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City Of Witches 86

City Of Witches 86

Chapter 86 – #19_Uninvited Guest (7)


After the exciting pad lip, a chilly silence flowed.
I would have been less frightened if I had gotten angry while jumping.
The coldly subdued anger formed in Ea’s eyes and gazed at Siu.
The terrifying feeling of a venomous snake climbing over bare skin.

But it’s not worth the time to be afraid.
Defense is no longer the only skill.
Ea’s wrath for missing her twin right in front of her eyes as well as putting on a pad lip will be directed at Siu.
All that remains is to risk her life and struggle for her last life.

Listen to the window


A black shadow rose from one side of Siu’s arm and formed a huge lance that was over 5 meters long.
A cavalry spear made only to pierce the enemy.
Now, there is no need for magic to steal away the shadows, or extra mental strength to establish the movement.
Siwoo lowered his body and charged at Ea with his spear pointed.

Water lizard walking.
A spear with the highest hardness that densely creates shadows in a lattice structure.
The shadows sprayed from his back spread like wings and accelerated Siwoo’s body.

The clock narrowed in an instant in the aftermath of acceleration.
Running on the wind.
The distance with Ea, who was far away, was shortened in an instant.

“I’m tired of that now.”

Among dozens of fluttering ribbons.
A single ribbon crosses the air.
Only one ribbon collided with the spear.


Siwoo stopped in place.
Only three steps.
If he had taken three more steps forward, the tip of the spear would have reached Ea.

“I played a little bit. Do you think anything happened?”

Window is broken
The lance, created with maximum hardness using a lattice structure, split like splitting bamboo when it came into contact with the ribbon.
The armor that wrapped around the arm flew away in the aftermath of the impact, and the hand holding the spear was distorted to the point where it was difficult to recognize its shape.
If it hadn’t been for the armor and gauntlet, one arm would have been completely blown off at the moment of collision.

“Ugh… Ugh…”

Hot blood poured out of his throat.
The strong smell of iron and the sight already dyed red.
Siwoo blankly looked down at his hand.

His fingernails are gone.
As if caught up in a factory machine, it bends arbitrarily, and the broken fingers seem to be able to tie a knot if they do well.

Should we call this sensation pain?
No, more than that, a person’s hand can change like this.

The final resolution that squeezed everything out is shattered with just one ribbon.
In the first place, Ea’s blow, which Siwoo was barely able to block, was an attack that was not enough to relieve her boredom from her point of view.

The overwhelming difference in class that existed from the beginning has now lifted the veil of deception.
I knew.
That you won’t be able to reach it in the end.

“Coke! Cool! Knock-knock…!”

In an instant, blood gushed out of her mouth.
When magic is forced to lose control and collapse, there is a price to pay.
Siu cried and vomited blood on the dirt floor.
The blood that created a puddle the size of a cushion was mixed with flesh that was fearful of its identity.

The black armor that wrapped around the body disappeared.
All mana has been exhausted.
His kneeling legs were as stiff as a log and did not move at all.
I haven’t heard in one ear for a long time.
The blood in her eyes hardened and she couldn’t open them properly.
Fingers turned into grotesque human body art.
Every time my heart beats, the beat that resonates like a drum seems to split my head.

That was good enough.

What kind of slave would ever fuck an outcast like this?
Ea walked in front of Siwoo.
She looks down at him with a mischievous eye.

“Where are the twins?”
“I don’t know…”

He didn’t even wait for Siwoo’s answer until the end, and the pointy shoe nose barely raised his upper body and got stuck in his stomach.
Not even a scream comes out.
He didn’t kick it using his magic, but in a messed up state, the blow that pierced a vital point made Siwoo’s head go blank.

“Ah really. I’m going to die of annoyance.”

The sound of grinding teeth fell on the back of the crouching head.

“It was a chance to get revenge… But you ruined it all.”

Thin fingers grabbed Siwoo’s hair and forcibly raised his head.

“What are you going to do? How are you going to compensate? I’m annoyed by you! I think I’m going crazy.”

Ea’s hand caressing Siu’s cheek.
Sharp thumb nails slowly dig into Siwoo’s left eye.
The adrenaline that made him forget the pain for a while was meaningless in front of the pain digging into his eyeballs.
A bizarre moan escaped Siwoo’s open mouth.

“That… Uh… Ugh… That… Ah…”
“Yes, yes, it is beautiful. Cry more cutely.”

Siwoo’s venomous, half-hearted gaze stares at Ea, who intuited death.

“To be honest, I don’t like sending things off so comfortably. It seems like your master is coming back soon.”

Ea’s hand came out of the eye socket.
Crushed vitreous and blood dripped from her fingertips.
A strand of ribbon slowly headed for Siwoo’s empty eye socket.

“Hey, wait.”

Siu had an intuition of death.
The barrier shook and a person walked in.
Her hair and clothes were tousled because she ran so hurriedly.
She wasn’t the usual Amelia, she thought for a moment.


Amelia’s face turns pale when she discovers Siu and Ea in the incident surrounding the mansion.

“Good bye.”

As if Amelia had waited as soon as she called Siu’s name, a ribbon with a sharper tip than an awl pierced Siu Phuc’s hair.


Blood dripped from Siwoo’s eyes, nose, and mouth connected to the nasal cavity.
The blood that gushed out as if a faucet had been opened was mixed with a slippery, transparent liquid.
A thought that rises like a dying horse in a shaken head.

