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City Of Witches 87

City Of Witches 87

Chapter 87 – #19_Uninvited Guest (8)


Witch of Aquarius, Ea Sadalmelik.

Her brutality and danger are notorious even among outcasts.
It is because he enjoys cruel torture that has nothing to do with magic as a hobby, and he has no qualms about killing innocent people.

If you think that the reason why she has been able to survive until now, who became an ‘enemy’ beyond a mere outcast by killing the apprentice witch of ‘Duke Tiphareth’ who was out for a game 100 years ago, is simply because she is a high-ranking great witch. It was misunderstood

Sadalmelik was a thorough hunter.
The way she drives her prey by any means is thorough and tenacious, and when she feels that she is about to be cornered, she runs away without hesitation.
After that, she waits for her moment of hunting, waiting for another opportunity.
Like a leopard slowly chasing a herbivore that ran away while shedding blood.

“Where shall we see how skilled the ‘Witch of Perfume’ is?”

Ribbon strands begin to grow on Ea’s back.
One ribbon split into two, two split into four, and four split into eight.
Dozens of fluttering ribbons multiplied into tens of thousands in a short moment of less than three seconds.

Each ribbon contains enough energy to destroy a building.
This is the fighting power of a high-ranking witch comparable to natural disasters.

According to research, Amelia Marigold’s hierarchy is 22nd.
Ea, on the other hand, is in the 21st hierarchy.
In simple terms, it can be considered that there is not much difference.

But how much effort and talent would it take to climb a hierarchy?
To use a crude analogy, it would be comparable to the effort of one human being alone, unaided, research after research, to build a rocket to launch an artificial satellite.
As much as that, the gap between one hierarchy in magic is vast.

But Ea knew.
She achieved three levels of hierarchy, from 18th to 21st, only by extorting the witch’s brand.
On one occasion, she hunted witches of a higher rank than her.

Ea Sadalmelik has been hunting more than 10 witches for 300 years.
Locked in her alcove, Amelia Marigold, who has never hunted a single homunculus.
Ea, who has developed her magic in a direction optimized for her battles, has enough experience and confidence to overturn a hierarchy.

There Ea was not so sure of her own superiority.
Her variable is something that can always exist, and reducing that variable was her sure way to win when Ea hunted her witches.

Magic is a very sophisticated science.
It is close to impossible to produce a performance as usual while witnessing the tragedy of a loved one being slaughtered right in front of your eyes.
Especially if he died brutally due to the difference in hair.

Amelia slumped on her floor, hugging her Siu, but she showed no hostile reaction.
Looking at the reflected light burning through her eyes, she seems to be using magic, but she doesn’t show any signs of attack.

Then Ea saw.
Countless particles protruding from Amelia’s body wrapped around Shiu’s rags.
This mindless witch is sitting in her seat without any resistance to save a human who has already become a corpse.

“Are you trying to save me now?”

Amelia, with her tears flowing, looked at Ea without saying a word.
Ea, who read her despair in her empty eyes, laughed.

“Still, I hoped it would be a fun fight to some degree.”

Tens of thousands of ribbons begin to twist all at once, like a guillotine that goes up to slit the throat of a condemned prisoner.
The tense, tense sound as if tens of thousands of stringed instruments are being tuned simultaneously makes the air tremble.

– Took

It started with one drop.
Ea lifted her head at the touch of the moisture on her cheek.
The sky of late autumn, when the moonlight is brilliant, is crying.

– Tuk, Tuk, Tuk

Autumn rain falls from the black sky sparkling like obsidian.
On the leaves of fallen trees, on the trampled grass.
The witch who lost her precious person and the witch who took away her precious person are kindly beaten.

Ea, who received the raindrops that fell absently on her body, felt a sudden chill.
She is screaming her intuition, which has been honed across her limbs.
She said she had to run away from this place.

However, there is prey in front of her eyes.
A prey that gave up resistance and put its neck out of despair.
The gap between the reality she sees and the sense of crisis she feels on her skin has dented her Ea’s determination.
A very brief carelessness of ‘wouldn’t it be the first thing to finish this guy in front of me?’.


Japanese shooting.
All that remains is the stigma and uterus.
The rest of her had nothing to do with mash or not, so Ea gave the order to attack with a ribbon spread wide like a giant Duke.

She doesn’t even dream.
‘Her maiden’s loom’, which carried out Ea’s instructions more diligently than her limbs, became inoperative.
Even when she gave orders to each department, her magic power was sucked out somewhere.

Buds have bloomed
Wherever the autumn rain met, life in the color of purgatory bloomed everywhere without shouting.
On top of the mound of earth that had been turned inside out, on the fountain, on the roof and on the outer wall of the building.
Wherever the raindrops hit, they move regardless.

“Melt it!”

A very peaceful appearance that did not fit the situation stimulated fear on the contrary.
Her absolute confidence was gone, and with that uneasiness she felt for the first time in hundreds of years, Ea memorized her magic to activate her magnetic magic.
Her water bottle barrier doesn’t just exist to conceal her.
Ea’s digestive system to digest everything inside.

