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City Of Witches 90

City Of Witches 90

Chapter 90 – #20_Silence (3)


The world outside of Gehenna, the present world, is full of psychotic witches preying on young witches.
As soon as Ye-bin inherited her stigma, she chose to go into hiding where no one would come.
She puts the benefits of civilization and a prosperous life she has enjoyed so far behind her back.

How tedious she was for the next ten years absorbing her Master’s teachings.
It was when she was fiddling with a smartphone that couldn’t even get data in the workshop on the frozen soil, which was boring as usual.
A bird that suddenly came and made a tempting proposal to Yebin in human language.

There is a sick person in Gehenna, so come and ask for a medical examination and treatment.
It was an offer to temporarily issue her a pass to Gehenna and, depending on the outcome, restore her enormous reward and citizenship.

It was a pleasant sound to hear.
With Gehenna, you don’t have to tremble and be afraid when evil witches appear and threaten your life, and there is a huge collection of research data and materials.
Above all, it is possible to get out of this boring place and go to Seoul!

So, she came to Gehenna, inflated with her expectations.
The first person she met was a very beautiful blonde woman.
This is Baroness Amelia Marigold.
Should I say that my birth looks noble?
Feeling like a picky princess, I felt intimidated.
She was uncomfortable with Amelia taking the lead without saying anything, so Ye-bin tried to talk about this and that.

“Isn’t that how I dress? Actually, I didn’t have any problems when I was living in Korea… But where I live, there are no real clothes..Haha…”
“It’s okay.”
“Seeing the Baron dressed nicely, she should have been in town at least once…. But she came dressed as best she could.”
“No, it’s really fine.”

However, Amelia, whose mind was all over the place, couldn’t afford to accept Yebin’s words.
Amelia only skipped over her question, but she didn’t say anything to Yebin. Soon, Yebin gave up on her conversation and looked around Gehenna with her wide eyes.

It took her about 30 minutes to return using the portal from Border Town to her accommodation.
Yebin’s eyes widened as soon as she saw her dorm.
This is because it was a beautiful mansion that is hard to find in Korea as well as in the majestic but barren Greenland National Park.
As soon as she opened the door, the sophisticated and antique scenery was like her work of art, so it was hard for her to hold back her admiration.

“Wow, is this really home?”
“It’s a lodging.”
“I only saw this on NetX Rix. It’s amazing…”
“Net…X Riks?”
“Yes, do you not see the baron? Oh, you’re not getting any data here? Well, I go to the gas station in the city and download it and watch it.”
“Data? Gas station? Download…?”

Unexplained words poured out and Amelia, who only stared at her, asked what she had guessed from the first meeting.
Yebin Smyrna said Gehenna was her first journey.
An outcast is literally a witch who has been stripped of her citizenship and cast out of Gehenna.

“How long has she inherited the stigma?”

She must be the successor of Smyrna, who was originally exiled.
Yebin, who was preoccupied with the colorful vase, answered Amelia’s question.

“It’s been about 10 years.”

The feeling of wanting to ache.
The witches, who were in a hurry to think that they could save Siu, proceeded with the invitation without confirming it.
The arrival of the young witch, who had inherited her stigma for only 10 years, was unscheduled.
It usually takes 10 years on average to completely inherit the knowledge of the brand, so to speak, it is like inviting a doctor whose license is about to dry.

“I went to medical school in Korea until I inherited the stigma from my teacher. After inheriting the stigma 10 years ago, I hid myself in a workshop in a national park to avoid the eyes of other witches.”

Yebin added an explanation as to why Amelia’s response was ambiguous, and she felt that her explanation was insufficient.

“I heard a lot about Gehenna from Master, so I really wanted to visit it. Thanks to her baron, she’s here. Rather, I want to check the condition of the patient now… Which one?”

To sum it up, it seems that she originally spent her days as an apprentice witch attending medical school (?) In Korea, and then hid away from the nasty outcasts in a deserted place.
It was not uncommon for outcasts to kill each other.

To be honest, it was disappointing.
Even if he was an outcast, he would rather trust Smyrna, the ancestor who had accumulated a lot of experience.
A doctor with bad skills is more terrifying than a doctor with bad character.

“Follow me.”

Even if the ancestors came anyway, I was thinking of making a paperweight test first, so I had to make a profit.
Amelia held back her discouragement and led Yebin to the room where Siu was sleeping.

Yebin quietly opened the door and entered her room.
Amelia sharpened her senses.
It was unlikely, but if Ye-bin tried to do even a small harm to her Si-woo, she would immediately stop her.
Amelia’s credit for her outcast ran to that extent towards her distrust.

“Is this you?”
“Yes, as you can see, I am human.”
“I don’t think you need to worry about that.”

A man with gauze over his eyes was lying on the bed.
He is an Asian man who is emaciated and pale, but has a pretty good appearance!

“Are you Korean?”

Yebin was surprised.
Yebin, who packed her things in one day and rushed to Gehenna, she thought, of course the patient must be a witch.
Because on the guarantor of the temporary citizenship card she had been issued, the seals of Count Myrnai, Marigold, and Avene were stamped.

It was also unprecedented that temporary citizenship was issued to an outcast in the first place, and she was naturally a young apprentice witch if three noble witches were trying to save her.

Then what is this?
Korean, and that’s a man.
Even if he is in a coma, the trend he sees in 10 years stimulated a nostalgic feeling.

Still, now is not the time to be drenched in joy.
Only when this patient is completely restored can Yebin’s escape from Greenland + entry into Gehenna be achieved.

