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City Of Witches 93

City Of Witches 93

Chapter 93 – #21_Treatment(3)


The promised 3 days have passed.
Yebin had a private meeting with Amelia with wide eyes.
Day and night, she pondered and searched for a detour, but came to the conclusion that there was no more.

It seems difficult to postpone Siwoo’s surgery any longer, and it is to get permission from his guardian and lover (presumed to be) Amelia before performing the procedure.

“…So most of them are in very good condition.”

Before telling important facts, Yebin recited the results of Siwoo’s recent test.
However, Amelia’s empty eyes were looking right through Yebin.
To be precise, it means that he is dazed without focus.

“Oh, sorry. What did you say?”
“Ah, I will say it again.”

Like a parrot, she recited the words she had said earlier, which made Yebin puzzled.
When it came to Siwoo, no matter how trivial she was, she was Amelia who always listened.

Perhaps because she didn’t want to burden him, she usually didn’t grab Ye-bin and asked her, but on the contrary, she came running from far away if she had any sign of trying to talk to her.
It’s a really embarrassing expression, but I thought it was really cute.

To think that Amelia was thinking about something else even though she was giving a progress report on Siu before her final surgery.
Did something bad happen?
Yebin tilted her head involuntarily.
But it wasn’t something she could ask about anyway, and above all, her thoughts didn’t last long thanks to the pressure of what she had to say after this.

“I see, you have suffered a lot, Smyrna. Your hard work will not be forgotten and will be rewarded.”
“Yes, yes, no! It was rewarding and good to have the job of saving people. But in the future… There’s something I want to tell you about Siwoo’s last surgery…”

Yebin glanced at Amelia.
Mysterious sky blue eyes urged Yebin as if telling her to speak.

“I’m listening properly this time.”
“Ah, yes… That…”

Amelia didn’t urge her at all, but somehow Yebin was getting more and more speechless.
She closed her eyes and continued her explanation step by step.

“For complete recovery, not only regenerating the brain, but also separate treatment is needed.”
“Yes, I explained it before.”

When Amelia asked why she bothered to ask such a thing again, Yebin stuttered after her words.

“What we’re trying to do… Is to reverse some kind of entropy, right? Like restoring burnt paper to its original state… Um, but it takes some kind of ritual…”
“What kind of ceremony is it?”
“Well, it’s the first time I’ve tried such a detailed restoration… But according to my research, that’s it…”
“Don’t be nervous and talk comfortably.”

How do you say this without being nervous?
Since Amelia doesn’t know anything, she must be capable of such a gentle response.

“We need an ‘indicator’ for restoration.”

Just as a frame is needed to put together a complex and sophisticated puzzle, information about Siu’s original state is needed.

“So… What I want to talk about is the methodology for collecting that indicator.
It is divided into two parts. One is… To awaken consciousness in this state and use the magic called ‘memory retrograde’.
It is to harmonize with the other person’s image, observe what kind of life that person has lived and what memories they have lived with, and rebuild one by one based on the results.
No, of course! It’s a peek at every memory, so there’s room for invasion of privacy.”

Let him read all his memories without permission.
It’s reluctant.

“But there is a problem with this method.”
“What is it?”
“This is to break down the boundary between the consciousness of the caster and the subject. In this process, the magic circuit of the subject is a very big hindrance… Therefore, all magic circuits must be removed before memory reversal.”

Does that mean that Siu will no longer be able to use magic?
The first thing that came to Amelia’s mind upon hearing that was.
It was a very selfish and naive idea, ‘wouldn’t he be able to use dimensional magic and not be able to escape on his own?’.


Amelia, stunned by her sudden realization of her own ugliness, shakes her head.
She was ashamed
To Siwoo and to himself.


Amelia flatly denied it.
Although the achievement was not staggering, it was not a matter for her to proceed without asking his will.

“What is the second way?”

When Amelia brushed off her hesitation, Yebin hesitated even more than before.
She glanced at Amelia and carefully spoke her words.
In fact, Yebin wasn’t sure if this method was really right.
Morally, setting aside everything else.

“Sexual intercourse, yes.”
“The reason for sexual intercourse is to activate the dormant limbic system by stimulating sexual desire, which is one of the most instinctive physiological functions. Perhaps, if this process continues naturally, the phenomenon of loss of emotion, which is expected as an aftereffect after recovery, will be greatly alleviated.”

Yebin continued to talk about her.
It’s scary to see Amelia’s expression.
Even if she can’t help it, she has to have sex with her man.

She didn’t want to be misunderstood as a slut who steals other people’s men, so Yu-bin first revealed her own innocence and innocence.

“But… I don’t actually have that experience…”
“…Me too.”

You haven’t had a physical relationship yet?
While Ye-bin unexpectedly feels that the situation has become more complicated in the first half, Amelia was the first to rhyme amidst her suffocating awkwardness.

“I will cooperate with you on that part.”

Amelia is about how the physical relationship between a man and a woman takes place, and what kind of determination and mindset are needed in the process.
She was learning from the literature.
After hearing her words from her twins, she is determined to do that even though she is in a state of uncertainty about how to treat Si-woo.

