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City Of Witches 92

City Of Witches 92

Chapter 92 – #21_Treatment(2)


Today, Amelia’s day began with Siwoo’s visit from the hospital.
A month has passed since Yebin started intensive treatment, and most of her organs except her brain have recovered.
Therefore, the magic circle that stretched around him was removed.

Yebin Smyrna’s skill was unmistakable.
It made Siwoo’s body normal when he would have died within a few days if he had left it alone.
It would have been impossible to restore the damaged human body to this point no matter what kind of witches were brought to her as she boasted.

Now, even without delaying time, Siwoo breathes with his own power and makes his heart beat.
All physiological functions related to metabolism, including cardiorespiratory function, have returned.
Only then did Amelia realize her hope that he could survive.

When she first saw him whose complexion had returned, Amelia held Siu’s hand for a long time and felt his pulse.
Yebin’s guess that she might be different from before weighed heavily on her heart like a heavy weight.

As long as you’re alive, it’s enough, as long as you’re alive…
She muttered every day, counting each knuckle of his calluses for a while.

“Oh, sorry… I didn’t know you were here.”
“No, come in.”

The door opened and Yebin entered.
Compared to her early appearance, when she was wearing clothes that were difficult to interpret, she is now quite a splendid witch.
Amelia quietly let go of Siu’s hand.

Yebin’s efforts were virtual to the point that Amelia, who was watching from her side, couldn’t brush it off any more.
Not only did she devote 12 hours a day to healing, but the other 8 hours were devoted to researching magnetic magic for brain healing.

Excluding the four-hour break, she devotes the entire day to Siwoo’s recovery.
Amelia, who knew that, did not bother to call in Ye-bin and ask about her situation.
But when she was confronted like this, she just couldn’t stand it.

“How is it going?”
“Oh, everything is back to normal except for her left eyeball, which I left blank to make room for her brain procedure.”

To say that he improved from a half-corpse and brain-dead vegetative state to this point.
He has done something that is impossible even with modern medicine.

“Now that we are ready. In three days, we plan to start full-fledged magic circuit reconstruction and brain regeneration.”

Amelia got up and stood in front of Yebin.
And she hugs her tightly.

“Thank you, really…”
“Hey, it’s okay if you don’t do this. The baron groans for support…!”
“Thank you, thank you…”

She hugged her so tightly that Ye-bin, who made it hard for her to breathe, managed to shake her off.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel her pride, but she has words I haven’t been able to convey to her yet.

“I think it would be okay if you spend more time with Siwoo. You came here to check on the situation for a while anyway… Enough then.”

Yebin sighed, closed the door, and returned to her room.
A brain model and thousands of sheets of paper fluttered on a large table brought in from her restaurant.

If Shin Si-woo was just an animal, there would be no need for this level of preparation.
This is because only the functions necessary for survival have already been restored, and the induction of neuroplasticity has also been successfully achieved.
It would be enough to awaken him who had been intentionally put to sleep.

However, Ye-bin’s duty is to bring him back as close to his original state as possible.
While maintaining the thoughts, memories, thoughts, and patterns of behavior he had.

And Ye-bin’s plan, which was cruising as if sailing in a favorable wind, was blocked there.
After being provided with the thesis written by Master, I carefully reviewed it with the knowledge I received through the stigma…
Because there was only one conclusion.

The reason why I had to spare three days was to find another way…
Frankly, I concluded that there was little hope that anything other than the original plan would ever happen.

“But how can I tell the baron about this…”

Yebin collapsed onto the table.
The method required for the procedure itself was never simple, and it was a problem that Yebin herself could not easily open her mouth to because her face was hot.
Above all, not knowing how to deal with the baron is the biggest worry.

I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t seen the way the baron treated Si-woo at all.
Yebin thought of Amelia holding Siwoo’s hand for hours a day.

“He’s someone I value so much…”

It remains to be seen whether he will be able to overcome the surgical method as force majeure.

“But how can I really say…”

Yebin’s worries deepened.

It was a dark space.
Her consciousness, floating without a place to reach her feet, swims slowly.
Beneath it, I could see two wide-spreading structures, no, now united.

Everything Siu had built up, messed up and crumbled as if it had been bombed.
Why is it that even the wreckage, when all functions have stopped, shines brilliantly and shows off its beauty?


Siu saw it.
I definitely saw and recognized it, but the accidents that were connected like flowing water are cut off.
What connects the gap of disconnected thinking is unrefined pure reason or instinct.
Two eyes that are not disturbed by distracting thoughts stare straight at the pile of rubble of the magic circle.

Siu raised his arm.
I didn’t mean anything.
It wasn’t even deeply thought out.
Nevertheless, the magic circle, which is a faithful servant and has always moved according to his will, is turbulent all at once.


Transformation of the world.
The black world vibrates.

Golden gears, lines, dots, letters, and shadows jumped out all at once.
Like the stars of a galaxy that draws a beautiful orbit, no matter who decides, according to reason and instinct, it settles down where it should be and shines softly.

Creation is always born out of destruction.
The legacy, which consists of tens of thousands of fragments, has created a completely different type of ‘rule’.

In Siwoo’s pupils, he saw a golden orb shining beautifully.
Like an egg containing truth, a new rule incubated in the nest of shadows.


As if all of that was meaningless, I waved his hand again without sincerity, and it collapsed again.