“I would have heard about the situation. Severe brain damage through her left eyeball. She is in a state where she can’t even regenerate her eyeballs due to scars from her magical powers. She has slowed down her biological clock to the limit and only prevented the deterioration of her condition.”
“Can I check it myself?”

At Yebin’s question, Amelia nodded her head with difficulty.
Yebin took off her floral sweater to lighten her attire.
With a thin cotton strip left inside her, she memorized her incantation to completely remove germs and contaminants around her.

“Then, I’ll see.”
“Please be careful.”

Amelia held her hand in her tight tension.
She is Ye-bin, who self-taught her dating through dramas, but just looking at it, she got a sense of what it was like.
Perhaps this man is something like Baron Marigold’s favorite lover.
In many ways, the circumstantial evidence was clear.

In any case, when the gauze was removed, the roughly opened eye sockets appeared.
Since clotted blood and pus were removed, the damaged gray brain was clearly visible through the skull.
It’s an unusual dragon when you look at it with one eye.
Well, that’s why he must have invited an exile from Gehenna, where there are many great witches.

Yebin said she was confident about her own skills.
She doesn’t even bat an eye at the terrible wounds and creates a tactile sensation at her fingertips.
The tactile sense of magical power that slips from your fingertips into Siwoo’s snow pit.
Yebin’s tactile sense, which can see the affected area with minimal impact on the patient’s body, boasts more precision than any other modern device.


Amelia was a little surprised as her eyes were full of serious light without the frivolity of young witches.
Contrary to her unreliable first impression, as soon as she entered the diagnosis, she showed high concentration as if she were a different person.

The diagnosis itself did not take long.
After examining the condition of her entire body, centering on her frontal lobe, for about 30 minutes, Yebin carefully picked up her tactile senses.

“How is it?”

Amelia wanted to ask Ye-bin right away, but was worried that she might get in the way.
The biggest concern was that Ye-bin’s expression was not good after her diagnosis.

“Could you please leave her seat for a little while? It’s the first time I’ve done a checkup in someone’s presence…”

Do you want to vacate your seat?
In a situation where you don’t know what a witch you’ve never seen will do to Siwoo?
Her impatience and insecurity made even Amelia lose her composure.
Amelia brushed Yebin off with her urgent voice.

“What condition are you in?”
“I can’t tell you completely because the exact mapping isn’t finished, but it’s serious… The frontal lobe is completely damaged, so I can’t do anything with ‘healing’. The magic circuits in my body are shorted. The organization of the nervous system is also disorganized…”
“I know that, any more details?”

Her tears didn’t form at all, but the look of Amelia, who looked so unstable that if you touched her, she would break down in no time and burst into tears.
Yebin avoided her gaze as if embarrassed.

“I think it will work somehow if I use the regeneration magic that Master was researching in the past… But I think I need to look a little closer. You have to look at the bigger picture…”

Seeing Yebin’s troubled appearance, Amelia finally calmed down.
Well, she’s just arrived here.
She’s been waiting for 3 months, can’t she wait a while?

Let’s trust Smyrna for now.
Judging from her skills in handling her sense of touch, she is as skilled as most witches.
Amelia took a step back.

“Sorry for repeating it. Can she go out of the room?”
“Yes, I would be grateful if you would.”

But she is uneasy about leaving him and her outcast alone in a room.
Wasn’t the reason why Siwoo ended up like this because Amelia left him and ran away?
Even though it was a completely unrelated situation, Amelia couldn’t bear to move her feet when she recalled the events of that night.

“Take good care of me.”

Amelia politely put her hands together and bowed her waist toward Yebin.
The only thing I can do for Siwoo right now is this.

“Please… Save him…”
“I-don’t do this, baron.”

Yebin replied, startled by the sight of Amelia bowing her head at her 90 degrees.
It is Ye-bin who has heard a lot of gossip from her teacher about how sharp and high the noses of noble witches are.
Even if he knew that some of them were exaggerations mixed with jealousy and inferiority, the image of nobles was not very good.

In fact, in Korea, where she was born and raised, the status system is quite outdated and unfair.
But I never thought the baron would bow his head for a mere slave.
Suddenly, it feels like the responsibility has doubled.

Leaving behind Ye-bin, her heart heavy, Amelia came out of her room and leaned against her door.
Amelia slipped, her legs languishing, and she felt the tears flow through her cisterns.

As time went by she thought she had accepted it now.
Was it because there was a glimmer of hope in the darkness?
Or is it because she read her ominousness in Yebin’s hardened expression?

Her heart beats like the day she almost lost him the first time.

If all this hope disappears.
Just like the day he lost his teacher, if Siwoo leaves to a place he can never return to.
Will I ever be able to endure the pain of that loss?
If that was due to the guilt made by these two hands, would it be able to withstand it?

Amelia shook her head as she suppressed her cries, covering her mouth to prevent her voice from spilling over and disturbing her.
She already has no need to be sad.
Let’s think good thoughts, let’s think happy and joyful thoughts.

Things like things to do together when he wakes up.
Explain the pain you suffered because of Amelia, and apologize.
I’m sure you’ll get angry
They may still yell and scream like they often do in dreams.

It’s okay though.
It’s okay even if you can’t be forgiven forever.
Everything else is an additional problem.

But if you forgive me, what will I do next time?
Let’s go to the present world with Siwoo.
It is to join hands and go on a trip together to the hometown he longed to go to.
Then let’s be clear

“Please continue to be together… Please continue…”


Yebin’s examination lasted for over five hours, and Amelia waited for her to come out like her mother-in-law.
It was a long wait.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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