“Oh, no.. No, I didn’t tell you until the end… I have to do the intercourse….”
“That, I… Have to heal while having sex… With Siwoo. This is because the wave of magical energy that occurs at the moment of erection and ejaculation contains fragments of various information.
In the process of connecting the moment of emotions and instincts, stigma and male genitalia, it is necessary to trace and build a system of neural circuits suitable for his original mental state…”

In addition to that, Yebin’s explanation, which only sounded like her excuse, continued for 10 minutes, but Amelia’s brain was already halfway listening to Yebin’s words.

To keep him alive, you have to let him mix with another woman?
In fact, according to Amelia’s common sense, she didn’t care much.

She has never considered him the object of her physical relationship, rather it is Amelia who has been questioning the reason why she dares to marry her physical love with her mental love.
Isn’t it just an act of combining bodies for the sake of reproduction?
What is the reason why the shock is transmitted like this?


Yebin felt apologetic for nothing and bowed his head to apologize.

“I can’t… I can’t…”

As for why you feel this way, is this feeling really true to your feelings?
Amidst her doubts, Amelia asked another question.

“How long does it take?”
“Even if I can’t do it, I think it will take about 3 times…”

Amelia nodded her head as she felt the floor soften under her feet.

“Please make progress.”
“Yes, then… I have something to prepare, so I will go right after dinner.”

Yebin left Amelia standing in her corner and headed towards her own room with her oddly hasty steps.

“Haa… He said…”

Her body is drained of strength.
After 3 days of groaning about how to convey it, she finally put it into her mouth, and at the same time felt relieved and deeply exhausted.

Are you angry?
It was all the more difficult for her to fathom his reaction because Baron Marigold had barely changed his expression except when he was passionate when they first met.

It wasn’t that she was afraid of repercussions.
We already know that Amelia isn’t such a bad person.
Contrary to Master’s words that the nobles of Gehenna have nasty dispositions, Yebin was treated as an honored guest while staying here.

“But is this right…”

Yebin lay down on her bed and twisted her hair.
No matter how much she treats it, she has to have sex with a man.
And that too, with a man who has an owner who drools!

“It’s a dead end drama…”

She remembered the weekend soap operas she watched intently during her student days.
All kinds of crap came out.
Half-brother and sister, making kimchi, a heroine suffering from an incurable disease, a surrogate mother…

At that time, I looked at her motherly and interestingly, but when she came across this situation herself, she was in a difficult situation.
I wonder if this is why there is a saying that it is a comedy when viewed from a distance, and a tragedy when viewed from close up.


This is clearly part of medical practice and is an act of saving lives.
She tried to masturbate several times, but Yebin said that she had lived as a normal human longer than as a witch.
Of course, there are also fantasies of her first experiences with the bittersweet that her virgins would have at that time of year.

One day, she met the guy she liked, flirted with her, dated her, dated her, and confessed to her. After about 300 days, a hot night at a fancy hotel.
Since she was stuck in a faraway land without a suitable partner, she had never thought of it in detail, but it was a vague plan of this level.

From what I’ve heard so far, I don’t think Shin Si-woo is a bad guy, and he’s pretty handsome, but haven’t we ever had a conversation with him?
In fact, she had rare thoughts of wanting to do this far.

“Oh wow, that’s trash. Me.”

Yebin made up her mind.
It is said that her teacher, the predecessor Smyrna, killed 12 citizens for her research.

She always said
Sacrifice has always existed in the development of medicine.
The giant pharmaceutical companies that exist today are legally conducting biological experiments dozens of times that amount (even with extremely poor efficiency).
As a result of this development, dozens or hundreds of times more people can be saved.

And in fact, the predecessor Smyrna traveled around South Africa, which was devastated by the civil war, and saved thousands of lives.
Of course, I knew that it was just a rationalization and that Master’s lifesaving act was also part of the research.
No matter how well intentioned, it is wrong to ignore the will of others and use their dignity as a means.

In addition, the results of the experiment on the body according to Master’s radical ideology clearly existed in the stigma Yebin inherited, and Yebin had a sense of debt to him.
It is a promise to save and help many people.

But now, when I saw myself trying to avoid talking about my first experience, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.


He thought he had been quite organized for the past three days, but Ye-bin cleaned up his complicated mind again.

“By the way, I need to prepare…”

Yebin looks around and talks to herself.

Living alone is pretty boring.

Masturbation, which can be occupied for hours upon hours, was Yebin’s main pastime.
As she is a subscriber to X Hub, she even downloads videos from the Wi-Fi of a nearby gas station and serves them as a side dish.
Therefore, there was no particular fear or sense of crisis about her sexual intercourse itself.

I’m not dying, I’m not worried about getting pregnant, and I’m supposed to feel good.
However, since she had never tried masturbation through insertion, she needed to do some preliminary work before bonding with Siu in earnest.

The unnecessary pain that will come from her first breakthrough seems to be a hindrance to her concentration…
Yebin looked at her own two long, slender fingers.

“Would this be enough…?”

Yebin quietly opened her bathroom door and entered.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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