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City Of Witches 89

City Of Witches 89

Chapter 89 – #20_Silence (2)


Amelia’s day began with finding Siu’s room.
She pulls off the blanket and with a lukewarm wet towel she wipes his arms and legs.
He exchanges the gauze for the eye sockets that are still wide open, and keeps the rest clean with magic.

Actually, it wasn’t really necessary.
Siwoo’s body was in a state where time was almost stopped, and there were no secretions from metabolism.
After all, there is this, but it is only part of the atonement of mana.

She talks to herself at the bedside of him who has been asleep for about 15 minutes.
It didn’t make much sense.
As always, empty grumbling.
After that, head to the laboratory to start researching new magic.

In fact, healing magic is not a field that is actively researched.
All witches and apprentice witches are spiritual bodies.
Compared to the human body, which is operated by a delicate mechanism, it is quite easy to restore the body, which is made up of magical power and thoughts with the stigma as the central point.

Even if an arm is cut off, it can be regenerated on the spot without difficulty, and even if an organ falls off, as long as there is enough magic power, ‘it can be done’.
Things like various tumors and infections caused by viruses weren’t even a problem to worry about.
In this situation, who would devote themselves to healing magic to completely heal humans?

Restoration magic for witches is 10 tiers.
It just needed to exist up to that level.

If there is one field that even such a witch’s spiritual body cannot easily heal, it is the ‘brain’.
A cluster of human intellect, rationality, ideas, notions, and thoughts.
The most complex organ that has not yet been fully verified by mankind, which has broadened the horizons of science to the point of being able to travel to and from the moon.

Electrical signals and chemical reactions occurring in hundreds of millions of nerve cells could not be treated with only 10th level recovery magic, so even for witches, brain damage meant death.
What’s more, the human body is fragile…

I don’t even know how much I have to raise the level to open his eyes.
The desolate feeling of endless barriers one after another blocking the way.
Amelia did not think of her giving up, even in her heart of wanting to hesitate.


When I couldn’t do anything.
Compared to the day Master left, this level of despair is nothing.
Unlike when you had to accept your fate helplessly, now you have the means to struggle.
There is still a way to make up for it somehow.
How difficult and painful the road is is not the subject of consideration.

– Knocked up!


Somehow, I thought I could hear footsteps running, and then the door to the research building burst open.
The person who appeared with her long, purple hair flying was Sophia.
He was Amelia’s old friend and advisor.

“What happened?”
“I found it!”

Sophia couldn’t hide her excitement and was running amok with her.
Compared to ordinary witches, even though it is Sophia who has a sense of frivolity, she loses her body and runs wild like that. This is the first time I have seen her.
Amelia’s eyes twitch.

“What did you find?”
“I found a witch who can cure Siu Josu!”

Amelia squeezed her breasts in her hopes that her sudden swell in her chest.
But it’s still too early for her to rejoice.
Sophia took two wads of paper from her arms as if in a hurry.

“I was looking through papers in the scrapping library, and there is a witch who wrote about brain regeneration.”

One was a thesis.
Amelia quickly took Sophia over her thesis and read her title.
Title ‘Brain regeneration through human body casting: Interpretation of multi-world imagery and entropy restoration’.
Even Amelia didn’t understand it in depth, but she only skimmed through the contents, but they are what Siwoo needs right now.

“The author of the thesis is ‘Smyrna’. A witch of the 19th rank who is well versed in human body casting. But I have a little problem…”
“I think I know.”

As soon as Amelia heard Sofia speak, she felt
The fact that this thesis was in the scrap library.
That means the author of the paper is an outcast.

“What is the reason for your expulsion?”
“I’ve never met them myself… But I think I touched about 10 citizens directly during the experiment. It was so long ago that there are no accurate records left.”

Excited with her joy, Amelia calmly grabbed the hem of her dress.
Originally, Amelia had no ill feelings toward the outcasts.
Because there was no contact in the first place.

However, Ea Sadalmelik clashed not too long ago.
For Amelia, who realized her cruelty and danger, the three letters ‘exile’ were leading her disgust and anxiety.
Sophia, who knows that fact, speaks to her first.

“Don’t worry too much. Not all exiles are as evil as ‘Peace’. The Aquarius witch is a psychopath who was notorious among the outcasts.”
“Do you know where it is?”
“I found a workshop in Northeast Greenland National Park. She gave ‘clairvoyance’ to migratory birds all over the world.”

It feels like the heart that was swollen with anticipation is shrinking.
Amelia asked cautiously.

“Still, wouldn’t it be too dangerous?”

Amelia couldn’t hide her concerns.
Siwoo, who is no one else.
In the hands of another witch, the work of restoring the brain as well as other parts.
To hand that over to the outcasts.

“Amelia, I know you’re trying… But that’s why you might not be on time. You know that too Things are getting worse for assistant Siu little by little. Even if you have the magic to heal wounds at the current level, it might not be enough at that time.”

