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City Of Witches 88

City Of Witches 88

Chapter 88 – #20_Silence


The season of autumn leaves has passed and winter has come.
This winter seems to be mostly snowing.

Amelia’s accommodation, as quiet as usual.
It was already snowing in her garden up to her thighs, and snowflakes could still be seen fluttering through the half-covered windows of her snow-covered windows.
It looks like it will probably snow all night.


Even though it was indoors, the breath came out.
Amelia stared at her hazy breath and straightened the shawl around her shoulders.


I knock like a habit, but as expected there is no answer.
Amelia twisted the cold doorknob open and stepped into her room.
Siu’s room was densely painted with magic circles from the wallpaper to the floor.

The magic circle to maintain life is in operation.
Several bottles of high-grade magical water are consumed every day to maintain this magic.

Cartons of cigarettes Amelia had brought for him as her gift were stacked on her shelf, and on the bed in the middle of her room lay a fly-eyed Siu covered in a blanket.
While the moon rises and sets ninety times, it remains the same as always.

Ea’s ribbon, which dug into her eye socket, tore through Siu’s frontal lobe.
Fortunately, her brain stem was not damaged during her misfortune, so she did not die instantly, but the fact that she suffered irreparable injuries remains unchanged.

He fell into a deep sleep.
A state of coma in which there is no response to any external stimuli and only breathing.
Even this was the result of Amelia’s first aid.
It was because the moment he was taken over, the particles were used to ‘stop’ all the actions that occur in his body.

However, it is almost impossible to completely stop human biological time.
Although he tried to delay his death as much as possible with the magic circle that covered his body and the magic formula drawn in his room, Siwoo was dying little by little, very slowly, even at this moment.
It is a living corpse.

The stabbing pain of a hot awl pierces Amelia’s heart.
I came to see Siwoo’s face more than 100 times today alone.
At that time, countless regrets spread like stains in my heart.

That night.
It reminds me of the autumn night when the tragedy happened.

What if I hadn’t made him my exclusive?
What would have happened if Count Gemonai had accepted the offer of handing over Siu?
What if I had given him a proper apology from the start?
What if he had not run away from Siwoo, who had been scolding and threatening Amelia, and had remained facing him?
What if he hadn’t run away to Master’s house?
What if he had collected his heart a little earlier and returned to the mansion?
What if I had squeezed all my strength and ran faster to meet him again?
What if he had prepared for battle the moment he saw the barrier and protected Siwoo?

Possibilities of countless ‘what if’s come to mind.
A tragedy that would not have happened if Amelia had actually done even one.
Even if you know that what has already passed cannot be undone, you keep holding onto the past and clinging to it.
Amelia dragged a chair by her bed and sat down next to him.

“How are you?”

It’s like talking to yourself.
Not only is he unconscious, but Siwoo’s time and Amelia’s time, fixed by magic, flow differently.
Even if, miraculously, Amelia’s voice could be heard in Siu’s ears, it would reach as an unknown noise like a stretched tape.

“I just did that today. It is a day like no other.”

Amelia frantically went to the library and salon.
She is doing research to restore Siu’s body, or to seek a witch who can fix his body.

After awakening that night, she had reached the 23rd level, but recovery magic was a completely different field from the magic Amelia had previously studied.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the 10th hierarchy starts with regression.
But Amelia was determined to bring him back, even if it took hundreds of years.
Because there are things I haven’t told you yet.

“I had a dream today. It was a dream in which Siwoo woke up and poured out his resentment on me.”

It’s all because of you
Without you, none of this would have happened.
Overlapping the last glimpse of him she had seen, she savagely reproached him.

In that dream, Amelia didn’t back down any further.
She approached him and she begged with tears in her eyes that she was sorry, that she was wrong, that she would forgive her, and hugged him.

“It was sad, but it was good. Because I was able to hear Siwoo’s voice again.”

Amelia carefully brushed Siu’s hair that was disheveled over his forehead.

“I’m going to close my eyes a little longer.”

I kiss him quietly on the cheek and go back to study.
Even though you came to me so many times throughout the day and said this and that, there were definitely things I wanted to say.
My heart was pounding and I couldn’t speak any more.
I felt like I was about to burst into tears as I threw everything away.

I knew.
In fact, Amelia knew that she had no choice but to become a sinner in front of Siwoo.
If you look at the cause of all these incidents, it will eventually come down to one word: Amelia’s karma.
That all these acts were nothing more than her self-satisfaction for her masturbation.

Transparent tears flow down Amelia’s cheeks.
She wiped her tears with a handkerchief for the number of times today.
Snowflakes quietly piled up in the white garden.

After class, Odile and Odette stop by Amelia’s lodgings.
A newly created job.
It’s Siwoo’s hospital visit time, one day a week.

Back together after class, Amelia moved her steps straight to the research building for her research, and her twins headed to the room where Siu was lying with a bouquet of flowers in their arms.
For reference, half of the cost of maintaining the magic circle was covered by Count Gemanai.

“Hello assistant!”
“Hello, assistant.”

