on to this crazy bitch!”

Not everyone can escape.
The magic power consumed and the complexity of the calculations are proportional to the mass of the object being moved.
In addition, he needed someone to block the attack during the magic circle’s activation delay.

-Yi Yi Ying!

“Oh, no! Assistant!”
“It is pointless. No one can escape in this water bottle…”

Even when Ea saw her twin trying to escape, she did not respond because she trusted the water bottle.
Because no one can escape in her water bottle that perfectly separates the outside from the inside.


And Ea’s blind faith collapsed in an instant.
In an instant, the entire barrier of the water bottle vibrated greatly.
A small gap had opened in an area she hadn’t been paying attention to.
A gap so small that one person could barely crawl through it.


There was no way that such an abnormal action had suddenly occurred.
Ea was frightened and looked at the ceiling of the water bottle.

The shadow Siu squeezed to block the ribbon.
The shadows that were supposed to have been offset by the impact of the ribbon and scattered were already clinging to the top of the water bottle.

In the short moment when Siwoo activated his movement magic, all of them stuck to the water bottle and caused a very small crack.


The twins’ mournful cries disappeared.
It was a successful move.
At the same time, the gap in the water bottle that was barely torn open is repaired.

Ea’s attack was minimally blocked and she was distracted.
Little by little, she stole the shadows and prepared to crack the water bottle.
At the same time, in order to move her twin, she reestablished the magnetic magic she had studied so far, and calculated and assigned variables to her twin’s condition.

Siwoo knelt on his knees and sat down.
I really don’t have the energy anymore.

When you stagger and your upper body is about to fall.
Siu squeezed all his remaining strength and stood up, holding on to his trembling legs.

We still don’t know where the twins fell.
It may be inside Gehenna, but it is because a random variable was substituted.
Maybe it’s this neighborhood.

She had to give her twin some extra time to activate her music box so that Ea wouldn’t immediately follow her.

“What do you think? Do you want to hit me like a slave?”

Her body was in a state of disrepair, but seeing Ea’s expression with her mouth wide open made her feel refreshed.
Ea’s twisted mouth opened.

“A cheeky thing. I was going to make you look pretty, but… I’ll tear it up and feed it to the twins.”

Siwoo raised his staggering upper body and drank another glass of magical water.
In the midst of being devastated as all magic power was sucked out for the magic circle maneuver.
Waves of magical energy that shook the circuits of the whole body filled up again.


He ran his sweaty hair back.
He smiled cheekily and raised his middle finger.

“Your mother.”

There is no time left.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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