Sophia is right.
What Amelia is trying to do is like an astrophysicist suddenly going to medical school and studying until she’s competent enough to perform the world’s most challenging brain surgery.
No one gave a guarantee that the patient would be alive and maintaining the status quo until then.

“Duke Keter… Are you still out of touch? She should be able to heal this much.”
“Amelia… You know, it’s been 82 years since she hasn’t been seen.”

Duke Keter, hiding in the Ivory Tower.
She is the oldest witch who has reached the 30th hierarchy alone, without ever inheriting her stigma or passing it on.
An object of awe to which all witches bow their heads.
If she can twist her ideology and order, it will be possible to restore her Siu to her original state.
The place Amelia visited right after the incident was also the ivory tower of Duke Keter.

However, he is Duke Keter, who is known for his indifference to worldly affairs.
She asked for an audience without missing a day for a month, but the only person Amelia met was a double-digit witch who was sleeping in front of an ivory tower to receive advice she spilled.

The thought barrier spread in her ivory tower rejected the footsteps of the uninvited, and Amelia had no choice but to return alone and without any harvest.
Even after that, she flew pigeons one by one a day, but she didn’t reply.

“I have to make a decision. What is certain is that the longer we delay, the lower the chance of Shin Si-woo’s recovery.”

Sophia is not oblivious to Amelia’s concerns.
She is Amelia, whose experience of losing a loved one is embedded like a trauma.
It must be a fearful and difficult decision to risk the life and death of another precious person in the hands of another witch.

However, her earnest mind and prudence do not always give her the best choice.
Now was the time to make a decision.

Amelia’s silence was long.
This choice is to leave no regrets.
He ponders over and over again and explores all possibilities.
Amelia opened her mouth with difficulty.

“Have you been contacted…?”
“It arrived this morning. She also asked my Earl of Murnay about issuing a temporary pass. They said they would actively help, and they said they were even promoting the restoration of citizenship in two hours.”

To cure her, it is necessary to bring her witch named Smyrna directly into Gehenna.
Siwoo is not in a state where he can go to the present world through the portal.

It was unprecedented for an outcast to legally set foot in Gehenna.
The one who helped in that case was Count Zemanai, who owed the apprentice witch’s life twice.
In order to treat Si-woo, he is even preparing an unprecedented reward, the citizenship restoration of the exiled person.

“For now, I’ll just take the paperweight. I have to see with my own eyes to see what level of skill she is as a witch.”
“Of course it should. Then what shall we do?”
“Call me in right away.”

The ‘gate’ that connects the boundary between this world and Gehenna.
There are three things you need to go to and from the door.

Clean, unpolluted river water, or the sea.
Citizenship of Gehenna.
Strong flames.
If you have these three things, you can enter Gehenna through the gate from anywhere in the world, and conversely, you can move to anywhere in the world through the gate.

In the Express Lounge at the Immigration Office, Amelia waited for the one person to come through her door with her hands clasped together.
It’s already been three hours since the appointment time, but ‘Smyrna’ is nowhere to be seen.
Since Sophia restored and developed the video she obtained through her clairvoyance, we have a rough idea of ​​her appearance.
Although the video was borrowed from the eyes of a migratory bird, the quality was very poor.


However, while several witches came and went, she was still nowhere to be seen.
Could it be that he became suspicious of the sudden invitation and disappeared?
Even in her spirit body, I could feel her throat drying up.
Unable to hide her nervousness, Amelia bit her lips.

Wouldn’t it be better to go and pick it up yourself?
Couldn’t she have ruined things by hasty judgment this time too?
Amid the growing anxiety like mold, the ticket gate opened.


Amelia let out an exclamation involuntarily.
This is because the person who had been waiting so long entered the lounge hesitantly.
As you can see in the video, he was an Asian, but he had snow-white skin, which made the racial classification of yellow people colorless.

The flowing black hair is tied in a chignon style that exposes the nape of the neck, and the dark and sparkling eyes look around without being able to hide their anxiety.
A plain checkered skirt, a fur coat with a rustic flower pattern, and white boots.

In an unconventional fashion that would be difficult for anyone to wear, I am wearing a backpack that is larger than my upper body as if I had packed it so much on my back.

Is that… Modern fashion?
Yebin first spoke to Amelia, who was bewildered by her incomprehensible fashion sense.

“Perhaps, I’m new to Gehenna, but… Baron Amelia Marigold… Is that right?”
“Right, nice to meet you.”
“Ah! That’s right…! My name is Yebin Smyrna. It’s the first time I’ve seen a witch besides Master, so… Do I have to shake hands?”

Yebin smiled awkwardly and wiped her palms on her clothes before handing over hers.
Amelia took her hand and shook it equally awkwardly.

“Thank you for the invitation. I came because there was a patient… Which one?”
“First, we have to go through the portal.”
“Yes, yes! So this way? Is it this way?”
“This way.”

Losing her senses, Amelia took Ye-bin’s arm and returned to her quarters with her.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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