Shin Si-woo, the twins who will cross the barriers, the sadalmelik is over the edge of the fountain, I’ll make you cum on my face, I want to drink coke, how human thirst is satisfied, the moon in Gehenna is always full moon, The beauty of creation, the value of the subtle circumference Pi, 3.14159265355820…..3025…What came next? Ah…. 152674450 How many digits have you memorized, finally arrives, the first 999999, Feynman’s point, whispers, opens your eyes, recalls your memory, sings I’m free, in the world of 0 the shadows again Be born, burn this body forever.


“Nice to meet you, Baron Marigold.”

After passing her through her eyes to Siu’s brain, Ea throws away Siu’s body like her doll and opens her arms to welcome the prey she has been waiting for.

Ran, ran, ran.
Hundreds of particles enveloped Amelia’s body.
Amelia shoots dozens of times faster than a water lizard.

The urge grows in her chest.
Just as the centrifugal force becomes stronger the more it rotates, one idea is strongly formed and solidified.

“Siu… Siu… Siu…!”

Just saying her name.
I wanted to convey this new feeling to him.
Thank you, sorry.

Not afraid.
Not scary anymore
Nervousness and anxiety disappear under the swollen warm light, and only the confidence that you can do it overflows in your heart.

Every time her toe touches the ground, countless light particles condense and explode.
Amelia split the sky like a bird.

I see a mansion
The mansion where I had been living with Shin Si-woo for a while.
Are you still there?
Could it be that he ran away?
Amelia accelerated her run.
And she saw

– Rocking!

In an instant, a membrane in the form of a water bottle can be seen surrounding the mansion.
It turned translucent very briefly, then returned to its original transparent form.


Amelia ran through her field without slowing her down.
It required no effort from her to identify the transparent membrane.

Double-sided barrier.
It is a unique magic formula that blocks the external and internal worlds.
Judging from the fact that for some reason, no sense of incongruity or distortion was detected until the barrier was tangled, it was a barrier created at a fairly high level.


Anxiety soared.
The double barrier is mainly used by witches to avoid getting caught up in trouble in the present world.
But this is Gehenna.
There is no need to hide the fact that she is a witch from the eyes of an outcast, or to hunt a homunculus while minimizing her influence on the world.

Then, why did a barrier form in Amelia’s mansion?
It’s because they want to hide the fact that someone is using magic inside them.


So who wants to hide a magical event in Gehenna?
Those wicked evil witches.

Amelia felt her eyes darken.
Apart from that, her body runs through the air much faster than usual.

The appearance of the mansion beyond the barrier was the same as usual.
However, that is a kind of camouflage to hide the abnormal situation inside.
As Amelia stretched out her arms, countless clumps of particles stretched out from her fingertips and tore at the barrier.

As Amelia threw herself into her barrier, what she saw was a garden caught in a typhoon.
Garden trees uprooted and scattered, lawns that were all overturned to expose the soil floor.
And a witch whose true identity is unknown and her god Siu who is being held by her.

His gruesome appearance could not be expressed in words.
From head to toe, there is no place that is not stained with blood.


Amelia reached out to use her magic.
The magic power contained in her womb boils all at once and forms like water droplets on Amelia’s hand.
For now, all I can think about is getting him out of the hands of that witch.
At Amelia’s intrusion on her, Siu looked at her with one of her left eyes.

“Good bye.”

Before his lips moved to say something, the ribbon aiming at Siwoo hit his head.
It’s as easy as forking a steak, and it penetrates the face without realism.
Time to tell them to stop.
There was no time to protect him with magic.

As the witch stood up, Siu, who had been stuck in a ribbon, dangled at the end of it.
A corpse flung in the air flies to Amelia.
Amelia reflexively reached out her arm to receive his body.

“Nice to meet you, Baron Marigold.”

A body soaked in blood, sweat, and unknown sticky liquid is embraced.
His body trembled like a dying insect.
Bubbles of blood flowed from his mouth, and crushed vitreous bodies, nerves, and blood vessels were tangled in his empty pupils.

“Ah ah ah ah ah…..”

It’s like a terrible nightmare.
Why is this happening
I haven’t apologized yet.
He hasn’t said thank you yet.
I couldn’t even tell you that let’s go to this world together or that we’d stay together forever.

“Ki, wait… I, I will treat… I will treat…”

White particles extending from Amelia’s body covered Siu’s body.
She is not a witch versed in healing arts.
No, it is impossible to heal a wound of this magnitude without any equipment, no matter how many witches are placed in her chair.

The identity of the fluid that mixes and flows through the nose and mouth is the brain water.
The blow of the outcast pierced Siwoo’s brain.
Even if he tried to hold on, his life flowed endlessly.

“Ah…Ah…Why…Why… Now… I have something… I want to tell you…”

All I can do is hold you in my arms.
The sky blue dress was all stained with blood.

“I am Ea Sadalmelik, the witch who came to steal your brand. There was a blockage during my research, and I got your perfume by chance. It seemed to help quite a bit.”
“You seem to cherish that slave very much, don’t you? Thank god. Marigold until the moment she dies! Please save me! Mr. Marigold! It’s so painful! I messed around terribly while only calling your name like this. I should have shown it to you too.”

The trembling stopped in Siu’s body.
Ea was talking in front of her, and Amelia stroked Siu’s cheek.
His flushed face became frighteningly cold.
Like groping for a plaster cast, not skin.

My chest is stuffy.
The pain of loss has choked my breath without even giving me time to dwell on the pain.

Finally like this again.
Will I be left alone?

Amelia hugged Siu dearly.
The solitude and loneliness that she thought was familiar become a single black rose and bloom in full bloom in her heart.
On that rose, the poison named anger was like dew.


With the incantation, Amelia’s eyes began to glow with azure light.
What is magic to Amelia Marigold?
It was always a tearful poem written to mourn the departed.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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