Odile bravely opens the door and enters, and Odette follows.
Of course, there is no answer.
Miracles don’t seem to happen that easily.

“Today is blue hydrangea. The language of flowers is arrogance, coolness, and arrogance. But I just brought it because it was pretty.”
“Right, what is the meaning of flower language?”

Odette took out the wilted flowers from the vase on the table and replaced them with fresh ones.
The twins pulled a chair and put their hips on either side of Siwoo side by side.
I look at his face for a long time, as if he was soundly asleep.

That night.
Siwoo risked his own life to save Odile and Odette.
Even the twins gave up everything and tried to kneel, taking the lead and encouraging them and confronting the witch until the end.
I still can’t forget his back as he proudly provoked the terrifying witch until the last moment.

When I called Master and came back.
Siu’s appearance was miserable.
A wound that was full of wounds that would hurt just by looking at them, and a wound that straddled the threshold of death.

He evacuated only the twins knowing that would happen.
Even though he had the option of running away, he never compromised.

“Thanks to my assistant, I was able to study hard today.”

Odette wiped away tears and held Siu’s hand tightly.
It was rough.
All of the compound fractures, where only the bones were barely connected, were restored, but the crooked scars were still there.

“Today, I will tell you about what happened this week. If you want to lie down all day, your assistant won’t be bored.”

The twins, who had been sitting in Amelia’s dorm for a whole week and wailing alternately, were able to accept the reality as time passed.
A sense of helplessness that could not do anything and a life that was saved unilaterally.
That helplessness became the twins’ new power.

I can’t just sit down and be soaked in sadness.
They are studying magic more diligently than ever.
One day, when he wakes up again, when this happens again, so that I can protect him this time.

The twins started chattering and telling Siwoo about what had happened during the week.

“Something happened this week that your assistant would be proud of.”
“Right, assistant. We were praised by the professor today.”
“The first part that was corrected was less than 10.”

From studying magic, which I have been passionate about these days.

“Sometimes I was a bit upset. On Wednesday, Pecha caught a squirrel…”
“Odette opened the cage to feed her and then ran away. What is it?”
“Profit! To be honest, her sister’s negligence is also great. She was startled by her fuss about her sister being cute, so she ran away in a hurry, right?”
“Oh, did you stay calm in my hand? Didn’t your heart look so nasty that you ran away?”

Even the quarrel that started with bringing up daily stories.
However, since no one was listening, the twins’ fight soon faded.
Siwoo, who had to present an equally ambiguous arbitration plan with an ambiguous bitter smile, was silent, so he soon became depressed.
As if trying to overcome the depression, Odile opened her mouth first.

“Why don’t our assistants talk a little more temptingly?”
“A tempting story?”
“You have that.”

Odile lowered his upper body and rested his arm next to Siu’s pillow.
She sneaks up on the wide bed and gently puts her hand on his chest as if handling soap bubbles and whispers.

“Assistant… Didn’t you say you’d make me cum in your face if I met you again?”

It wouldn’t be just an illusion that her sweet voice and her crying voice mixed with her sweet voice.

“Aside from the face, I’ll make everything cheap even if the assistant wants to be cheap. Actually, there is something we are practicing these days.”

Seeing Odile’s aggressive approach, Odette clung to Siu with the same attitude.
A beating heart rings out.
Odette glanced in the direction of the door.
If Amelia sees him sticking with Siu in this way, for no other reason, it’s because she gives her next class an assignment bomb.

“No, that’s right! As for what we’re practicing…”

Odette clings to Siwoo’s ear like Odile.

“…I’m making a thin film to prevent magic from permeating the baby’s room.”

A magic that cuts off the magic generated from the male organ by spreading a thin wave of magic power like a tokamak that traps plasma.
In case of failure, the risk is too great and it is useless to anyone, so the twins were diligently studying magic that no one made.
To give him something he would like as a gift when he wakes up.

“If you wake up and wait a little bit… You can put it in the birthing hole…”
“That’s right, even though the book says that chastity is dedicated to someone really important, the assistant is a lifesaver… I’ll give it to you with a big heart.”
“I’ll give my assistant my first, too!”

The twins hold their breath and watch Siwoo’s reaction.

“If Count Gemanai knew, wouldn’t he cut me to pieces? Anyway, no way. It’s too dangerous.”

I should have heard the same answer.
Not a single sound of breathing escaped from Siwoo, whose metabolic activity was suppressed to such an extent that his heart beat once every three minutes.

Will the day come when those eyes open?
Maybe there will be only promises that can’t be kept forever?
At the same time, none of the twins speak of the anxiety that has arisen first.

“Then, anyway, knowing that, stand up bravely. I also bought a nice eye patch.”
“Assistant, we will come again next time. Do you have to get better until then?”

Odile and Odette got out of bed, packed their things, and left the room.
Then pretend to close the door, then open it again.
When I closed the door and looked back, there was nothing like a movie about Siu having his eyes open.

“……Let’s go.”
“…Yes, sister.”

Odile and Odette, who had a lonely conversation, held back their tears.
Because I promised my assistant that I would never see her cry again.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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