Newly accumulated ‘rules’ regardless of any ‘rules’.
The contradiction collapses.
The collapsed wreckage was spread on the floor of Ain as before, waiting for the owner’s command.

In a vast ocean-like space immersed in pitch darkness.
With one gesture from Siu, rules were created and destroyed.

Me, freedom.

What am i
What is freedom
Siwoo’s eyebrows furrow at the two words that suddenly grab a part of his consciousness.
I pondered over the meaning for a while, but nothing came to mind.

Siu waved his hand once more.
Like a god who rolls the dice until he gets the outcome he wants.

After all, there is a lot of time.
This world was his world.

Amelia was lying in bed in a daze.
It’s been a long time since I stopped researching for Siwoo.
It is because there is no meaning in the state of inviting Yebin.
However, the existing magic research was not grasped by hand, so it was all about Amelia’s daily life and lying in bed while taking care of Siu all the time.

“Amelia, is it okay if I come in?”
“Come on in.”

Then, along with a knock, Sofia’s voice was heard.
Originally, she used to annoy Amelia whenever she had time, but now that she’s heard of her, she visits a lot more often.
I know that it is to comfort a friend who is in despair, and I am grateful for it.

Entering her room, Sophia saw Amelia, who was lying lethargic as usual, and sighed inside her.
When tragedy befell Siu, she knew that Amelia would struggle too.
But I didn’t expect it to be like this.
To the point where the traces of tears can never be covered.

However, I didn’t think or think that she was being rude.
Amelia had already lost her master and shut the door to her heart from the shock.
He is a weak child buried in his own world without giving his heart to anyone.

Amelia had barely mustered up the courage to open her heart, and something happened that stimulated her past trauma, so Sophia was not the only one worried about her.

“Can we talk for a minute?”
“Sorry, I’m having a bit of a hard time right now.”
“It’s an important story.”

Sophia’s unusual reaction caused Amelia to rise from her bed.
The coveted blonde swayed and sprayed her good scent.

“Is it about Siu?”

Sophia casually sat down on her bed and held Amelia’s hand tightly.

“First, I want to tell you that what I am going to say is very unpleasant to you and can be complicated.”
“Wh…What are you talking about? What a problem…!”
“Calm down, you answered a little wrong. This is about you Of course, Siu is also related.”

Sophia comforts Amelia, who is white, wondering if there is something wrong with Siwoo’s body.
She gently brushed Amelia’s tousled hair.

“What do you think of Siwoo Shin?”

Amelia’s eyes sway back and forth, unable to grasp Sophia’s intentions.
The question came to her mind as to why she was asking such a thing, but she couldn’t say anything easily.

“I like.”

Sophia gripped Amelia’s hand even tighter as she barely spoke her words.
Sophia asks again.

“So what about me?”
“I like you too.”
“…Do I have to tell you?”

Amelia averted her gaze shyly.
Sophia sighed and nodded her head.
Amelia, who looked at Sophia’s reaction with her eyes, wondering if it was her strangeness, obediently took out her words.

“He’s a friend who always helps and gives strength…”
“Right? Then Siwoo? Do you like being friends? Or do you like it rationally?”

Amelia couldn’t answer either.
In fact, Sophia had a very difficult point.
It is good that Amelia has opened her heart to others and has become conscious of her own feelings.
The reason why Sofia tried to attach Siu and Amelia in the first place was half of it to help her mentally mature.

However, it was not taken into account that Amelia was in a more innocent state than expected.
Whether Amelia feels goodwill for Siwoo or is it love that has sprouted for some reason,
If not, is it simply an illusion?
Sophia didn’t know.

It wasn’t that Siu wasn’t happy to be Amelia’s mate.
He’s a nice enough, nice guy that’s hard to find.
Not only that, but even though Sofia cares for Amelia, it’s not polar enough to intervene in her romantic relationship and act as her sister-in-law.

“Can you answer me?”

After a long hesitation, Amelia opened her mouth.

“I think it is love…”
“What if that love is an illusion?”

A sharp voice came back, like glass breaking.
It was a sharp response without the slightest hesitation.
Amelia’s glowing eyes stare at Sophia.
No matter how much a friend is, denying this heart cannot be forgiven.
The light of such anger flickered.

“I’m so sorry, but I wanted to tell you this. You didn’t know anything.”
“I also know how to make sense of things.”
“Amelia, calm down first…”
“This feeling…! Just looking at him lying there, just because he might leave, makes my heart ache so much…! If this is not love, what the hell is love?”

Seeing Amelia raise her voice as if desperate, Sophia was convinced once again.
Debt consciousness is not love.
Fear of loss is also a separate emotion from love.

What is love
What is guilt
What is responsibility
What is a human relationship
What is affection
What is favor
What is friendship

Amelia knows nothing.
Now she had just opened her eyes.

Just like a duck that opens its eyes recognizes the first creature it sees as its mother and follows it.

What if she was mistaking her feelings for something that wasn’t her own?
What if Sophia’s overly meddling resulted in an unnatural flow of emotions?
Crucially, what if ‘magic’ was involved in the cause and effect that should have been just ‘favor’?
Is it really love?

“Sorry to upset you, but I want you to hear this.”

Sophia beckoned and her door opened.
There stood twins with tears in their eyes.

“Professor Amelia…”
“There is something I want to tell you.”

They stood with their heads bowed like sinners confessing a great sin.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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