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City Of Witches 91

City Of Witches 91

Chapter 91 – #21_Treatment(1)


“How is it?”

Yebin was surprised.
I don’t know exactly because she’s so focused on things, but it seems like she’s invested a fair amount of time in an overhaul.
For Baron Marigold was still waiting at her door, stamping his feet.
She inadvertently thought that she was really precious.

At the same time, the burden comes.
Because she had to put forward the word that the condition of the person she held so dear was never good.

“First of all… To tell you the conclusion, recovery will be possible.”

Amelia stumbled as if her legs gave out.
If it hadn’t been for Yebin, whom she had just met for the first time today, she would have just sat there.

“Her whole body is a mess. Major organs were severely damaged, and above all, the internal injuries caused by the short circuit of the magic circuit are severe. Had it not been for first aid, she probably would have been unrecoverable, but fortunately it is not too late.”
“What does it mean to be able to recover?”
“Could you organize some data and bring it to me in detail?”
“Yes, it was a lot of trouble.”

In the process of detailed inspection, fatigue was accumulated too much, and a pen and paper were needed for detailed explanations.
So, the rest of the conversation between Amelia and Yebin is after dinner.
Took place in a restaurant.

Ye-bin showed Amelia the chart that summarized the contents of her detailed examination one by one.

“This chart is a very brief summary of the organs that need healing… Before regenerating the brain, I think the first thing to do is to take care of the various injuries accumulated throughout the body. “

On the chart where the human body and various organs are drawn with lines, only the injured area was circled.
It was almost easier to find a place without circles.
From the tips of her toes to her head, there is no place that is not injured.
Even though she already knew this fact, checking the chart with her own eyes is different from reality.
Amelia felt her head go round.

“The most important thing is to rebuild the body to the extent that regeneration magic is possible. And… This is a bit difficult to say…”
“Tell me everything honestly. Knowing his condition is the most important thing.”
“Then let me tell you about the state of the brain.”

Yebin hesitates.
Amelia urges her on with her determined expression.
Yebin took out her second chart.
It was a four-sheet drawing of the whole brain.

“As you can see, the meninges were naturally damaged. BA47, 45, 44, that is, the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex is severely damaged. In particular, because of the damage through her left eye, the orbitofrontal cortex is almost lost…. In poor condition.”

It is because Amelia was looking at her with her sky-fallen expression that Ye-bin stopped midway through her words.
I’d rather talk before dinner.
It feels like all the great dinners I’ve had in a long time are on top of it.
Of course, witches don’t do things like chess.

“Then… How is it going?”
“There may be several changes even after surgery.”
“In what ways?”
“First of all, the orbitofrontal cortex… Is connected to various sensory organs. It is where receptors and pathways for taste, sight, smell and synesthesia exist, so we cannot say for sure if they will re-function after resuscitation.”

Yebin firmly ate her heart.
Now she is here as a doctor, not a witch.
It is the doctor’s duty to objectively communicate the patient’s situation.

“It is also directly related to the limbic system, so it indirectly manages desires and motivations. To put it in more detail, a reward system based on desire and motivation emerges and socializes human behavior.
There may be a disability for learning, and it is a place directly related to desire, so there is a disability on the side of sexual desire…. Is it okay to do more? If you’re tired, take a break.”

Amelia, who had firmly held back her tears, could not hide her tears.
She shakes her head as she drips drops of her water onto the back of her hand.
Yebin hid her sigh and continued her words.

“…In the case of the prefrontal cortex, it is responsible for most of the ‘executive functions’. Decision-making, situational coordination of behavior, verbal expression, and critical thinking are all implemented here.
Even in this world, I read a paper about a patient with damage to the prefrontal cortex in this area, and the most noticeable change is the inability to function in higher emotional processing and impulse control… Becomes difficult.”

Amelia looked so sad that she couldn’t bear to use an analogy, but in one word, it means that she changes like a robot.
It is a robot that moves only according to very violent, one-dimensional impulses.

“Will it be like that after treatment?”
“Can I use just one plate?”

As Amelia nodded her head slightly, Yebin mentally shattered one of her plates that had a nice dessert on it.
The glass fragments that have been disassembled into dozens of pieces begin to be squeezed together like a jigsaw puzzle.

“This is what reassembling torn skin and bones is like. Anyway, what cells are in charge of is to maintain ‘structure’ and ‘function’, and the pieces to assemble are also large. It’s not difficult, and if you assemble it wrong, you just have to try again.”

Although weaker than normal mental movements, the much more delicate ‘surgical mental movements’ matched the plates without any misalignment.
The plate with all the corners interlocked maintained its shape before breaking.

“But in the brain, this is how it feels.”


Even more finely, a dish that breaks into thousands of pieces.

“In the brain, the ‘structure’ itself is closely related to the ‘function’. Besides, it is the most delicate and sensitive organ of all human organs. No matter how hard I try, it’s impossible to make it perfectly the same as the first time. At best, this is it.”

Although it was restored as close to the original as possible, there was a cobweb-like incontinence throughout the refitted plate.
If you look closely, you can see that there is a lot of empty space.

“Are you really okay? That patient who woke up again…”
“It’s Shin Siwoo.”
“…Even if Shin Si-woo is a different person than before?”

This was all Yebin had to say.
It is not a matter of simply saving lives.
Since the patient is in a coma, the will cannot be questioned, but the guardian’s will must be respected.