If it had been as it was, the acid that would dissolve everything inside the barrier should have been secreted and melted all beings except Ea…

“What is this…”

Also don’t listen
Now is the time to run away.
She has to return to the present world through the escape route she secured earlier.

Ea, terrified and trying to get out of her seat, saw her own feet, which had turned so much that she couldn’t move at all.
Even her shoes were embroidered with green cotyledons like embroidery.
It wasn’t something that grew out of her shoes.
It was just that the sprouts that had taken root in the raw flesh had grown through the shoes.

Even on her shoulders exposed under her jet-black dress, on her slender hands and arms.
Ea felt fear at the sight of the buds blooming without a doubt.
The wide ribbon behind her back is also covered with dense yellow-green leaves.

The raindrops that fell from the sky were not the whims of the sky like showers.
These sprouts that sprout after being hit by rain are also not common sprouts.
As soon as it takes root, it absorbs all magical energy and grows and grows like a tumor.

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute!”

This is the power of a 22nd tier witch?
Doesn’t that have a lot of fighting experience?
It can’t be.
I have already tried several times to take away the control of magical power.
But all such attempts were futile.
The more magic power is emitted, the faster the sprout grows.

Ea had experienced this sensation before.
The helpless feeling when he clashed with Duke Tiphareth of the 23rd rank the other day.
The powerlessness she felt when all her resistance was futile, and she barely saved her life, throwing away what she had worked for.

Amelia has crossed the wall.
She broke through her own limits, which had been blocked for the past decades, and once again made a vast gap.

If there was a difference from the time she barely saved her life and escaped, her Ea’s reaction was not as quick as it was back then.
Amelia’s magic had already eroded Ea’s body deeply.

“Hey, wait! I’m sorry. Wrong!”
“I will compensate you! I’ll apologize too! I will give you all the slaves I have!”

Whether Ea, stunned by her fear, screamed at her or not, Amelia rose from her seat with her sister in her arms as if her business was over.

“Wait! Are you waiting?”

The seat where Amelia sat was full of wild flowers, as if they were adorning her queen’s throne.
Small colorful flowers, which she has never seen anywhere, sway in the wind.

Amelia turned her back to Ea and started walking.
A bunch of wild flowers blooms for each bud that her feet gently step on.
From there, the wave of life began.
As if raindrops fell on her beautiful landscape, starting from Amelia’s footsteps, the wild flowers that grew up all began to burst their peaks.

“Please… Save me…”

Flowers have bloomed in all the places where they have sprouted.
The wild flowers that covered her mansion as well as her entire area overflowed, not covering Ea’s arms, legs, stomach, chest, eyes, nose, and tongue.
The fragrant scent of flowers condemned Ea Sadal Melik’s insolence without giving her time to let her last breath.
All that was left over the collapsed pile of flowers was silence.

The rain has stopped.

Odile and Odette, who succeeded in escaping thanks to Siu’s dramatic performance, returned to Amelia’s mansion with Zemanai.
Surprised by Amelia’s powerful magic, Sophia transforms into a crow and flies out of her cabin.
What Sophia, Zemonai, and a few gathered onlookers saw was a beautiful flower garden reminiscent of a celestial garden.

Colorful wildflowers that bloomed tightly without a step, and flowers that spread in a fan-shaped structure crumble and fall in a drizzle.
Amelia screams while hugging Siwoo in the midst of the beautiful scenery that is both splendid and simple.

The twins found Siu and rushed to him.
Realizing his condition, Odile stopped in place like a statue and shed tears, and Odette knelt down and sobbed.
Count Myrnay couldn’t stop her sad sigh, and Sophia threw her arms away several times trying to dissuade Amelia.

It was the first time since the War with the Outcasts that an Outcast had crept into Gehenna and caused such a major accident.
Since it was a big incident, the attack by the witch of Aquarius received a lot of attention from ‘The First Red Roof Salon’ and ‘Levana Public Bath’, and the citizens of Taro Town became aware of it.

It is said that the terrifying outcast was targeting the House Witch Apprentice of Zemyona.
It is said that Baron Marigold, who was resentful of the outcasts who worked in his mansion, subdued the outcasts in just a few days.
Thanks to that, fortunately, only one slave was killed.
I heard that the slave worked very hard to evacuate the twins.
It is said that Count Gemanai intended to bestow the title of honorary witch on the slave in honor of the feat.
She said that in order to prevent such an unfortunate incident, she called a meeting at the ‘Tree of the Sephiroth’.
With 10 barons, 2 earls and 1 duke sitting in their seats, the Duke of Keter in the Ivory Palace still didn’t show a peep.

But there are no hot rumors forever.
In the first place, the masses are not such a tenacious people.
The ‘Aquarius Raid Incident’, which made Gehenna noisy for a while, also faded over time.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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