“I can say this much. No one other than me could say more than this.”

Amelia took out her handkerchief and gently wiped away her tears.

“Does not matter. It’s something I have to take on.”

The resolution seemed to be over.
Then, all that is left for Ye-bin is to restore Siu with all her might.

“Then I will explain the future plans.”

Yebin opened the paper with her surgery schedule in front of Amelia.

“In order to recover the body prior to brain regeneration, some brain functions will be restored.
The brain has a property called neuroplasticity, which changes the arrangement of neural circuits and passes the role to other parts of the brain even if it is damaged.
By inducing this redesign ability, you gain the features you need to recover.
I think it will take about a month to get here. In addition, during this period, ‘mapping’ of which parts of the brain are responsible for which functions will be done.”
“I will provide all the necessary supplies.”

Yebin nodded her head and finished the rest of her explanation.

“After that, we will regenerate the damaged part of the brain. She will focus on securing the original memories and functions as much as possible.
When regeneration is over, the rearranged neural circuit is brought back to its original state. No matter how perfectly you recover, there will be a definite difference compared to the performance of the part you were given from birth.”
“Okay, when can we start?”
“I will write down the items I need, so can you provide them? I will start right now.”

Yebin was roaring with enthusiasm.
Second, she has a passion for learning that she can directly use the operation on humans, which she had only experimented with coyotes and seals so far.
The first was to ease the anxiety of Baron Amelia, whose tears were pouring before her eyes.
She realizes again how heavy and important the task of dealing with life is.

“I know.”

With Amelia’s full cooperation, Siwoo’s treatment began.

Yebin devoted 16 hours a day to Siwoo’s recovery.
A magic that slows down the biological clock spread throughout the room.
It was great as a first aid treatment, but it is a hindrance to fundamental recovery.

Yebin’s primary goal was to rebuild her body to such an extent that she wouldn’t die even if Siwoo’s time was returned to normal.
Even though it was only a matter of restoring the recovery ability of cells that had deteriorated to the limit, an enormous amount of mana and stamina were required.
After all, it was a job that required making the most of surgical tactile sensation and telekinesis, literally stitching each cell stitch by stitch.


Putting on her mask, Yebin let out a sigh and blinked at her dim eyes.
It took her almost three days just to restore the cardiopulmonary system, which was once a rag.
Should I take a breath first?

Holding her throbbing head and opening her door, Ye-bin faced her twin sister straight away.
She looked exactly like her doll-like face mirrored to her beautiful figure.

“How is your assistant?”
“Are you okay…?”

Twins holding each other’s hands and stamping their feet.
Yebin was able to realize its identity without difficulty.
She must be an apprentice witch from the Myrnai family, whom Shin Siu used her magic to escape.

“Oh, hello. My name is Yebin Smyrna.”
“Ah, I am Odile Gemonai.”
“I am Odette Gemonna.”

In their rush, they even forgot to say hello to her. Only then did the twins greet her while holding onto the hem of her skirt side by side.
Because her movements were neat without any deviation, Ye-bin felt strange.

“I just finished cardiopulmonary recovery.”
“Is it good?”
“You’re so lucky, right?”

Odile expresses her gratitude by jumping up and down at Yebin’s gentle nodding of her head.
Even at a glance, she showed a sign of great concern, and Yebin felt a new emotion.
The same goes for Baron Avene, who came to visit not long ago, and Amelia, the owner of this mansion.
I felt a deep affection for him, but these twins are even better.

“Is it okay if I go in now?”
“I want to see your assistant’s face…”
“No, I have to take absolute rest for the time being… I think that will be difficult.”

Seeing the twins’ shoulders drooping at the same time made me feel sorry for them.
I haven’t spoken a single word about the exact type of person yet, but I thought that a person with this level of benevolence must be a decent person.

“Are you having any trouble?”
“Is there anything we can do to help?”
“Oh, no… Not really…”

With Amelia already providing everything she needed and taking care of her convenience, Yebin could only focus on her treatment.
Nevertheless, the twins pull Yebin’s wrist.

“Don’t do that and come to our wagon.”
“I have prepared something that Smyrna-nim might like.”
“Uh? Uh huh?”

Ye-bin, who was half-forcibly dragged into the carriage, was given an enormous pile of gifts, from her gorgeous clothes to rare-looking horse tools, along with her twin’s request to take good care of her.
The heroic story of Shin Si-woo, who continued to cry without a break for an hour, was a bonus.

“My assistant is a slave and a man, but he also uses magic.”
“You even fought against the vicious outcasts of the 21st hierarchy. To save us…”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Even though we had a chance to escape, you evacuated us first.”
“He is our hero.”

I feel like I’m going to lose my mind in the way of speaking alternately from the side.
The twins’ final request was not much different from Amelia’s.

“Please take good care of my assistant.”
“Even in my family of Count Murnay, I will not forget her grace.”

After the conversation with her twin, Ye-bin returned to her mansion carrying her burden on his back.


She had in fact already known that she had used magic to confront her outcast, but she had never heard the full story in such detail.

Even though she knew she would die, she risked her life to defend her witch against her outcasts.
As her twins said, it was a dedication worthy of the word ‘hero’.
You are directly treating a wonderful person whom you have always only heard about in the news or newspapers.

“What kind of person is this?”

After treatment, it may not be the same as it used to be,
Yebin also wanted to talk with Siu.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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